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  1. Hi Danny, Found my list so a couple I tried were de Ryck Arend Blond, Westmalle Dubbel and Slaapmutske Blonde. Very nice they were too! Cheers, Gus
  2. Lovely Danny, they are a great looking pair. Been at a local beer festival the last couple of evenings and tried some lovely Belgian beers, just can't remember the names!
  3. Hadn't noticed that Rich but now you point it out.....
  4. Lovely Micha. You are busy at the moment with all the construction vehicle kits as well.
  5. Just amazing again Rich. Some of that pipework looks so fragile I'd be terrified of breaking it at a later stage.
  6. Nice Rog. A great bit of history. I'm only surprised looking at the list of sorties that the 'average' mission works out at roughly 6 hours. Looking at the list of destinations I would have thought it would be higher. Whatever, brave men and ever fewer left.
  7. Nicely done Danny, that will look very cool on display.
  8. Looks good and those jacks look lovely.
  9. Very effective. Just love those Uschi powders!
  10. Nice to see your progress Tom. The nacelle looks very convincing. Now you can compare notes with Cees as to how to finish the front end of the engines!
  11. Will be very interesting to see how they turn out.
  12. Very smooth Cees, looking forward to seeing how the front sections turn out.
  13. Got these from my wife and kids for the big 'five-oh' a few weeks back but it's taken a bit of time to get things organised. In the middle of house renovations so time to do anything non-essential is at a premium, so work has basically ceased on the F-16. Cabinet is the Malsjo from Ikea which went together very nicely and sits well with the other furniture in the spare bedroom. One problem with building 1/32 modern jets is that they're generally huuuge, so the Detolf is just no use and we had to go for this one. The F-15 and Mig-23 are in there but there's plenty of spare space - at my current rate of building I might fill it before I'm 60! The kit was from the kids (although I told them to get it at Jadlam as the price was so good) and the AM I picked up with some of the money I was given. Think I've got all I'll need and on a quick look through it looks like it'll be a fun build
  14. That's some lovely work given the conditions you're working in.
  15. Nice result again Rich. When you shape the initial square build to get the final curves do you just sand it to shape?