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  1. Just try braided thread either waxed or treated with Tamiya extra thin. It looks the part. Cheers Rob
  2. I toast to that with a 'Smoke of Scotland', Some Lagavulin with a whiff of elderflower and Cynar accompanied with some dry Martini, one of the rare possible single malt cocktails, definitely better than Mr. Leveller Cheers (and I mean it) Rob
  3. My toenails are crimping, I'm a cocktail addict. Mix drinks of the twenties and thirties of the last century are my passion. Before I mix Coke with Scotch, I will die drinking levelling thinner and black primer forming tar like lumps in my inner organs Cheers or not Rob
  4. Yesterday I primed the major components of the RSO and it took a lot of time, because there were lots of parts to prepare. I used AK's rust primer thinned with Mr. Leveling thinner (for the first time) and it worked great, at least with this primer. I wanted to use black Vallejo primer for the engine and the mix turned tar like and I had to remove parts of my airbrush for cleaning, which I never saw before . I wanted no more experiments and took a sip from my last can of Tamiya primer (not available to me anymore, sigh, loved that stuff). Next step is decision time, do I use hairspray (for the RSO not for me) for weathering and the final word has to be spoken about the camo, but I tend to Panzergrau. Cheers Rob
  5. Your Jagdpanther looks great, love the Zim and the camo scheme. Did he ate the Sherman? It looks like there are only some bogey wheels left. Cheers Rob
  6. No Ernie, I was born in West Berlin in 65, yeah, quite old I am . Tempelhof airport was in the American sector of old West Berlin. Cheers Rob
  7. I like the Ho better, bring it on, I know you can do it. Cheers Rob
  8. The first ones looked good, but these are way better. Cheers Rob
  9. Sentimental journey for me, I lived very near the Tempelhof Airfield the last years before I left Berlin. Now it's a recreational area in the middle of the city I even did inner city cross country skiing there) , but when I was a kid there were these Pan Am flights to where ever it sounded like freedom. Cheers Rob
  10. I like my olives spherically, and deep diving in my self prepared Martinis Cheers Rob
  11. DocRob


    These Bonitos aren't tasting bad, I'm with Vandy here. La Isla Bonita is another name for the Island of La Palma which I see every morning from my place if the sight is clear. Lots of Madonnas there, but not the mentioned one, phew
  12. Nice, I like the shots with the not anymore sharp plants in the background, nice bokeh. If you want to get the Mig a little lighter, you should try spot metering. Cheers Rob
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