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  1. Would well recommend the experience. Have a look at Rob’s F4 build…..
  2. Not sure if everyone saw this, more ZM……. https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/products/sws18_bf109G-14_hartmann.html
  3. Thanks Peter, the AK range came as a bundle which worked out a lot cheaper than Tamiya. The extra thin and the extra thin quick are very similar to Tamiya. It’s the standard which I found to be good. It has a large brush and is, I describe as glutinous but not thick. Also it doesn’t really drip, ideal for wings as you need time and adhesion……..
  4. Very nice indeed, have you any close pics of the cockpit it looks great, keep looking at the A26…….
  5. So with having to go back to work and niggling the last bits on the Ju88, haven’t had a lot of time but small update…… I bought some AK Cement Standard, Extra Thin and Extra Thin Quick. The standard is excellent, has the viscosity of nail varnish ( watch your other half next time) with no drip. For wings and fuselages it’s going to be my go to…….
  6. One for 1/35 Me 109 builder / AFV / figures ……. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2022/01/preview-franz-stigler-company-wwii.html
  7. This is going to be good, did you buy a pallet of P51’s …….
  8. Jeroen, absolutely stunning build as ever. Which wash manufacturer do you use?………
  9. Thanks Fran for a great and well presented review. Would love to say yes on this but the frigging rigging is my nemesis, never say never…….
  10. This one slipped past me, beautiful finish, love the marbling. The Corsair was my first 32nd build and still resides on the SOD. I really messed it up, one day I’ll haul its ass out. Looking forward to the next 14 builds……..
  11. Amazing finish on the 51, you could have a stable of WWII racers on the shelves, Bearcat etc etc…..great to see another perfect subject…..
  12. Rob , absolutely stunning cockpit, agreed with the ZM belt omission, I know what you mean about masking, that’s where I completely screwed my F4 build up. Looking forward for the paint to stat flying…..
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