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  1. Royal New Zealand Air Force SBD-4 Dauntless

    I went very light on the aftermarket just the masks and rest was out of the box. This is my second 1/32 Trumpy Dauntless, the first one being built as a Banshee, see below. I am not aware of any changes between releases other than the parts needed for the version depicted. I would say just jump right in - this is an excellent kit with a Tamiya standard of fit. The painting instructions, as always with Trumpy, are a bit sparse, so I would just do some on-line research to beef up the interior painting. Built as per the instructions the kit would have the flaps (dive brakes) open but the photos of this particular aircraft showed them closed on the ground so I modified the kit to that as I was not convinced of the 'look' with them open as I depicted them in my first build. A pic of that Banshee below:
  2. Royal New Zealand Air Force SBD-4 Dauntless

    They are the kit ones. They needed a bit of work but turned out well.
  3. 25 Squadron Espiritu Santo Island Spring 1944
  4. FAA Corsair II

    These were MRP Paints, their MRP 114 Extra Dark Sea Grey and MRP 117 Dark Slate Grey topside with MRP 118 Sky bottom. http://mrpaint.sk/farby/lietadla/RAF
  5. B24 Liberator in 1/32 scale...

    Their 1/48 wqas an old Monogram kit if I remember right. I cannot see them re-tooling it specially when Hobbyboss bring one out. They are more likely to do a D017 before a B17 or B24...
  6. B24 Liberator in 1/32 scale...

    .... has been announced by Hobbyboss with two boxings. Cant wait... let’s hope they provide a wall mounting. Just have to find a wall big enough for that, the HKM Lanc and B17 and maybe at this rate a Halifax and Sunderland as well. We can hope.
  7. FAA Corsair II

    None.... I cemented to supplied wing tips into place and when properly dry I marked the cut with some tape to guide it and razor sawed the end off. I then placed a roughtly shaped piece of clear plastic into place for the wing tip light and sanded the whole tip into shape. I bit of scribing and all was done.... It is easy enough to do.
  8. FAA Corsair II

    Here are a few pics of my latest. Tamiya base kit with clipped wings and a few other modifications to make a FAA bird that operated on HMS Unicorn in 1944.
  9. Great job. I hope mine turns out half as good.
  10. Wingnut Wings SE.5a

    Beautiful build, so far I have only admired pictures of these and you have certainly done it justice. One day I will try a Wingnut Wings kit, the rigging looks a bit challenging to me but these kits are so good I will certainly take one on. I hope I get a result as good as yours.
  11. Revell's new 1/32nd scale Spitfire MkIXc

    Love your Spitty, I would recommend using paint masks instead for the major markings. They are a lot easier than decals and look so much better specially in this scale. There are plenty of options for them.
  12. Tamiya 1/32 P51D Mustang Passion Wagon

    I do agree with you but according to most sources this aircraft was painted in RAF colours so I used RAF DK/MSG. My other two Tammy Mustangs, one was a 112 Squadron RAF aircraft that was painted in OD/NG using the 'Firewall' camo pattern and the other was a NMF machine One quick pic of each.... As you can see I like interesting nose art...
  13. Thanks for adding me to this forum. This is my build just completed this evening. Tamiya 1/32 P51D Mustang Passion Wagon, using Kits World decals Apart from Eduard Steel Seatbelts and the decals this was OOB. My third and last Tamiya P51 build though I do have a Zukie Mura P51D in the stash to build at some point. Paints: MRP using H&S airbrush with .4 needle and Vallejo for brush painting details. AKI washes and pigments used. There are lots of photos of this aircraft on line but are mostly after D Day. My depiction is before D Day, before a tail fillet was retrospectively fitted and with just 6 kills. Sources are split on whether she had white ID stripes on the wings and I chose to depict her without. I hope you like her.