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  1. I do. Glued the control surfaces together. They are not well formed on the sheet and a bit wobbly. Haven t decided yet if I keep them or make new parts. We will see about that later after I have cleaned them up.
  2. Cleaned up, the parts look good. Next the elevators and rudder.
  3. Wow, didn't have any motivation to do some modelling. But I taped the enlarged drawings together just now. And with some modelling events on the cards things may improve.
  4. Tom, the progress on the Sunderland is simply fantastic. The sheer bulk if the type is evident. Regarding engines wouldn’t it be easier to use aftermarket US singlerow radials? Engines ‘n Things perhaps? Then you can use the Hercules on your Stirling (hint). Cheers Cees
  5. Morning all, Time flies I see. I haven’t been doing much modelling the past weeks. Enjoying my holiday before I start my new job on monday. Didn’t have much motivation but that is about to change. I do have good drawings now for the Stirling so that will make things easier. Recently visited the museum at Deelen where you can see a complete Stirling pilot seat and a big section of fuselage, that certainly will make the creative juices flowing. Cheers Cees
  6. Great progress you have made Tom. I have the same transparency to use on the Manchester. Will you keep the framing as moulded or will you alter these?
  7. Great progress Nick. The P-40 used the Curtiss Electric prop, but don’t tell
  8. The base looks great Jeroen. Especially when sprayed RLM66.
  9. Progress is slow but sure. the radiator faces gave been completed ready for the wing to be assembled.
  10. A bit later than planned but the basic interior green and black coats have been sprayed. The scene being looked on by a piece of self canvas torture.
  11. Ok then, some more sticky work. The plan is to get the airbrush fired up this coming weekend.
  12. The pile of items soon to be airbrushed interior green keeps growing. The seat is nicely detailed and in the nacelles even some of the Peregrine engines can be seen. The spent cartridge container and guncamera housing are testfitted. The tailwheel mounting fits nicely too.
  13. It is good so far but the instructions are rather vague as how certain parts need to be fitted with respect to each other. But hey, that’s modelling isn’t it? Some work being done in the cockpit. Detail is quite nice.
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