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  1. Yeah definitely following this one I get to see Yellow 10 about once a month at the Flying Heritage Collection. I always look the longest at this plane my favorite for sure at the museum. Maybe someday I'll bring the 10ft selfie stick and get shots of the cockpit. Haha Are you in Washington Iceman?
  2. Hi everyone, Just finished this one up. Great kit considering there's actually not much in the box. I used Mr. Color paints, Mig/Ammo/Ak weathering products. I tried to give it a left out before it was launched look almost as if it was about to be lined up onto the launch rails but maybe the base was captured before. Who knows artist liberty right! The base is just out of a piece of plastic card scribed to look like concrete with a few tufts of silfor grass in there. Let me know what you guys think I haven't attempted to many bases for my planes yet and never tried to make a concrete slab. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Ben Bodenhamer
  3. Yeah this is awesome I just cracked this box open and started dry fitting some parts and man this got the excitement started.
  4. Great job!!! I can't wait till this kit is available do we have a release date?
  5. Thanks, great pic! Yeah that's about what I've seen too. It is a great kit but too bad I bungled the PE antenna and got to go with the plastic part.
  6. Super bummer!!! I'm really intrigued by these but I've never used them before. Sorry I no suggestions but hope it works out.
  7. Hey everyone I'm building the Dragon BF110 night fighter currently but I am wondering on the orientation of the underside DF loop antenna? I've seen reference photos of it both in line and perpendicular to the fuselage but have no idea if witch way I should put it on? I've seen it built both ways on models as well. Does it spin, are both ways right? Thanks and cheers! Ben Bodenhamer
  8. Hi everyone I don't want to ask a stupid question. But here goes... I've been using chipping fluids (Ammo, and AK) to chip tamiya paint but I was wondering can you chip Mr. Color paint with these as well? For some reason I think I read that Mr. Color dosen't lend itself well to this technique. Also I was wondering how long does the chipping fluid or hairspray remain "chipable"? Is it just until you put a clear layer over to seal or is it a time thing? I've never tried the salt chipping technique but an I right in assuming you can use any paint for this technique? Thanks in advance everyone! Ben
  9. Nova, Check out the Albion Alloys stuff I just bought a few packs from Spruebros the nickel wire sounds like it could be right up your alley. Kinda spendy but really nice.
  10. After starting to paint the Dragon BF110 I'm working on I can really see the benefits of this crazy claw. I think I may have to throw down on one. Email inbound Johan.
  11. I think you're looking for the new AK Interactive product called True Metal. Not sure where you saw it but it looks pretty cool. Cheers,
  12. Hi everyone I wanted to post up a few pics of this. I've been working on this quite a bit lately and have been able to fight off the usual kit stall out which is tough since there is soo much to put inside this before you can glue the fuselage up. The only aftermarket used so far is the Eduard Photo etch cockpit, and nose sets as well their wonderful micro textile belt set. I'll probably use their brassin wheels and masks before I'm finished. I haven't finished weathering up the insides of the fuselage and I think I'm going to put a seat belt in the nose and the tail before I glue her up. Let me know what you think and if you see something I've missed Cheers! Ben Bodenhamer
  13. Hi everyone sorry for taking so long to get back posting up here. I'm totally impressed with those of you how are posting things all the time I can barely get the actual modeling in let alone take pics and write something about it. I've been back working on this dio a little bit in the last few months finishing up some weathering and adding some judd to the aircraft. Here are a few pics. Next I'll be laying down some layers of snow over the base, then some muddy snow over the mud on the ground and plane and more snow over the whole thing. I'm going to try and get it to drift and even runnel a little on one side of the plane since I'm envisioning this in kind of an alpine environment. Thanks for looking and have a great weekend. Cheers, Ben Bodenhamer
  14. I love this news too. I'm building the b-25 right now and I agree with you guys an awesome kit. I do have one question about the availability tho. Do they produce in limited editions or are we always going to be able to buy their different kits?
  15. They're from Eagle Editions and man are they nice I'll definitely be doing one of the other schemes that came with the pack later on down the road. http://www.eagle-editions.com/eaglecals/32/p-51-mustangs-click-to-view-all-available-markings/eaglecals-141-32-p-51-d-mustangs-detail.html Thanks for the kind words!
  16. Not really a true WIP report but just wanna say does anyone also get super excited after you finish applying the decals, stencils and masks! I've been on this one a long time with some long breaks so its nice to see it this far. Thanks for looking! Cheers!
  17. Yeah this is awesome! I'm building a crashed and abandoned 109 myself and would love to know how you got those good dents in the prop. Great work!
  18. Hi everybody, Thanks for all the kind words. It's crazy this is my first attempt at a diorama and just when I thought I had all the tools and ancillary items for straight up modeling I get sucked into this and tons of other cool stuff to start collecting. What a fun (money sucking haha). I was able to get some work done on the base despite it being around 100 degrees in my outside work shed. I got the whole base flocked with a mixture of mostly autumn and a touch of late summer grasses. I went over a few spots to get a little heavier coverage and patch some spots that didn't get filled completely. I'm pretty happy with it especially since I'll be adding some mud and of course snow to everything. I'll be adding some mud to the areas where the plane would have touched down and dragged the ground as well as to the underside and edges of the plane. @Cees B I think I am going to bite the bullet and go with the Precision Ice and Snow product for the snow since I will mostly be replicating lighter fallen snow It looks better. @Matt thanks for the heads up on that post I forgot all about it and it is a great one esp for snow ideas.
  19. Hi everyone, I posted this on another forum I'm a member of already but I wanted to put it up here since I've been a lurker and haven't posted much and want to join in more (I hope thats not bad form if so please let me know and I'll only post up in one). Hopefully I'll be getting more time to model after an upcoming move to new house with a killer basement with tons of space. I will also be setting up a super basic DIY photo table so at least there is a uniform background and the pics will be a little better. This is a diorama I've been working on and off for the last year since I always seem to have tons of half finished projects going. It's a Revell 1/32 Messerschmitt 109 G-6 that I really rushed to build and didn't take the time to sand and fill and fit everything the best. I know there are some errors that I went on with anyways (wing root paint, ect). I kinda knew I wanted to turn it into a snow dio anyways and thought most of it would be all covered up anyways. Here's the diorama base and plane. I built the base with modeling clay and some rocks and painted it. I've started to apply some static grass in one corner to test out a static grass flocker I just bought. The whole base will get a coverage in the grass before I weather up the plane and add the snow. By the way I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on snow products. I've been looking at that Precision Ice and Snow product but holy hell it's expensive, and they want 16 pounds to ship to the US. That would be like almost $70 to get it, more than a lot of great kits... Maybe we could get them to do a special bulk order for us US peeps and cut us a deal. Otherwise anyone have any other input (Andrea miniatures, Woodland Scenics, Deluxe Materials, ECT) Also any other comments and hints on anything would be great I'm always learning! Thanks and cheers, Ben Bodenhamer
  20. Unfortunately my family and I had to move into a much smaller place for the next six months. So I think some of you know what that means... No bench anymore. I've had my paints, glues, kits and tools packed up in the garage but I was wondering will the fluctuating temps from just below freezing to most likely 90f this summer ruin all my paints and gear? I have some kits in various state of builds as well. Anyone have any experience with this? Can't wait to get the bench built in a new place this fall. Thanks in advance and I'll just be drooling here until I can get back at it!
  21. Anyone have experience using these? I picked a black and silver in the permant paint marker variety (K42 http://shop.krink.com/collections/products/products/k-42-paint-marker ) and tested them on some sprue yesterday and the left a great finish. Dried very hard and permanent as compaired to other markers and pens I've tried. Haven't checked them yet to see if they're tough enought for washers and such but impressed so far. Anyone else have any experience with these? Cheers, Ben
  22. Just finished em and wow I have to say all the good reviews you guys give em are right they really do look the part and look so much better than straight PE belts. I'll never go back. Next question what do you guys use to weather these I was going to do up a little super thinned oils but thought I'd put this out there for suggestions as well. Thanks again! Ben
  23. Great tips especially the beer and carpet ones those will be gold for me. Thanks and I'll let you know how they go. Cheers, Ben
  24. I'm about to set off on assembling my first set of these anyone have tips or suggestions for these? Thanks in advance, Ben
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