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  1. Just astonishing. I can't believe how well you make those joints disappear.
  2. Love the guy diving in there. Do wonder if the carpet monster claimed the upper torso and that was the fix?!
  3. Wow, looks stunning with the rivetting.
  4. I know they were struggling for resources by the end of the war but the quality of that timber and it's treatment is pretty remarkable. I've seen timber constructions a fraction of the age of that which have deteriorated far more rapidly. The Germans always could do 'build quality'.
  5. Best nose job I've seen in a while Ernie. You could earn a fortune in Hollywood doing those....
  6. Nicely chewed. I have a Jack Russell (not the one in my avatar, but her nephew) who is good at that sort of finish but generally not on the parts you want it on!
  7. One big celebration this week is at Bayeux cemetery. Was there with the kids in 2015 and it's really powerful. The kids were actually quite upset by it as it has a fairly big German section and many of them were Hitler Jugend, so only 16-18 years old. My kids were 14 and 17 at the time so it really came home to them that these kids who were dying were the same age as them.
  8. Cool photos. The Imperial War Museum has a new book out of original colour photos to celebrate the 75th anniversary. Available on iwmshop.org.uk
  9. If it was aerodynamic you'd have to putty all those sequins on the bodice, just like P-51 wings!
  10. That driving seat sits at an interesting angle! Presumably the driver had a permanent crick in their neck.
  11. You certainly have plenty of patience Rodolfo. As Jeff says, I think I'd be looking for Friul or R-Model options. You do wonder what the kit designers are thinking when they put the injector pins in these locations.
  12. Thankfully snakes aren't a problem here. See the odd Adder when I'm out in the hills with the dogs but nothing 'dangerous'. Looks like a great break Ernie.
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