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  1. Sure glad you were able to have this event! Looks like fun! Here in the Soviet Republic of Washingtonia, we would be fined or jailed if we tried to do that.
  2. Shucks, I missed it!! Hope you had a good one buddy!
  3. Don't get caught in a fire while you're there!!
  4. Just wondered how everyone on the left coast is faring during the wildfires. It's been pretty crazy here in Washington. The first major fire of the season started a few miles from home, the Evans Canyon fire, and burned 6 homes and 80k acres, but it's petering out finally. Our department was the initial response on it before the state got mobilized. I got to fight it for about 8 hours during a major wind driven flare up that took out all the homes. It was tough to watch them burn right next to me and not be able to do anything. No lives lost here, thankfully, but quite a few in other fires. Ju
  5. Hope you had a good one, Mike! Sorry I missed it.
  6. Man, I struggle with those belts, too. So small and fiddly, whether they are RB or HGW. But light years better than the PE belts. I hate those so much, I'd rather cut my own out of paper than use them.
  7. Like it or hate it, I am an avid sniper, though I prefer to "buy it now" when the option is available. I don't get into bidding wars, though. I just log in and place my max bid 30 to 60 seconds before closing, and let it ride. I personally really like the ones with "make an offer" on them. You can get some decent deals that way. Tim
  8. Holy smoke, Ern!! Please let Karim know I'm thinking of him and glad his family is ok.
  9. I was working at 10 am, and for once, I'm glad I was.
  10. My wife thinks my stash of just under 30 kits is a silly waste of money, but she never gives me any crap about it, because I just use all you knuckleheads with huge stashes as the comparison. Plus, she is a serious bargain hunter, and in the last year I've made enough selling stuff on ebay to cover my model building purchases, so she can get behind that. She's really very supportive. She might even come to Nats next year with me.
  11. I'm not worried about that part of it, I'm up to the task. I just cant decide how bad I want to build it now. Plus, Ernie is right. I'm only ever going to build one, so which scheme should I do?? There is also the fact that I have too many builds ongoing...
  12. Kinda there, too, Ern. I've built two D.VIIs in my life - both wood. One kit, and one scratch. Ironically, I'm actually sort of intimidated by the WNW (fok) in my stash, especially now that it sells for 200+.
  13. Like I said, Joachim, that is fantastic!! Probably the best one of those I've seen built so far!
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