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  1. I have an ancients Mission Models Etchmate 3C, I agree with Hubert the new generation are metal so can be a little more precise. I’m happy with the 3C and a tool box full of straight pliers for all of the other tiny or complex bend jobs......
  2. Never seen this ZM Nick built up, are you going to do a WIP........
  3. Thanks Martin, decalling now, so bungling along..........
  4. Thanks Carl, luckily there are some spare rounders on the sheet, this build has fought me all the way.......
  5. So now being the proud owner of a H&S Ultra, can now get back to finishing the Tempest. Sprayed the walkways and then forgot the flash by the tail. post script ...... love the H&S but in removing the tape nicked the tail flash and ripped a hole in it....... .......if I patched it with a cutout from a red roundel, would it look like battle damage ......straws and grasping???????
  6. According to the “old man” Mr ZM at Telford last November, the 51 is close.
  7. I reckon I have enough to keep me going just in 32nd I’ve the Tamiya Mossie and two ZM P51’s...........also being 60 and the retirement fund going south with the markets, I’m going to have to agree with Martin........
  8. Ernie, this looks great, I like their adage not to over do the PE, looking forward to seeing more.....
  9. I know, my usual commute plus work is 14 hours, so no modelling in the week, now do my 8 hours and trundle over to the bench for 2 hours a day........if it was under different circumstances I’d say result........stay safe guys.....
  10. Wow, that would be cool John, the same reason I bought the ZM boxing of the Mustang K with English markings and also wanted to do a ZM kit
  11. Brad, if it’s your first, that’s damn good, congratulations........
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