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  1. Same here in Scotland Carl. Face coverings compulsory on public transport and in shops, etc. We also wear them anytime we're in public or clinical areas of the hospital I work in. We're down to single figure case numbers per day and want to keep it there as we ease some restrictions.
  2. Have a great day Martin and please keep posting all those amazing photos you seem to keep finding! All the best..
  3. Thanks for that link. There are lots of nice profiles on there for future ideas. Pity you can't find a NMF/OD combo but I'm sure something will take your fancy.
  4. Thanks for the info Gaz. Always amazes me how many hours you can lose when you fall down a little research rabbit hole like that! Whether it's absolutely historically accurate or not it looks cool.
  5. Looks great Gaz. You do wonder what they were smoking when they came up with some of these schemes though!?!
  6. Wow, serious scratch building going on here. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.
  7. When you takin' it in the bath? Seriously, it looks amazing. Never contemplated anything like this but your efforts and crazypoet's picket boat do make it look like an interesting change of scene. However, I'd want to find something cheap and simple to jump in with - the thought of bu**ering up something as nice as this would make me weep.
  8. Thanks Jeroen. Just been considering buying something like this, so glad to know they're worth it.
  9. Looking great Jackster. Always loved the Pink Panther kit since I built one as a kid. Certainly didn't look like that! From memory it met a sticky end with a banger!
  10. Looks lovely Jeroen. As a matter of interest do you use a specific tool for bending the PE?
  11. Have a good one Ernie and stay safe.
  12. GusMac


    Not sure Harv. In my experience it's similar to the Tamiya acrylics ie alcohol rather than water based. It's always reacted well with Mr Levelling. Sorry don't know more than that as it's not that easy to get over here.
  13. That's very tempting..... Father's Day is this weekend!!
  14. Have seen some really nice uses of the various knobs and things on some modern jet cockpits. Good to hear the service is good as well.
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