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Hasegawa 1:32 F6F Hellcat

Hasegawa 1:32 F6F Hellcat

A quick run-down on the particulars:

Hasegawa F6F-5E Night Fighter kit # St-101 (built as F6F-3 standard fighter)
Eduard's old, small PE set for a few cockpit details and a couple of tail wheel parts
Master gun barrels from Victory Models
a mix of Montex paint masks and Techmod Decals
Mr Surfacer 1500 gray primer
Alclad II Duraluminum basecoat (for chipping)
Model Masters enamels (airbrushed)
Model Masters clearcoats (rattle can gloss base for decals, flat with airbrush)
RB seatbelts

most of the pit, except for a few PE parts and a few kit parts spruced up
tail wheel, except for PE arms with holes, doors were my first try at using brass sheet
gear bays - didn't go too crazy here, just some ribs and stuff, wiring and tubing, drilled out the kit wheels to make them look better
added a bunch of wiring and some aluminum tubing exhaust pipes to the engine

really wanted to see if the chipping technique I learned on Doogs website would work with enamels instead of acrylics, so after priming (with gray, not black) I put down a coat of Alclad and then hairspray, then color. I chose not to paint the yellow primer. I found that window cleaner and a toothbrush did a pretty fair job of chipping the blue off, so I went with that.
learned a really cool thing about rivets - if you scribe, then prime, then sand smooth, then poke your rivet lines with a compass needle in a pin vise, then paint over them, you can lightly wet sand the whole plane with 1200 grit after the glosscoat, and the rivets will show up very slightly. Maybe you all knew that, but I didn't! Worked out great, very subtle.
all of the shading was done with pastel chalk and a stiff paint brush after painting, before final matte coat.

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