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  1. I might have to order some more Tamiya tape...
  2. It’s just blue layout dye, used in machining and marking metal. Strange it’s on sheet aluminum, because it could cause cracking if you scribed a line. Maybe they just poked a dot from a template?
  3. I’m interested, can you PM me a shipping price to Murfreesboro TN, 37129, USA? I am assuming the Trumpeter Mig 17 is not included?
  4. There are lots of photos to support this too.
  5. I have to say, the plating is aluminum, so the effect is incredible, it really looks like aluminum!
  6. None, As a matter of fact, the finish is so smooth, painting over it, you get the same effect as painting over glossy black. the only issue is that when it was molded, the swirl marks in the plastic can show through the plating, like here on the gear doors.
  7. Thank you, I spent 6 hours this weekend individually hand Painting each bullet.
  8. Nothing yet, but I have a few panels I’m repainting to cover a few goofs and seams, and to add some variation.
  9. A little more assembly tonight after dinner. I still don’t have all the gear well parts weathered yet, that’s why some are bright yellow. Magnets are not installed in the cowl panels yet, but the fit so far has been perfect. The only small issue I had was my fault, the right coolant line was about 1/2 mm too short, but I was able to grip it with needle nose pliers and “stretch it a bit.
  10. Still cranking it out. I got the wings done, and fuselage closed up today, next need to join the two.
  11. Hello all, I am in need of a Trumpy Mig-15 Wing sprues, anyone have an abandoned build? Yes, I am the one crazy person building trumpy Mig-15 and 17s. I have already built one kit and was working on a second when I noticed something strange, as I started assembling and sanding the wings, something didn’t seem right. When I fit the wings to the fuselage, not even close to fitting? Oh crap, these are Mig-17 wings! Yes, I have a factory mis-packed kit. This was a new Mig 15 kit with sealed sprues, but they packed the Mig 17 wing sprue in the 15 box. If anyone has a wing sprue or abandoned build I can buy for a few buck plus shipping, it would be appreciated. I don’t feel like sending emails to trumpeter and having to pay for parts they mispacked anyway, and I’m sure the shipping will exceed the value of what I paid for the kit. So if anyone has a full wing sprue full of parts, I would very appreciative. thanks, Mark.
  12. Kitlinx has 5 different WingNut kits available, go get em! https://www.kitlinx.com/cgi/search.cgi?terms2=_Wingnut_Wings_ Mig/Ammo also has some. https://www.migjimenez.com/en/99-wingnut-wings
  13. That’s looking fantastic!
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