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  1. Great project Ron but the colour of the plastic is.... yeugh! I remember building a 1/72 Beaver as a kid and it was always one of my favourite kits.
  2. Looks excellent Cees. This is going to be stunning with all the work your putting in.
  3. Vert generous Dale. The Meng Auf-1 is a nice kit of an interesting subject. Always looks like a 1/24 turret on a 1/35 chassis to me!
  4. Nice catch Hubert. The H&S airbrushes are very, very nice and the 2 in 1 sets represent really good value.
  5. Hi Ernie Please put me in again this year. I'll contribute a Trumpeter Bf109-G2 Tropical kit. Seems like a nice kit but it's not a subject I have any interest in. I know that's sacrilege to some but the 109 doesn't do it for me. I'll also put in a set of Sky's Decals Israeli F4 decals which includes all the Kurnass 2000 airframes. These can be separate or combined as required for numbers purposes.
  6. Is there a Forum IT issue? I'm sure I posted to this topic on Friday but it's obviously vanished?!? Anyway, I'll say it again..... I WANT A VIGGEN!!!!
  7. Gonna need sturdy legs to hold up that much resin - the wings alone will weigh a fair whack!
  8. Lt Col John Frost and his men at the bridge in Arnhem during Market Garden. Immensely brave to hold out as long as they did knowing it was essentially futile.
  9. I know a few areas in Scotland where the best/cheapest source of lead sheet like that is the local church roof!
  10. You're putting some serious work into this Cees. I'd love a large(r) scale Halifax but this is beyond my skillset or patience!
  11. I'm in as well. Need to dig something out.
  12. Forgot to say, Happy Birthday too!!
  13. Hope the house build goes well. Having done one, the winter weather can be a pain.
  14. Some good shouts there Rog. A Wellington would be brilliant. I inherited a wooden one which was built for my dad by his uncle, who was a carpenter, just after the war but it's long since gone. The geodesic structure gives lots of textural options as well.
  15. Very neat work on the PE Jeroen. I guess you're soldering it looking at the neatness?
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