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  1. Sorry stuffed up the image code, fixed now.
  2. This is the biggest diorama I've built. The centre piece is the older Dragon IS-2 which is a very nice model still. It has a roughed up surface texture and the track links are impressive, being able to be linked together without glue and bent/shaped around the wheels. White aircraft ID stripes were freehand hand painted with the tank number being the kit decal. List of other items used are; - German solders from the Dragon Desperate Defence gen 2 figure set - Dragon Soviet Motor Rifle Troops Berlin 1945 - Verlinden Ruined house sections and sidewalk - Firestorm Hobbies bri
  3. Lock downs are not recommended even by the WHO and many virologists do not recommend them to combat pandemics. This idea to lock down came from the Chinese.
  4. Doubt is the corner stone of all scientific advancement.
  5. I can't help but laugh looking at the tiny little hooks holding the bombs on the devastator...and bombs on a devastator with a torpedo is another laugh.
  6. I couldn't stand Fury, Apart from the fact it looked like star wars with all the coloured tracers, that battle with the Tiger was just rubbish. The whole thing about having to get behind the Tiger, like mate, you're in an easy8, you could penetrate a tiger at fighting distances let alone at 50 yards you'd blow right though the frontal plate!
  7. Ironically the average age of a corona virus victim in the UK is 82.4. The average life expectancy in the UK is 81.16. Not saying the virus isn't dangerous, but it's more dangerous to those over 80 than it is to those under 40.
  8. The good news is that although there is a second wave in Europe and the UK, the deaths don't seem to have spiked with the second wave. Gaz your maths is a bit off, 2.78% of 7.54 billion is a touch under 210 million (I think you missed a zero). However, I do agree that this virus is not as deadly as we are being told. Most people who die of this, have underlying serious health issues. Out here in Australia, the average age of a victim is 83 and around 700 of the 900 victims have been in aged care. The average length of stay in aged care in Australia for an elderly person is less than 3 ye
  9. I really hate rubber band type tracks, but at 50-60 dollars plus post for an aftermarket track set, I might as well just go and buy a Dragon kit with magic tracks in it and throw the older model out! It makes no economic sense to me the costs here.
  10. Meanwhile we in Victoria still cannot go more than 5kms from our house. The curfew was dropped, only because the Liberal politician was making a court challenge to it. You wouldn't believe that after all this being the fault of the government (although they all have collective amnesia and can't remember who made some decisions), contract security was STILL being used to guard quarantine hotels.
  11. One thing that seems to be eroding fast are our rights here. Now the government is trying (and probably will) pass a law that allows police, or anyone who is designated a Justice of the Peace, to arrest and confine a person indefinitely without charge and only on the suspicion they may break a law. Scary, scary stuff here in Melbourne. Imagine how that could be abused. Just think, an untrained person could be allowed to detain someone with no evidence of wrongdoing, without appeal and without question for as long as they want on a suspicion. Australia doesn't need to be invaded by Ch
  12. I use to just sticky tape a piece of white paper over my flash, worked well.
  13. Not something like this but I've had people send me modelling items from all over the world that I've asked for ,without asking any payment or post. I always pay it forward by helping other modellers with their requests when I can for free too.
  14. Out here we're now finding that the estimates on deaths and how many hospital beds would be needed was in error by a huge percent. So they punched all this data into the computer modelling and got information out the other end that was 300% in error. Our governments then used this crap to impose draconian restrictions on us. More cases of the gestapo, I mean Victoria Police harassing people sitting on benches, one woman 38 weeks pregnant was asked why she was in the park. Clearly she was out walking, but needed to sit down for a moment, but the police kept dodging the question on if she w
  15. Police have really gone mad with power. Mums friend up the road was harassed by the police driving by for standing on her porch yelling/talking to the neighbour over the road. There have also been a case of police threatening to shoot a person who was outside putting his bin out after curfew. One of the head cops held a press conference that called anyone who opposes these lock down laws as "batshit crazy"...gee I'm sorry if I like freedom! It's also very troubling that our curfew, from 8pm to 5am, was not put in place because of medical advice, it was put in place because police suggeste
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