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  1. Out of my ability / comfort zone, but I like watching real artists at work and pick up some ideas here and there. Nice review, thanks. Cheers Rob
  2. Wow, one of the first all metal planes, and you did it justice, everything looks like metal and you achieved to give the different metals their unique looks. The attention to detail is amazing, specially with the engine, Chapeau. The photos are very crisp and clear and perfectly lighted and contrasted, but the lens seems to be a little to wide angled if that little critique is allowed. At least to my eye, everything looks a little bent. That's why I never use wide angle lenses for modelling photography, but something between 50mm and 90mm focal length, mostly my 90mm Macro. Cheers Rob
  3. DocRob

    1/35 Harley Davidson WLA

    Nice idea and subject, Jeroen. Some years ago I built a MiniArt bicycle for my wife, because she owned one of those classics. It was not an easy built, with a lot of tiny PE-parts, like chain, pedals and wheels, but she liked it a lot. I'm sure your father in law will like your effort too. Cheers Rob
  4. DocRob

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Your way of presenting a kit in it's own special setting makes it stand out. Cheers Rob
  5. Once I was travelling with a rented Jeep with Texas license plates from New Orleans to North Carolina and while entering a State Park in Kitty Hawk was asked by the ranger, "Hell, you got Texas plates but y' have teeth in your mouth and y' know your English, y' ain't no Texans" Cheers Rob
  6. DocRob

    Hellenic A-7E

    Hi Gus, great start to your WIP. I always liked the A7, another iconic design and It's great seeing you tackle it. As a teaser and heavy weathering guide I have some photos of a not too well maintained example in Chino California. Cheers Rob
  7. Great looking Tiffy Tom, and you are right, avoid decals wherever you can, they just don't blend in. Cheers Rob
  8. DocRob

    SBD-3 clear Edition Trumpeter OOB

    That's what a heavy dose of Martins build has done to me too. I immediately got me a SBD-3 and some extras and the fingers are itching…. Cheers Rob
  9. DocRob

    My First Heartbreak

    Hi Gaz, nice deep dive into nostalgia. I like the idea of 1to1scale to finish the 109 the way you should have done by the time to close that chapter. But hey, it's your history and there is a lot of AM around. Man, an engine out of two parts, if only Zoukei Moura knew . Cheers Rob
  10. DocRob

    Jug-gernaut P47D in NMF

    Thanx Gentlemen, to achieve this was made easy by the great kit and fitting PE. @Martin, the little I missed out has to be assumed the 'scale effect' . Cheers Rob
  11. DocRob

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    That is sweet, Jeroen, another epic build with a perfectly blended look. Are some of the cockpit panes still masked or is that supposed like it is and why? Cheers Rob
  12. DocRob

    Jug-gernaut P47D in NMF

    Thanks Phil, that Tamiya Nato black is dead flat in finish. I use either this or one of the blacks of the Camouflage Set LifeColor CS27 BLACK Rubber Shades & Co., which are also great but used mostly to paint tires. I never use black blacks Thanks Grunhertz
  13. DocRob

    Spitfire Mk Ia: 610 Squadron, May 1940

    Welcome to LSM and keep on building. My stash is full of relatively modern kits, but I love to see how you tackle that dinosaur. Cheers Rob
  14. DocRob

    Jug-gernaut P47D in NMF

    The front office is done, some minor touch-ups here and there and it will be stowed in the fuselage. Everything worked to plan with the cockpit. There are lots of PE-parts to apply, but nothing too complicated. The red headed levers are PE too, but I touched them up with a dot of CA-glue at the top for the round knobs. Weathering is minimal and done with a pencil, some metal pigments and a fiber brush for little abrasions. As interior color I used Mig's zinc chromate green (A-MIG 220) which has a little more olive tint and looks right to my eye. For black detailing I used Tamiya Nato black, because I never use real black on flat subjects. After painting I love to apply minimal steel pigments to the near black surface (from Uschi) like you can see on the IP holder. After assembling the various PE parts for the dashboard, I dipped some Future into the dials with a toothpick, twice. You may not see it on the pictures, but it looks like reflecting glass and gives the flat PE board a little depth. Cheers Rob
  15. DocRob

    P-47D-11 finished

    A true beauty, I like the slightly mottled paintjob. It's good to see a razorback among all these bubbletops. Cheers Rob