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  1. Smooth and shiny Peter, with NMF it's all about preparations. Like you, I really love the Tamiya LP colors, since I tried them on different occasions over the last half year. The gloss black goes down very smooth and shiny, perfect for metallic coatings. I thin as well with Mr. Levelling Thinner, but with a ratio of 1/3 paint and 2/3 thinner. As the thinner and color are relatively aggressive, I mist over a first coat, which dries quickly under the airstream and hinder the mix to destroy plastic and/or decals. After that, I spray a wet coat, which perfectly levels itself. Cheers Rob
  2. Thanks to both of you. It was my first try with the Archer decals. I had high hopes, using them, but stalled while trying so. The biggest problem is, they are printed onto the decal carrier, which is not cookie cut. That would 've made it easier to slide the tiny thingies off the backing paper. The other prob is, they are very fragile and I damaged some, while trying to position them. Another thing, I didn't like was, that I bought a set, which Archer claims to be used from 54 mm up. This figure is double the size and the smallest supplied eyes are barely small enough. Enough ranted, the very well casted or printed figure deserves better. Maybe I give it another try with trusty old hand painting. Cheers Rob
  3. Thanks Hubert, I did exactly that with the right eye. I cut the iris to fit, a bit on the lower side and a bit more on the upper side. The left eye was ruined through the many tries of getting it right though. I think I will make an eyepatch for the right eye as first, it looks cool and second, I cant see that eye anymore. Cheers Rob
  4. On with the Chinese Tankette. The thing got a gloss coat for decaling and dark brown panel liner and will be flat coated for further weathering. I painted the figure with the base colors, which shadows and more highlighting to follow, as well as appropriate dulling. Cloth very matte leather with a slight shine,... The worst were the eyes, where you can see the right eye being painted very bad. This is caused by umpteen repaints due to me being not able to place the Archer eyeball transfer in place and in one . These decals need to be cut all around the iris and slightly more on top and bottom. the micro decal has then to be slid from the transfer without being destroyed, a nearly impossible task, at least for me. It worked by accident on the right eye with the second try, but the right took six tries, before I surrendered, destroying the eye and surrounding face multiple times. Boy, do I love the idea of decaling eyeballs . Cheers Rob
  5. I wish you luck Phil, when I used Micro Mask, it always disappointed me, but I never used it on panes. The most annoying part was to get rid of it, as it adheres too strong, at least at detailed parts. Maybe it's of use on the glasshouse. Cheers Rob
  6. Nice piece of 3D Tetris Carl, luckily your version sports less turrets, than others . Cheers Rob
  7. Your build looks great so far and it's quite a behemoth. It's a very tempting kit and there will be more 1/16 Stug's available in short time. My only venture in this scale was the Takom Chinese Tankette and I have to say, I like the scale and the opportunities which lay in, painting- and weathering wise. Cheers Rob
  8. Heller has the same kit in it's portfolio and they claim 1300 +x parts, whatever that means. Cheers Rob
  9. Very nice Phil, all around. Your IV looks positively busy, with the great paintjob and weathering. The worn Sch├╝rzen add to the appearance. Cheers Rob
  10. With the Shermans, there is another player in the game with Asuka. They have lots of different versions and a good reputation. I haven't built one yet, but have one in stash and the kit looks tamiyaesque on the sprues. It has rubber band tracks, which I will substitute on mine. Cheers Rob
  11. Yeah, it's the Takom 1/16 one Martin. I have the Chinese version, which sports rubber tracks and a very nice resin figure of a sitting Chinese tanker. Cheers Rob
  12. Only to show, that I'm still modelling, but on a very reduced schedule in the moment. The Tankette received tracks, exhaust, machine gun and the first layer of weathering, which included some work with pigments and a brushed on highlighting of all the rivets and some other bits and pieces. All green camouflaged surfaces, were carefully finger rubbed with a tiny bit of steel pigment. It's barely visible, but somehow gives the painted plastic a heavier appearance. Cheers Rob
  13. I'm sorry to hear about your gruesome flu Hubert. All the best to your wife and to you. Cheers Rob
  14. You had Dackelbauch on your bench for dinner . I'll take the turkey every time . Cheers Rob
  15. Nice Gaz, i think you nailed it. The setting is nicely arranged and the burn traces on the T-34 do look very good. The figures are very nice and add a lot to the dio. The only thing I'm not sure about, is the direction of the Marder. If he continues straight on, he hits the T-34. He can't turn in this position for using the t-34 as prootection either. But I guess you had completely different thoughts about the setup. Cheers Rob
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