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  1. Kabuki is the type of masking material, mostly yellow and somewhat paperesque. I think what you mean by Tamiya masking, is made of the very same material. Cheers Rob
  2. Hi Frank, I saw this kit some time ago on the HPH page. Too big for me, but after mastering the Cat, what can really hinder you? Cheers Rob
  3. That's a great result and what a difference to the state the boat was in at the beginning. You build and painted an eyecatcher, hard to photograph though, given the dimensions long and sleek. Cheers Rob
  4. Your engine looks brilliant Frank, time to build an opened up 109 around in a maintenance scene . The scale seems to be perfect for representing these ionic engines. Keep up your nice work. Cheers Rob
  5. Unbelivable, I admire your dedication with the bird. In the end it will be worth it, but my patience would have worn off by now. There are good kits out there and bad kits too, but this is a mixed breed, it's too bad for a big market company and insofar inexcusable . But you have gone so far with the Mirage, I'm absolutely sure, it will be a stunner. Cheers Rob
  6. This will be great Phil. Maybe it's a good idea to cut the masks for panels now, without paint on the fuselage and wings. Stick on some Kabuki tape and cut them carefully or use a fingernail or another fitting tool on the kabuki and cut it when removed from the plastic. Cheers rob
  7. I knew, I could keep your attention only thus far with the power suit, Gentlemen, it's all about Sashsa and that's exactly, why I paint her last. Got you . Cheers Rob
  8. Thanks Phil, I'm happy that you like the power suit thing. I'm thinking about, what to do with the second one. Maybe sunken in a lake, let's see. Cheers Rob
  9. Thanks Peter, this type of weathering can't be adopted to every object in any given scale, I fear, unless you will build a scrapyard dio, or something similar. It fits for the 1/20 scale and for the organic formed Ammoknight. Cheers Rob
  10. It's always hard to judge from pics, but I like the slush effect on the wheels. On the body, I would add some earth pigments or even fine sand into the wet stuff, to break it up visually. Cheers Rob
  11. I use the same method like you Kai, but a little more refined, with the help of a relatively exact kitchen scale. Cheers Rob
  12. Thanks Gaz, but building was a breeze here, it's all about painting and weathering at the same time . If I can create the illusion of metallic heaviness for you, it makes me quite happy, mission accomplished . CheersRob
  13. Thanks Kpnuts, I appended the intro of the building thread again as an explanation. Cheers Rob Copy of intro: Welcome to the future, a knight, maybe it's history, noooo, its sci-fi. These Ammoknights are a sidekick to the Maschinenkrieger or Ma.K or ZbV 3000 universe and I spare you the banal story behind, because it's irrelevant for the project I have no idea, if there is any interest in a WIP of that kind. First of all it's not about building, because all building was done in a day and was a very simple affair. The fit of the kit parts is very good and to make paintin
  14. Thank you Amigos, this experiment, will lead to others, as everything works to plan, but now, I can avoid figure painting anymore and that's another beast. Cheers Rob
  15. Thanks Kai, I'm blushing . It's relatively easy to score beside the trotten pathes, where nobody can argue about your shade of RLM66. One of my motors in modelling is replicate what I imagine and with these type of kits, I can develop my own techniques for achieving that. Trying to give different materials their correct appearance is tempting me a lot, also how surrounding effects have their impact on the materials. It's like painting a picture in my head and then, trying to put it in reality, at least in scale. BTW: The bastard stole my beer . Cheers Rob
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