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  1. Decals are on.....all of them!! Took me forever. Now I will try to finish this one before the summer is over. Rick
  2. As good as it gets, I won't be doing more because I fear I might ruin the decal. Without the micro it looks ok. Tail done. Rick
  3. After taking a deep breath time to decal!! I have tried some on a spare piece but that was not very convincing but I figured I would have a go at it. I think everything went quite well except the roundel wich is giving me hard times, don't know how to fix that. I took me all day to do one side, that makes me wonder did they fly these planes or read them? Rick.
  4. Hi all, Spent the sunday patching up. Removing decals does ruin the paint. The only problem is that I mix paint just on the eye, so I will never get the same colour I am afraid. So I decided to repaint panels, I figured that in real life damaged panels were replaced or repainted and that those colours would be off also. It is a warplane not a piece of art right? ( at least in real life...) I also painted the pointy things that stuck out of the inlet ( no idea how you call those ) and painted the light panels, I messed those decals up too. I like paint better. And I glued the nose on, just to get my fair share of glue. Could not resist. I got a new set decals from Dutch Decals, again great service!! So decal time. Rick
  5. Decals.....you love them you hate them. After putting the model in Future to make it shining I figured it was time to put the decals on. I had purchased a nice set and I was gonna use Mr Mark setter and softer to make sure that the result would be good. Well, I thought. The first decal went to pieces before I even touched it. I saved them in an envelope and dry and they are a year and a half old, should not be a problem right? Try again. Number two seemed good at first glance but when dried it also was cracked..... This was a kit decal. After drying there was a airbubble. So I punctured that with a needle and applied some more softer. With this result somehow everything melted and the colours went "strange" ......also the softing fluid affects the future so not really happy right now. I just hate decals. Wat is the best way of removing them off the model without ruin the paintjob. And more important what am I doing wrong???? Rick
  6. Hi all, With a long weekend and alone in the house finally plenty of bench time. First some preshading, I just like doing this, and after that it was time to put colours on it. I made a mistake by using the wrong colour gray but I could correct this. After a couple of hours it starts to look like a Starfighter. Like the looks of this one. Let me know what you think of it. Rick
  7. Getting close to paint. It is a nice build. The kit goes together very well, no problems except my own mistakes. I like the way it looks. Rick
  8. Hi all, Made some progress on the 104, finished the cockpit. Thanks to the freezeing weather not much work so bench time available!! Was a lot more work than I thought it would be, The dials are from Airscale because I did not like the decal provided in the box, the rest is what Italeri put in the box. When I was in the airforce I sat in them and I remember a lot of buttons which I dare not touch, hope this gives the impression of a buzzy place. Hope you like it and commends are welcome.
  9. Time for something new. When Italeri came with the 1/32nd scale I just had to have it. I got the decalset from Dutch Decal to make the D8063, a plane I must have seen when I was based at Volkel back in 1982. The pictures I found on the net are from 312 Sqdn, but the decals say it is in 311 Sqdn, got to figure that one out yet. It is out of my comfort zone, usually I build WW2, but it looks like fun. Made a small start with the cockpit, progress will be slow as usual. Rick
  10. Hi Rob, As you guessed they are maskings home made. Always try too mask as much as possible, decals never do what I want them to do so by masking I avoid trouble. Rick
  11. After quite some time finished something. In between starting my own busseniss and regular life I finished the Trumpeteer SB2 kit. Inspiration came from the Life pictures I found on the net. Hope you like it, I am quite happy the way it turned oud. Feel free to commend Rick
  12. Well, I have finally finished this one. I know that the Trumpeteer P51Bis not the greatest model in the world, and the wings are from a D but I did not bother about that. It took quite a while to get the look I wanted and maybe the weathering is a little over the top but I wanted to give the impression that this was a battered plane. I took the liberty of masking the top invasion stripes. By the time this aircraft was destroyed in an taxi accident at Debden in the beginning of July they should be gone. The dog and shirt seemed like a nice touch to honour the last of the screwball aces. Hope you like it Rick.
  13. Hi Cees, I used CA, lots of it..... Rick
  14. Well to add just another 109 to the list. Here is my attempt for a G14. The kit is from 21st century Toys and the plastic is weird, does not stay together with regular glue so the thing fell apart quite a few times. Did not use the pilot, although it is a beauty, maybe in another kit. Added some bits but for the rest OOB. There is dust inside the canopy but I did not have the nerv to remove it so with dust. Rick.
  15. Well I am still in the game, but there is not much interesting to say about sanding I am afraid. I did manage to finish tghe sidekick, here is a teaser. Rick