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  1. So here is the link. Please count the cylinders and tell me it is a joke, 1.April or something
  2. Hasegawa's breakdown can become overwhelming, but you are so close Mark and your results are always impressive. Keep it up. Cheers Martin
  3. well, this went dark really quick Recently I have been spending lots of time studying freshly released archive documents and looking for decent jokes. Couldn't help to giggle over this one
  4. I built this type very long time ago and noticed few details to be aware of. Upper wings are two tone, probably RML 74/75. Lower portion of ailerons is most likely in 76. The wheels are the older 5-hole type. The body of the turbo has finish in several shades, metal/colour or two shades of metal . here are some "cleaner"pictures Cheers Martin
  5. I am getting silently excited here Peter. That build above is in 1/32 scale from Miloslav. Based on Hasegawa kit + planet model conversion set. Cheers Martin
  6. This was the nicest, most positive and encouraging statement that I heard in a long time. Thank You Tony.
  7. Beautiful detail Ernie, you make it look so easy .
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