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  1. While some oil colours are drying on the Hansa Brandenburg, I continued the assembly of the Chinese Tankette in 1/16 scale. I like the visible and partly working running gear, which is only loosely assembled here. The spring actually works, at least when the housing is added. The chain tensioner isn't functional, but looks like . Cheers Rob
  2. Thanks for the review Francisco, it's definitely not a WNW kit, but I think you can build a nice replica out of this, with the addition of masks or alternative decals. I haven't bought one, as I think it's not so much ahead of the Roden offering I have in stash along, with some AM. As for bent parts, when I look at the sprues of my WNW Camel, I hope for the best, but the sprues are heavily bent, because otherways they wouldn't have fitted into the box . Cheers Rob
  3. I never discovered something like that, but I also never used Tamiya (rattle can?) primer over an existing paint coat. Taking into account how the stuff smells, I think it's very aggressive and might interact with sub layers. Interesting, that the problem does occur only in parts. Cheers Rob
  4. Will do, if you don't plan to put other large objects into the scene. I would play a little with the positioning to add some drama. Cheers Rob
  5. It's more like putting the pressure onto me myself, by triggering it from your continent far away Cheers Rob
  6. Smooth looking airframe Gaz, not only because of the filled gaps, but design wise too. Never had too much appetite for a Do 17, but this may change... Cheers Rob
  7. The multiple grey shades make it alive. The speedster should look great with that base paint. Cheers Rob
  8. Thanks Gaz, for putting the pressure on me . Crew means dio too, lets see, first the prop and exhaust. Cheers Rob
  9. Looking good with all the framework, Im really eager to se how you tackle the full resin build. I'm not brave enough to do so, but wait, I started a full resin build some years ago... Cheers Rob
  10. Haha, a witch without a V8 is old school , my witch treated me brutally, twisting and bending with strange noises to be heard, but it worked, I'm aaaaaaaaalllllliiiiivvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee Cheers Rob
  11. Fast, wait until the rest is done , I'm a slow finisher, but thanks for the compliment Jeff. Cheers Rob
  12. Almost there, but wait, this thing needs a propeller, I have to admit, I forgot it, but it's puttied, sanded and primed now. There are some touch ups to be made, the exhaust to be added and then there are the figures and maybe the dio, ..., ok, here in Spain, they call it mas o menos ready . I finished rigging the struts, rudder and ailerons and added these parts to the wing/fuselage. The Parabellum for the operator is only preliminary and is missing the rectangular etched sight.
  13. Camo is looking bueno Gaz, I'm always afraid of these freehand paintjobs. I may have to train that with a soon to start project. Cheers Rob
  14. Muchas gracias Gaz, it looks a bit preliminary , but it makes live way easier after adding the upper wing. I have only to pull everything taut. The Aluminum micro tubes are hard to fiddle through the fishing line for the second time, but when done they hold in place almost without glue, nearly self securing. Cheers Rob
  15. Your 'Baby' is a real beauty Mike. The appearance of the different materials is exquisite, the little setting on the base adds to the atmospheric presentation. Cheers Rob
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