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  1. Boight his F-35 stuff. It's quite nice.
  2. Gonna be soooo much fun! California Capital Airshow next week. Some good motivation heading into winter. Pics WILL follow!
  3. Found some pics, but the decals don't have all the letters for the ID on the nose. Weird.
  4. Parts is parts.... AML S-199 Sakeen conversion Flaps to go with the rest of my SB2C stuff Werners Wings Blackhawk dekkals and Berna decals for my Mirage 2000. Oddly enough the Berna decals instructions cover every bird except the one I bought the sheet for so I've included a pic of the tail art in case anyone can lead me to pics of the real aircraft
  5. Thin paint, low air pressure, and something to rest your hand on.
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