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  1. Congratulations Ernie ! Well done !
  2. Thank You Harvey, it means a lot. I still packing up, can't find my favourite toy
  3. Gentleman as many already know , I was accepted to join a training program for your favourite law enforcement agency. I am departing tomorrow morning and it seems that I might not have spare time to participate on the forum the way I did. So keep the shenanigans going and I will peek in once I get a chance to exhale .
  4. Definitely, and good price as well.
  5. " Don't sell them just yet Carl, please wait for Martin to become rich again " Great prices for fantastic combos, good luck with the sale !
  6. That sucks, but you discovered what was happening in time to take action and on the same token you verified reliability of your employees . Still sucks.
  7. It's always lurking in the deepest shadows of your mind
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