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  1. smitty44

    Anyone ever make F-5E Aggressor decals?

    Don't think anyone has ever done any Air Force. Two Bob's once did a sheet with birds from Fallon/Miramar, and there is this one still in print.
  2. smitty44

    I Like Button: I'm out for the day

    Guess you will have to stick to hating everything today, Stupid models!
  3. smitty44

    Good Mk 81's?

    I have seen the first set Martin listed on ebay but it is close to twenty bucks for four, and I need six. If they are in the ZM set I will have to mug Ernie. I have the other ZM set.
  4. smitty44

    Good Mk 81's?

    Not the one I have
  5. smitty44

    Good Mk 81's?

    Anyone know of any good aftermarket Mk 81's? Does the Tamiya F-4 Marines have them perhaps? Gonna hang them on a TER on my A-4C as they could carry three Mk 81's, but only two each Mk 82, etc because of gear door clearance. I can't seem to locate any. Thanks!
  6. Didn't say you were, just asked in my original question up there^^, "if I was to buy one book which one would it be"?
  7. I just don't intend to buy a bunch of books for this build, so I was hoping to find out which would be most helpful.
  8. smitty44

    HPH Helldiver dive flaps

    A lot of pictures of them parked with them up. I guess we figure that p.e set is so huge and must have contributed a fair amount to the cost of the kit we have to build them?
  9. So I may take the dive. If I was to buy one book which would it be, and I need some online resources for pics if you got 'em. I am wondering about the floors on war time birds, and the wear. I saw on pic where it looked as if there was no paint left on the deck at all. Any thoughts?(that's a dumb question)
  10. smitty44

    Best glue for sandwich IPs?

    I use Elmers,
  11. smitty44

    New Years Modelling Resolutions

    I had no idea you were a jarhead also, Gaz.
  12. smitty44

    New Years Modelling Resolutions

    Oh wait! I should have put, buy a HP 0/400! I think my want to purchase list for the year is longer!
  13. smitty44

    New Years Modelling Resolutions

    1. master flat wire rigging 2. WNW Sopwith Camel 3. A-4C conversion 4. WNW AEG 5. It all gets fuzzy at this point. Sooo many cool projects I could start. The Memphis Belle is the largest and most interesting in the stash. Polish MIG-29A maybe?