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RAF Waddington Airshow 2013 - Some exciting news...

Derek B

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Not sure if this has already been picked up on LSM or not, but I have just seen an e-mail from the RAF Waddington Airshow (July 6 - 7 2013) and I am so excited at what has just been announced to the flying display:




"Mighty Viggen Returns


6th June 2013


If you say Historic SAABs, you mind will probably turn to the 4 wheeled variety first and maybe aeroplanes second.  The minds of the organisers of this years RAF Waddington International airshow have been fixed firmly on the historic aircraft variety and after many months of negotiation and planning are delighted to announce the Swedish Air Force Historic Flights debut at the show.

This year will see, for the very first time, the flight fly their SK60 , Tunan and the mighty SAAB JA37 Viggen in the skies above Waddington and UK mainland.  The Viggen first took to the skies on the 27th March 1967, powered by a Volvo RM8B Turbofan engine, the aircraft is capable of reaching speeds of upto Mach 2.1, twice the speed of sound. The Viggen was Sweden’s first line of defence during the cold war period carrying out both Strike, Air Defence and reconnaissance missions, operating from both fixed airfields and a unique system of deployed bases throughout Sweden, which doubled as public roads. The SwAFHF Viggen was withdrawn from service in 2007 and after 5 years of restoration took to the skies again in March 2012, wearing the colour scheme of the earliest examples.


The Viggen will be joined by some of SAABs other Jet aircraft including the SK60 used as a training and Light Attack aircraft, which is still in service with the Swedish Air Force and the Austrian Air Force. The trio will be completed by the Saab 29 Tunnan, an aircraft with its history rooted in the earliest days of jet powered flight. The Tunnan first flew in 1948, being designed from a mix of UK, German and US technology , due to its odd shape became known as the ‘flying barrel’.


The Swedish Air Force Historic flight operate a range of aircraft, keeping Swedish aviation history alive across Europe. With a strong presence at this years show the historic lines of Swedish aviation can be compared with their modern day equivalents with representation of the the Viggens successor in the guise of the hugely successful JAS 39C Gripen from the Czech Air Force and a range of SAAB ISTAR aircraft including the SAAB 2000 Swordfish and SAAB 340 AEW ‘Erieye’ on the ground."


Link: http://www.waddingtonairshow.co.uk/


For me personally, this is like a good omen from the Norse Gods (You'll all understand why very soon). I am so excited, it has completely made my day! biggrin.pngyahoo.gif



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