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  1. Use PE or just thin it . Yeah James, that adds some realistic touch, nice (and clean) work. Cheers Rob
  2. DocRob

    Tamiya F4U-1D build

    Can't get enough of these Corsairs, specially when they look that great. The finish looks nice and supersmooth a clear winner. I have to get me a second one after building the Birdcage some years ago. I tried to convince me that one is enough, because I prefer the three tone camo, but when I see yours, I have do a late one with folded wings for a change. Cheers Rob
  3. Hi Harv, it makes things easier to assemble the HGW belts while the PE is still on the fret. It defiddles the whole process. A thing I learned through a very kind member in this place . Cheers Rob
  4. Can't see the foil on top of your bottle, you should try another whisky, with your's you get only headaches and corks . Great job with the foil, gives your Liberator a great touch. Cheers Rob
  5. DocRob

    1/24 Airfix Scale Mosquito build

    Hi Pete, I often use Vallejo Model Air on my planes and tanks and get very mixed results while spraying. Clogging is an issue, but it seems to build up slower if you spray more continous. To me reducing the pressure is another way of reducing the clogging effect, because less particles of the paint dry on the needle with less air flowing by. Flow improver (also Vallejo) never did the trick for me. But back to the star of the show, your Mossie is looking great and I like the enhancements of the originalr kit, made by you. I more than once locked my eye on my Tamiya Mossie while reading this. Cheers Rob
  6. Nice, great finish and attention to detail. Looks like the fighter it is. Cheers Rob
  7. Yeah Michael, with these tracks I can see that it will be a fast build . Workable tracks are best being assembled under influence of spiriting liquids to dampen the boring side of AFV-modelling. Cheers Rob
  8. DocRob

    Hawker Tempest Mk.v

    Looking great and closing in to completion. Cheers Rob
  9. DocRob


    It's not Punk related and its not by Disturbed, but quite disturbing and as a cover superseeds the original by far and gives it a new sinister meaning. Sadly not in my otherwise well assorted vinyl shelf. Cheers Rob
  10. DocRob

    Wingnut Wings 1/32 Jeannin Stahltaube

    If you look at a finished model and nothing is sticking out and everything is blending in perfectly you know you are speaking about a winner. This is a truly magnificent build and the techniques involved where used with great skill. Cheers Rob
  11. DocRob

    Lavochkin 7

    Nice build and nice setting. I like the addition of the pilot figure. Is it from Quing Yi Miniatures? Cheers Rob
  12. DocRob

    1/32 A6M2-N

    Coming together greatly Whatever Elmer's is, I like the idea of masking to be cemented areas while painting, simple, but I haven't heard of before. I'm always scratching with a blade after painting with the risk of ruining something, so thanks for the idea. Cheers Rob
  13. DocRob

    1/24 Airfix Scale Mosquito build

    Cool idea with the aluminum tape, I will store that on my 'in brain hard drive' After playing around with different acrylic based primers, I went back to my tustworthy Tamiya rattle can pimer, especially while using different materials like PE-metal and resin with the plastic. Live is to short to stay in constant fear of ruining a paintjob, because you peeled everything off with some piece of masking tape. I don't use that formula for paints, but for a primer my saying is if it stinks terrible it's the right stuff . Cheers Rob
  14. DocRob

    Crazy nature !! :)

    I didn't do the substances, only some spiriting liquids , so not all rememberance is lost, but anyway it was a good time. I lived in the area of Berlin by that time where the Caves and Bowies and Pops lived, among lots of Berlin bands like Neubauten and Malaria and Ideal. Cheers Rob
  15. Nice job on the Draken, you un-dulled the monochrome paintjob greatly. I've never built one of theese Swedish jets, but have been tempted lots of times. There is clearly an openeing for some new 1/32 material. I'm not with you with the ABBA thing , but remember a friend driving an old Saab 900 in the eighties and the interior looked like the same design team of the Jets-division did the job. You even had a 'Fasten Seat Belts' sign illuminated on the dash, in a time when lots of people refused to use safety belts at all. The ignition was in the middle console and you had to hope that the key would'nt break, because the SAAB had one of the firs immobilizers on board. Got carried away, but yeah, a decent Tunnan would do it for me, because i'm afraid of the splinter camo of a Viggen. Cheers Rob