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  1. Even open in Cali, June 15 as ll orders will be dropped. WFO!
  2. I have to say the shift from Chinese manufacturing to Eastern Europe may not be such a bad thing. I'd much rather send my money to the Ukraine or the Czech republic. I greatly appreciate their contribution that helped bring our scale to what it is.
  3. I imagine the rats down there are as big as dogs?
  4. Can someone please change the title to 77th anniversary, please.
  5. Glen has confirmed on TOS. No friggin' Jaguar..........still!!!
  6. Crazy Loic is doing buisness like that. I loved Great Models.
  7. Your not a water person, Marine? I read earlier today that there is going to be a chlorine shortage this summer here. I use a lake. Much cheaper.
  8. Tuesday as well.
  9. I actually just bought myself some Skull Candy bluetooth headphones mainly just for the bench. Mostly rock and roll for me with a bit of the 80s new wave stuff thrown in. Apocalyptica is the closest I get to classical, but I do enjoy me some Andrea Bocceli once and a while.
  10. Ya, I may just bring something already built doctored up a bit. New job and new hours nuked my plans. That's a good problem to have though. Just need to get out and do stuff, period.
  11. Nope, but Redding is certainly between WA and Vegas. Stop by! I may have booked to go a day early, though.
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