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  1. All that scratch work looks great under a coat of green Cees. Glad the move went well. There's a lot of confusion over here as to whether you can move or not under the current restrictions.
  2. Just came out late last year I think Smitty. Decent reviews so far.
  3. I'd go Mirage 2000D Tamiya F4U-1A to be done as a FAA bird RFM Firefly to be done as used by the Fife & Forfar Yeomanry. That'll do as l have enough other things to get finished as it is!
  4. That's a decent size. I have the Mjalso cabinet which is about 18" deep inside and a 1/32 F-15C fits okay at a slight angle, so plenty big enough unless you like building Clunkmeister size!
  5. Hi Rob That's a ridiculous difference! It almost looks like a 48th & 32nd comparison. Looks like your option 3 may be the best if you can get delivery.
  6. Only built a couple of those Dale but the JS2 is pretty straightforward.
  7. Nice, Not a Harley model I've ever seen over here.
  8. My hospital department is diagnostic imaging based and we've basically cancelled everything that isn't cancer based or urgent in-patient work. It's work at home where you can and minimal contact otherwise. There has been talk of redeploying people but they haven't approached us as yet. As a physicist my skill set isn't immediately transferable but I'm willing to push trolleys, drive deliveries, whatever's needed. Our problem with working at home is that the IT restrictions on accessing anything from home is extremely tight for data protection, patient confidentiality, etc, so it's mainly emails and committee stuff that can be done.
  9. Stunning work again Peter. Very ingenious touch to get the crimped edge.... another idea to try and store in the old noggin in case it's ever needed.
  10. Neat, simple idea Steve but an obvious way to help. Amazing how sometimes the simplest ideas help the most.
  11. Great job Dale. Really nice realistic weathering. Glad you managed to get the aerial rigged.
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