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  1. Smooth as silk, I like the overall appearance of your build , very tasteful . Cheers Martin
  2. Looking mighty fine, very different Phantom for sure. I am not trying to be a pain, but I just noticed this little thing, aren't the AIM-7 Sparrow/Skyflash supposed to fully fill the respective opening in the fuselage ? They seem to be tad shorter. Cheers Martin
  3. It seems that Chevy guys are wearing protective clothing , reflexive vests, head covers etc... , Based on the Gladiator video, I am expecting to find some loose objects in my future ride. Like, necklace, shoe laces, pubic hair , perhaps somebody's lunch too
  4. I had no idea that Gladiators are assembled by people randomly picked up at Walmart the day before. What happened to overalls , safety footwear and overall safety and appearance ? Very disconcerting
  5. More like:” what’s his problem?!”
  6. Interestingly, when he found my Su-27 in a open box laying on the ground he decided to chewed up the plastic nose instead of the Zacto piece. Good boy
  7. Here are my blundstones, I had to take them to cobbler and had all the straps replaced. my DocMartens, my cellphone and the list goes on. In merely four months 😖
  8. Yes :), this is human abuse. He has to pick the most expensive footwear
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