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  1. Nice, that strange shape on the stabilizer centre is a leather cushion or other material padding to protect the rear gunners nether extemities while crawling over it. Underneath are bolts and other protruding nasties. Cees
  2. That would make one beautiful model.
  3. Wingco57

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope 3rd"

    Glad I can see the pics again. You attention to detail is astounding as well as you honesty when you f..oul up. It is a pleasure to read your updates and we all learn from it. But few can match, let alone surpass it. But we can dream can't we? Cees
  4. Wingco57

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Beam approach aerial.
  5. Wingco57

    Your Best Build

    Nice to see your fantastic builds, here's my modest P-40E in Dutch NEI colours. Cees
  6. Wingco57

    Lavochkin 7

    Wonderful model, beautiful.
  7. Wingco57

    AMS Resin 1/18 Harrier Wheels

    So there seems to be a market for it. Despite all the cries that it is toylike. Cees
  8. Wingco57

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope 3rd"

    No, can't see them too, neither on LSP. Getting withdrawal symptoms. Cees
  9. Wingco57

    1/24 Airfix Scale Mosquito build

    I add those frames last and because the paint doesn't adhere very well make it looks weathered. I did it on my 1/32 Beaufighter/ Cees
  10. Wingco57

    More B-24J pics, a lot more detail

    Here's one. There are umpteenth variations of the nose turret installation, fairings etc. The first nose turret installations were fieldmods where a Consolidated A6 tailturret was fitted in the nose. Due to the success the manufacturer developed a similar installation, but so did Ford at Willow Run as well as various ad hoc fieldmods. Mushroom Publications has released a book on the many differences regarding the B-24. Cees
  11. Wingco57

    1/24 Airfix Scale Mosquito build

    What a clever idea. Aluminium tape has many uses. Also very handy doing canopy frames.
  12. Wingco57

    More B-24J pics, a lot more detail

    Chaps, What I see here is a rather crudely assembled model. We don't know if this is the definitive kit yet. Some observations have been made about the wing etc. But until testshots or the kit itself is released let's keep the negative remarks at bay if you please. Besides, has anyone of you actually seen an Emerson nose turret before? Cees
  13. Wingco57

    F6C attempt.

    All we need is love And...plenty of filler. Cees
  14. Wingco57

    Telford 2018

    Well, it keeps you off the streets for the time being, so you cannot do any mischief Cees
  15. Compared to the standard Ju-88 this looks like a lovechild between a praying mantis and Mr Revell's housekeeper What a wonderful build Wouter. I thought the Me-410 was fantastic but this one easily surpasses it. Cees