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  1. Lovely, but I think the panel lines are a bit heavy on the cat's forehead.
  2. Stunning result on the canopy. Just the final jewel in the crown.
  3. Thanks, the Vallejo Metal acrylics are easy to use and give a nice result.
  4. These and the gearbox look great under a coat of primer. Amazing tutorial to watch this.
  5. Looks great. I take my hat off to anyone who can rig these things well. My only attempt ended up in the trash.
  6. Thanks for the info on the rivets Rich. The results look impressive. Very interesting to see your thoughts on the card thickness as well. Just away to start a build with some scratch building in Evergreen sheet which will be new to me, so the lamination of thin card is another option to ponder.
  7. Looking great Jeroen. Very steady hands to drill part through the canopy!
  8. This is great stuff. What's your method for cutting the heads off the pins without stuff flying everywhere?
  9. Lovely. Unusual subject very nicely done.
  10. Lovely result. The discoloration on the rear upper fuse over the engines is superb. Looking forward to seeing the new 29A kit soon.
  11. Great photos Danny. Really not sure what that little blue teddy is dreaming about though!?
  12. Actually only used the black. It worked well under the ghost grey for my F-15 but less well under the camouflage colours for the Mig-23. Think the secret is that you really have to thin the paints to about 60:40 thinner to paint.
  13. Nice to see this on the go again. Looking forward to seeing how the interior turns out.