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  1. ScaleRC

    I must be crazy, B-24J on the bench.

    Nose turret rear door windows:
  2. ScaleRC

    HB Models B-24 Hints, Tweaks, Tips

    B-24 prop diameter 11'-7" See page 7 of "List of Propellers and Governors For Service Aircraft", 15 May, 1945 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0578/9125/files/List_of_Propellers_and_Governors_for_Service_Aircraft_1945_wwii.pdf
  3. ScaleRC

    I must be crazy, B-24J on the bench.

    For cockpit details this 360 degree virtual tour might be of some assistance: http://www.nmusafvirtualtour.com/cockpits/WWII_tour/WWII-1.html