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  1. Airbrushing is much more relaxed now. I masked and sprayed the forward section of the cockpit black. Also the front face of frame 5 and some seats throttlebox and engineers panel. There is some overspray but nothing major. This will serve as a basis for detailpainting to hopefully bring all this to life.
  2. Yummie, really up your alley this build.
  3. That’s a massive improvement Tom. good to see you working on this magnificent project again.
  4. Well, it took some time but the housemove went very well. Despite my fears the Covid-19 situation might throw a spanner in the works. my mancave is up and running and I could’t wait to test it. So here is the Halifax with a coat of interior green. i am very pleased and I do not have to clear the dining tabel anymore. yeeey Cees
  5. That turned out very nice, I like the rolled up rope beneath it for detail.
  6. Great model Tom, Just the other day I was watching some footage on Youtube regarding the classic Airfix 1:24 kits. Amazing what they achieved at the time. Cees
  7. I have had some experience with rusted exhausts During recoveries when they have been underground for over 70 years but when cleaned up they are as good as new (but the warranty had expired). Cheers Cees
  8. Fantastic work Peter and thank heavens you are not perfect but perfectly human.
  9. Thanks but I won't clog up this topic with other projects mind you. I suspect some progress on the Halifax soon. Neil is pulling some new canopies so that will be a great help. Cees
  10. Here it is. It's the old Hasegawa tool but a better option than the Revell Mk II. I couldn't leave it alone though and removed the radiator bath and replaced that with a Revell one. Also increased the depth of the radiator bay as it should as the Hasegawa bay is too shallow.
  11. Sorry hear that Dale. Words can be so useless in these cases, but I wish you the very best with your challenge. Keep building models to keep your mind off things, only if just for a little while. Cheers Cees
  12. Thanks chaps, No progress the past few weeks to report. The IPMS SIG has a Malta project on the go and and I am currently working on a 1/32 Hasegawa Spit VB with big ugly Vokes filter under it's nose. Having recently bought a house and selling the current one doesn't do much for modelling as well with the decorating and move on the cards end of March. But the good news is that hopefully soon I have a fully dedicated mancave where I can airbrush more easily than at the dinner table. So bear with me. And @ Neil, finish the damn thing will ya!
  13. In that case you should be able to point out the "inaccuracy"? If it is just a feeling, ignore it then, perhaps it's based on earlier reviews. When the Hasegawa kit was first released the spinner was the weak point. If they have retooled it with the F, then what's the problem? And there is always the aftermarket.
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