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  1. 11 hours ago, Fran said:

    Well, I will enterthis GB at least with this Fokker DVII "F" Ukrainien Galician Army, September 1919

    Not an actual modern airplane or AFV but Its an ukrainian scheme and every profit from this Aviattic sheet will be to charities aiding refugees fleeing the outrageous invasion of Ukraine and the violence inflicted by the Putin regime.



    Those look fantastic, Fran. How I regret not picking up the F re-boxing when I had a chance.

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  2. 6 hours ago, belugawhaleman said:

    I think I have a couple ICM kits a i153 biplane and a ww1 truck of some kind. Neither

    has anything to do with this conflict. Today I looked at one of their figure kits; A Roman

    Centurion  figure in 1/16. It looks like a fun build,but I think it would look silly to include here.


    chrome_screenshot_Mar 3, 2022 12_08_40 AM CST_kindlephoto-99083149.png

    Please join us!

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  3. Ok, who is in? Ernie will lay down the guidelines, but it will be any scale. Like any build thread I think it will be best to focus on our modeling progress, techniques, and the aircraft aircraft themselves. We have another thread for updates and discussion about the conflict already. I'm throwing down a SU-25. Let's do this!!

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