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  1. crash site diorama seems to be an option
  2. Paul Budzik converted Hasegawa with amazing result. https://paulbudzik.com/Interviews/Interview with Paul Budzik _ Large Scale Planes.htm https://paulbudzik.com/models/p51.pdf
  3. Hard no to Trumpeters attempt. Wing supposed to have laminar profile, it doesn't , engine cowling is off, spine is too bloated, which messes up the windshield, you name a part and I will tell you what is wrong with it. In fact, I opted to convert Revell's D. This is one of the best builds out there , by Miloslav. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=2853
  4. Distressed skin effect loos Uber real. Bravo!
  5. I was lurking in the background, absorbing the essence of awesomeness . Great show Gary. Cheers M.
  6. Just received a package from Australia. Thank you Brad, you kind and generous help is humbling cheers Martin
  7. Ok , I’m getting blind so I need to scale up.
  8. Bloody Amazing ! Very unique and attractive scheme indeed. Cheers Martin
  9. My bad, I just realized that Eduard has a new line of decals, please disregard my comment above.
  10. They are printed by Cartograf.
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