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  1. 1to1scale


    I used to use this stuff back in the 80’s, surprised it’s still around, I have gotten better at taping now, so I’m not even tempted anymore.
  2. Sort of funny, because at home in TN, I had no problems accessing the forums, but when I was back in TX a couple weeks ago, I had issues getting on through WiFi the whole time I was there. Back home, no problems.
  3. Another nice one John! I love your builds.
  4. I tried to make the seats as scale as possible, the 1/35 figure I have in the seat, is actually sitting at an angle (as he was designed to sit to one side). I originally made the seats with 10mm wide, but had to step up to 12mm when I saw the figures were a tight fit.
  5. The next part is going to be tough, making rectangular windows....
  6. More work done, I have actually been plugging away, I had to cut 6 pieces of plastic for each seat. For a total of 11 seats, that’s about 60 pieces of plastic all hand cut, each piece sanded, and then glued together. It’s taken me about 10 days to knock them all out. I had to build a couple of jigs to keep the angles proper, a few improvised tools to line up all the seats, and even the use of a miscalibrated eyeball. But, I’m finally done.
  7. Very, very nice finish, nice job overall! Although I'm curious, why did you start with an A8? Didnt both Hasegawa and Revell make an F8? Was the A8 better suited?
  8. Good to know. My flaps will be in the closed position!
  9. What, Ernie doesn’t have one on order yet?
  10. John, is this one of the chrome plated Tamiya mustangs?
  11. Yes, it was a joke, hopefully WW3 didn’t start.
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