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  1. Stunning stuff Rich. Your paint effects are very convincing.
  2. Don't drop anything coz that grass on the floor looks pretty thick!
  3. Looking good. I assume these will be 3D printed? Nice to see the enthusiasm back for this!
  4. On a superficial glance there's very little easily discernable difference there. Certainly not a three-fold difference in price worth of difference. Lovely result.
  5. Hi Cees, any reason why you haven't fully assembled the tail at this stage?
  6. Very nice result from the 3D printing.
  7. Good luck. I guess whatever you decide will be hard for anyone to contradict given how deeply this is buried in the vehicle.
  8. Thanks Dennis. Had a great day - big family BBQ on a glorious day. Up here that's seriously lucky at this time of year!
  9. Beautiful finish, just worn enough to look realistic.
  10. Thanks Rich. Don't think I'll manage to keep up with the rate you're setting on the MAZ.
  11. Great result. I love the Uschi powders and find them really controlable compared to some other options.
  12. Nice result on the propellor spiral.
  13. That is a serious undercarriage!