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  1. GusMac

    T minus six days...

    Hope you enjoy NZ Ivan, it is a lovely place. Have had some lovely visits to my relatives over there and the scenery is unbelievable. Like Scotland on steroids. They don't always help themselves with regards to the brain drain though. My line of work in Medical Physics barely exists in NZ due to what seems to be some bizarre hang-ups back to the Rainbow Warrior and 'nuclear' issue. Basically if you need a diagnostic nuclear medicine or PET image in NZ you're gonna end up going to Sydney or Melbourne as it just doesn't really exist there. They have radiotherapy but not the diagnostic imaging you need as a precursor to treatment. I've never got a straight answer as to why but it just seems a backwards mindset.
  2. Are you substituting brass landing gear? All that resin might make the kit plastic ones groan a bit!
  3. Some lovely stuff there and that photo gives a great idea of just how big that 'Leopold' is! You obviously have a lot of display space.
  4. Looks great Gaz and I'm sure under paint it's going to look stunning. To my eyes it certainly looks more realistic then some of the decal type zimmerit finishes available now.
  5. GusMac

    Birthday boy Jeroen

    Probably yes. Apparently the German winter Olympic team got through litres of the low-alcohol version earlier this year as part of their recovery program after events. They reputedly got through a fair bit of the 'proper' stuff celebrating after wins as well!
  6. GusMac

    Birthday boy Jeroen

    Have a good one. Read a really interesting article recently claiming that German weiss beers are almost perfectly isotonic, so celebrate all you want. It's GOOD for you!
  7. GusMac

    Tamiya 1/35 Panther Tank

    Ah, don't 'do' FB myself but glad to hear Ralph is still out there. Always worry when someone just 'disappears'. Too many of us are into the second half of our innings which makes you think bad things when people drop off the radar.
  8. GusMac

    1/35 Harley Davidson WLA

    Interesting story and looks like a lovely kit. Looking forward to this...
  9. GusMac

    Tamiya 1/35 Panther Tank

    Just seeing this thread come back to life made me think. Anyone know what happened to Ralph? He posted here regularly then just seemed to vanish.
  10. Beautiful work Karim. Look forward to seeing the full diorama. Also looks like Jeroen's 'wings-free' aircraft idea is catching!
  11. GusMac

    Hellenic A-7E

    Thanks Dennis. The Aires tub has excellent detail and seems to fit ok but the nature of the fixed sides does make some of the painting a little awkward just to reach stuff.
  12. GusMac

    Hellenic A-7E

    Thanks gents. Rob, that looks even more 'distressed' than most of the greek schemes! Hubert, I'd like to correct it but I'm not prepared to pay more than the cost of the kit for the Zacto correction set off eBay. If he reissued it I'd be right there but there seem to be insurmountable issues with casting the canopies.
  13. GusMac

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    What he said X2
  14. GusMac

    Hellenic A-7E

    That's the sort of idea I'm after. Not sure how exactly I'm going to do it but it'll be fun trying.