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Gloss coat over NMF and decals?

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Is it imperative to do a gloss coat over decals and NMF finish? I have finished decaling my 1:32 P-51 and now I need to either jump right into a wash and other weathering or do a gloss coat first. I'm just afraid I'm not happy with the gloss coat. I am very happy with the way the NMF turned out but am afraid the smaller decals come loose during the wash. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Guest styrenedemon

I'd put some kind of clear over them. I don't know what kind of wash you're using, Flory wash will absolutely get up under the decal film. I'd be worried about them lifting off more than anything since Tamiya decals don't seem to bite down ver well.


I know you didn't use Alclad, but there seems to be a myth out there that clear coats ruin an Alclad finish (and NMF in general)...just isn't true. I've just Futured my P-51 and after a wash it looks really nice. I've seen people use satins, flats, and gloss and maintain a nice NMF look...maybe not as bright a sheen as the highly reflective colors, but still great looking scale effect. 


Tamiya makes a clear coat that I'll be trying to seal in different weathering steps. It's not supposed to alter sheen from what I understand. 

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