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  1. Yep, very useful page indeed Mike - Thanks. Derek
  2. Matt, To rectify the HB kit to more fully represent a P-61B aircraft you would need to fill and sand most of the radome detail smooth, fill in the wing tip aileron trim tabs and modify the main leg doors to represent the split and closed doors of the P-61B variant - This would be adequate to make a basically accurate external visual rendition of a P-61B aircraft. If you prefer to make a P-61A version, simply remove the scale 8" fuselage extension (about 6mm - Just cut it flush with the front of the nose wheel well bay forward bulkhead) and build the kit as per the instructions. HTH Derek
  3. Hi Matt, I'll try to keep it simple and look at the major visual issues. Only the first 37 P-61A Black Widow aircraft were installed with the 4 x .5" machine gun dorsal turret (And these all went to the PTO). The dorsal turret was then deleted off all subsequent P-61A and B production until reintroduction of the dorsal turret on the last 250 or so P-61B Black Widows. The main visible differences between the P-61A and B are as follows: P-61A - Earliest models had a composite plexiglas/metal radome cover. Shortly after introduction of the P-61A into service use, the composite plexiglas/metal radome was found to crack, so this was replaced with a new heavy duty fibre glass radome, which was introduced on all new build production P-61A and B aircraft (Also retro-fitted to earlier P-61A aircraft). The small wing tip ailerons featured trim tabs. The main undercarriage gear doors are single piece left and right doors for each leg that remain opened whilst the undercarriage is extended. P-61B - This variant had an 8" fuselage plug extension ahead of the nose wheel bay compared to the P-61A. The small wing tip aileron trim tabs were deleted. The main undercarriage doors were also modified. Instead of two large single doors of the P-61A that remained in the open position whilst the undercarriage was extended, the outer forward portion of the door on the P-61B doors were separate small 'L' shaped doors that allowed the two large main doors to close after the undercarriage was extended - This was to prevent debris damage to the wheel well bay and oxygen equipment in the nacelle booms. P-61C - This was essentially a development of the P-61B airframe. It featured two turbosupercharged R-2800-73 engines coupled to a new four blade wide chord paddle bladed A O Smith Products propeller. The Hobby Boss P-61B kit has the correct 8" fuselage extension for this variant, but also features the early plexiglas radome, small wing tip aileron trim tabs and single-piece main leg doors of the P-61A aircraft. If you need to know anything else, just ask. Cheers Derek
  4. I would like to discuss something with him (Please PM me if you have his e-mail address). Many thanks Derek
  5. Not sure if this has already been picked up on LSM or not, but I have just seen an e-mail from the RAF Waddington Airshow (July 6 - 7 2013) and I am so excited at what has just been announced to the flying display: "Mighty Viggen Returns 6th June 2013 If you say Historic SAABs, you mind will probably turn to the 4 wheeled variety first and maybe aeroplanes second. The minds of the organisers of this years RAF Waddington International airshow have been fixed firmly on the historic aircraft variety and after many months of negotiation and planning are delighted to announce the Swedish Air Force Historic Flights debut at the show. This year will see, for the very first time, the flight fly their SK60 , Tunan and the mighty SAAB JA37 Viggen in the skies above Waddington and UK mainland. The Viggen first took to the skies on the 27th March 1967, powered by a Volvo RM8B Turbofan engine, the aircraft is capable of reaching speeds of upto Mach 2.1, twice the speed of sound. The Viggen was Sweden’s first line of defence during the cold war period carrying out both Strike, Air Defence and reconnaissance missions, operating from both fixed airfields and a unique system of deployed bases throughout Sweden, which doubled as public roads. The SwAFHF Viggen was withdrawn from service in 2007 and after 5 years of restoration took to the skies again in March 2012, wearing the colour scheme of the earliest examples. The Viggen will be joined by some of SAABs other Jet aircraft including the SK60 used as a training and Light Attack aircraft, which is still in service with the Swedish Air Force and the Austrian Air Force. The trio will be completed by the Saab 29 Tunnan, an aircraft with its history rooted in the earliest days of jet powered flight. The Tunnan first flew in 1948, being designed from a mix of UK, German and US technology , due to its odd shape became known as the ‘flying barrel’. The Swedish Air Force Historic flight operate a range of aircraft, keeping Swedish aviation history alive across Europe. With a strong presence at this years show the historic lines of Swedish aviation can be compared with their modern day equivalents with representation of the the Viggens successor in the guise of the hugely successful JAS 39C Gripen from the Czech Air Force and a range of SAAB ISTAR aircraft including the SAAB 2000 Swordfish and SAAB 340 AEW ‘Erieye’ on the ground." Link: http://www.waddingtonairshow.co.uk/ For me personally, this is like a good omen from the Norse Gods (You'll all understand why very soon). I am so excited, it has completely made my day! Derek
  6. Hi Dave, You are correct that the F-15 Reporter does have a modified crew pod, however, it was developed from the P-61C, which introduced the P & W R-2800-73 turbo supercharged engines coupled with the new wide-chord A O Smith paddle bladed propellers. P-61C Black Widow F-15 Reporter HTH Derek
  7. Nice review Dave - It is indeed an impressive kit, so thank you for reviewing it. Just out of curiosity, sprue RB - How do you know that the four (poorly shaped I may add) A O Smith Products props are not intended for a P-61C? (It would be a lot easier to produce than the F-15 Reporter!).
  8. I love this! (Thanks to Menelaos on LSP for originially posting it there)... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pfg_TQulyHs Derek
  9. Hi Grant, I logged in and there was a '1' by the chat at the top right of the page. clicked on it and said that I couldn't access it. If it is a staff only thing then I cannot explain why I saw it? (It is no longer there now anyway). Derek
  10. I noticed that I had 1 chat notification. When I clicked on the chat icon it stated that I did not have permission or was not authorised? - Do I need to do something? Cheers Derek
  11. Hello? Cees is doing a fantastic job on that Beaufighter I am currently repairing my master pattern at the moment and I have started on a few new parts for it. Cheers Derek
  12. Looks like we both have early boxings then Derek
  13. Something that I have noticed in my particular Trumpeter Ju 87B-2 kit (which was factory sealed) is that the weapons sprue (WC) only has enough parts to make two SC 50 bombs. The instruction sheet requires four SC 50 bombs to be made up for the (incorrect) underwing ETC racks. I know that one other person has also checked a new Trumpeter Ju 87B-2 and has found the same discrepiancy - is this a common shortfall? (in which case there is another SC 50 sprue missing or they have dropped a blob!). Regards Derek
  14. :lol: Nice to hear from you again Grant. Derek
  15. I noticed that I can access the LSM forums via SPAR, but it appears that there is no way of getting directly back from LSM to the SPAR website - Am I missing something here? Thanks Derek
  16. Cheers Jamme - Likewise Derek
  17. Jerone, Martin - Hello my friends. Jim - Thank you for the very fast action Cheers Derek
  18. Hello Martin/Jim, It's great to see the newly ressurected LSM forum. Originally, under the old SPAR forum, I was classed as a vendor. I have had to register again to use this new forum, so will I still be classed as a vendor on this new forum and will I have the same editing rights as before? Best regards Derek
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