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  1. Not sure, but one of those pics is Czech military. You guys need to come to Reno and watch them race.
  2. Attacking complete strangers? Mr Jackson I assume....that's insane?! Abuse? Consequences? I also never said what he did after the posts were removed was acceptable, however there was nothing wrong with his first post that was removed. It was a picture of a P-51 racer he had sold! I took issue with that being removed.
  3. 😄😆😀 Hilarious!! I called Peter Jackson a prick in a post because of what he did to his employees!! Yer funny!
  4. Wow! Say whatever I want...offend whoever I want? Examples please! You are such a hypocrite
  5. Well he is gone, and we remain, so asking why the original posts of a P-51 racer on a build thread about a P-51 racer had to be removed, is a valid question
  6. Well he is gone, and we remain. So questioning why the original posts of a P-51 racer on a build thread about a P-51 racer had to be removed seems a valid question to me.
  7. Oh ya, you got me there. You were part of the same crowd that migrated here and if my memory serves me correctly I still remember several personal messages with you about posts being deleted, censorship, etc where you were furious about it here. I know you despise Krow , but come on.
  8. Kinda why many of us migrated here.
  9. I agree, but this is more about the slippery slope we are heading down than this specific situation. Posts removed, and stuff like being scolded for open and honest critique. For goodness sake we have celebrated the squirell and rabbit trail here. That's what was cool about lsm. Last thing I want to do is walk on eggshells while trying to enjoy my hobby
  10. Fingers crossed....
  11. Need to start a new web page .Large Scale Shruberies!
  12. Well I think they would hold their value for the most part. I mean Meng acquired the Dr 1 molds and managed to take things down a notch, and maybe Border did a great job. Just depends I guess.
  13. Anal care? High colonics probably wont help with covid, Ern. Stick to them meds.
  14. Painful to read even! Hope you get that all resovled real, and I mean real soon. Happy New Year
  15. He sent me a screen shot if the weather at his home in Canada the other day -29F
  16. Nice! I have also recieved my egift card ftom Landlubber Mike. Thanks!
  17. Think he has it a bit worse already than the first time, but not severe of course.
  18. I have, and would have had no problem moving ahead without the new one, but suddenly there it was.
  19. No they sold upgrades seperately on purpose. Apparantly the cockpit oob has some issues, and this is tge first from a seperate company. I just have an addiction to a m cockpits.
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