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  1. Getting the Aerocraft canopies ready by fitting the 3d printed bridge pieces on the inside.. Very fiddly but necessary for strength. Dryfitted they look good.
  2. Hi Martin, you are correct of course, but I used parts from both kits as I felt like. The Revell slits are a bit longer I think, but that kit had later missiles. Due to the join at the front between the Tamiya and Revell parts, the Tamiya Sparrow fins would foul the Splitter plates and I had to shorten the missile bodies. A real mix up of two kits. A genuine Frankentoom. But don’t tell anybody.🤥 Cheers Cees
  3. Actually an FGR-2😉 Fitted the antennae on both sides of the fin. The to-do list is getting shorter by the day.
  4. The Aerocraft clear resin windscreen is a drop-fit. The white is Kristal Kleer glue that dries up ... clear. According to the instructions that is. Also the Sidewinders were finally fitted. Slowly but surely getting there. But the cockpit still needs a lot of detailpainting.
  5. Some more progress. The underwing fueltanks have been finished and fitted. The ventral doors refitted and anything that had come adrift due to the repeated handling of the model. This also caused the starboard stabilizer to break off. But a metal rod soon fixed that.
  6. Question, does anyone have information on the red diagonal stripes radiating from the yellow walkway? Can’t seem to find useful references.
  7. Some more progress. The rear shows sign of reheat soot. The sidewinder pylons and Sparrows have been fitted now. The outer fueltanks have been sludged over prior to cleaning up and fitting. a very enjoyable stage of this long enduring build.
  8. Thanks Peter, Next, a wash. I am always amazed how such a simple technique can transform a model.
  9. middle canopy section fitted, windscreen just dryfitted. And adding more decals. This time the Sparrows take their turn. These are little Models by themselves with all the black and yellow striping. I decided not to mask them off but use strips of decal instead. Sidewinders next.
  10. The sidewinder pylons have been temporarily fitted with some plastic rod. The HUD display is also done. Front and middle transparencies have been masked and the ejection seats and Vulcan cannon prepared for airbrushing.
  11. Not the first time Tamiya and Revell match very well. I always thought Red Baron had a Griffon up front.
  12. Preparing the aftermarket resin ejection seats. Much better than the kit ones.
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