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  1. Good luck Martin. Hope it goes well for you. I'll miss your slightly 'warped' sense of humour and memes!
  2. Look forward to seeing your work on this Danny. I'm intrigued as to how those resin water products work, so keen to see how your dio progresses. I can sympathise with the lack of mojo - my Greek A7 build is grinding along slowly as I'm struggling to get the oil dot fading to look how I want it in my head. I know how it 'should' look and I can get it there on the paint mule but it's just not happening on the real thing. I'm gonna give it a couple of more weeks and if I'm still stuck I'm going to start a new armour build for a change up.
  3. Big congrats Ernie. Beautifully executed and just so different.
  4. Thanks Ryan. Never tried the Model Air paints but have used the 'ordinary' Vallejo for brush painting and found it nice to use. Will look to pick some up next I'm near our nearest model store.
  5. Love the engine Ryan. I've never managed to get the hang of drybrushing to the extent of doing work like that. What's the secret?
  6. Very tempting. Lots of nice unusual schemes and operators.
  7. Definitely tempted to make this my first ZM. It's just such an ugly airframe!
  8. Congrats! Hope you can fix the rigging on the stack.
  9. Hey, Jeroen's 'wings off' schtick is contagious!
  10. Just stunning work. Hope you go well in the contest.
  11. Anyone able to 3D print a 1/32 Snoopy?????
  12. I've got the Leo Marriott and Simon Forty book 'Normandy Battlefields: Bocage & Breakout' and it has some great pictures of the effect of this on the Panzer Lehr as the prelude to Operation Cobra west of St Lo. For a unit that only really came into being in early 1944 it was effectively wiped out at least twice before the end of that year!
  13. Never got my head around +90 degree elevation on a gun. What goes up..... etc!?
  14. Glad that disaster was avoided. Almost there now.
  15. Please, please, please be the Spey 'Toom. Been waiting for that since seems like forever. Dying to do a 111 or 43 Squadron bird from Leuchars as I saw them every day as a kid.
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