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  1. Trumpeter 1/32 A1-J Skyraider

    Nice and durrty, perhaps not dirty enough? Cheers Cees
  2. FAA Corsair II

    Nice one Barry, I really like the FAA Corsairs. Very nice that the Tamiya wingtips are solid so they can be clipped. Simple and easy. Cheers Cees
  3. Big As MAZ

    Blooming PB. Just post your pics via LSM, so we can all enjoy the rest of this fantastic thread. Cheers Cees
  4. Saw it at Telford and it's even bigger than I had imagined. But it looks fantastic. Cees

    I had the same problem on my Tamiya Spit and had to use some aftermarket ones which worked well. Personally I think that Tamiya's decals are the weak part of a fantastic package. But could also be a matter of personal preference. Cheers Cees
  6. Moving....

    Hi Mike, that's quite some distance to move, I moved house on Monday and the distance was only about 4 miles and it seemed like an eternity these past weeks for it to finish. And we're still unpacking boxes. Good luck. Cheers Cees
  7. Gloster Meteor Mk.III

    I like that very much, I am also interested in what you did to the outerwings. Very nice. Cheers Cees
  8. Hi Tom, Good to see you back on this one. That's a simple but very effective way of representing the rudders. That's what I like the most about scratchbuild projects such as these. How to solve problems and every modeller does it in a different way. Amazing how this Shack is shaping up. Props look very nice too. See you at Telford! Cheers Cees
  9. 1/32 Revell P-51D Mustang TEST SHOT

    Definitely want one. Thanks Jimbo.
  10. Very unusual and nice. Will this be a build here on LSM? Cheers Cees
  11. After adding some plastic strip to give more glueing surface I temporarily attached the tailsection to the fuselage with some tape. The fit is very good. I am in the middle of a housemove so no more progress for a week or possibly before Telford. But I am very pleased how this has turned out so far. Cheers Cees
  12. It is Gus, The extreme tail is now finished and looks good. With the laminated plastic there is a chance for gaps so a bit of mr surfacer will be applied to check. But I am very pleased about it. Next is the nose piece which housed the nosegunner. Cheers Cees
  13. A Must See Pair of Tempests built by Mila Hraban

    The Mk II is particularly nice. He doesn't seem to be suffering from Tempest burnout.
  14. Big As MAZ

    Fantastic, what more can I say......... Cheers Cees
  15. Airfix hawker typhoon Mk.1B 1/24

    Those RB radiator parts are fantastic, however check the fit of the rear part as on mine it didn't and had to leave it off. Better safe than sorry. Cheers Cees