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  1. That's funny! Was alcohol involved?
  2. I'll take whichever one he doesn't want. 😁
  3. I am usually not one for building more than one model of a given aircraft type (except P-38s), but I have to admit that ZM 190 might get me to do it. The last one I built was the OLD Hase kit, and it sucks. Pretty sure the ZM one won't. Of course, that depends on whether I ever build another model at all.... 😐
  4. As I already posted over on LSP, I'm out again this year. The high fuel costs have made road tripping unaffordable, and I don't want to pay the crazy airfares AND carry models on a plane. Should have gone to Vegas last year, I guess.
  5. What a strange looking critter! Looks like it didn't steer worth a crap. No wonder it never made it to production.
  6. I am extremely jealous, my friend! If I were eligible to retire, there would be no hesitation, I'd be gone like a shot.
  7. Thanks, Rob and Mike for your thoughts - very helpful! I I am leaning toward the Bluejacket kit, mostly because of the size (40 inches) and it's the era I want (1812). It goes on ebay from time to time for around 350, which seems decent, and is a lot less than retail. Even at that price, I will have to sell a few other things and save for a bit to come up with that. While I have not built one of these before, I do have a lot of experience building small things with wood, so I'm pretty comfortable that I can git 'er done without too much swearing.....
  8. Rob, Could use your opinion - I'm interested in building the USS Constitution, and there are many to choose from. I see for sale on the ebay a few of the 1:96 scale kit from Mantua, and some 1:96 kits from Bluejacket. Are either of them good kits? I see plenty of the 1:76 Model Shipways kits out there as well, but they are a tad too big for my space, and if their ship kits are as rough as their aircraft kits, then I'm not sure I want that one anyway. Thanks, Tim
  9. I'm not exactly sorry about it either! It's stirred up some excitement for modeling I haven't had for a while. However, I expect that a few other kits and sundries may have to sail out in order for one of these kits to sail in. In the meantime, I will have to content myself with rebuilding my engine, working on the old car, customizing M1 Garand rifle stocks, refinishing a host of other stocks, starting that other new art project (secret), getting ready for turkey hunting season in a few weeks and all of the other things that come with spring. Did I mention I have too many hobbies?
  10. I have been dying to build one of these for decades, and you sir, are not helping the situation! I damn thee!! So dang cool, it tempts me to sell my plastic to afford one. The real problem, is that I have too many hobbies.....
  11. The opposite of a skinny tower.....
  12. Hey Gaz, I sent you a PM with a few ideas on this and the sleep issues. They are both things I have dealt with for a long time, so maybe the stuff I've learned can help you a little.
  13. Good grief. I wish I could clone myself and start taking all these jobs nobody wants. I could retire early.
  14. Thanks! I am following the recommended regimen from a site suggested by my doctor: https://covid19criticalcare.com/ Seems to be working, I see some improvement over yesterday, but I expect it will take most of the week to get fully past it.
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