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  1. Me too, good when Carl builds one, I can sneak peak a little for mine, which I bought last week . Cheers Rob
  2. Very inspiring work and your attention to detail is fabulous. Cheers Rob
  3. Sorry Bill no Camel, but Modellbau König of Germany has some kits left, not only early Gotha's. https://www.modellbau-koenig.de/Hersteller/Wingnut-Wings?Page=1&Items=24&Filter={"category":[1019]}&sort=5&view=list Cheers Rob
  4. Outstanding detail work in the pit. Punching out the dials, seemed to have payed off. Cheers Rob
  5. It took a while, but time was well spent . Thanks for sharing this jewel. I will store your pics as an inspiration for my recently acquired 'Wooden Wonder' Cheers Rob
  6. Who cares, we have only a handful of policemen on our island and most of them we know. It only gets tough, when the Trafico from Teneriffa is here, they are really sharp, but do not patrol the beaches . Cheers Rob
  7. Because they are beautiful and because I have chosen it as my avatar . And this one is not even LS, it's 1/72. Cheers Rob
  8. Today this little beauty arrived. Seems to be a decent kit, the plastic and decals are looking good, while browsing through the box. Beside of my panic WNW buys lately, I even ordered a Roden DR.1 yesterday, not because WNW may never produce theirs, but, because I got it for a very decent price. My interest in triplanes is not very high, but I guess it will be fun to build it. Cheers Rob
  9. The BF Goodrich AT tires are on my to do list too, but first I will rub down the original ones a bit in hot weather. Cheers Rob
  10. My Baby got stripped this weekend. With the help of some friends, a case of cold beer and a Paella afterwards, she got her summer dress. Before: After: Open skies:
  11. Gracias Senhores, yes, I see the Arado closed soon. I think, I will use old screws as counterweight. There is enough space and I emphasize, I won't need a ton . Cheers Rob
  12. Very nice, like Lothar mentioned, great weathering and a interestingly strange looking tank. First thought, the umpteenth Tiger, but then... Cheers Rob
  13. Nice and timely save with the fuselage. The details like Spitfire mentioned look great, BUT, will you see them when finished. Since the TA-152 build, I'm a little sensitive to the ZM approach of showing so much of the innards and structures of the plane. On one hand you get some nice detail, but if you would go an open up approach for a maintenance scene, you will have some areas with heavily simplified detail, where you have to put some work in. The downside is a ton of panels to align, multiple part fuselages, which always are a bit hard to assemble flush and gapless. Good that you mastered this critical step with your build. Cheers Rob
  14. Thanks Phil, but you do not need to be especially brave for this build. Planning ahead and taking the necessary time is the key to get the Arado done. The build is challenging, but also very rewarding. I've seen a lot worse, where I didn't expect it. The Arado to me is a very good kit to prepare yourself to full resin kits or builds with a lot of scratch building involved. Speaking of resin, it is so masterful casted, it's fun to work with and being specially made for this kit by Fly, makes the fit exceptional. Cheers Rob
  15. I'm preparing for closing the fuselage soon. You have to think ahead and plan your steps, because there are only some markers, which indicate positioning and there is lots of dry fitting. First I glued in the wheel wells, adjusting them , that they don't interfere with the inside of the cannon pod mount and have the wheel struts symmetrical. Next I glued in the operator seat area and the bulkhead with his technical equipment, using two component epoxy again. After that has dried over night and after testing if the fuselage closes up, today I glued in the front cockpit and aligned everything and checked again, if the glasshouse will fit correctly. I feel, this is the phase of the build, where errors are really critical. To be able to close the fuselage at least with tape, with most of the innards glued in, gives me the possibility to evaluate the needed nose weight. After adding this, the fuselage will be closed permanently. Cheers Rob
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