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  1. Stunning result Gaz, especially on the figures. They're one of the reaons my Comet dio is stalled as my figures look like s**t compared to these and it's a bit of a mojo killer.
  2. Perfect for highlighting my imperfect painting skills!
  3. Very true Hubert. Hard to find anyone who thinks they're a bad driver. 😁
  4. WTF? Looks like plastic but I suppose you also put it in spray cans!
  5. Ah, the mid-life crisis killer! Heard too many stories of people (actually us males) of a certain age with too much disposable cash buying these then wrapping them round trees are the road holding and power aren't quite in sync. Looks like a great kit Carl, looking forward to seeing how it builds up.
  6. Lovely finish Sasha. Such an unusual subject and weird to see the canopy opening forward over the barrel.
  7. Very impressive Carl. I can talk you through the physics of the Sterling cycle and engine combustion but wouldn't have a bloody clue about any of the practical side of it. I'm always impressed by anyone who do stuff like this never mind the money it can save you.
  8. Really sorry to hear that Mark. We had to put our cat Tilly to sleep just at the start of lockdown. She was 19 and just lost the use of her back legs, so it was an easy but terrible decision. I hope your family aren't too upset.
  9. Is there any way of getting a temporary spreader in there to push the sidewalls out while the glue to the canopy cures?
  10. Beautiful finish Peter. The paint job is outstanding.
  11. Hopefully Lees can finally go on and make a score after getting a start again. If Root comes in at 200 for 2 then it's game on I think.
  12. Given England's recent batting form 5 days is maybe optimistic Phil, unless Joe bats 4.5 of them!
  13. You'll need to get the cat hairs out before you spray the next time!
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