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  1. How do accidentally pick up a humongous slab of plastic…….it just fell into my pocket……..😬
  2. Thanks Carl…I never knew this, the prices are amazing compared with other UK retailers….also I never gave them a thought due importing but with UK warehouse, a win…..
  3. I think 48th for any and all hairdryers is plenty big enough. I must admit this is my first Kinetic kit and I’m suitably impressed…….I keep biding for their 104 on evil bay, I’ve missed 6 now…….
  4. Stunning Gus congratulations. I haven’t dived into resin yet, not sure if I’ll be ready ever…..
  5. Rob, you must have luck on your side at the moment, buy a lotto ticket……..great catch on the MFH, a modicum outside of my budget…….you are right about the decals on WnW, the Camel decals just disintegrated on me and the Camel has been on the SOD ever since…….
  6. Enjoying this, not sure where the props go though……..
  7. Glad the family are ok, that must have been terrifying………
  8. Rob, this kit looks amazing and with your skill level it’s going to be stunning. With white metal you will need a variable temperature iron and low temperature solder. I have done a bit of whitemetal locomotives and these tools are essential. Looking forward to the next update……
  9. Me thinks you are a little excited about this one Scott. How is the cunning plan going on how to sneak it past SWMBO……..smoke and mirrors……
  10. No problem Jeff, always good to have a back story. Couple of observations on Kinetic, the part alignment and fit are very good but instructions not the worst I’ve seen but dry fit a few times. The mould release agent they used needs to be soaked off before you begin. The size of the F18 amazes me, the fuselage in 1/48 is as long as the Mosquito in 1/32………
  11. Used this one only yesterday……
  12. Chris, use primarily Vallejo so my go to is warm water followed by a flush with deionised water and then a spot of Vallejo cleaner. I strip my brush down every time I clean and also use AutoSol to clean the needle. Never had a problem with contamination even when going between AK, Xtracolour or Tamiya.
  13. Build thread please, dear boy………..
  14. Never see deals like that over here………..if there has been any, I’ve never seen them….
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