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  1. Paints used: MRP laquer, Vallejo MC for brush detail. AKI washes and pigment, Uschi Metal Powders. A great kit but not one for beginners.
  2. Thank you everyone - this is one great kit...
  3. In that case, the od Banshee, decals as it was before I tried masks, the RNAF aircraft masks.
  4. Great build, lovely finish. I think it would gain only from some swastikas on the tail.... I have one to start after my current Avenger build...
  5. Great job excellent paintwork. I have built three of these Tammy Spits. The first being the same aircraft as you also using the masks. I had the same problem with the engine panels. I managed a bit better with the second build but with the third the fit was perfect. So it is true when they say about these Tammy 1/32 warbirds that if something is not right it isnt the kit, it is something you have done.
  6. My latest - a nice quick build and my first ICM.... A very nice kit, recommended but it could do with a metal set of u/c legs as the kit ones are a bit flimsy.
  7. Thanks Rob. Yes, I have been debating that wing myself. As you identified I was trying to get some 'wear' not just chipping on the wing. It looks better on the model than the 'blown up' photo. Thanks for your input. Also, yes, I did use paint masks and I use them in most of my builds for the major markings. Much more effective than decals.
  8. I went very light on the aftermarket just the masks and rest was out of the box. This is my second 1/32 Trumpy Dauntless, the first one being built as a Banshee, see below. I am not aware of any changes between releases other than the parts needed for the version depicted. I would say just jump right in - this is an excellent kit with a Tamiya standard of fit. The painting instructions, as always with Trumpy, are a bit sparse, so I would just do some on-line research to beef up the interior painting. Built as per the instructions the kit would have the flaps (dive brakes) open but the photos of this particular aircraft showed them closed on the ground so I modified the kit to that as I was not convinced of the 'look' with them open as I depicted them in my first build. A pic of that Banshee below:
  9. They are the kit ones. They needed a bit of work but turned out well.
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