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  1. Nigel, you will know what this means. Check out the cardboard over the tail antenna, hope this helps with the Hellcat.
  2. Did you buy direct from Grey Matter? I bought my P-40 parts directly from Grey matter on eBay and they were good quality. I have seen a lot of pirate resin parts selling on eBay lately, I even bought some which turned out to be useable, but were not originals. try contacting grey matter direct, if they are theirs and not pirated, maybe they will replace them for you, or maybe just sell you the two parts you need.
  3. Had to be a low speed stall just at rooftop, it could not have hit the house with too much energy.
  4. I think Mike s going to beat you!
  5. Ernie, Nigel has a build started on you tube, he has also found some short shots in the cockpit, for his, the left sidewall bracing and some tubes are short shot that he had to fix. I’m guessing that when I get back from vacation, the one I ordered will also have some issues. Hopefully they will be minor.
  6. I am on vacation with my family this week, and have 5 days in RI, looking to see if there are any “can’t miss” hobby shops around? Edit: I mean within 100 miles from Providence (staying away from NY/NJ area).
  7. Finally took the plunge and glued the windows in, made a few goofs that I need to polish out, but it time to start filling.
  8. Im still looking, any help would be appreciated please.
  9. I’m having trouble remembering, but all the paints were Wingnut recommended Tamiya, the metallics were Vallejo Metal colors. I think the brass was VM gold, but i thought it looked like unpolished brass.
  10. Thanks, but i have to give credit to Wingnut. Everything as painted as instructions show, I did zero research other than the instruction book. If you follow the book, it works.
  11. June 16, 2019. So that was where time ran out, wife got a new job opportunity in Nashville, and we started to pack, the little Fokker got packed up and shelved. Since I was fairly close to finishing, I wanted to resurrect this little guy and get it all buttoned up, and take it to Chattanooga. Most of the painting was done, just needed to finish the lozenge decals and slap it all together. Also, a special thanks to Mike (serian01) for getting me the Proper Plane Axial prop for this project!
  12. Feb 23, 2018 I forced myself to start the Lozenge decals tonight. I have been avoiding these for a month now. Decals are not my friends, but I bit the bullet and figured, I have backup wingnutdecals if I screw this up. In the end, these were not too bad, I trimmed them all up with a knife, then started dipping. I quickly learned not to use decal set, because hey won't slide with it. I'll start the bottom wing tomorrow night, and work the edges with micro sol on the top wing.
  13. Jan 20, 2018 I made some time to get the blue down on this littl Fokker. It ended up a little darker than I wanted, but other wise ok. Unfortunately I got some blue overspray on both sides of the cockpit at the bottom, I will have to touch that up.
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