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  1. Ha, I should have added "then disposed of' the lot, hence KFC stores here have been closing cos they can't get enough chicken. Things just get sillier by the day here though. Now we hear that 800 people who were infected or possibly infected, were not at home when they should have been when people knocked on their door. 800 people, add to the fact that 80% of deaths have been in our nursing homes then we are told we can't go out more than once day and only allowed 1 hour of exercise. They can't even keep people in their house when they know the addresses, how do you hope to police this 1 hour exercise and 1 trip per day to the supermarket rule? I'm sorry for ranting a bit but people had been calling for ages to police those in quarantine better,, but the sheet incompetence of our government would be funny, if not for the thousands of lives being upturned and wrecked because of them.
  2. My friends mate works in the chicken slaughterhouse and apparently they suspected some chooks were infected so they killed the lot.
  3. Our friend who lives up the street went to the shops today and the super markets were stripped clean of meat. What's wrong with people? Lots of toilet paper, no problems there.
  4. Ugh, now we are under curfew from 8pm to 5am and only allowed out once a day to shop for food and for 1 hour of exercise. You know these don't really effect me, by 8pm I'm usually logged in to play games, I'm never conscious at 5am, I shop for food once a week and I do weights at home. But something about being told there is a curfew makes me want to run down the street tackle out at 11pm screaming "suck on this coppers"...but anyways, no one needs to see that.
  5. The issue is, here people running are not required to wear a mask. It's one of the exceptions. China didn't keep cases low, the Taiwanese were about the best prepared and closing their boarders fast is what stopped things progressing. Your last paragraph is just appeal to authority or consensus, not a real argument. The same people were telling us that masks weren't effective and could actually contribute to infecting people a month or two ago. I am reminded though of this scene in Chernobyl; In any case it's a moot point, I wore mine when out today to avoid the fine. y
  6. There's been a couple of reports regarding people who supposedly caught it twice, but they are unconfirmed and there has been no study into it. It could be they had a false positive first time or the virus managed to linger in them for a while and resurfaced. I reckon if that was the case you'd be seeing that a lot where there have been major outbreaks.
  7. Well, not all Victorians, the screw up was the hotel quarantine which they think almost all cases can be traced back to now.
  8. It might, but if you're sick you should be at home. As I pointed out, if you're not sneezing or coughing etc, it's going to be difficult to transmit any virus. However, if I believe you and someone running can leave a 30 meter spread of this virus behind them floating in the air, then a mask isn't going to do me any good, a virus is small enough to pass right through it. So on one hand you argue that masks protect others, but then if you believe what you wrote about the virus being air borne, it makes wearing your mask virtually useless. Which is it? Yes, people are dying, numbers sound scary, but I can do that too. On average, 2-3 thousand people world wide died per day of this virus. 7 thousand per day died in that time of other lower respiratory diseases, diarrheal diseases over 4 thousand per day (major killer of children under 5), 5 thousand per day died of neonatal disorders, 3500 per day of TD, 3 thousand of Aids. These are just the communicable reasons. 50,000 people will die to day due to cardiovascular issues, 30,000 from cancer...on and on and on.
  9. Sorry, but you are being alarmist and leaving out a lot of "maybe" "could" "might" and "possibly" from your assertions regarding the virus. I am still not going to rely on a piece of fabric to protect me, as I said, only wearing one so I don't get fined, but under no illusion that it's some type of defence. Besides which, say you're correct and the virus is airbourne for a long time, it's going to be small enough to penetrate the fabric of a cloth mask.
  10. The World Health Organisations admits that there is actually no data on transmission from asymptomatic carriers. However, think about things logically, if you're not coughing or sneezing, you're not really putting out infectious droplets into the air around you, then it is unlikely you will infect people around you in a shop. Having said that I will be wearing a mask, only because it is a $200 dollar fine if you don't and I believe in giving the government as little money of yours that you can. However I'm not under any illusion that some thin piece of cloth is going to give me immunity from catching anything.
  11. It may have some effect there, but if you're sick you should be at home anyway. Which raises a concern about people feeling more protected, so taking more risks or staying out longer etc. A
  12. Now we have to wear a mask while outside. This sounds like the old "pots and pans for Spitfires", makes people feel good but not particularly effective. Especially so as they said we can wear anything, so no hospital grade stuff that might make a difference, just wear some cloth around your face. Yeh, that's not going to protect you.
  13. You know, why would you put up with that kind of attitude from the person you are spending a life with? People, especially men, work hard for our money, provided all the obligations are taken care of, who is anyone to question how the rest is spent? If a girlfriend or wife of mine ever started that kind of rubbish, she'd be shown the door pretty damn fast. In the words of Dave Chappelle; my money, my choice.
  14. Also just make sure you check on friends and family at this time. My friend from my cricket club committed suicide a couple of weeks ago, leaving behind a wife and young son. We had no idea there was anything wrong, he just woke up one morning and drove his car into a tree. RIP J-P.
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