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  1. Very nice Jeroen, The original bit of V2 really tops it off. Cees
  2. Some progress. Cutting up the Airscale Lancaster pe parts. Just remove what's Lancaster. Sorry Peter. Also been doing some further work in the portside fitting piping. And the twin controlwheels. Cees
  3. Well fairings usually were screwed to the fuselage and the thickness of the metal made it stand a bit proud of the surface. Cees
  4. I have news for you. It certainly is beginning to look like a very nice Beau. Cees
  5. Very nice review James. Graham told me that there are no surviving drawing of the Attacker and he measured the last remaining one at Yeovilton. Also there have been some reports on the net that the intakes are wider than the rear fuselage that fits onto them. I read in the instructions that it was because the intake rims are more bulbous. Will have to check first. Cees
  6. Just to be sure, the horizontal frame at the rear of the canopy is on the inside, the outside is smooth and the raised lines should be scraped away. The only thing you see from the outside are the boltheads. We have mentioned this several times to Neil but to no avail. Cees
  7. Thanks very much Check, this is what I was looking for. Cees
  8. Tubeway Army? I like the way you want to represent the cannon tubes. I did it the easy way and drilled them out and capping the inside with tubing slit horizontally to avoid the see through look. Great work. Cees
  9. Back on the chaindrill gang Jim? Looks to be a nice conversion. Cees
  10. Time for an update. I thought I messed it up as I had to correct the previous sawcuts. But when I widend the gap it made sense. The triangular wedges have been glued in and the deeper FGR2 rear fuselage profile begins to emerge. The insides will be reinforced with Miliput as the seams are fragile. Looks like I got it. I'm happy. Cees
  11. That tailwheelcompartment looks like the dog's danglies. But how on earth will you be painting this? The point and spray technique? Cees
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