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  1. You can do anything, folks just dont dig it from what I understand. Same guys will be helping run the Nats in San Marcos, no?
  2. Only problem is, now he probably cant use it at the Nationals!! Congrats though, for sure!!
  3. Not official yet, but MCAS Miramar Airshow site is listing a B-29 on static display. I know Doc has embarked on a west coast swing as well so there you have it. Oh boy!!
  4. I actually had it served in a field mess on more than one occasion. Not name brand Spam, but a chopped ham product. I love me a fried spam sandwich. Tries Spam Fried Rice someday...delish!!
  5. All of the ones I don't have already. Top of the list HPH Helldiver, and jets I need to pick up a F/A-18A Red Devils boxing. They shot that box art at the Miramar Airshow, and a friend knows the pilot of that Hornet.
  6. So kit's that are in production or kits we would like to see?
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