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  1. Having used Dk Gull Gray over gray primer on both interiors of the Blackhawks, I realized that this stuff does not go far at all. I used 40% of a fresh full bottle on the the interiors of each kit. However, I have no complaints on the color quality, sprayability, and especially easy clean up.
  2. Started poisoning myself with lacquers today, I mean painting...did I say poison? I also learned that 30 ml or MRP paint does not go as far as a bottle of a 10 ml Tamiya jar.
  3. I am doing two, possibly 3. 3 is my limit for anything.
  4. Work started, the interior has “challenges”, so I am having to take up large gaps with styrene.
  5. Bwaa Haaa Haaa! It was Tamiya Racing Blue for me. I learned the explosive power decanted lacquers!
  6. I guess there are some constants in our universe....gravity....taxes....John building a Corsair....
  7. I can speak to the B-24. On the J model, you can see a LOT through the cockpit canopy, it’s a lot of very clear windows, the HB clear is excellent, so throwing AM at the cockpit is a good idea. The bomb bay is another area sorely needing attention, if you plan on flipping it over to show it. The model should weigh about 6 pounds when done, so brass is a good idea, however, you will still need to glue the tar out of them where they join the wing. The big detriment to the kit are the turrets, sadly, you will have a seam, or you can go with crappy eBay turrets. As of right now, nobody has made any good replacement turrets. Right now my build is in a holding pattern, waiting for someone to release front and rear turrets. However, if you are building a D model, then at least you don’t have to worry about the front turrets, just the strange shape of the front glass.
  8. Well, I had planned on starting my F-117, but I actually am building a pair of Blackhawks for some pilots, and since they are going on deployment in a couple months, I’m moving these in front of the Nighthawk. I'm doing a OOB build without any PE, although I need to figure something out with seatbelts. I started dry fitting one bird, to see what needs fixing, and the passenger cabin is a terrible fit so far, I have had to attack it in anger with a 150 grit sanding stick already.
  9. As the title says I’m looking for a 1/200 Trumpeter USS Yorktown or Hornet aircraft carrier. I can’t pay cash, but I can offer trades. I have a few tasty trades I can offer, depending on your likes. If you have one and will never get around to building it, hit me up, I have some nice aircraft or armor. I have these to trade:
  10. The Fokker is a real Fokker to build, so many variables with the engine cradle, cowlings, panels, etc. I have been working on mine for over two years off and on, and I’m getting close, but every time I get traction, something makes me take a break from it. On the contrary, the snipe was easier to build. The rigging is not hard with ez-line, it’s just one at a time, I rigged mine in one night. The triplane can be a bit fiddly to align three wings. My vote is the Pup, it has the upper wing struts integrated into the cockpit side panes, so it’s really hard to screw up alignment on it. Another plus is the extremely low parts count, I think it the perfect starter Wingnut.
  11. That is a great testimonial, it’s good to hear that some companies do care about their customers.
  12. Here is my RFI for a commission build of the Revell Iron Maiden Spitfire with Eddie in the cockpit. The model was mostly stock other than G-factor Gear and antenna mast, and fabricated a rear metal wire holder and insulator. I added a PE harness the for the pilot and there is a tube under the aircraft for an acrylic rod. I used stock Tamiya RAF colors, just to make sure touch ups were easy if needed. And to keep with the Aces High theme, lots of chipping, soot, and grime, after all, the undead don’t have time to land and wash their planes. Total build time was exactly 4 weeks. Overall, I have to say this kit builds nicer that the new tool 109 and P-51, it’s definitely a simpler build, while still have it good cockpit detail and nice surface riveting and scribing. The fit of the bottom wing to the rear fuselage was poor, I had to use plastic shim to take up the gap and had to cut away the tabs that joined the two. Revell should have put the join at the rear of the wing, and not as far back as they did, it let to a lot of work. The decals were about as nice as any I have ever used, the kit landing gear are garbage, as are other Revell kits, an upgrade here is needed. Clear parts are probably the worst part of the kit, they sort of fit OK, but don’t line up with the fuselage very well, and they are not very clear, they seem to have a texture to the inside of them. I am pretty happy how this turned out, I ended up putting more work into it than anticipated, but it came out 98% the way I wanted it to. If I was building it for myself, and i have a kit that i will, I would have also upgraded the exhaust manifolds, and possibly gone with a new IP, Brassin landing gear and tires. I also would put the flaps up, as I grow tires of reattaching them with CA. I also would do mine in-flight, gear up, possibly mid retraction, and with a pilot. Pretty much a stress free build, just minor issues compared to some other kits.
  13. I was playing with both kits last night, and I could see that there isn’t a lot of surface area on two helos, but that F-117 is huge, I’m guessing it’s about 3 square feet or more of surface area. I think I will need two bottles of black to be sure.
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