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    Back in good old Amsterdam.
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    Piston engined aircraft with WWII in particular. Huge fan of RAF Bomber Command and Halifax as speciality.

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  1. Profimodeller Fi103 V1

    Things without wings?
  2. Where do you get a spare fuselage from, Danny? Cheers Cees
  3. 1/32 J2M3 “Rai Den”

    What a nice package. As you mention the option to install glass into the separate framing would make glueing without smearing very interesting to say the least, or possibly using Future might be helpful here. Cheers Cees
  4. Profimodeller Fi103 V1

    Same here, wonderful, it looks like a little weekend project but it has taken you several months and a few more grey hairs. But you got there in the end and the result is wonderful. Cheers Cees
  5. Beautiful, something I would chicken out of on the Manchester and upcoming Lanc. Chees Cees
  6. October Newsletter

    Petr, any updates on the Whirlwind, Typhoon and Sea Fury projects. Forgive me for being very excited about those. Cheers Cees
  7. Revell spitfire mk.IXc

    Your first RAF WW2 build? Could have fooled me, I love the patina and weathering. What's your opinion of the Revell kit? Cheers Cees
  8. Spitfire IXc - Skalski Circus - April 1943

    Wow that is totally and utterly fantastic. I hope you didn't get freezebrain from eating too many icecreamlollies. Cheer Cees
  9. Tamiya P-51 Mustang "Betty Lou"

    Looking good already, so you will represent the aluminium skin and the painted aluminium puttied wings. Looking forward to see how you progress. Cheers Cees
  10. Well, if you have an itch, start scratching... Marking out the fuselage sidepanels and then cutting them out. It is very important to keep both sides an identical mirror image from each other to keep the final fuselage square and true. I noticed from my previous attempt. After that it is the fun part, building up the interior structure using Evergreen strip. Until next time. Cheers Cees
  11. Airfix hawker typhoon Mk.1B 1/24

    That is some nice detailpainting, especially the seat and tyres. How did you achieve that effect? By the way could you alter your signature please as the infamous photobucket noshows still show up. Cheers Cees