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  1. Didn’t like to ask how it went but here you are. Does it take that long to get an appointment with the neurologist, that’s pants...... so Bev will be tucking you nice and early every evening. Get her her to read all our stupid comments here and you’ll soon be asleep......got your six buddy.......
  2. They look stunning, for a diorama wow, I want.........
  3. Misha, welcome to LSM, dive right on in LSM is the laid back corner of the modelling forums......
  4. Peter, there has been a gaping big “PETER” hole here at LSM, we missed you buddy. Glad you’re back and the mojo is starting to fire again. Man I’m looking forward to your Tiffy. Like Jeff and yourself, family & life have been been taking up time. There’s been lots going on so when you’re caught up we will be ready to see your first build pics........
  5. You’ve worn me out just looking........sublime Mike
  6. John, you don’t hang around. Really looking forward to the build, never personally built one but never say never in your words. Hope it isn’t the SH pita brand of torture.......
  7. The base landscape is very realistic, are the materials from railway modelling sources?
  8. I’m with Gaz on this one, having grown up with Star Wars etc etc and not being a fan of Sci-fi in any format the Ewoks and the Death Star just pushes the space time continuum we’ll past amplifier setting number 11............
  9. Beautiful Mike, are you taking these works of art to Telford? You ought to.
  10. Stupendous weathering, wow......congrats.....
  11. Gaz, looking forward to this build, I’ve still got my WnW Camel in the stash so going follow carefully for any tips....
  12. I always mix the road wheels up, you’re correct that it was a case of whatever fitted at the time. You could also have open type to if you have them in the spares.....the bolts look good as well..........got a feeling they also suggest adding bolts onto the housings?.......
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