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  1. Very sad and condolences to all. Tragic to lose their lives helping others so far from home. As Jeff says, something must have gone seriously wrong. C-130s are generally pretty much bombproof in terms of reliability.
  2. There are advantages to living in the frozen north of Scotland sometimes. The most venomous things we have around here are bees, wasps, both summer only, and one of my wife's sisters!
  3. Very sad. It's not been a good month so far with this following Neil Peart. Two brilliant polymaths both gone to brain diseases! Life throws up some real shitty ironies sometimes! Farewell Mr Creosote
  4. I'll be watching with interest Phil having just got this from Ernie in the raffle. Same as yourself, it's my first WNW kit so I'm looking forward to seeing how you tackle it.
  5. Just arrived today courtesy Ernie and the Christmas Raffle. First WNW kit I've had and after a quick look I see why everyone raves about the quality. I think I'm going to practice rigging on my old paint mule before I risk butchering this!
  6. Thanks Dale. I'll see what I can find and I may be back in touch.
  7. Those really do look like something my son used to knock up with his Lego when he was little!
  8. Those sanding sticks look really interesting Dale. Is that the only range of sizes available or do they do different combinations? Thanks, Gus
  9. Some great colour reference photos there. Nice effect with the putty on the tank.
  10. Weird experience last night!?! I have a Pinterest account which I rarely use but which I do use to store reference photos for builds. I went on last night and one of the recommendations as I'd been looking at Greek aircraft was a photo of my own build lifted from this site! Very disconcerting!!! The interweb can be a very odd place.
  11. Stunning work on something so fragile Rick. Hope you have somewhere safe to display it.
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