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  1. So where is this shangri-la, Scott? I must come visit.... I love to fish, too! Back to the subject at hand - I pre-registered today. Anyone else?
  2. Always wanted that IL-2 kit, but just can't dig up the scratch right now. Too many other lame things to pay for, like doctor bills, HVAC systems, cars, and college for kids. Gotta get my priorities figured out!!
  3. Why don't you drive up to WA and pick me up on your way? WA is between AZ and NV, right? Seriously, though, still planning to come. Hotel is reserved, just trying to decide how best to get down there. Kind of depends on cost, travel restrictions, how many family want to come, etc.
  4. All this makes me grateful for the moderate winter we've had in the NW this year. We often get nailed, but I guess this is our year off. Last summer was rather mild, too. Fire season didn't kick off until August. Of course, once it did, it made up for lost time, but at least it was shorter. Can't complain this time!!! Tim
  5. Me too....in a BIG way!! The last time I squirreled out was last May, and haven't touched a model kit since.
  6. I thought my stash was small at 26, but you win.
  7. Not usually a scotch or Irish guy, but I would happily sample all of them!!
  8. Always neat, room temp.
  9. Elijah Craig and EH Taylor are both very smooth, Buffalo Trace and Larceny have a bit more bite to them, but not bad. I prefer my bourbon pretty smooth. The Buffalo and Elijah can usually be purchased for under 30 bucks for a 750ml bottle, so those are right in my wheelhouse!! The Larceny is usually around 35, and the Taylor is typically 50-60, so I don't get to have those very much. All of them are in the 90-95 proof range, though Elijah does make a barrel proof version that is 132. It is pretty potent, and more expensive, but also pretty darn smooth for so high a proof. I've neve
  10. You've seriously got to try Elijah Craig, and Buffalo Trace. I also like Larceny, and EH Taylor.
  11. I've ordered from them once, got the run around, no product, but finally got a refund after LOTS of emails, very shady, IMO.
  12. I vote both whiskey AND bench time. Though in my case, maybe not at the same time, since I would probably cut myself or something. Since I'm stuck at home for 2 weeks now that I have the "bug", I may actually have to break out out a model or two for the first time since May. Speaking of whiskey, my favorite budget bourbon right now is Elijah Craig, with Buffalo Trace my second choice. Yes, I'm a Kentucky Bourbon guy. Tim
  13. That's crazy Carl! Sure glad he's ok! Unfortunately, my week has been a little similar. After avoiding family for Christmas because of of illness, my wife and I visited some family and were exposed to COVID on Dec. 31, and true to form my wife and I both now have it, as do both my sisters, their husbands, and my dad. My 19 year old daughter escaped it, but one of our two teenage boys is now showing symptoms. My 82 year old Dad was the worst, as he has congestive heart failure (along with a raft of other problems), so we figured when he went to the hospital Tuesday, he wasn't coming back.
  14. Not neuropathy, thankfully, but I am having some nerve issues in my hands, probably carpal tunnel syndrome, but I am waiting for an appointment to get it diagnosed by a specialist. As a result, I have been avoiding modeling and other hobbies because it affects the fine motor functions of my hands. Can't hang on to stuff, like you, because I just can't tell if I have a firm grip or not. Stuff goes flying out of my hands without warning!! Very frustrating, but not nearly as rough as what you are going through. Fortunately, I do not have diabetes or any other major issues, besides the crap that c
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