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  1. 1to1scale

    OS2U Kingfisher by Kitty Hawk

    Oh yes! My all time favorite plane! I will be stalking this thread. Here is another oddball paint job. This picture appears to be painter top and bottom in dark sea blue.
  2. My bench is an active work area for a change, finished one tank, and starting to weather the next.
  3. 1to1scale

    Wingnut Wings DH2

    I am following this because I fell in love with this plane since I first saw it. I have this one in my stash and I'm waiting for the patience to build it. Dont be worried about the rigging, i learned with another plane, its not that bad, just start with inner wires and work your way out. It also helps to pre-attach all the upper wires before assembly.
  4. Tank #1 done, covered in Balkans mud.
  5. 1to1scale

    Kitty Hawk F-5F by a clueless prop guy

    She is looking pretty!
  6. My bench is a mess, but good news, I have everything primered.
  7. 1to1scale

    I guess its time to say hello!

    Welcome, the gang is all here!
  8. For trade in USA, I have a new and unopened Hobby Boss B-24J. TRADE DONE I had ordered this one from Hannants, but I ended up getting one from a friend in trade. A week later this one came, as I don't have room to display two of these, I want to trade this for one or more other kits of similar value. If you prefer to buy outright and not trade, I will ask $200 shipped in lower 48 states, AK and HI $20 extra. I normally would ship overseas, but in this case, costs would be excessive and you would be better off buying locally. Here is what I would like in possible trade: Tamiya F-16 (any version) Italeri Mirage IIIc Kitty Hawk P-39Q/N Airacobra HpH Curtiss SB2C-4 Helldiver Hasegawa A-4E/F Skyhawk "Top Gun" Trumpeter Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3 Trumpeter Mil Mi-8MT/Mi-17 Hip-H Helicopter Trumpeter F-100F Super Sabre SILVER WINGS PZL P.11c Trumpeter A-7D Corsair II
  9. 1to1scale

    Coastal kits ground blur bases

    Those are great, I have been looking at them for about a year, but in the past they didn’t have those big enough for 1/32.
  10. As a matter of fact, I had the Up-armored version, which had all the parts, plus a butt-load of PE. An example is each roller wheel instead of 3 parts like a Tamiya, it had about 40 parts, the muffler had about 30 parts, instead of 3 on the newer Dragon Platz version, which is what I bought. I have since sold the early dragon kit. so what do I do? I build a Tamiya Tiger I that has a 100 part count and I added RFM individual tracks that have a 5 part per link count, which works out to be 194 links x 5 = madness and sore eyes.
  11. 1to1scale

    TJTX in the birthday house

    Happy birthday!
  12. Speaking of cats, I have a tiger on my bench!
  13. i think i'm going to cough up a hairball.
  14. Yeah, Buster is a Pointer, he is a very visual dog, but he still puts his nose to use. He has caught and killed numerous birds and squirrels, caught a few cats, and one skunk. When we lived in TX, he used to hide just inside the dog door flap and wait for something to come into the yard, then....BAM! out the door.