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  1. DocRob

    1/72 HMS Vanguard 1787

    Thanks for that great review James. That is quite something different and I like it a lot. Since I read all the Hornblower stories in my youth I wanted to build a wooden ship. preferably a frigate. Years ago I started with the build of a French cutter of the legendary Corsair Surcouf of St. Malo. The kit is made by Artesanialatina and is double planked and fully equiped with Details. What stopped me from desiring a frigate was the scale like the Vanguard with 1/72. The Cutter is 1/50 and I find it easier to detail in that scale and it spares you the redundancy of Building 74 cannons with gates and other repetetive works. After finishing the Renard, I will go for the big thing and search for a big scale ship (that's what we are here for) with loads of detail, I hope to find a decent kit of a Corvette or a Sloop in 1/32 or similar. Our member Spliffsecond planted a brainbug recently, by showing his rubber powered wooden SE.5A. I remembered liking to work with Wood and metal and decided to continue the build of the Cutter in near future and maybe a wooden plane in between. So thanks again for feeding the bug with that review of a piece of art kit. Cheers Rob
  2. Thanx Gentlemen for your kind words. @nmayhew, you might be right with your assumption about the grill in the supercharger intake. I found some photos and descriptions of a TA-152 H0 without the grille, after you mentioned it. The one awaiting restoration in the US has one and that was the base for me adding one, can't trust nobody . On the other hand I'm not a total rivet counter, if it looks about right it's ok for me and the grille looks just cool and right. Cheers Rob
  3. DocRob

    ICM I-16 Type 28

    Great review, like James said, the comparision made it stand out. I will definetely get me one. Cheers Rob
  4. Thank you Joachim, I didn't want to overdo the weathering, because of the short period of action these birds saw. On the other Hand I went with the white wash the first time to simulate the harsh winter conditions, the TA's were used in. Cheers Rob
  5. DocRob

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Wow Jeroen, that is looking great. As usual with most of your builds you seem to be covered in brass and CA . The bomb bay looks to be a real challenge, shame that you will have to take a dive to see all the detail once the plane is finished. The plate with the applied photo will be an eyecather. Cheers Rob
  6. DocRob

    Big As Maz, Junked

    Hi Rich, that is flat out fantastic. it was very enlightening to follow your build of the beast and it is great to see that Behemoth in a state of advanced decay finished. Cheers Rob
  7. Hi Mike, what you started here shows a great deal of skilled scratchbuilding. I always wanted to build a decent SPAD, but without that big deal of bending the base kit (WNW, do you hear me?). Can't wait to see yours finished. Cheers Rob
  8. DocRob

    MH 60 s Knighthawk Academy 1/35

    Wow, what a skillful paintjob with the figures. and their poses look really lifelike. Cheers Rob
  9. The Crew is looking great, ready for Rock'n Roll. Not so easy to paint that many figures with the same uniform and give them something individual with the faces and their posture, well done here. Cheers Rob
  10. DocRob

    1:32 Fw 190d-9

    Splendid. I love the mottling and the spare cowl for contrast. Cheers Rob
  11. I like that new "channel" here in LSM. Great BuReview James. I wish somebody would have done one about the ZM TA-152 . Cheers Rob
  12. DocRob

    Roden Cessna O-1 Birddog 1/32

    Stunning result with an not so easy to build kit, congratulations. Cheers Rob
  13. DocRob

    T-90A Meng

    It's time now for the many little things that have to be done to put some live in a kit. First I filterd the camo with a reddish brown MiG filter, which was an important step, because the camo colorus blend more and loose the too seperated look. Then the tank got a treatment of light scratching with knifes and toothpicks, some detail painting by hand with lightened or darkened versions of the original colours and some work with crayons. I wetted the rubber skirts for chipping and liked the look after the removal of the camo, because it looked like rubber, which in this case it is . Except the rubber skirts, chipping is not excessive, because the tank will be shown as relatively new, but completely covered in mud, snow and ice. Then I added the fabulous SKP lights and sensors, which enhance the look of the beast and are highly recommended by the way. Later I will add some reflective coating on the smaller optics. Cheers Rob
  14. DocRob

    Soo.... What did you just get???

    Ladieees and Gentlemeeeen, for this one I need a little of your imaginative powers. Last week I ordered the Scammell Artillery Tractor from Thunder Models. While doing so my first thought was to get the more 'spectacular' looking Recovery version, but then I instantly remembered a great book I bought some years ago about creating fantasy scenes. i will build the Scammell as a circus truck for some weird clowns, wearing medival clothes and looking mean and badass. Combined with some alterations to the truck (maybe a little steampunk) and adding lots of strange details will hopefully lead to something like the initial picture in my head. I will put Crazy Clown Time from David Lynch on my turntable and refine the idea. Cheers Rob
  15. DocRob

    T-90A Meng

    Thanks Gus, but there are lots of things to do before the beast earns it's right to get dirty . Some detail painting, decaling, filtering and chipping will be done before it gets messy. And then there will be mud and snow and ice. Cheers Rob