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  1. I've heard on the forums that a lot of people have had a similar problem with the Photons, but I haven't had anything stick to mine so far that I couldn't pop off pretty easily. Though, obviously, the larger the contact area, the harder it is to pop off. I'd be interested in trying this engine myself, just for practice. I'll have a look for the file on Trimble that sluggo mentioned.
  2. Nice one! I just have the little Photon, but it works very well.
  3. Holy cow!! John built a Corsair?? Who'd have thought... Good one, as usual, John!! Someday I will build just one of them...
  4. A little late to the wake, but very sorry to hear that Ernie!! My parents are in their 80s, and dad's health is failing, so I'm gearing up to be there soon, too. No fun at all.
  5. Holy smokes, Ern! Sorry to hear this!! Prayers for both.
  6. Haven't touched a model since early April. Lost my mojo, and got busy with roofing the house, re-painting my truck, and tons of other things. I'll get back to it at some point.
  7. Then Brian "the Dude" better go for sure.... And it's a good excuse for Harv to visit his son!!
  8. Vegas is a real possibility for me, too.
  9. It's not Ernie you have to keep out of the booze, is it Martin?
  10. Don't worry, I will be printing more very shortly! I up-scaled it specifically for the 1/24 Hellcat when it came out. Ron - I am not aware of any 1/24 PE tie-downs out there, yet, but I have suggested it to them. If a bunch of other people ask for it, maybe they will do it, so get on it!! Tim PS - I would suggest you glue it down first and THEN trim it, but that's just the way I like to do it.
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