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  1. 40 thousand new cases in my state today, I'm hiding at home and only going out in the early morning or late evening if I need supplies, avoiding crowds and social gatherings.
  2. Straight from the box with little trouble.
  3. I got some of their super silver after seeing someone do NMF with it, they look very nice.
  4. Am I ineligible for the raffle? I did send a msg but didn't get a reply and I'm not on the list. No worries if I'm not.
  5. From what I've read, Iranian pilots really liked the Phantom. It's speed, weapons and durability were put to good use against Iraq especially, conducting bombing, fighter sweep and reconnaissance duties, However when equipped with the Maverick air to ground missile, the Phantom found a new and deadly role; tank killing. Nearly 50 machines are still in service with the IRIAF today. The 1/72 Hasegawa Phantoms are pretty decent kits, although do watch out for the fit of the forward fuselage to the body and the fit of the air intakes, it can be tricky to get right and the better you get the fit the less sanding you will have to do. The instructions give you three machines, but I was not happy with the colour call outs, so I went with matching colours to the box top that I believe look better. I did use their suggested Gunze 44 flesh for the sand colour, but picked RLM 71 over their suggested Gunze 303 for green which I think was too light and I went with Revell SM381 brown. Gunze 311 grey was used for the under surface and RLM 70 for the drop tanks as the green here looks darker than the air frame colour. You will have to source weapons as only three drop tanks are included, but Hasegawa has put the inner pylons along with sidewinder launch rails in the kit. The Mavericks and launch rails come from the Hasegawa weapons set.
  6. A nice little kit that is OOB apart from the decals that came from a Mirage kit and the fin flash was painted on. Gunze 42 bluegray was used straight from the bottle. This aircraft was used by the French post war as an engine test bed, so I kept the weathering pretty light, with a wash and some weathering pigments.
  7. My old man built one about 40 years ago in 1/32 from the old Revell Spitfire and Bf 109 kits, but he did it without the engine cowlings as he didn't have the 110 kit.
  8. Bucketing with rain down in Melbourne, I thought this "climate change" meant it wasn't going to rain like it did? Hmmm. Not sure we will get cricket in this week.
  9. Got the first shot last night of Moderna. No real side effects, but my arm feels like I've taken a punch. It should have been the first day of cricket season today but everything has been pushed back at least a month at this stage. I'm really not that sure things will start in early November, but we will see. Also had my car battery die, so that was a 100 bucks outlay for a new one that was a bit of a pain, but dad showed me how to change one.
  10. Booked in to get a vaccine, convinced mum and dad to come along, it's a family vaccination outing.....gee fun. I use to hate needles then I had to go to hospital and got stuck so many times I now don't even flinch.
  11. People are going broke under our lock down, Melbourne is now the most locked up city in the world under this pandemic. I have friends who have had to suspend their mortgage payments because they cannot work, other are straight up unemployed because their company has closed down. We have the worst of both worlds now; lock downs and the virus is spreading still. It looks like another 2 months before any real easing of restrictions at 80% fully vaccinated, this is insanity.
  12. I'm getting a bit concerned about how our police force are now acting. Sure we have had some protesters who are angry about snap industry shut downs which are insane, but we have had vision of police body slamming people to the ground in sling tackles that would earn someone 5 weeks suspension in the footy, they have been shooting people in the back with rubber bullets, calling protesters "nazis" and trying to shut down the media. They actually had the stones to try and make the civil aviation authority out here ground media helicopters from covering the protests, but thankfully our courts pretty much told them to stuff off. This is the kinda of crap the Chinese would be proud of. Welcome to Victoria, the police state.
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