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  1. Didn't think I'd see an Aussie pick 1981 as an example Ashes, Steve! Pretty small sample size to choose from where England came out on top, especially from 1989 to 2003/4. First Ashes I remember is 1974/5 as we got some on the telly over here. I was only a primary school kid but I just remember being mesmerised by Thommo's action. Met him many years later by chance in Sydney and he was a lovely bloke. Happy to have a chat and an absolute hoot. His acceptance speech into the Hall of Fame is one of the funniest, but also most poignant, things I've seen.
  2. Nice catch Rob as it looks very cool. Good thinking on the stencils as well. Must admit the number of stencils on Phantoms has always made me a bit wary of building one. However, if HKM ever produce their 1/32 Spey one......
  3. If they were going for the win, they'd have had to bat Sibley at 11. He makes Tavare look like Viv Richards!
  4. That looks just stunning Mark. Superb gloss work to get it so uniform and shiny.
  5. Thanks for highlighting those Jim. Have already thought of a number of potential uses for the flat stuff.
  6. Looking good Peter, although that seem work will be challenging. Still can't quite get my head around an airframe with the engine in the middle!?
  7. I'm with you there Phil. Just wish England could find a few batsmen.
  8. Glad to see you were able to save it Tom. Looks a bit like a baseball bat at the moment with no wings
  9. Thanks chaps. It was a fun build despite a few problems closing up some of the panels
  10. Jeez Steve, what a palaver! Over here it's just pitch up, roll up your sleeve and go after a few minutes wait. It's about the only part of the whole thing we've got working smoothly over here mind.
  11. Yeah so that mentioned on Doogs' site. Seems very sudden but who knows what's going on behind the scenes.
  12. Hi Kai I'm still experimenting with the Real Colour paints and trying a couple if ideas about how I'm going to mask this. I'll post some pics as soon as I have some progress
  13. Hi Kai, no you do seem to have got an extra dodgy version of the kit. The canopy on mine is fine. I use Incredible White Mask from a company called Grafix in Cleveland USA for liquid masking and it's great. Never had any problems with clouding, etc. From memory I got it off Amazon. Hope the paint booth work goes smoother than all your problems so far.
  14. That's a tough one. It's the uncertainty of the whole thing that I think makes it hardest, just not being able to really plan anything. My brother and his partner have just rebooked the same holiday for the fourth time as it keeps being postponed. I couldn't be ar**d with the hassle. Hope you get some clarity nearer the time.
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