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  1. Thanks Peter much appreciated, hopefully if the whole Mustang looks as good as the flaps, I’ll be very happy. Haven’t chosen the decals yet....I think the trick on a ZM is test fit and test fit and follow there instructions........looking forward to the Owl....
  2. Thanks Gaz, the AK makes them sing......I did drill the towing eyes out and opened the suspension strut and a couple of other items.....l
  3. Thanks Rob, a very good idea , will Tamiya masking do the same job? As far as the Extreme cleaner, wow it really cleans everything. What I also like about the AK Extreme I didn’t have one issue with tip drying and was also doing some of the P38 at the session....
  4. I am impressed with how fine they go down. Some metallics look out of scale but the AK to my eye look good..
  5. Thanks Kai, really impressed with AK. Well recommend the black basing as well. They are a little bit smelly, been using Vallejo for so long.
  6. Resupply all items safely delivered including another AK Extreme Matt Aluminium. Just tried out the Matt aluminium and its stunning. Black based as suggests and then laid on the aluminium. See for yourself below...... The cowls are blue tacked on, this is my cunning plan to spray and decal the whole model and then expose the engine and have the completed cowls propped up somewhere. The leading edge is literally pushed on, no glue or anything, it will be fixed........so next will be clean everything and black base and then use a number of the AK Extreme metals so adding differences in the NMF..
  7. Rob, hells teeth man, this is absolutely bleeding stunning..........words cannot sufficiently describe how good this is.......congrats.......
  8. Bizarrely I sometimes spend more time organising and tidying the bench than modelling........but it feels so much better when I am modelling though....
  9. Thanks Peter, I did contact Fran and mentioned about moving this up the menu as well. There seems to be a trend, be cost or space about twins being done in 48th.
  10. Resupply of everyday basics.......usually wait for Telford but who knows if that’s going to happen.......also I did have work last month so a little spare in the kitty.....
  11. Thanks Peter, I was getting a little lonely down here......my plan is to still keep certain items from the Eduard boxing for the Tamiya built like the resin wheels and PE u/c elements. The rest of the Brassin will go on to the Academy kit. Having now a much needed resupply of cleaners, thinners etc, I can in parallel carry on with the ZM. The main reason for doing the Eduard was the ZM was such a breeze, I wanted to stretch myself again........only time will tell......a couple of pics of opening things up and adding PE....
  12. Thank you Jeff, it is a very sad day that an icon, institution, however you want to describe the Duke of Edinburgh in his passing. His unflinching loyalty to his wife and his country is IMHO legendary........RIP kind Sir..........
  13. John, how the #### did I miss this build, it just passed me by.........anyway only ever built one Spit in my life.... and that was to many years ago to remember......following this one carefully because I hear good things about Mr T’s Spits......
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