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  1. A little disaster struck in the final lap. Upon removing the canopy masks, a lot of residu was present. Most of it could be removed but some sticks irremovably. Only one formationlight on the fin still to do and both FOD-guards. But I am fed up with Phantoms at the moment. So, 99,9% finished.
  2. Got some of the Kits World parts on the ejection seats (not worth showing) and the canopies fitted. Nearly there apart from scratchbuilding some auxiliary doors and the nosewheel scissor links. Hope to finish this before the year is out. Already thinking of the next project.😌
  3. Help! I got the Kits World 1/32 ejection seat detailset, this is 3d based. But there are no instructions where to place the parts. Cannot find instructions on the web, not on their site. First time (not even that) user and not amused so far. Thanks Cees
  4. Lazy gits😌, I use a large nail and stir until it hurts and then some. Cleans very well.
  5. The decals worked fine with little breakage. Forgot to post the pics. Sooorrry.
  6. Painting has been finished for now. A few coats of clear floorwax have been applied. Next the decals. Can't wait.
  7. Not just yet Tom.πŸ˜„. First the details such as the shiny bits of the slats mechanism (steel?). I sprayed them aluminium to kill off the shine. Also painted the red edges of the control surfaces. Really hate red, no matter how well you mask, it always seeps under the tape. Oh well. But soon a coat of varnish and then Tom's decals.
  8. Yes I have. Thanks to a very generous friend.πŸ˜ƒ The dark grey/black panels have been sprayed. Difficult to determine the correct dimensions due to conflicting references.
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