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  1. Error - double post

    Hi, Many thanks for the encouraging comments, Mike
  2. Error - double post

    Hi all, I deleted this as it's a double post.
  3. Hi all, I thought you might like to see my 13th build - Sopwith Pup, Serial No: A6156 “OS” of No.54 Squadron, RFC, based at Flez, France during April - May of 1917, as flown by Capt. Oliver M Stewart (5 victories). The model had some aftermarket addtions: 'Aviattic' PC10 and CDL linen decals. 'HGW Models' seat belts. 'Gaspatch' turnbuckles. 'RB Motion' aluminium nuts. 'Albion Alloys' micro-tube. 'Steelon' mono-filament. 'Polak' grass mat. As usual I've created a downloadable build log in Adobe PDF format, for those who might want to use it. I've revamped my website, so to view any model, go to the gallery and select it. If it has a PDF build log, it will be available to download from the 'Adobe' icon on the models photo's page (click the photo's to enlarge). http://igavh2.xara.hosting/index.htm My next model is the Hobby Craft Spad XIII C.1 of, of course, Frank Luke Jnr, 27th Aero Squadron, 1st Pursuit Group, 1918.
  4. New WNW kits for 2018 and beyond

    Junkers D.1 - already announced at the Nuremburg show.
  5. Passing of Des Delatorre

    Hi all, I thought you might want to know that Des Delatorre, who ran the web site 'ww1aircraftmodels.com and his own forum, sadly past away today. Des was a great WW1 aircraft modeller, who not only built models OOB but also was a master of scratch building early aircraft. He was a really nice guy and will be sadly missed by the modelling community.
  6. Fokker E.V 1:32 scale

    Yes WW1 aircraft are my thing - after serving in the Royal Air Force for 27 years I'd had enough of the 'twin fan, two man, all aluminum pursuit ships'
  7. Fokker E.V 1:32 scale

    Many thanks for your encouraging comments. Someone spotted I'd fitted the propeller a bit too close to the engine cowl!! Easily fixed
  8. Hi all, I thought you might like to see my latest 1:32 scale model (my 12th), which is the Fokker E.V flown by Hans Goerth whilst serving with MJF III in 1918. The model is the fairly recent release from MicroMir and although updated by them, still leaves a lot of corrections and modifications by the modeller to bring the end result up to standard. During this build I replaced the kit supplied cockpit side frames, pilot seat support frame, pilot step, ground crew grab handles, undercarriage struts and wing support struts with scratch built versions, made from Brass micro-tube and solid rod. The wing support struts and the undercarriage struts were made with an aerofoil section and reinforced internally with solid brass rod. They were fitted to the model without using the ‘Pheon’ supplied jig that came as part of their decal set. The engine was replaced by the ‘Roden’ version and the two machine guns by ‘Gaspatch’ equivalents, whose turnbuckles were also used. The lozenge 'fabric' decals were from 'Aviattic'. The display base includes a figure from ‘Copper State Models'. The access panel wingnuts and Fokker style fasteners were from 'Taurus Models'. As usual I have compiled a comprehensive build log in Adobe PDF format. It includes step by step build details, supported by colour photographs and also covers the kit corrections and modifications as well some information on the pilot and aircraft. It can be viewed and/or downloaded from the linked Fokker E.V images here: http://igavh2.xara.hosting/index.htm My next model will be the Wingnut Wings Sopwith Pup (RFC version).
  9. 1:32 DFW T28 'Floh' (Flea)

    Here's a few shots now the model is in its display case.
  10. 1:32 DFW T28 'Floh' (Flea)

    Thanks Rob - That was exactly intention of using those two figures, sort of 'Really??' The colour scheme is slightly lighter on the wings than the fuselage, as I guessed on linen covered wings, the colour would look lighter than the same colour applied to the plywood covered fuselage. During testing the aircraft easily exceeded the speed of the current operational fighters, which was the intention. Unfortunately, as you can see, the pilot had virtually no downward vision, hence the undercarriage was trashed during a test flight, after which the 'inspectorate' showed no further interest in it.
  11. Hi all, Here's my latest 1:32 scale model, the 11th from my stash. It's the Planet Model DFW T28 'Floh' (Flea) and is my first resin kit build. I felt the need to correct or modify quite a lot during the build and it's all covered in the build log, along with a brief aircraft history. The build log can be viewed or downloaded from here: http://igavh2.xara.hosting/index.htm The basic colour scheme for this aircraft was very light and lacking in character. Although as a prototype only it wouldn't have flown much, I decided to 'weather' it up more like an operational aircraft. I also animated the flying control surfaces, again to 'liven' it up. There is very little data and only a few photo's of this aircraft, but one shows a civilian figure sat on the starboard lower wing and who could have been one of the two senior designers, so I adapted a figure from MiniArt and also added a mechanic from Model Kasten. The rigging is 0.12 mm mono-filament with GasPatch turnbuckles. I'm now working on the MicroMir Fokker E.V with Aviattic lozenge decals, Roden engine and Pheon decal markings.
  12. Hi all, It’s been awhile since I last posted a completed model, so here's my latest 1:32 scale model, the Roden kit of the Fokker DR.1 Triplane. A PDF downloadable build log can be accessed here: http://igavh2.xara.hosting/index.htm Manufacturer: Roden. Scale: 1/32 Type: Fokker DR.1 Triplane. Paints/Weathering: Tamiya (by brush and Airbrushed), Flory clay washes and AK weathering washes. Aftermarket: HGW seat belts, Master guns, figure from Black Dog models, ground cover from Scenic grass mats. Rigging: Gaspatch 1:48 scale turnbuckles and Albion Alloys micro nickel/silver tube, monofilament for the wires (Steelon 0.12 mm diameter). Scratch built: Various cockpit details/instruments, undercarriage bracing (Jasta 2 only). Display case and plaque made by on-line specialists.
  13. 1:32 Pfalz D.IIIa

    Hi all, My WNW Pfalz D.IIIa of Jasta 18, 1918 as flown by Hans Muller (12 victories). Third party bits were seat belts from HGW, guns, prop by Doug Craner, figures turnbuckles from Gaspatch.
  14. 1:32 SE5a

    Hi all, My WNW SE5a 'Hisso' of No.40 Squadron, RAF during early 1918, as flown by Capt. G.H. Lewis. Third party bits were seat belts from HGW, Vickers guns, prop by Doug Craner, figures by Kellerkind and turnbuckles from Gaspatch.
  15. Hi all, I thought you might like to see my Morane Saulnier Type 'N' of No.1 Squadron, RFC during March, 1916. The kit was from Special Hobbies with third part extra's of turnbuckles and Lewis Gun from Gaspatch, seat belts from HGW and figure by Model Design. The manufacturer's logo on each side of the engine cowl were made as the kit decals did not supply it. Photos below are of the actual aircraft - No.1 Squadron, RFC, as flown by 2/Lt R.P.Taylor on 9th March, 1916.