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Marek Novacek

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  1. ... built for Aces High magazine.. few months ago ;-)
  2. Thank you friend ;-) .. two more photos
  3. Thanks friends ;-) It´s built for EuroModelismo magazine.
  4. Hello to all great modellers from this perfect forum ;-) it´s my last finished kit.
  5. Thank you my friends ;-) I'm really pleased that you like it. I appreciate it really much :-) to polsen: yeap, it will be maybe new "business tactics" from Eduard :-D
  6. This is the "old" kit ;-)
  7. I´ve finished my last project.. it´s almost OOB, started 1.12.2015 and finished today ;-) Here are some pictures....
  8. Really great job !!! The best Dora I've ever seen ;-)
  9. Amazing job as always ;-)
  10. Thank you my friends ;-)
  11. You´re crazy man
  12. Thank you very much friends Cees B: next project will be Tamiya´s Zero A6M2 or new Typhoon fro Airfix
  13. Great photos!