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  1. Know the feeling Carl. Especially with PE belts, I usually end up with at least one part stuck to me.
  2. Looks great Dan. You just need a few Arbroath Smokies in those boxes.
  3. That's pretty damn shiny without a gloss coat. This is going to look great Mark.
  4. Great to hear something turned up so quickly for you.
  5. Good grief, I'd need an Optivisor on my Optivisor to see some of that PE. Stunning result given the size.
  6. The renders and images so far do look stunning. Now kind of regret I didn't have the cojones to pull the trigger on the pre-order. Just too intimidated by all that resin but they are stunning in the splinter scheme, just raw power and functionality.
  7. Looks great Mark. Still one of the coolest F1 liveries ever in my eyes.
  8. Looks great Tom. For a kit that got so much hate when it came out, it looks like it builds well and it looks like a Liberator to me.
  9. Worth the wait Ricardo. Nice finish with subtle weathering.
  10. Weird here as well. Went from -15C or so to +12C in 48 hrs so now everything is flooded as the snow melt in the mountains has happened so suddenly.
  11. Stunning work again Rich. How many of those stringers pinged off into space before you got it done?
  12. Insane level of detail in this. Hat's off for getting started on this knowing what's to come.
  13. Looking forward to see what you do with this. Rowdy has set the bar pretty high for 190 builds at the moment....
  14. This will be cool. I always reckon you must have been at risk of vertigo sitting in the cockpit of these, they seemed so high.
  15. Except the UK has never gone 'properly' metric. They still teach the kids a hybrid mix in schools, speed limits and distance signs still use miles and most people still do heights and weights in imperial. I'm surprised after Brexit we haven't all had our minds wiped to get rid of the nasty metric stuff! As a scientist I switch kind of automatically in my head but there's always the odd cock up. Best I remember was the Mars probe that suffered a rather hard landing due to an error in conversion. Bet someone got a new calculator after that one!
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