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  1. This is the Encore kit and it needs a good amount of TLC to get it into shape. There's a good amount of sink marks and flash that need attention, but after some elbow grease and some serious clamping, it turned out alright. It's in a nice clean condition as I built it for dad and he's not a fan of weathering. It now sits in his study.
  2. I was tinkering away with this one in between other builds. It's a straight from the box 1/35 Tamiya kit and although a little long in the tooth now, stands up pretty well, except for the figures, they aren't the best when compared to Dragon.
  3. Coming up soon at The Australian National Aviation Museum, Moorabbin Airport October 22/23. A swap and sell will be running over both days and Sunday we will have the Mustang Car Club in attendance. Categories and details below, hope to see some of you there.
  4. This is the Trumpeter kit in 1/72, with Red Roo Decals. I cut out the radome from the lower fuselage and filled it with plastic card as the T2's didn't have this fitted. The instructions also have you put the flaps down, but I glued them in the up position. As usual, fit of the parts was hit and miss, with the major sections fitting nicely, but the smaller parts left a bit to be desired. Unfortunately I screwed up the paint job the first time around and it has sat in my cabinet half finished since January, but with Wings Model Show coming up I pulled it out, sanded down the rough as guts paint and repainted it. I was unable to cram enough weight in the nose to make it sit so I whipped up a base from an MDF board, sanded and painted with a little MiniNatur grass to add some interest and glued the model down.
  5. Yes it's the Tamiya 1/16 kit. I'm not sure who it's meant to be, but they do give you a specific Adolf Galland head in the kit, but he doesn't have the cap which I think looks better.
  6. This is my first attempt at a large scale figure and I admit to practicing on the head more than a few times, even so my face painting is nowhere near as good as some I see, but I figured after several years of the headless fighter pilot being in the cabinet, it was time to finish it off. Brush painted with Vallejo and the base was made from an old model show trophy, some dirt from the back yard and MiniNatur grass tufts.
  7. 5 euro to print instructions? Are they gold plated or something? Instruction sheets don't need to be this full colour booklet like WNW do, that's just a marketing gimmick. Simple, easy to follow black and white instructions like included in your stock standard Hasegawa or Tamiya kit are really all that's needed. Even if you were printing those commercially at an office supply store, they're usually only 10c per A4 and if you're only doing a short run kit, hell print them on your PC at home and it will cost even less. Add $1 to the price and be done with it. Probably cheaper than buying a bunch of CDs.
  8. This one is straight out of the box. It's not a bad model at all, so long as you sand down some of the interior so the fuselage closes up without force and you take your time ensuring a close fit of the windscreen. Tamiya khaki drab is the base colour, with MiG pigment and Tamiya weathering powders used to give it a well worn look.
  9. Beaufighter would sell it's pants off. The 262 is a bit of a safe bet, just like the million Bf-109's out there, if it's German, it'll sell.
  10. Looks nice, I got this kit for christmas so it's good motivation.
  11. A trip to the hobby shop yesterday. Call them early Christmas presents.
  12. You actually get almost all the black and yellow as a decal, but I'll probably mask and paint most of it. I've done something similar with the black and yellow striped F-104 a few years ago.
  13. I know it's not an LSM, but I'm into tiger meet and it caught my eye at the LHS.
  14. If I finish everything I'm doing currently and there is time left, I'll build my Bf 109K.
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