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  1. Thanks Kai. Like your IDF bird, the kit is a pain with numerous issues but can be made into something worthwhile with perseverance
  2. Thanks all. Rob, the original has a small insignia on the tailfin and the code '370' in small white lettering over the white strip under the fin as you can see here but I couldn't find any masks or decals that I had to replicate it, so I just decided to leave it blank
  3. This one is now done, so please see the Finished Work section.
  4. Hi all, this was a project to push my skills with resin conversions having only used aftermarket seats and cockpits before. Also looked to improve my masking skills with the paint job. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the result, although that was helped in no small part by the quality of the conversion. It's from John Wiedeman at Scaleworx in South Africa and the mouldings and fit are top notch, better than the fit of the kit itself! They offer a number of conversions for the Mirage III kits and I'd heartily recommend them. My go to paints previously were Tamiya and Ammo acrylics but I couldn't get the colours from Tamiya and I wasn't convinced by the robustness of the Ammo paints for all this masking. So, based on a few recommendations from others on here, I used the AK Real Color paints and I'm definitely a convert. They thin easily, spray beautifully and give a bomb proof finish. The scheme was based on a few pictures of the airframe online. The original airframe that wore this was a Cheetah C but the external differences with the E are minimal, so a bit of artistic licence involved.
  5. Thanks Peter. It's been an enjoyable first experience of a resin conversion, so I may bite the bullet and look at some others.
  6. Thanks fellas. Couldn't believe I'd done it but by the time I'd noticed the CA was rock solid. I might have had a chance with epoxy but hey ho. Anyway, as has been said it's hopefully bright enough to distract anyone from looking too hard and once the doors are on it'll be harder to spot.
  7. Long time since the last update but life has a habit of cropping up! Anyway been chipping away in the odd moments. It has legs and it's shiny!! No prizes for anyone spotting the cock up on the main gear legs. I'd glued the resin bottom sections in with superglue before I noticed and with the nice big steel core that John gives these there was no way they were coming out again without destroying everything. So, given I'm the only one who's going to see this and know, that's the way they're staying! All the final pieces are painted, weathered and sealed, so it's just final assembly to go. Should hopefully be done this week.
  8. Great build Kai. It's a great kit - I built mine as an IDF bird but not as colourful as your Mirage!
  9. Beautiful paintwork Mark. Currently working on the Mirage III these images of the wings really show the evolution and lineage of this airframe.
  10. Yeah, Parker and Stone just seem to want to offend as many people as possible but the results are bloody funny.
  11. Welcome to the forum. That's some very impressive and unusual builds to introduce yourself. Hope to see more as it proceeds.
  12. Still think Bill Murray in that scene from Caddyshack is just priceless. There are times when nothing is funnier than basic toilet humour. Who needs sophistication!
  13. Sorry to hear that Harv. Hope they get you sorted out soon.
  14. Ooh, we're gettin' highbrow now. Latin an' all.... My school barely taught us English never mind Latin
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