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  1. 1to1scale

    Package from Poland!!

    Oh great, now I’m hungry! It’s been a long time since I had this, I can smell the smoke and garlic now.
  2. 1to1scale

    Package from Poland!!

    Wow, talk about thread drift on this one....
  3. 1to1scale

    US Carrier deck prints ready for sale!

    I ordered and received two of them, sadly, I don't have any USN planes to park on them. I better get building!
  4. 1to1scale

    Mask cutter? Advice?

    I very intrigued, I was starting to imagine I could print some fuselage bulkheads on styrene with rivet detail embossed, maybe even instrument panels, etc.
  5. 1to1scale

    HPH L-39

    Ok, now you have to tell us the the story.
  6. 1to1scale

    Mask cutter? Advice?

    With Christmas coming up, my wife is hounding me for Xmas gift ideas, so something I have wanted, is something I can cut masks myself, after all I use them on 80% of all my builds, and the ones I don’t, I wish I had. So, I’m looking for some advice on a good cutter that is easy to use, and not more than $200. What have others used? What do you like, what don’t you like, what software is good?
  7. 1to1scale

    HK Lanc. It will be mine

    Ok, I’m a little slow sometimes.
  8. 1to1scale

    HK Lanc. It will be mine

    FYI, spruebrothers shows they have some in stock as of yesterday.
  9. 1to1scale

    My First Heartbreak

    I say you finish it OOB, and hand paint the whole thing! Finish as you would have back then, this way she won’t break your heart again.
  10. 1to1scale

    Must be crazy, added 2 Zeros to my bench!

    Thanks for the comments! I have to say building this 21st century kit was quick, it was odd, glue didn’t work well, possibly this is ABS plastic (?), it had great detail, but was missing things like rudder pedals and instrument faces, beautiful decals, but the worst part was the plugs to cover the screw holes. They were numbered, but no call outs in the instructions, also, they were a softer material, so during painting, the filler cracked all around them, so I have a few little circles down the side. Overall, I’m happy and will try to find a few more aircraft for some quick one week builds. Next time I’m going to try to use styrene discs to plug the holes, instead of what I am assuming is some type of vinyl(?).
  11. 1to1scale

    P-47D-11 finished

    Very, very nice!
  12. 1to1scale

    Must be crazy, added 2 Zeros to my bench!

    My goal was to have her done today, didn’t quite make it. I still need to spray dullcoat and wash, fix a split seam in front of the windscreen, and the carpet monster claimed the gun barrels, so I need to dig up some master barrels I ordered not long ago. But since it is Dec 7, here it is.
  13. 1to1scale

    Must be crazy, added 2 Zeros to my bench!

    Decals this morning...looks like I’m going to make it! Dec 7 finish date!
  14. 1to1scale

    Must be crazy, added 2 Zeros to my bench!

    More paint work, I’ll try to do decals tomorrow.