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  1. Nope, but Redding is certainly between WA and Vegas. Stop by! I may have booked to go a day early, though.
  2. https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/loadout/a-10.html
  3. Your welcome..... https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/en/index_en.html
  4. Got a quick text from Harv, he is out and doing fine
  5. Hairspray, salt, and pencil. Silver pencil from an art supply store is super easy.
  6. I tried to reach you with pm's and messages on facebook, on several occasions. Was very pleased to see your post when I opened LSM.
  7. You can find alot of great grass fed beef and Wagyu beef online here in the states as well. With the organic foods craze you can find great beef at specialty stores as well.
  8. Santa got mine from Culttvman. Ebay is always a good spot to start as well.
  9. Just got over it. Whole dang family including my 81 year old mother. Worst symptom was headaches and loss of smell and taste. Not one if us even had a fever, chest pains or anything. Slight cough for the girls. Meh.....
  10. Since when did they start calling FW-190 A-5s, Franks?
  11. Quit facebook. Good or negative?
  12. Fingers crossed, Carl. I think Ernie knows some good smugglers.
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