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Building Wingnut Wings Halberstadt CL. II - Windsock - Ray Rimmel


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Building the Wingnut Wings

By Ray Rimmel
WWI Modelling Special n.º 9

Available at http://www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk/




Now we are reviewing the latest issue of the series The "Building the Wingnut Wings"" series by Ray Rimell, owner of Windsock.


And this one is about one of my favourite WWI aircraft: Halberstadt CL.II.


This title is in the same editorial and design line as all others so you get lots of details and explicit text of how to do it all step of the build, accompanied with construction pics (which I would like that would be bigger) and some very nice detail shots of the real aircraft.


So let`s see what this book has to give us.


This title also has along 52 pages, divided in 6 parts:

Part I –Halberstadts Unboxed;

Part II – Building the Halberstadts CL.II

Part III – Halberstadt Archiv

Part IV –A “Hawa” Postscript

Part V - After market acessories

Part VI – Appendices and references

The Part I is an inbox review with pictures of the model sprues and description of all the sprue parts, and decals quality and options of both releases, early and late type. All in all with nice narrative. Ending this part, you got a beautiful drawing of the cooling.




The Part II, Ray described all the construction starting as usual with the cockpit, leaving any detail behind doing a little interior scratch build. Also some pictures of the real thing and drawings.


The engine building is great, with Ray extradetailing it with Taurus goodies.




The wings have a good and long explanation text and how to work the decals.



At the centre page, a lovely Ronny Bar profile of the Halberstadt CL. II (Early) nr. 6, Royal Bavarian Schsta 23b, crew unknow, Quievy, March 1918.


On part 3, the archive pictures. The all book is gorgeous but I have particulary fun reading and seeing the pictures on this chapter. It’s a true joy!


 Ending the part 3, non-less than EIGHT fantastic Ronny Bar profiles.

Part IV – A “Hawa” postscript




The chapter is top noch but not from Halberstasdt but a complementary information about the Hannover. New pictures from Knut Erik Hagen, currently display at the Nork Museum in Oslo and pictures of the only surviving example of WWI Hannover design. Of course Ray gives us a complete walkaround and these references are essentials to anyone who wants to build a Hannover.


Part IV have some information of available aftermarkets and part V, book and articles references.





Love it!! Halberstadt is one of my favorite WWI aircraft and I have both model kits from Wingnut Wings so reading this fantastic book was a true pleasure.

And this one have a bonus to all Hannover bonus which is quite good but odd.

Beside the modelling part that is impeccable and show us a great modeler working and teaching his own techniques, I found that the historical references with original pictures alongside the Ronny Bar profiles, alone worth to get this book.


Review copy compliments of Ray Rimell at Albatros Productions.


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