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  1. It should with all those windows. Some more progress, I managed to make something that resembles the distinctive throttlebox. Those levers nearly made me crosseyed. But I am pleased with the result, pheww. All I need to do is the pilot’s instrument panel.
  2. I very much like the full size birds such as Ki-61 Tony, A6M.. Zero etc. and closely follow what is going on regarding recoveries and restorations. But just not in miniature. Same with German ones. Can't set myself to building them, I find them boring to do. I know, must be a psychological thing. Cees
  3. Some more progress, The cockpit progresses nicely and is mostly finished. I was planning on scratchbuilding a pilot seat but life is too short so I used the kitpart. The engineers folding seats are fitted. A friend gave me some guitar string which made the heating tubes in the starboard side. Very pleased about that. oh and never mind the very long legs the pilot of this Hally has to have. Things still to do are the throttle box and pilot’s instrument panel. Something I have been dreading for a long time. Cheers Cees
  4. The Dutch Tiger looks tempting.
  5. Some more cockpit detailing, although the basics are similar to the Halifax the rest is artistic license.
  6. It had a lot of power in the later versions but when they put on the taps, no beer..... been dabbling with some lead wire, a first for me but works a treat. A bit like the original but not too much. Must listen more to Neil and not get too focused on details. Also found a Tamiya beaufighter control column in the sparesbox. Would fit great in the Halifax.
  7. Some more work in the new year. The area next to the pilot is taking shape with the undercart and bombdoor fairing, which needs the levers,and the elevator trimwheel housing. The interior really begins to look like a Halifax.
  8. Thanks Mylord My last update for 2019. Made the basic folding seats for the flight engineer, these need some tubular frame details yet to add.
  9. Sooo,....you throw away the kit and scratchbuild a new one? I always liked the Hawker biplanes. They used to be quite rare but after they found more than a dozen wrecks in a scrapyard in Afghanistan the population is healthy. Cees
  10. Hi Neil, The bombardier section walls were black as was the facing side of frame 5. However the floor was green. Some glacier progress. Spent an hour filing the top arch for frame 7 as the very fragile starboard section kept breaking off. It should be stable now ( I hope). Here’s a comparison photo of my 1:1 cockpit ( now at East Kirkby).
  11. Some petite progress.... Made the oxygen box and lid which fits behind the pilot’s bulkhead. This also serves as a step for the navigator to use the bubble sextant. I also made the rail on which the two folding seats for the navigator will be fitted. In order to fit this I had to cut away part of the starboard stay of frame 7 otherwise it could not be fitted.
  12. The masochism continues.... I made the WOP and navigator tables and almost finished the engine control box behind the pilot’s bulkhead.
  13. They did(!?) First there was the bubble top and later the cardoor version. Or do I miss something here?
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