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  1. Hope you had a great day Maru.
  2. Hope you've got the landing gear good and solid Cees. The weight of those will be a test.
  3. Built the Tamiya Baja Bug RC with my Dad back in the 80s. I remember the oil filled shocks giving us fits to get them at the right pressure. This looks mighty cool.
  4. Nice pics Gaz. Expecting a Sandcrawler and a pack of Jawas to come out of those dunes!
  5. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip Harv.
  6. Will watch this with interest. Detail does look excellent, especially on the wheel hubs.
  7. That's a drastic way to do hair removal! Nothing worse than getting whacked in the box. Always strange how 21 other people find it hilarious though!!
  8. Nice paint job with the black basing and mottle. Interesting way to shoot down an aircraft with Zunis! Wouldn't imagine there was much wreckage to clear - not of any size anyway!!
  9. Club season only started a couple of weeks back here and will end in a couple more! No competitive games at all, only friendlies. A few inter-club games were played before you were able to play other teams - always fun to bounce your own batsmen!
  10. Excellent result Cees. Not sure I envy you rescribing over all those curves though!
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