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  1. Thanks for the complement. I will have to look to see what paint I used. I think it was a Krylon color.
  2. Thanks for the complement Peter. I need to revisit this build and finish it.
  3. Dump bed has been mounted now to add a few more details
  4. Getting some work done on the truck. I’ve upgraded the engine to a 350 instead of a 250
  5. This is a old AMT Autocar DC I’ve had for about 16yrs always undecided what till make till last winter. I decided to make it a Dump truck. I took my brother Bill’s old bed he gave me back around 1986 and re-do it. Bill bought a new AMT Autocar Dump Truck when it first came out in 1972. He painted the neighbors fence to buy it of course I helped I was 3yrs old. The cab shied and front was bad so I replaced it with a Ertl one I had. Here’s some pics of the bed and truck in progress. 
  6. Jeff no I don’t mind glad you found it sorry if we high jacked your thread Ron
  7. Yes Jeff that’s me driving my brothers Kenworth I was raised on those old Detroit’s
  8. I bought this kit off EBay about 2 yrs ago and this kit brings back a lot of memories to me. I think it was Christmas of 1979 Mom and Dad got this kit for me and my brother Bill got me the GMC General the same Christmas I have a pic of them some where that my mom took of them when I finished them. They were my first model trucks.That was 40yrs ago so I thought I would build one for the Anniversary of this first model truck I got. I will be adding some spoke wheels and a tarp and a headache rack to this build. Hope you will follow along.
  9. Here’s one I finished last summer. The frame in the kit was a “Rubber Block” suspension So I used a Monogram Ford aeromax frame with air suspension instead. I also added other parts. Enjoy the pics
  10. Ron. Wow!! What a great build at the moment I’m building some 1/25 trucks also I might post one. Here my brothers 1967 Kenworth he and dad restored and I helped a little. I can’t link the video from YouTube but if you go out and search 1967 Kenworth 318 Detroit you’ll see me driving my brothers truck. Great progress so far keep it going
  11. Thanks for the complement Guys and the pics good reference material
  12. Worked on the bed last night. I removed the top sides and sand it down and added the tail gate and gave it a test fit now for some paint
  13. Thanks yes can’t believe how quick this is going o hate to see it end but I have some more I’ll be building and I’ll show how I paint the tires
  14. Carl. Thanks for the complement and yes they are free handed the next one I do I will post some pics of me doing it
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