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  1. Honestly, nothing is on my list. That's not saying that something won't strike my fancy on a whim, but I have nothing planned. I just want to finish some builds, so maybe paint and glue? Unless ZM actually puts out that fabled P-51B this year....
  2. Maybe not on this site so far...but there are a couple over there on my list....
  3. Just catching up on this build, very fine work going on here!!
  4. You guys suck! My company wouldn't close until someone in the office actually gets sick with it. And maybe not even then.
  5. I contacted Tim at Grey Matter to see if he was interested, but haven't heard back. I saved the masters with reproducing them in mind, but I decided I don't really want to go through the expense and hassle of getting set up and casting them myself. I just flat don't have time right now. Maybe in the future.
  6. Some progress photos: Decided the humps were too big, so.... Then new cowl flaps, as the kit part is awful: I made molds of all the pieces, which turned out pretty well, but as I don't have a pressure chamber set up yet, it's been tough to mold the new parts without bubbles. Got a few good enough ones, so I should have one ready to go soon. Tim
  7. You are nuts, sir, but my kind of nuts!! All that chopping away on the M to F conversion looks very familiar. Forgive me, but I think you need one with a Russian engine......
  8. I wish, my friend. I will have to wait for Vegas before I can go again, though Vegas is hellacious in August too. Why does this dang convention have to be in August anyway? Plus, it's always in someplace hotter than the devil's ballsack for that time of year. Never in some cooler northern city like Seattle.
  9. I think the surge of cases that is starting right now should taper back down by late summer. That's a long way off, and viral illnesses usually decline drastically in the summer months as people get out and spend less time cooped up indoors. It's hitting my area (the PNW) right now, and we expect it to last until about June before it winds back down here, slightly later for the central states. I wouldn't cancel your reservations just yet!!
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