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  1. I would go with RealModell set instead, combined with EagleCall decals.
  2. Harvey ,,,,, what do you mean by “ break” ?
  3. I built D-9, D-15 and F-8, started F-9/8, and D-13
  4. Anyway, I watched this movie last night. And have to say it’s very well done , good acting, not too much overboard cgi or superhero stunts.
  5. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/8/9/4/1179894-58-instructions.pdf
  6. Just follow your instincts. 😈
  7. Thanks to that cheeky marine I picked up this , apparently it’s another one of Trumpeter’s good-enough kits, but the only one available at the moment . Nothing that can’t be fixed by a ton of resin putty and some steel plates and lots of positive attitude
  8. Take it easy Harvey and remember you have bunch of young friends with expectations of you to finish at least one of your builds in the next 3 decades. and don’t look at me with you judgy little eyes, I never said I’m building to finish anything lol happy birthday and many more to come my friend !!!
  9. those gliders were obviously missing afterburners
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