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  1. DocRob

    what is the best 1/35 kit of T-90?

    I'm not that deep into rivet counting, so I never matched blueprints. The Meng one definitely has the looks of a T-90 and mine will be covered with mud, snow and ice to hide potential kit rrrors . If you want to build a Syrian one you have to dig deep into the references, because there is only dust to disguise. Cheers Rob
  2. DocRob

    what is the best 1/35 kit of T-90?

    Hi Martin, I almost finished my MENG T-90 and liked it a lot. I made a building thread right here in LSM T-90 build that might give you some insight about my thoughts with that kit. I cannot provide a comparison with the competitors but read an article comparing the Trumpeter and the Meng Kit buildwise In Abrams Squad No. 3. They liked the MENG one a little bit more. https://www.plaeditions.com/287-thickbox_default/abrams-squad-03-castellano.jpg Cheers Rob
  3. DocRob

    Wingnut Wings Felixstowe

    Wow, that's what I call a big bird. Lots of rigging and decaling involved, it seems. The Felixstowe is one of these models, which makes you wanting it. Only the enormous wingspan kept me from hitting the buy-button. Yours is looking greatly, even if my favourite would have been the black and white razzle-dazzle sheme, supplied with the early type.
  4. DocRob

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Perfect Jeroen and I like your passionate approach to history you show with that project. Can't say that I'm waiting for the Wellington to be finished, because that will hinder the view from savor the inner section of the fuselage . Cheers Rob
  5. Nice built Jeroen, even if it's historically questionable . What I love about LSM is that I'm able to learn through others, even through their mistakes . Your Komet is looking great, with all theese treacherous opened Panels. Mine will be closed up for showing the unique shape of the bird and sans rocket-engine. Thanks for the pics Cheers Rob
  6. Thanks for enlighten me Wumm and Martin, you are just awesome. I built the rocket engine for nothing , but what the heck, I can use that perfecly for a future steam punk project. Cheers Rob
  7. DocRob

    OOB Gotha G.lV

    A beauty in every aspect, lets remind she's more than 100 years old and build for a task, an engineering masterpiece to my eye only little more than a decade after the Wright brothers first motorized flight. And none the less beautifully built and painted. Cheers Rob
  8. DocRob

    Hawker Tempest Mk.v

    Way to do it, that is the right spirit . Cheers Rob
  9. Wow Martin, thanks a ton, that's a lot of well appreciated input for my Little project. Great photo material to get the Komet detailed. Are you sure, that Brown was only "sailing" the Me-163, being pulled by a Spit? The Interviews with Eric Brown are not conclusive, but sound like he piloted the Komet rocket driven.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PN9AP710e0 Cheers Rob
  10. DocRob

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Amazing skills and finish, Jeroen. You should leave her that way. Love the PE-work and can only assume the patience needed. Cheers Rob
  11. Thanks Peter and Mike, I guess it will take a little while to finish with all the distractions of summer , but some work has been done, Pictures will follow shortly. Is there anybody out there with some knowledge about the upper wing camo of that British Komet flown by Eric Brown in 1945. Is it a two tone affair or just plain monochrome? A photo would help too, I was only able to find shots from the side, where the wing camo couldn't be identified clearly. Cheers Rob
  12. DocRob

    NOSEY MARU 5137

    Hi Maru, beeing born in Berlin and living there for the most part of my live I know Martin Hilles Kellerkind Miniaturen well. I own some of the WW1 related figures and they are great and will be used in combination with some Wingnut Wing Projects in the future. One will be a WNW-Pfalz on snowy grounds, guarded by a Kellerkind "Landwehr Mann" and his little guard hut. Living now in a snow free area, it sometimes feels good to reproduce some of the stuff, for old times sake . If you visit Berlin and are in search for a Pretty unique Hobby Shop, you should try Berliner Zinnfiguren, located in the centre of the City and worth a visit. This is a real old School experience and they carry Kellerkind among many others. I'm not affiliated in any way (except being an old time customer) to the shop or Kellerkind, but got a little sentimental . Cheers Rob
  13. DocRob

    ICM 1/32 I-16 - type 24

    You seem really busy at your bench, Barry. Another beauty with a plain but nonetheless interesting look., chapeau. Cheers Rob
  14. Thanx guys, one question arose my mind when looking for pictures (no photos) of the captured Komet. Some of theese pictures showed a two tone camo on the upper wing, some, like the MENG instructions sported monochrome upper wings in RLM-81. Who is wrong and who is Right? It's hard to believe, that the British did more than to add the yellow belly and some markings to the bird. Cheers Rob
  15. Hola Senhoras e Senhores, this nasty little rocket powered beast will be my lazy summer build. Between surfing and mountainbiking, lots of swimming and gardening there are only little amounts of time and only place for a little bird with not too much extras included. The Komet or Kraftei or whatever names where found for this pocket rocket was always a subject of fascination to me, because of it’s radical design and raw power for the short rocket burst it was able to produce out of an obscure reaction between the T-Stoff and C-Stoff fuel components. When MENG released their kit some years ago I had to purchase one and what’s in the box looks promising in detail and engineering. I added some AM stuff like the EDUARD interior set and some Barracuda wheels Because I wanted a quick build and I want to show the Komet’s pure shape, I decieded against detailing the rocket engine and close up the bird permanently. The interesting appearance of the captured ME-163b which was flown by Eric Brown in 1945 caught my eye and kept my hooked. The combination of camo and bright yellow belly is somehow funky. The pictures of the first steps look a little crude, but that will get better with more advancements. The cockpit needed a lot of surgery to replace parts with more refined PE parts. Next steps will be priming, yeah, good old stinkin’ Tamiya rattle can stuff, and then some RLM-66 mixed to fit the printed PE. Cheers Rob