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  1. Tamiya's Titanium Gold is pretty nasty as well. Only Tamiya colour I've ever had just gum up the airbrush completely. Pigment just doesn't seem to distribute through the carrier evenly and reacts with Mr Levelling.
  2. Looks like someone knows they're in the doghouse! 😁
  3. Those stencils are stunning. Will definitely have to check those out for any future builds where they make a set.
  4. Bit more progress on the Huey, about ready for primer. Fit of the cockpit pod into the fuselage halves was a bit of a pain. Even after a lot of sanding it still needed some styrene strip to fill the gap. Top surface is fine, so once it's sat in the display case it'll all be good.
  5. Nice collection of Ukrainian goodies there Carl. Don't let Vladimir know....
  6. Very nice build, especially given the small size. 👍
  7. Sky's Decals did a set, SD-39 F-16C/D Barak, which I used on mine but I think they can be quite hard to find now. Mainly useful for the codes and tail insignia as I used masks for the magen david. I still have most of the set left if that's of any use to you?
  8. The Typhoon has a bit of that approach with the wings, etc but this seems to take it even further. My only concern is the quality of the plastic and the moulding flash. The Typhoon plastic was very soft and 'soapy' feeling and the mould alignment was poor on many pieces, especially the cockpit tubing which made it a pita to clean up.
  9. Great progress Tom. Don't envy you trying to manoeuvre that in the paint booth.
  10. Ooh, l can see a shelf in my cabinet with a Beau and an Me410 side by side. 😁
  11. The bit at 5:45 is astonishing. If that guy stuck his hand out the cockpit it looks like he could grab the end of the wing pylon on the next jet!
  12. Congratulations Martin. Hope you enjoy it and get a lot of use out of it. Thanks again to Hubert for such a great donation and agreeing to the redraw.
  13. Don't know how soft the material is Gaz, but would attacking the smooth bits with the pointed scribing tool have the desired effect?
  14. Worth the swear words though. That looks great, 👍
  15. Hi Phil, I got my Tamiya polishing compounds from Wonderland models in Edinburgh a few years back. Don't know if they still have them though as I've never bought from them online, only in person when I've been passing.
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