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Refrence Pics Needed?

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Hi everyone,


This weekend my wife is treating me to an early Father's Day treat, she's going to let me run free at the Evergreen Aviation Museum. I don't have a good camera but will have my iphone 5 for photos and vids. So let me know if anyone needs a pic of anything (wheel wells, instrument panel, ECT) and I'll see what I can get.


This place pretty much has everything from a mustang, Me 109 G-10 and 262, b-17 and tons of other ww2 all the way to 4 migs 15, 17, 21, & 29 I think, tomcat, toom, an sr-71 and even THE HK-1 Spruce Goose.





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Guest styrenedemon

My advice would be just to take 100000 pics of everything :D I don't NEED pics of anything, but I sure as heck want to see them anyway! gosh...you're a lucky dude. I'd love to see all that first hand. Have fun.

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