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  1. Crap, I was hoping just to hold out for the two-seater but the Greek 239 bird is sooo cool. Ah well, it's only money!
  2. Wow, amazing finish Martin. They flush-in beautifully
  3. Thanks for the input guys. I get what you're saying about the green Dennis. It doesn't look quite so 'vivid' in natural light and I'm hoping to use some oil dot fading to tone it down a bit. Still pondering my next move for the over-painting, SO I've bottled it and moved on to building up the MERs and Mk82s to delay the decision!
  4. I'll pitch in with our 2 four-legged hoodlums. Classic Jack Russell's - big dog attitude in a small dog! Our neighbour calls them 'the Two Tiny Terrorists' and they do their best to live up (or down) to that! For all that, they are great company and a pair of real characters.
  5. Try a restart in safe mode and see what you can find from there?
  6. Okay, bit more progress. Base painting is basically done. Used various lightened shades of the Ammo medium green and tan in very thin layers. Used a mix of a couple of different sizes of the Maketar generic RAF roundels set to do the roundels and Tamiya tape to do the tail. Tried to get some modulation in the mix of French Blue I used for these but it's so subtle it's invisible! Next step is to do the over-painting / repairs on the panel lines, etc which is so prevalent on these Greek birds. Problem is I'm not sure of the best approach, so I'm looking for some advice / thoughts here. Option 1 is gloss coat the whole thing and use liquid mask to cover the panels and spray the areas needing coverage. I've seen this approach used for putty lines on whole airframes but I'm not sure if it's overkill for this which will be more localised. Option 2 is just to brush paint the required areas using highly thinned paint. Any advice guys?
  7. Tough one Phil. Hope you can get it changed or something.
  8. Thanks Clunk, I think I know a couple of those particular 'reviewers' of whom you speak! Having beaten a Trumpy Mig-15 and -21 into some semblance of shape I reckon I should be able to cover anything this comes up with. Hardest thing might be which of all the cool schemes to pick!
  9. Looks very promising! Ernie, Ivan, I'm all up for this. I haven't built one of their kits so far just because they haven't released any aircraft I really fancied, I've built enough Trumpeter kits (including the current A-7E) to have what I think are the euphemistic 'basic modelling skills' so I hope I can cope with anything that comes with it. I build for my own fun so I'm not hung up on total accuracy, etc. I just build the aircraft that excite me and this is certainly one!
  10. Hang in there Jeff and just remember it isn't personal. My mother-in-law has been declining with vascular dementia for the last five years and is now in care. I've known her for the best part of 30 years and for the first 28 I never heard her swear once. BUT boy is she making up for it now!! If it wasn't so sad it would be hilarious some of the things she says now, all filters gone, it just comes straight out! My kids just don't know quite how to deal with their sweet ol' grandma sounding like some gangsta rapper!
  11. You must have plenty of space to fit all this plus a Lanc in one display. Looks brilliant though!
  12. WOW!! No sign of any printer deposition patterns there!
  13. Looking great. Do love the M4 with that big schnoz!
  14. Sounds great Mike but I'm not seeing the pics. Anyone else the same?
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