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  1. I spend enough time watching myself model. And here I thought it would be because we promote everything plastic which is a very evil thing where I live. They will come for our kits one day.
  2. Maybe a couple months at the academy has given you a better eye for sagging things.
  3. No, the California Capital show is mostly local stuff, hence Superhornets and F-35s from Lemoore, and F-15s from California ANG
  4. This would be a great time for all you armor and prop heavy builders to get rid of those nasty filthy jets you have in your stash......
  5. I'm down... or wait...in. $100 dollar gift card at the hobby shop of your liking.
  6. Introducing...The Wraith
  7. Nein!! Phinish that Phantom!!
  8. Other than the two recent popular kits, the P-38 and F-14, I have zero knowledge of any of Tamiya's 1/48th scale kits...and I am proud to say that.
  9. Well HPH is doing a B-52 forward section now.
  10. Pretty sure he does R&D and designs kits for ZM now, could be wrong, but I dont think so.
  11. Any word on when the O/100 is gonna drop? I know it says late 2019/early 2020, but if it drops early enough Santa might stop by and grab one for me. It looks mighty close.
  12. I think the main thing is they blamed many that are here now for the continued unrest on T.O.S back before the"exodus". Seems pretty peaceful here.
  13. Details aside, as crazy as that all is, Radu is a friend to many of us here.
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