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    Model building; 1/32 and 1/48 aircraft (mostly), 1/35 armour and 1/72 and 1/350 warships. I also play club cricket for a local team where I've opened the batting for the last 15 years. I retired from wicket keeping with over 150 dismissals.

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  1. Funny story, one of my mates we call Bubbles; most think it's because he is short and walks like chimpanze, hence Bubbles, Michael Jacksons pet, but those of us close know it's because he got busted having a J arthur rank in his mates spa. lol
  2. I'm doing the Eduard Q at the moment, can send you decals for a Russian or French machine if you're still looking drop me a msg.
  3. I sense some of you may enjoy Epic music. Two Steps from Hell do some great stuff. My favourite piece is below. If you like it, I also enjoy; United we stand, divided we fall, protectors of Earth, Norwegian Pirate, Flight of the Silverbird, To Glory and Cannon in D minor, to name but a few of their tracks.
  4. Try Aldi. I scored an A3 one for 5 bucks on their special weekly buys.
  5. @Wumm Yes dad has already talked to his GP and even he recommended against the AZ shot. We don't have enough Pfizer down here, to the point where even those with appointments, assuming you could actually make one through the cluttered phone system, aren't even getting their jab.
  6. I don't normally share stuff I do for other people, but this was a different build and one that I'm rather happy I managed to beat into something good looking. It is the old 1/72 Airfix kit with new decals. The fit is pretty bad, I did several mods to the kit; threw out the clear windows and replaced them with Testors clear parts cement. I cut out then raised the fin fillet, I also added a missing air intake from the starboard rear side. The windscreen was cut in half to shorten it for a better fit and the whole nose was carved down to give a better, more pointy profile. All up it took about 6
  7. I really don't want my old man to get the AZ vaccine as he had a blood clot several years ago that caused a stroke.
  8. Lockdowns are wearing pretty thin for us in Melbourne. I live in a suburb where the breakout happened and did visit some of the tier 1 and 2 exposure sites but thankfully not at the times and dates listed thus I don't have to sit in quarantine for 2 weeks. Our state government is in a shambles, we got an extra week of lockdown because they said this strain of the virus was spreading more easily, however the two cases that were used to explain this came out as false positives; one woman was said to have been infected at a display home 2 days after an infected person was there, which turned out
  9. That's about the third Seafury the FAA has written off, they also wrote off a Firefly.
  10. I went looking for cheaper alternatives too, found a bloke on Ebay who is in the Ukraine or Russia selling track link sets for about 10 bucks plus the same post.
  11. I don't often buy brand new kits, but I liked this one.
  12. Yeh that is the one thing you have to be careful of if there is a fire or flood; all those critters will be looking for dry ground away from the water/fire too. Good news is once the water goes down, they will move off, they really don't want to be around you anymore than you want to be around them. I've lived next to and around open fields for many years (not so much these days as the area has been built up) and I've only seen a snake in the wild a couple of times. As a kid the freeway that goes at the back of my house was just a huge open field of long grass, friends and I use to go wa
  13. Yeh, they call us the land of fire and flood for a good reason. Ironically all the "climate experts" were telling us how rain would never come back to Australia and "global warming" would mean endless drought.....Tim Flannery, calling Tim Flannery...nope he's nowhere to be seen at the moment. In Victoria the state government was so scared by Flannery and his alarmism that they built a billion dollar desalination plant.....that has barely produced a drop of water and costs us tax payers 1 million dollars a day NOT to produce water, because it started raining again. *sigh......
  14. The sun is pretty quiet at the moment, thoughts that it might be going into a solar minimum, with little or no sun spot activity, this will mean cooler temperatures. It's been a very mild summer out in Australia and predictions for a wet Autumn.
  15. Oh no, the dreaded diamond duck! Yeh I figured it would be longer Wumm, oh well.
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