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  1. Harv, Ernie has something that will make you feel much better. Might bring the double vision back for a few......oh and tingling, but tingling all over. See Dr Ernie in Chattanooga!
  2. I knew you would go find that picture when I posted that.
  3. When I finish this A-4C I will again try to do a WIP. I have a ton ready to go, A.M laden. VF-101 F-14D, Snoopy Airways Tornado, Grey Ghosts F-4N? Hmmm
  4. Cockpits are, by far, my favorite part of modeling besides taking the shrink wrap off a new kit. A couple things. Instead of painting console details why don't you grab a silver and a gray pencil, lightly run them over the switches etc., and voila! PE seatbelts are the scourge of all that is enjoyable about cockpit detailing, Quickboost generally has a seat with molded on belts to match. Downside to nice Eduard IP's is they are almost always the wrong color.
  5. Yes, bring it! Just got one myself.
  6. My Little Martin? I loved that TV show! Happy Birthday, comrade!
  7. Herr Clunk is trying to play it like he was joking with us about the Apoxie Sculpt ,,,,,,, NOT!!!
  8. How cool is that! Do you have much experience with computers and programs your using to do all of this Mike, or are you learning along the way? How I would love to just have the basic skills to print odds and ends.
  9. ….and one of them will show up here to belittle and shame us in 5....4....3....2....1
  10. Ya, pretty sure part of the reason Ernie left is that people could take pot shots at him as they pleased without the moderators doing much of anything, and if when he ever stuck up for himself it was the dog house. Ern could have been the instigator at times, but it was clearly not a two way street.
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