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  1. Haven't touched a model since early April. Lost my mojo, and got busy with roofing the house, re-painting my truck, and tons of other things. I'll get back to it at some point.
  2. Then Brian "the Dude" better go for sure.... And it's a good excuse for Harv to visit his son!!
  3. Vegas is a real possibility for me, too.
  4. It's not Ernie you have to keep out of the booze, is it Martin?
  5. Don't worry, I will be printing more very shortly! I up-scaled it specifically for the 1/24 Hellcat when it came out. Ron - I am not aware of any 1/24 PE tie-downs out there, yet, but I have suggested it to them. If a bunch of other people ask for it, maybe they will do it, so get on it!! Tim PS - I would suggest you glue it down first and THEN trim it, but that's just the way I like to do it.
  6. Hard to believe it's been almost a year since I saw all you nubbins in PHX. Seems like yesterday!! Good times!!
  7. One of my favorites, as you might imagine. I also like "I don't think so, Tim", from Home Improvement.
  8. Thanks, folks!! Good to see some names I missed a lot!
  9. Hi folks, I just printed a base in 1/18 scale for one of the guys over at LSP, so those are available now, too. They are about 24 inches square, and cost 32 plus shipping. Incidentally, there is an LSP member in Australia who wants to order a 1/32 print, but the shipping makes it a bit costly. If there are any members here who'd like to go in with him and save on shipping, PM me. A group of guys in the UK/Europe did that. I ship to one of them, and he ships to the others to keep costs down. Thanks, Tim
  10. Thank you John! I left the .com off on purpose because it "supposedly" helps prevent address mining software from spamming you. Don't know if it works, but the .com is implied.
  11. As some of you may know, I promised a few months ago on LSP to make some prints of my US Carrier deck display bases for sale, and for those of you who are not on LSP, I thought I'd post over here to let you all know they are finally ready in case any of you are still interested. I made two of the bases, one for WW2 US Carriers, and one for Pre-war US carriers with the red decks and yellow stripes: Each was printed with a high quality wide format printer that we use for graphics at work, on double matte paper made for exactly this sort of thing. The paper is quite thick and durable, and each has been sprayed with a clear matte fixative that will protect the ink from smudging during shipping and application, and to some degree from fading and moisture (but NOT completely!). The fixative is professional quality and will not harm the image. I cut them out of the larger sheet leaving a white border of 1/2" to 1", so you can trim it down after you have mounted it, or it leaves you a bit to hide in a frame if you so choose. The image size itself is 13.25" square. Each will come rolled in a 3" cardboard tube with mounting instructions included. Now for the cost: I'd like to ask 20 USD each, plus actual shipping cost to wherever you are on the globe. The 20 will cover the printing costs, spray fixative, and all the packaging materials, and leave me something for my trouble. I could easily get 5 or more sheets in a single tube without changing the shipping costs dramatically, if at all. So far, anywhere in the continental USships for about 4 USD. USPS estimator says it would run 23.50 USD to the UK and most of Europe, so that's probably not very cost effective for most people, but if a few of you want to go together it could be doable. I know a few guys at LSP were looking at shipping a half dozen of them to the UK, and sending them on from there, so let me know and I'll put you in touch with them. Anywhere outside that I'd just have to find out and let you know before you pay. Payment will be via Paypal, but I'd entertain other options as needed. A few caveats: This is not a business. I am just a modeler like you folks, and I'm only doing this to make a little extra cash to finance my own hobbies (and keep my wife off my back for spending money ). It may take me up to a week to get them packaged and posted, so please be patient with me! If the first printing sells out, I will print more and post them as soon as I can. Please let me know if you have any questions, and drop me a PM here or at LSP if you're interested in buying one!! You can also just e-mail me at timothybiggers@hotmail. I figure if JohnB bought one for each Corsair he's built, I could retire!! I also printed a couple of the WW2 decks in 1/24 scale (image size 17.5 inches square) and I'll ask 25 USD plus shipping each for them. Thanks guys, and thanks to Jim Hatch!!
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