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  1. thanks Old Dog. You are absolutely correct but in 1/48 it's the only game in town and I know what to expect. anyone? Cees
  2. Exterior shape is quite good. the moulding is terrible as the plastic has a habit of shedding slivers when sanding. not to mention the almost opaque vacform transparencies. the interior is a bit of a fantasy. Cees
  3. The Halton kit is also an option in case anyone has one kicking around as a doorstop. Kind regards, Cees
  4. Jeroen, may I suggest you start training plastic termites to copy the decay on that Horten?
  5. I know that one too. Also applicable when you use Dutch public transport. All masochists unite! Cees
  6. There are so many variations on the instrument colours, sometimes they were repainted as well. During wartime the groundcrew would take whatever was available even if not to specs. There was a war on. I would suggest you look at the generic ones you see in pics. Cees
  7. Very nice work, never knew the Canadian post war lancs had their own style of turretness.
  8. To all masochists, Anyone got a Halifax III kit they want to get rid of? Please let me know. Kind regards, Cees
  9. The doors are doubleskinned so apart from rivetlines there is no detail.
  10. I understand, you are not used to small balls. New balls please! Very nice set up. Cees
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