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  1. Beautiful build and some lovely scratch work.
  2. Nice to see the images they've sent you, that's real customer service. The mechanism looks very impressive.
  3. Hi Rick, I've used the panel line washes on my last couple of builds and they're great with a good range of colours. I used Tamiya and Gunze colours but on both occasions sealed things with a gloss coat before use. I find Doogs' technique for this very good - a coat of lightly thinned Tamiya clear then immediately a misting with Mr Levelling thinner. Gives a great finish. Have no experience with MRP, but I have used the MPLWs straight over Tamiya gloss acrylics in the gear bays and it worked well. If the MRP gives a decent sheen then you'll probably be okay.
  4. Nice to see how these turn out Cees. Some people on various forums have been fairly critical but they look like decent kits to me for €30. Just wish they'd do a later mark with the bubble canopy and cut down rear fuselage.
  5. Thanks for that picture Kent. Just reminds me why I've never had the courage to attempt a WNW kit! The planes are looking lovely.
  6. The variety in the woodgrain effects looks great Danny.
  7. Apologies, not sure how I've managed to insert the same picture twice....
  8. Just to show I haven't just been lurking on here since I finished the Eagle a few weeks ago. This is the Tamiya F-16CJ kit which I'm going to build as an Israeli F-16C Barak as I want to try some scratch building and the Isracast conversion now seems to be extinct. I have a copy of the instructions from the set and I'm going to try and replicate it as best I can using Evergreen stock. This is the airframe I'm hoping to build. A First Jet squadron aircraft from the late 1990s with a loadout of JDAMs, Python 4 and AIM-9L. I've started as the instructions indicate with the engine. I don't intend to have it on display but I'm giving it full attention just to practice more with the various metallics. Just needs weathered now which hopefully will get done at the weekend. Down the interior was done with various Gunze and Tamiya acrylics then weathered with Tamiya pastels and Ammo panel line washes which darken things up without being too stark. The exterior is mainly Vallejo Metal Color pale burnt metal and jet exhaust with the steel sections done using the Uschi powders. Detail then picked out in Tamiya acrylics. I'm fairly happy with how it looks so far but don't want to go too heavy on the weathering which might be a challenge. As ever, all suggestions, etc welcome.
  9. Nice freehand paint job. Looks great.
  10. Those photos tell you all you need to know about the power of those engines. I've seen drinking straws bigger than those fuel lines!
  11. Good luck with this Danny, I'm sure you will do it justice. Looks like a rigging nightmare to me but that's just my phobia!
  12. Thanks for the link Danny. Those look excellent value.
  13. Hi Danny Just wondered how you found the Ammo bases? They look nice and anything else I've used from them has been excellent, so just wondered if these are the same. Also intrigued as to what you're going to use them for?
  14. Ha, I remember having an 'unbreakable' melamine plate when I was in the Scouts. It smashed wonderfully into a million bits when dropped on some rocks. Looking forward to seeing how you plan to display this.