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  1. I’m 1/35 or larger only, no other reason than my bifocals only correct so much. I keep praying for a 1/32 Mig-25.
  2. FYI, in case anyone is waiting and following, I will not be posting any more in-progress pics on this build as I am using this to practice a new technique I want to experiment With. Either I will posting it in finished work as a success, or the project was a total failure and I will be chucking it in the trash can. I am not sure what I am doing will work, but, hey, it’s $17 model! My original intention was just to show how this kit fits together. I understand that there are some great inaccuracies with this kit, and I was not intending to make an accurate Mig-15, I am just using it as a canvas. Wish me luck, and I hope I can post finished pictures by end of next month.
  3. I can completely appreciate that, I am working on two builds with almost no WIPs, just building them learn some new skills. You are right, sometimes you just gotta do it for you.
  4. FIL came back home Friday, no answers yet, but is doing a little better. They gave him two pints of blood and one of iron, now seem to feel better, but still weak.
  5. I have always wondered about this kit. Look forward to your build.
  6. FYI, the D&S books are available as digital on Amazon Kindle, which I happen to have myself. I also have the squadron book, but I think D&S has better info for the modeler.
  7. After examining this, the scratch is in the clear, this means I should be able to mask off the outer wing and spray a little more clear to fix it. I managed to gat a few minutes in yesterday to start work on the landing gear, sprayed primer and I’m hopefully going to get those done this weekend.
  8. Per detail a scale, the twin rear guns came mid production for the -3’s.
  9. “US Navy aircraft in 1939 carried a color scheme dating back to May 1925, requiring aircraft to be painted Overall Aluminum, with upper wing surfaces painted Orange Yellow 614. Hulls and floats of seaplanes were painted Non-Specular (flat) Light Grey 602. This scheme was used until December 1940, when all ship-based aircraft were painted overall Light Grey 602. Patrol aircraft wore overall Non-Specular Light Grey 602 except for surfaces viewed from above, which were painted Blue-Grey (FS 35189) * . Two months prior to the Pearl Harbor attack, orders came down requiring all USN and Marine Corps aircraft to be painted overall Non-Specular Light Grey 602 except for upper surfaces, which were painted Blue-Grey (FS 35189). On aircraft with folding wings, the portion of the wing viewed when folded was also painted Blue-Grey. This scheme was to remain until February 1943, after which time the tide of war had turned against Japan. The Non-Specular, or Three-Tone, scheme appeared in February of 1943. Orders required all upper surfaces be Non-Specular Sea Blue 607, with Non-Specular Intermediate Blue 608 being applied to fuselage sides, vertical tail surfaces, and rudder. Under surfaces were Non-Specular Insignia White 601. On aircraft with folding wings, the portion of the wing viewed when folded was painted Non-Specular Intermediate Blue 608. In late March 1944, colors from the 1943 Three Tone scheme were changed from Non-Specular to Glossy. The exception to this rule was fighter aircraft, which were to now carry Glossy Sea Blue 623 overall. Non-Specular Sea Blue 607 could be substituted in areas where it was necessary to protect the pilot from sun glare.“ This excerpt came from Scalecolors.com Here are some inspiration pics. Note that sun fading on blue gray was rapid and extreme, these planes had a very mottled and chalky appearance, oil stained the blue darker and sun faded it almost a powder blue. Fading happened within a week or two, and if you look at aircraft #2 and #4, you can see the color fade. These are high quality original photos and are not colorized.
  10. DN Models does have several masks available, and if you check Hannants, they list a few decal sets.
  11. My FIL is still in the hospital, but today may be a calmer day I can figure out what to do about the scratch on the wing, I have to see if I can spot repair, or if I will be repainting the wing. My goal is to have this finished by Monday, my next IPMS meeting. I also need to paint the prop and landing gear, but after weathering, it will be finished. That’s a major accomplishment for me because I have so many projects started, but this will be the first one completely finished this year. Then I can finish up the big helo, and then concentrate on finishing other stuff.
  12. Sorry, i gave my kit away for parts earlier this year, it traded hands a few times and i lost track of who had it now. There is one canopy on eBay right now.
  13. I live about 100 miles from redstone, I could go and take some measurements if you wish. Perhaps if you ask NASA nicely, they can provide you blueprints also.
  14. I suggest you familiarize yourself with International Traffic in Arms Regulations ("ITAR," 22 CFR 120-130) 121.1 US munitions list. You pretty much broke ITAR laws with your first post, and this post pretty much got you some extra attention. Good luck with your quest.
  15. I was in the middle of cleaning the resin cockpit this morning when I had to take my Father in law to the ER. He had a hemoglobin and iron levels that were rock bottom, I spent the whole day in the ER. They admitted him and are still running test to figure out why. Ten hours in a hospital is not conducive to modeling. It’s been one fun day.
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