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  1. Thank you Peter, like I said before, rigging the wings was relatively easy and trouble free. Good preparation and a logical sequence is the key. The rudder seems to be a victim of light metering. The whole bat is dark as is the background and I had to tick the exposure up a bit. The rudder was sprayed white, than I applied 1mm wide Kabuki tape onto the spars and used a green tinted varnish over the whole plane, including the rudder, leaving the ´spars´ lighter than the rest. Cheers Rob
  2. This is absolutely fantastic, Gus. The camo looks great, but what about the tail? Cheers Rob
  3. I saw that info at their web site too, Peter. I will order my set soon and leave no chance for the scalpers. Cheers Rob
  4. I haven´t used many of the special car paints, but have bought from Zero Paints, StreetBlister, Gravity and Number Five, like in this case. I hope they work fine. My car model supplier claims, Number Five is very good and normally they are available. Zero Paints, which are very good are on demand, which means some weeks of waiting along with the other ordered goods. Cheers Rob
  5. Your cockpit looks nice and you blended the Quinta bits in very well, Peter. I plan to do a Razorback soon as well and already have the kit, but still have to purchase decals. This is what I am planning: Cheers Rob
  6. Today, I received a packet full of car goodies. Carbon decals for the innards of my Tamiya Sauber Mercedes C9 from Studio 27 along with full body carbon decals for the same car from Scale Motorsport. I can´t get cured from the ´decal it completely´ plague. There is an antenna for my paused McLaren MP4/6 and colors from Number Five for different projects. Pink primer and GTO red for my MFH Ferrari, three jars of Cobra Blue for my MFH LM Cobra, WRC Dark Blue for my Crocker motorcycle and finally Spiderman red and blue metallic for my Yamaha superbike, also completely decaled with spider web. The cute Fiat 500 will serve for a conversion... ... for this tiny hill climber, which will be soon released by KMP Cheers Rob
  7. The big bat flexes it´s wings. Today, I finished rigging the wings and I´m happy to have that behind me. It was not overly difficult on the outer wings, but fiddly with lots of scissors and tweezers involved, always adjusting the light and try not to knock off or scratch parts. I loosely attached the rudder, but not the elevators. The tail will be last, as until now, it´s easy to set the plane onto some foam, bottom up. With about 60 cm of wingspan the bat starts to handle a bit awkward and it´s relatively heave, luckily quite robust. It´s hard to see on the pics, but the white rudder has spar markings visible. I used 1mm masking tape over the spars, when I sprayed the tinted varnished over the whole airframe. Cheers Rob
  8. Thank you Kevin, the brown looks good to my eye, but is not absolutely correct. As it shows stronger on the pics, I won´t touch it up with marker, though. Cheers Rob
  9. Thank you Peter, messing around with lots of tweezers and scissors cost it´s tributes, but I repaired a lot of the issues. The trailing edges, I will leave to the end and hope for a good idea. I may cut the loose decal fragments with a sharp blade and touch up with fitting paint. The Extra Thin dot got decaled over with fitting pattern. WNW supplied some spare decals luckily. Cheers Rob
  10. If the US Air Force had known.... Cheers Rob
  11. One side done . I finished the rigging with pulling all lines taught and add a drop of CA to the anchor points to secure everything. This part of rigging was much easier, than the nacelles and inner rigging. I had to fabricate new turnbuckle tubes, which is not the most exciting work, but now, I have enough for side number two. Cheers Rob
  12. Like mentioned in the WIP, a truly fantastic outcome Peter. The Tomcat not only shows your usual quality finish, but the vivid scheme is absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to crack my -D box, but nooooo, these stencils . Cheers Rob
  13. Thank you Pete, rigging the wings is relatively easy, like I hoped for. The mid area was far more complicated. I´m also happy, that wing and struts alignment worked so far, always critical with these type of builds. Unfortunately, the amount of repairs and touch ups raises. I knocked off some of the bombs and other parts, but nothing too hard to repair, but I have a little spill of Tamiya extra thin, which immediately ate through clear coat and decal. I will patch that with decal later, when rigging is finished. It´s not so easy to glue in struts with tensioned wings, without spilling. The completely decal covered surface is very fragile and I have to do something about the trailing edges, where the camo decals are a bit torn in places. Cheers Rob
  14. Cute little bugger. The drybrushing of the cockpit let the detail pop. The camo looks great too. Cheers Rob
  15. There is a lot of work involved, Carl, but in the end you will have a really unique F-15X. Cheers Rob
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