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  1. Those guys hate my guts for sure, however I stop by every day for product info as I find that is the main thing lacking here. There are a couple people who I don't get to communicate with anymore from there as well, and seeing them chatting it up over there let's me know they are ok.
  2. Except when some from over there, including moderators came over here and laid into us.
  3. I hardly think this is all the end of the world yada yada, but chances are slim that I will get on an airplane for a while. I just don't see all the vendors coming, especially those from Europe, and very few people will have money to spend on a trip for a modeling convention. Probably setting my sights on Reno...fingers crossed.
  4. They just didn't paint it for some reason. It's the first draft, so to speak, of putting Blue Angels colors on a Superhornet. They won't fly them until next season.
  5. I still have some N95 masks I bought when I was going out with Samaritans Purse and sifting through the remains of peoples homes after the Carr Fire. Who would of thought they would have helped me through a pandemic as well!
  6. Not here fortunately. I want to see that thing tackled! I won't hesitate buying one when it gets stateside.
  7. Is there a lot of flash? Ejector pin marks? How is the surface detail?
  8. This was a ton of fun to watch while at the bench last week. All of it was taped, some file footage some just for the show, but the commentary that was provided and other stuff the pilots and demos teams produced was great. All three days here https://www.youtube.com/user/LiveAirShowTV
  9. Wait till you see Czech Red Bull Air Racer Sonka flying formation with Czech Air Force Grippen from the socially distant airshow the other day.
  10. It was to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the end of the war, so 95.
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