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  1. sandbagger

    Barker's Camel B6313 - 1:32 scale

    Hi all, The wing struts and the cabane struts have been pre-rigged and left 'slack'. They'll be finally tightened and secured once the upper wing is fitted. As with the undercarriage bracing, the end fittings are 0.4 mm nickel-silver tube with 0.5 mm aluminium nuts, although it's difficult to make them out in the shots.. Now it's on to pre-rigging the wing and flight controls!! Mike
  2. sandbagger

    Barker's Camel B6313 - 1:32 scale

    Hi all, The undercarriage is now braced. Although you can't see it very well in the shot, there is a turnbuckle bracing line routed across the front of the axle fairing. The end fittings are 0.4 mm nickel-silver tube with 0.5 mm aluminium nuts. All that's left is to create the 'bungee' suspension and the undercarriage is done. Then it's on to rigging the aircraft. Mike
  3. sandbagger

    Barker's Camel B6313 - 1:32 scale

    Hi all, Just a few more showing weathering. For those who are wondering what the four black things under the fuselage are and the 'ears' sticking out of the engine carburetor intake: This aircraft was photographed with under fuselage attachment brackets for a 'Cooper' bomb rack' However no photographs I could find show the actual rack as being fitted. Sopwith Camels serving in the Italian theater had a field service mod carried out to fit 'funnels' to the carburetor air intake tubes, to increase airflow to the engine as they operated at higher altitudes than on the Western Front. Barker's B6313 had both fitted, Mike
  4. sandbagger

    Barker's Camel B6313 - 1:32 scale

    Hi all, The model is progressing now. The 'Aviattic' linen effect decals have had the kit decals added, plus decal black/white stripes. After sealing it's all have a 'Flory' Dark Dirt wash and 'Tamiya' weathering master highlights. The final weathering will be 'AK Interactive' oil/kerosene enamel for engine staining. Then it's on to pre-rigging and assembly, Mike
  5. sandbagger

    Barker's Camel B6313 - 1:32 scale

    Go on Phil - you know you want to
  6. sandbagger

    Barker's Camel B6313 - 1:32 scale

    Hi all, The linen effect decals for the CDL are on now. The photo is in strong light and doesn't really show the slight applied pre-shading very well. These and the PC12 decals are basic and will be weathered etc later in the build, Mike
  7. sandbagger

    Barker's Camel B6313 - 1:32 scale

    The linen effect decals for the PC12 are on now, Mike
  8. sandbagger

    Barker's Camel B6313 - 1:32 scale

    Hi all, It's been a few weeks since I posted for this build - been on vacation. Anyway the two figures are completed now - Barker himself and his mechanic (who will be working on the engine cowl). I'm currently cutting and applying the 'Aviattic' linen effect decals to the models (light PC12 and CDL) - a time consuming job as they are not cookie cut, so accurate paper templates need to be cut first then used to trace the outline onto the decals sheet. Mike
  9. sandbagger

    Barker's Camel B6313 - 1:32 scale

    Hi all, I've moved on a bit and now have the fuselage closed up, primed and pre-shaded ready for the 'Aviattic' linen effect decals. I've also got the two figures primed ready for painting - mechanic from Copper State Models, pilot from 'Blackdog Models', Mike
  10. sandbagger

    Barker's Camel B6313 - 1:32 scale

    Yes I'll be there. I have three models on the Great War SIG display in Hall 1, Mike
  11. sandbagger

    Barker's Camel B6313 - 1:32 scale

    Hi Phil, It's the WNW F1 Camel (Clerget engined). I have the ships Camel as well - the two are pretty much the same, although the cabane struts on the F1 are part of the cockpit side frames, whereas on the ships Camel, they need to be cut off as the struts are part of the fuselage halves. Also a single Vickers gun as it has the wing mounted Lewis gun. Mike
  12. Hi all, The model I'm currently working on is the Sopwith F1 ‘Camel’, Serial No.B6313 (later modified version), as flown by Major William G Barker, CO of No.139 Squadron, RAF, based at Villaverla, Italy during August 1918. So far the cockpit, engine and propeller are done. Mike
  13. sandbagger

    1:32 Hansa-Brandenburg W.29

    Thanks all. DocRob: The linen effect decals from 'Aviattic' are the way to go, but they are different in application to standard decals. The material of the decals is strong and flexible, but does need to be applied to smooth and preferably gloss surface, normally white or cream coloured (to show through the lined effect). Any dust or surface imperfections will result in 'silvering', which I've found more difficult to sort out on these decals. Also I've found that although you don't really need them, decals softeners have little effect - however the decals conform well enough without them. If necessary I use Tamiya X20A thinners instead for bedding down lifting edges etc. If you download my build log for the W.29, you'll find a section in there about decals, http://igavh2.xara.hosting/ Mike
  14. Hi all, I thought you might like to see my 15th 1:32 scale build - The German ‘Hansa-Brandenburg W.29’, a twin float, two seat naval patrol aircraft. This model represents the Hansa-Bradenburg W.29 (CM3G version), No.2512 as flown by Oberleutnant Friedrich Christian Christiansen of ’Seeflugstation 1’, Zeebrugge, Belgium during July 1918. The basic list of changes/additions to the model are: Engine: Exhaust pipes. Spark plugs. Cylinder fuel primers. Push rods. Valve springs. Rocker arms. Ignition lead support tubes. Ignition leads. Rear coolant pipe. Crankcase vents. Speed control gear. Fuel filter pipes. Modified or corrected: ‘GasPatch’ Spandau and Parabellum machine guns. Gun installations. Cockpit control cable pulleys. Cockpit control line routing. Cockpit flying control lines. Pilot’s control wheel. Throttle quadrant. Rigging points. Radiator top pipe. Tachometer drive cable. Animation of control surfaces Aftermarket additions: ‘Gaspatch’ 1:32 scale Parabellum 14/17 machine gun (15-32069). ‘Gaspatch’ 1:32 scale ‘Spandau’ 08/15 machine guns (15-320619). ‘Aviattic’ Bleached Clear Doped Linen (ATT32044). ‘Aviattic’ German Naval Hex (faded) (ATT32113). ‘HGW Models’ fabric seat belts (132562). ‘GasPatch’ Elite Accessories Turnbuckles. ‘Copper State Models’ 1:32 scale German Naval Crew (F32-034). ‘Copper State Models’ 1:32 scale German Naval Ground Crew (F32-037). ‘Coastal Kits’ 1:32 scale Abandoned Airfield Display Base (modified for 3D effect). As usual I've created a downloadable build log in Adobe PDF format, for those who might want to refer to it for reference or build details. It contains full step by step descriptions of the model build, its modifications/changes and is also supported with illustrations and photographs. If viewed in Adobe Reader, each build log has book marked chapters/headings for easier navigation through the log. My model website has the gallery page, so to view any model, go to the gallery and select it. If it has a PDF build log, it will be available to download using the 'PDF' icon on that models photo's page. For any photograph, just click the photo to enlarge or reduce the viewing size. http://igavh2.xara.hosting My next model will be the ‘Wingnut Wings’ Sopwith F1 Camel (modified version) of the Canadian ace William Barker. Mike
  15. sandbagger

    1:32 scale SPAD XIII C.1 of Frank Luke Jnr

    Thanks guys - it took a lot of modifying and corrections to the old Hobby Craft kit, but I think it looked OK in the end.