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  1. Peter, Martin started this thread for a specific reason.
  2. One already exists...well out of stock here but still. https://spruebrothers.com/mdv72006-1-72-modelsvit-antonov-an-225-mriya/
  3. Unfortunately I have to be able to pay my bills and eat, so fingers crossed for San Marcos. Thanks for offering the couch for a nite, Mike!
  4. I used to really enjoy Great Models Webstore. What a shame. I have seen their prices are absurd as well. Scalehobbyist and Sprue!
  5. Academy Hornets always come un handy!
  6. I bend a small loop in thin copper wire
  7. Shall we shift to mythbusters mode?
  8. Got it, just curious. Just spent a good amount if time at that other acadrmy over the past 4 years.
  9. The Academy midshipmen, or midshipmen?
  10. Spend the first nine months trying to get out of it, the rest of our lives trying to get back in.
  11. 3 F-4EJs and two Thunderbirds kits? Good grief!
  12. Pretty sure its ok, Scott. Got any big jets to unload?
  13. Been anxious for you to jump on board, Mike. Love those Flanker colors.
  14. Well, not on the bench anymore, but from the archives. Saw one for $199 the other day. Looks right nice I might say.
  15. Apparantly nothing gets you going like a Mug!
  16. Front wheel well done. Not much going to be seen here so no added fiddly bits.
  17. Sadly, the artist who did the box art work for Roden has been killed near Kyiv. May he, and the other innocent souls lost rest in peace. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2022/03/vale-influential-model-artist-valery.html?m=1#more
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