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  1. It's the nature of the beast, I am going to lift the from a wee bit more, to level up and create more clearance .
  2. I’ve made an error and instead of 33 inch tires got 33,2 “ . Ever since I have been trimming the heck out of it. pinch weld was hammered flat , fender trims were trimmed:) Fuuuuu.....n
  3. There was something off about the look of the nose that I based on the set of drawings above. So I overlap it with a picture of an real aeroplane that was scaled up to the spinner diameter just to see the proportions and realized that the drownings are incorrect. The plug was too big. so back to the basics. I meant mitre saw LOL
  4. Angle grinder and sledge, you said? ,,,must be made by Trumpeter.
  5. Thank you Gus, not much progress tonight. Extension was added to the radiator. Contemplating the addition of the inner structure as well.
  6. Just catching up with this fantastic build. Very inspiring indeed. Cheers Martin
  7. Thank you Jeff You are absolutely right John. Although the main wing is very nice with all the flaps down and internal details Hubert, my friend I simply love your sense of humour. What do you mean, by “ improving my tiding skills”? Thank you Phil, I sure do, however my shrink is not going to be happy. As I used the backplate from Hasegawa, the tr. seat was too narrow for the mounting points, so I opted for Hasegawa option as well. The seat is deeper and creates perception of depth. Those openings on the bottom plate will be covered by seatbelts.
  8. Splendid detail, I love it. Cheers Martin
  9. Last night I finished the rough shaping of the spinner. Not great, not terrible ....☢️ hi Carl, you’re absolutely right. To use Hasegawa is the way to go. Derrek’s fantastic conversion set ( GMF) is the best option. it wasn’t so much the dogs fault. I left open boxes in the ground, that’s a grey zone. here is the perpetrator:) Thank you for your support Gaz, it is lots of work, hopefully it will show at the end. Thank you Kai, I like the look of the French aeroplanes , weathered and well used . I have been using Tamiya epoxy putty, it’s little bit on the
  10. Grey matter propeller blades arrived today.
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