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  1. Sweet baby... soo sweet.
  2. yep that's one sweeeet bird. Great work Bevan
  3. Very very nice. Those Revell kits are a steal even with the few bits of am
  4. Thanks Danny. Great photos
  5. Excellent work Danny
  6. Looking for a technique on YouTube and you come across this... Now we know why he's so good!
  7. Looking forward to this one Danny. I too have one in the stash and the original Hasegawa boxing also so I have 2!
  8. Thanks. Yes I managed to remove the dampers and their now in the trumpeter kit box! Eduard PE dampers to the rescue from an old brassin set. Black 13 from JG27 now for this one. Got her to primer last night.
  9. Hi I'm currently building a 109 G-10 as white 44 of NJG11. I'm using the Revell kit along with a hoist of am and pe to get it right. Here's my problem, I've discovered the said plane was a Mtt Regensburg build rather than an Erla so have to make a few mods to my current craft. I can scribe the curved panel to the cowling beneath the cockpit ok and have the small wheel budges already but I need to 'create' the bumps under the engine cowling. I have several Revell 109G-6's in the stash and just wondered if the gun bumps (which are too small anyway) could/would work with a little mod or if anyone else has any ideas? Ironically I have 2 trumpeter G-10's in the stash and should have gone with them but I'm too far into the build now to back out having modified the exhausts for flame dampers etc and throwing a load of Barracuda resin in as well. Aaron
  10. Congrats Danny, that's a beautiful start to 2017!
  11. I hate you! Stunning work. Luv the riveting.
  12. I bought the original several years ago for £26 from lhs. So glad I did given the price for it now.
  13. Very nice build. Itching to start mine now.