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  1. Oh ya! Ern where in the heck is yours?
  2. Sad indeed, but what a gift! If only we got the opportunity to say goodbye like that more often. Blessings to you and your friend.
  3. Anybody else in Nor Cal? Stand by for pics!
  4. He was here yesterday or the day before.
  5. The Tamiya F-15E has much better detail and fit than the Revell kit, but is a bit more expensive. There is a ton of aftermarket, which you note you don't want to take on, but some is helpful in that it removes the need to sand inside the intakes and exhaust cans which is a big pain. Now talking about big, the SU 27 is humongous! It has some accuracy issues. but goes together well in my opinion. I have built the Tamiya F-15C and enjoyed the build. Look around for some reviews online.
  6. James, it looks as if the landing gear can be left off until after painting. What say you?
  7. Get 'er done! WHy not something off the Furball Aero sheet, Danny?
  8. Kinda looks like the radio operator may have ended up shooting blanks.
  9. Working on your Ab's? What a stud!
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