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  1. I'm very sorry but there is no way I can finish this in time for the competition :-(. Life and other projects where getting in the way so I withdraw and take the time needed to finish this great kit. Good luck to everyone hoe's heading to the deadline!
  2. I'm speechless... Your skills and patience in reproducing all those lovely details are amazing. Very interesting to follow!
  3. More work done on the interior... those engines are very well detailed. And you get two of them :-) Have a nice weekend :-)
  4. Finally cleared my bench and got this beautiful kit back out of the box. Started with the interior as usual. Got a few extras for even more fun... going to enjoy this. Didn't use a lot of the interior PE as the detail of the kit is very nice and crisp. The fabric seat belts are, well... not so fun to use (need glasses I think) but I like how they look. Cockpit more or less finished :-) Thanks for looking :-)
  5. Oh wow, this is a joy to watch! Very impressive and interesting painting skills... and the scratch building even more :-)
  6. Quite busy indeed, I even got a bit worried... but then remembered that building is nice quality time for myself. So being "busy" is a good thing ;-). I decided to go one by one, without to much overlay of the different build. If one isn't fun anymore I simply switch builds till the mojo kicks back in :-). Your mojo is flowing just fine as it seems, keep the pics coming mate!
  7. Very nice progress Pete. The painting and weathering is amazing!
  8. Unfortunately not, sorry. I'm pretty caught up with an other GB at the moment and this kit deserves my full attention... the Pfeil is patiently waiting in the box :-/
  9. They do look good, so don't worry to much about it! But it's a shame that there's no stitching... ;-)
  10. I spotted your Ohka, looking great! Well, a 1/32 Betty would be... very impressive!!! :-)
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