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  1. I think I will play the long game and wait.
  2. None yet, but it's calling me!!
  3. I damn thee, sir! Why do you torture me so?
  4. No kidding. I am trying to lose weight, and failing already.
  5. The kind of water he drinks would DEFINITELY burn......
  6. Bump - 6 more sets listed on ebay today!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/233602573277 Of course, you can always buy direct if you don't like ebay or don't use paypal - just send me a PM! Thanks!
  7. So how did this go? I use both lacquer and enamels almost exclusively, and I use them on my 3D printed parts all the time, with zero issues. I always prime first, mostly to smooth out the pattern left by the layers, though it is very subtle with resin printers.
  8. The Allen foundation announced today that they are closing the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, in Everett, WA, as well as virtually every other venue they own, due to lack of revenue. They said they hope to re-open in the future, but do not have any idea when or if it will happen. Here's hoping it does, it is a fantastic collection, and I would miss it terribly. If it stays closed, I may never have a reason to go west of the Cascade mountains again! https://flyingheritage.org/Closure.aspx Tim
  9. I already told my wife to plan on me heading for Vegas next August, so Smitty, Harv, Clunk, and y'all better look out!!
  10. It sure looks like it! I have the Heller TE-20 kit half built, and I keep eyeing other machinery kits, but I just can't allow myself to spread out too much. I can't afford to expand the hobby!! I particularly love the rusty Cat photo above (note the brand new seat!). I love rusty farm equipment. I actually used to refurbish equipment as a job years ago, so I stripped and painted many a tractor and Caterpillar. I also spent a lot of hours driving tractors and lift trucks at various jobs before I joined the desk bound world. Old machines like that will always have a special place for me.
  11. I love stuff like this!!
  12. Totally agree, and nice models you've shown, too!
  13. Some of the mods might, but the rest of us don't!
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