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National Museum of WW2 Aviation


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Hello All,

This new museum opened in Colorado Springs a year ago and has been working diligently to bring to the public a new view to the efforts of our brave aviators in that campaign of war. Here is a link to their website.


National Museum of WW2 Aviation


Every year the United States Air Force Academy graduates their senior class and they are lucky enough to have the Air Force Thunderbirds do a ceremonial flyover of the graduation proceedings. Due to "sequestration", an ugly word here in the States, there will be no Thunderbirds flyover of the graduation.


Instead, some patriotic souls offered this, a flyover performed by some pristine examples of WW2 aircraft housed at this museum and others that flew in just to perform at the graduation. I have some political views on why our government feels they can't "afford" to keep up a tradition that has been a part of the Air Force Academy forever, but I won't state them here. Let's just say some people stepped in to make this graduation memorable for those cadets lucky enough to graduate on Monday.



So far, 2 B-25 bombers, 2 P-51 Mustangs, a P-40 and a gaggle of T-33's will perform the flyover of the graduation ceremonies. At the museum, there will be another flock of aircraft, on the ground, awaiting visitors to look them over. Those will be another B-25, a zero, a Corsair, a Wildcat and 2 TBM Avengers. What a show!









When I was living in Colorado Springs, I signed up to be a volunteer before the museum opened. When I moved in 2012 it still hadn't opened. No sooner do I move and guess what? They opened to the public.


Here is a link to their Facebook page also. They have some fine examples of WW2 aircraft and next door to them is WestPac Restoration, which is a private company that works in conjunction with the museum to restore aircraft. On this Facebook page are other examples of aircraft being restored, like this F7F Tigercat


National Museum of World War II Aviation





Gee, I wish I still lived there. Have a good weekend

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