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  1. All the beautiful detail work aside, the most stunning aspect on your Berg is the perfectly blended overall look. Cheers Rob
  2. Handpainting? PE makes modelling uniform. Cheers Rob
  3. Unbelievable attention to detail. Your engine will look great, I'm sure. Cheers Rob
  4. Great stains and grime, a shame that it will show only on a mirror. Cheers Rob
  5. This kit looks awesome, and a little like a must have . Cheers Rob
  6. Looking good, but why weathering before decaling? If you put the decals on first, you can give them the fitting weathered appearance. Cheers Rob
  7. When I get my eyesight straight again with the help of some nice wine, I will tell you that this Pfalz is also my first WNW kit and yes the rigging part is daunting, but somehow it worked well with fishing line and Bobs Aluminum tubes and lots of patience and sharp tweezers. Bad hair day with my Pfalz
  8. Rigging time on my Pfalz build. I managed to do all the pre rigging on the upper wing using Bobs Alu tubes and 0,12 mm fishing line. The line is fiddled into the tube, then into the eyelet and again trough the tube. You need some tweezer force to push the line trough the tube for the second time. The benefit is, that adjusting and securing with CA is easy, the downside might be the rigging of the lower fuselage with less maneuvering space. Its an eye stressing work , but after three hours this step was done. The Spandau MG's where added, which featured Master barrels and some smaller brass parts. Cheers Rob
  9. Not anymore, since I made this wooden holder .
  10. Thanks Gaz, it seems to be a part of the wing with the places, where the wing spars were imprint into the cloth. Cheers Rob
  11. Thanks Gaz, that pic would be well appreciated. The historic photos are very hard to read, because among the normal interpretation problems, Silbergrau changes it's appearance more than other Colours, because of the slightly reflective nature of the coating. Your assumption, that it was painted dope, is what I read too. If that photo you mentioned is an actual one, it may help to interpret the right hue better. Cheers Rob
  12. Using filters means to apply a very diluted transparent Colour over the whole surface or parts of the kit, to gain a tonal balance. To achieve that you have to choose the right filter color. The Char 1b here is only airbrushed in the first picture and I didn't like the stark contrasts. Among other effects the second picture shows the Char after a treatment with a red brown filter and whoosh, everything blends together and I got a reasonable tonal balance. Cheers Rob
  13. You found a treasure in the midst of a pirates nest. It's a great story, that there are companies willing to do legal business after they went rogue and were talked out of it, by the initative of a forum. Very good to see these things happen. I would like to see you tackle this glider with a WIP and I believe this will be outstanding. The use of wood and silk paper will be a nice shift from plastic, though I believe it will be very fragile in 1/32. Seeing these laser cut parts, specially what seems to be the frame structure makes me look at my clumsy hands… I wish you luck with that project and it maybe gets me to continuing my wooden ship kit of the Cutter 'Le Renard'. Actually there is lots of fun working on wooden kits. Cheers Rob
  14. Some progress with the Pfalz. I added all the little things prior to the rigging. I will pre-rig the upper wing first, attach it to the struts and then connect the pre riggings with the lower wings eyelets and add turnbuckles. The typical Colour Silbergrau gave me some headaches while trying to mix. I tried different aluminum Colours from Alclad and AK and mixed them with Tamiya flat white. All these mixtures went lumpy, so I used the Tamiya white with Tamiya metallic gray and misted some matte aluminum from AK' Extreme Metals on. It's hard to capture on a photo, but I like the effect, as the elegant Pfalz looks even more speedy. Cheers Rob
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