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  1. FAA Corsair II

    None.... I cemented to supplied wing tips into place and when properly dry I marked the cut with some tape to guide it and razor sawed the end off. I then placed a roughtly shaped piece of clear plastic into place for the wing tip light and sanded the whole tip into shape. I bit of scribing and all was done.... It is easy enough to do.
  2. FAA Corsair II

    Here are a few pics of my latest. Tamiya base kit with clipped wings and a few other modifications to make a FAA bird that operated on HMS Unicorn in 1944.
  3. Great job. I hope mine turns out half as good.
  4. Wingnut Wings SE.5a

    Beautiful build, so far I have only admired pictures of these and you have certainly done it justice. One day I will try a Wingnut Wings kit, the rigging looks a bit challenging to me but these kits are so good I will certainly take one on. I hope I get a result as good as yours.
  5. Revell's new 1/32nd scale Spitfire MkIXc

    Love your Spitty, I would recommend using paint masks instead for the major markings. They are a lot easier than decals and look so much better specially in this scale. There are plenty of options for them.
  6. Tamiya 1/32 P51D Mustang Passion Wagon

    I do agree with you but according to most sources this aircraft was painted in RAF colours so I used RAF DK/MSG. My other two Tammy Mustangs, one was a 112 Squadron RAF aircraft that was painted in OD/NG using the 'Firewall' camo pattern and the other was a NMF machine One quick pic of each.... As you can see I like interesting nose art...
  7. Thanks for adding me to this forum. This is my build just completed this evening. Tamiya 1/32 P51D Mustang Passion Wagon, using Kits World decals Apart from Eduard Steel Seatbelts and the decals this was OOB. My third and last Tamiya P51 build though I do have a Zukie Mura P51D in the stash to build at some point. Paints: MRP using H&S airbrush with .4 needle and Vallejo for brush painting details. AKI washes and pigments used. There are lots of photos of this aircraft on line but are mostly after D Day. My depiction is before D Day, before a tail fillet was retrospectively fitted and with just 6 kills. Sources are split on whether she had white ID stripes on the wings and I chose to depict her without. I hope you like her.