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  1. 1550? You mean 3:30PM ? Just imagine Phil, to find a box from 1550. Ultimate procrastination
  2. ...and nothing is getting done to unpack welcome to my world
  3. Gentleman, I am looking for left over decals for Airacobra, shark-mouth, Italian, French, Russkie, Guadalcanal, simply something different that training unit depicted in the Hasegawa kit that I got today. Normally I build 1/32 so I don't have much of 1/48 scale stuff in my stash. Naturally, you call the price and I respect that. Thank You in advance Martin
  4. I love the shape of that thing, great show John. Cheers Martin
  5. Great result, despite the medical setbacks, she looks mighty fine. Cheers Martin
  6. You guys are terrible, but I haven't had such a good laugh in a years
  7. Well cut. its not easy to lay down the angles right.
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