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  1. Strike! This seals it. The aged canopy fits so much better to the, lets call it "not so perfect obtained" bird. The perfect rendition of aged glass / Plexiglas. Cheers Rob
  2. Nicely done. You did a great job on the camouflage and the not to worn appearance. For a modern tank the AMX looks not very streamlined like a Leopard or M1. It looks like a base construction with a lot of stuff bolted and welded on. To me that makes the AMX very interesting and it is not the first time i think about purchasing one. Cheers Rob
  3. Hi Danny, From zero with doubts to two. The Mosquitos are swarming around you. Yeah, once you get bitten you are infected. I will stay with my Tamiya one and a lot of AM an give the MK IV a pass. Hard to say no . Cheers Rob
  4. I have the Brassin-BMW engine in my stash, so if I start with my two R8 projects the pictures will help a lot Thanks for sharing Cheers Rob
  5. Wow, wonderful result, great convincing finish. I'm looking forward to build my non car door version, albeit since I read your comment about the seams I am a little afraid . Cheers Rob
  6. Hey Jeroen, why caring about the opinion of others, when you feel different about it? Maybe the Lady from the Lake has some suggestions about aged canopies. Cheers Rob
  7. A very special bird you built there and a great result you achieved. As a friend of strange "what if's" or to name it in a more recent term "alternate facts", i have to applaude. Nice touch with the white wall tyres. I missed that plane in Chino, they must have hidden the Heinkel by the time I was there, what a pity. Cheers Rob
  8. Hi Bevan, it indeed caught my eye, mission accomplished Cheers Rob
  9. Hi Jase, thanx for your answer. It is a pity that there seems no way to purchase the figures, because I really like their natural poses. There are not so many convincing RAF-Pilots on the ground out there. Maybe I will contact HK about the source of the pilot-figures. I will not tell them that it is for a Tamiya Mossie build . Cheers Rob
  10. Great result and a marvelous paint job. Everything looks just right. Is the position of the tail wheel on purpose (maybe a dio)? Cheers Rob
  11. As I have the Mossie in my stash (along with a lot of AM), I'm really looking forward how your daring planned finish works out. I like the half and half Idea. Who produces these resin figures you where showing? I like them a lot and would be interested in a hint where to get them. Cheers Rob
  12. There is really no need to spoil your 190D-9 with a cheap- (Jeep-) Shot . Beautiful result. Sometimes it feels just great to build one straight forward more or less out of the box. Nice Job with the masking and the not too red underside. The Jeep is of course a completely different story. Cheers Rob
  13. Very nice result on the G6, heavily mottled and aged but not overdone. Not too many scratches, the ones which are there are in the right places. Congratulations to that worn fighter. Cheers Rob
  14. Wonderful pictures poet, just great shots, nice lighting and perfect "closeness" to the subject. I had sworn to myself to life out of my well filled stash for some years, but you are planting doubts in me about purchasing a 1/32 B17. I will give that some thoughts, in fact a lot of. cheers Rob
  15. Impressive outcome as we got used by your work. You have a real talent to capture a near cinematic moment in your Dios. I can't believe how you can be so fast and so good. It is hard to comment your work in the speed it is done . Cheers Rob