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  1. Hi all, After acquiring available drawings and asking a few here and there, I began a looong Spitfire simulator project using basic aircraft fabrication techniques (sheetmetal, riveting, welding, casting). I'll have to make a few concessions, given that it will be a simulator, but will try to keep it as faithful to the original as I can. Some of you might spot something that I did upside down (easy fix ). Here's some photos of my progress (2 years now)... Frame #8 buildup along with intercostal below rudders. Trim Gauge and Gear Indicator Youtube video show
  2. Hi all, I'm new to the forum. Would like to share my Revi 16b with you guys. I plan on machining some of the hardware someday, but I'm considering it finished for now. The model is free to download and 3D print, or you can order the parts done for you. Here's the thingiverse.com link. I used Tamiya rattle can aluminum paint, then top-coated it with Tamiya Nato Black and Flat Black. Buffed the edges to give it a blued look. I have a car dash adapter which can be printed to fit a readily available GPS speedometer. Works great in the car during winter and at night. Not
  3. This is one of the projects which got me into my 1:1 Spit simpit project. Wish shipping wasn't so expensive across the pond!
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