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  1. Can I get a "Happy happy.....joy joy"!!
  2. Its valid to me. Either your free or you aren't. People are free to make the right choices as well.
  3. Over 3 million people die annually from alcohol consumption related deaths, and we put drinking and partying on a pedestal. How long must that scourge go on? We tried to put an end to that once here, and there was essentially a small war fought in opposition. People have long fought for the right to be free and practice freedom, even if it put's their health at risk, and governments have agreed. Thousands of those alcohol related deaths were, in fact, innocent by standers. Smoking, pot , and now and even magic mushrooms in some states. The right to kill ourselves or take risks with our health
  4. Both participated in a fly over of Dachau as well. Good stuff! https://www.rochesterfirst.com/news/international/israeli-german-military-jets-overfly-dachau-in-tribute/ https://www.foxnews.com/world/israel-germany-air-force-flyover-historic
  5. I'll take those Macaroons! Happy Birthday!
  6. There's no Mrs Smitty, however I was referring to Ernie with two big Felix's plus. I showed up, but they had nothing I wanted.
  7. Dozens of modelers in the U.S mix their modeling with IPA every day!!
  8. I've had it happen before and eventually go away.
  9. Droppin' a big G on WNW kits should never be called uneventful, yikes!
  10. It's heresy is what it is!! Sacralidge!!
  11. Perhaps, but it's a long ways out.
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