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  1. Great build and luckily the paint issues are fixed. Good to hear the positive experiences with the HGW wet decal of which I own different sets for future projects, but never used them until now. Cheers Rob
  2. Nice PE and detailing work. The way you treat the steel surfaces is great, thanks for the tutorial. Cheers Rob
  3. Wrecked or not, Starfighter it is to me. Only small wings attached to separate it from a rocket, pure and undisturbed lines. There is only little material added to the powerful engine, an icon. Cheers Rob
  4. Nice, a 1/1 scale Wild Cat and the paintjob is outstanding. Love the ginger Leo camo . I love that Industria Mechanika stuff. I have one of their steam punk submarine kits and of course Red Star 47 which hit my bench again after some time in the SOD. Cheers Rob
  5. Thanks Phil, without a turkey today, but hopefully with a Dallas Cowboys win. Cheers Rob
  6. Yep https://www.scalemates.com/kits/aerobonus-320-064-raf-3-inch-60lb-rockets--944448 Cheers Rob
  7. Great pics Carl, will store them for my build. I bought these rockets for my Mossie project. http://www.aires.cz/en/product/r-a-f-3-inch-60lb-rockets/3-2478/ Cheers Rob
  8. Phew, glad that I'm not a modern jet guy. The few I own are 1/48 and to me this is completely ok for say a Mig-31. I feel your pain though, but am glad that there is a problem in modelling that I don't have . Cheers Rob
  9. It's about time, that you discover the true nature of our place here . What your mind determines though, is more a reflection of your mindset, than your perception . Cheers Rob
  10. Reduce to the max Carl , sometimes it's a good idea to step back a little from that overcomplicated and utterly challenging stuff and have a comfortable and relaxing build. The challenge here is in itself and in the end you will have a fine result and refreshed powers for the hard to build ones. Your D1 is looking good and more than once I was tempted to buy one. It is an important, but often overlooked plane, being full metal and single winged, in some aspects even ahead of some 30's designs. It should be a single build but a great canvas for worn Aluminium effects. Have fun with that little bird. Cheers Rob
  11. Phil here is confused, because he only nows chicas (girls) with mini skirts in camo Nice start with that complicated scheme. I never would make the GB deadline with that Splittertarn. There are some decals out there for the complicated German schemes, but I think applying these could prove also very complicated. Cheers Rob
  12. Look out, that's what I call a big bird. The casting blocks are of corresponding dimensions. Is that dust coat only from the resin or are there other substances involved. mind, always to wear an dust mask . Looking forward to your next steps with that cold war behemoth. Cheers Rob
  13. Uhuh, mano negra, that's the way to handshake . Have fun out there and don't get bitten by squirrels or worse, beavers . BTW: Do you know the band Mano Negra, worth a try. Cheers Rob
  14. Amazing work on the interior. I hope you will find a way to show it, not only by peeking through the hatches. Cheers Rob
  15. I use always two, with some colors like Model Air one would maybe sufficient, but others like Tamiya or Scale 75 definitely need two balls. Cheers Rob
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