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  1. I would think perhaps sticking to external AM for the B-24 is best as you will not really see inside too much. Maybe an Airscale IP. Mig I say either go all in or OOB. No in between on big jets. Big bombers are way to easy to go all out and get burnt unless it is your absolute favorite aircraft "dream" build and you have a couple years.
  2. Well he said bi plane, but from his five choices, of which he only gave three. Perhaps the D.1 can be one of the other two.
  3. Truth be told I just pour a splash of Windex(make sure it has ammonia) in the freshly opened bottle. It sprays well right out of the bottle but the windex helps break the surface tension of the droplets and the smooth out right nice. I imagine most use it straight from the bottle.
  4. Depends on what outcome you want. It will work on my Skyhawk just fine.
  5. Oh ya!!! Didnt even have to leave the house!
  6. I always get extra when in doubt because colors sell out often and you could be left hanging. My guess is one for helos would be ok, but I would think two for F-117. I used one and some change for Lancaster undersides.
  7. Indeed, a war dog memorial for all branches was recently dedicated in SO Cal.
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/celebrity/martha-maccallum-a-prayer-from-iwo-jima-75-years-later/vi-BB109T82
  9. 75 years ago today United Stated Marines stormed the volcanic atoll Iwo Jima. Over 6000 killed and 27 medals of honor were awarded. Over 25% of all the Medals of Honor Awarded to Marines during WWII. Over 18000 Japanese lost their lives. We will never forget you Devil Dogs....Carry on....Semper FI!
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