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  1. Memorial Day weekend here in the colonies...…..
  2. She's gonna be back this year!!
  3. Nice score, but favorite P-51? the humanity!!
  4. Look on their facebook page.... Hello Everyone. A quick announcement to let you know that I'm putting all our printing equipment up for sale. This includes the screen press, frames and screens, all printing inks and various other chemicals and mixes required for printing, the film jet, wash out system, compressor, large drying racks, etc... basically everything you need to screen print decals. If you are interested in this equipment please contact me via email. thanks David
  5. Ya I thought it was June 1 or AFTER you finished the Lanc? You make me look like a model of self control.
  6. The allure of shiny new plastic we all know too well.
  7. Get back to that 229 , Harv! Like 75 days, your running out of time!
  8. When were you at El Toro, Gaz?
  9. They have been oop for quite a while now. Saw one on ebay yesterday.
  10. Just drop that Kona Gold in the mail, Harv!
  11. Indeed they may be. It would be cool if they actually announced a new release at the Nats.
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