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  1. Martinnfb


  2. Martinnfb


    Tragedy indeed. Ignorance and ego killed them all.
  3. Martinnfb

    Leopard 2A4M

    Nice and clean Leo. Thanks for sharing Steve. Cheers Martin
  4. Martinnfb

    Revell fw 190 A8/R11 to "R2 Sturmbocke"

    Lovely detail, if I may suggest Eduard's Brassin legs as a great addition to this flawless build, they are highly detailed and slightly "shorter" in weighted configuration. Cheers Martin
  5. Martinnfb


    Finally !
  6. Martinnfb

    My First Heartbreak 15/Jan/19

    Looking great Gaz. Cheers M.
  7. Martinnfb

    T minus six days...

    Sweet. Can't wait
  8. Martinnfb

    T minus six days...

    Important question. How do you like you garage Ivan, any pictures? Cheers M.
  9. Martinnfb

    A chronicle of battle damaged B-17's

    Perfect. Exactly what I needed, Ive been collecting shots like this for a while in hope that one day, when I grow up I should have enough to reproduce Ch. Brown's ship. Thank you for posting. Cheers M.
  10. Martinnfb

    I must be crazy, B-24J on the bench.

    set of masks can be helpful https://dnmodels.com/product/b24j-canopy-windows-wheels-liberator/?fbclid=IwAR1Y28xEvZixgyUh5v1NKj43L3mk4Abz9xxY9rI8UcA5DQwRnu8PlDeFHMA
  11. Thank you Ivan, I don't wan to sound like a pessimist, however........ let us give him another 3 weeks And here is a quick underwater shot of an unrelated Mexican fish ..... I am trying to crack through the initial GoPro user barrier
  12. Thank you guys for the support. I know that this sounds extremely immature but this car is my toy, literally. One simply does not mess with another men's toys. more progress pics.
  13. Martinnfb

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope 3rd"

    I just run-out of likes. Impressive skill set you have there Peter. Most inspiring in every way. Cheers Martin
  14. Martinnfb

    I must be crazy, B-24J on the bench.

    good point, I don't know. here is a war-time picture showing plating behind the pilot sear, rather metal, then wood.