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  1. I'll take those Macaroons! Happy Birthday!
  2. There's no Mrs Smitty, however I was referring to Ernie with two big Felix's plus. I showed up, but they had nothing I wanted.
  3. Dozens of modelers in the U.S mix their modeling with IPA every day!!
  4. I've had it happen before and eventually go away.
  5. Droppin' a big G on WNW kits should never be called uneventful, yikes!
  6. It's heresy is what it is!! Sacralidge!!
  7. Perhaps, but it's a long ways out.
  8. Anyone know the width of the red and white rudder stripes on the Lexington birds?
  9. IPMS Vegas originally secured 1600 room nights for the convention which they thought might be ok, however as of 1300 hrs today they sold out. They secured another 400 which should go fast so jump in. Reservations recuire first nights deposit, but are fully refundable so low risk for sure. Looks to be a good one!!
  10. I had stuff in my cart ready to checkout as well, saw somewhere the other half of WNW stock is heading somewhere else.
  11. Shipping to US 45 euros, bummer
  12. It's on! Let's all hope and pray we are in a different place by August next year. Hopefully the inability to get together and do the things we love now will drive lot's of us to realize there is no better time than the present for us all to get together. rooms are fairly cheap at 89 bucks for a room, but resort taxes help creep it up a bit. A tour of the Thunderbirds flightline and museum is a possibility as is the petting zoo which has aggressor and captured aircraft. www.natslv2021.com
  13. Yes I know., but I'll pass on a conversion like that on an aircraft with a corrugated airframe. SOD for sure!
  14. ^^^ Those are missing a few radial engines, Ern.
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