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  1. Looks fantastic! I’m just getting started on mine, hope it turned out as good as yours.
  2. From the wrinkling effect, it looks like the solvent of the paint underneath caused the top layer to lift and swell
  3. Some of the pictures I was referencing, to me, something changed when they switched colors from hi-viz to lo-viz.
  4. I did some spray out cards today and matched grays to the decals, I think the Lt Gull Gray looks too yellow and more like Older phantoms, I agree the S’s had a cooler tone to them. I tested the Ghost Gray colors and they didn’t match either. I found the MRP pre-1942 Gray to be a better match to the decals, which look like the pictures. I also found that the Medium Gunship Gray was the closest match to the anti-skid, anti-glare, and tail, so I am going to use both Instead of what instructions say. MRP040 MRP/Mr Paint - Gunship Grey FS36118 MRP134 MRP/Mr Paint - WW2 Light Grey M-495
  5. Good looking phantom! All the sources call for Light Gull Gray, but I was thinking maybe ghost gray is a better match to the photos. Since you completed one, what do you think?
  6. I took a major step toward doing the ugly part, and did it early before it sucked away my enthusiasm. All the parts Are there such as extended strut, downward stabs, and flaps In launch configuration, which few kits have. I praise old man Zoukei-Mura for giving the option of putting the stabilators in launch mode, but then I curse him for not giving any cutting guides on the inside fuselage. Today I ripped off the bandage and started carving away plastic, and then decided to apply a bandage, as I did make a nice little slice in my index finger. After about 4 hours of careful carving,
  7. Here is my next project, as many recent completions have been commission work for others, I decided to do one for myself. As a teen, I wanted nothing more than to fly F-4’s, but that never worked out, however I have still been a lifelong fan. I was always a fan of the last F-4S, but never knew there was a kit out there. Recently I came across the ZM phantoms, and when I found this one, I knew I wanted to do a cat launch, nose up, tail down. I have for my build ZM-1/48 F-4S CAM Decals VF-161 (kit decals are close, but not what I wanted) Aerobonus Pilot, RIO,
  8. I have a 7 year old, he has radar, he knows when we even touch each other.
  9. Ernie’s blood is already 33% resin dust, too late now...
  10. Thanks, I’m not done with USN grays yet, F-14 is waiting on decals, I started on a ZM F-4S yesterday, and I have a Polish and Ukrainian Mig-29’s coming up, all using grays. I ought to get a hang of this by then.
  11. Finished up painting today, happy with it, ended up using 7 different grays.
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