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  1. Fantastic selection, thanks for the update
  2. Fantastic work Gaz, step by step to perfection, love it ! Cheers M.
  3. Another exciting and highly unique project Ernie, I can wait when you apply you magic and mad skills to this thing :). Kudos to Mike for giving you an early Christmas . Cheers M.
  4. You're most welcome John, I might even have a set kicking around somewhere .
  5. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/the-final-touch-fta171-pb4y-2-privateer-cowlings--1034276
  6. Very nice build and choice of subject as well, I will follow with interest Cheers Martin
  7. Also the armoured ring overlaps the rest of cowl, there's no need to sand it down. Some people do
  8. That cabinetry is stunning, I am officially jealous
  9. Welcome to the forum Mike, what an amazing demo of your mad skills. Can not wait for your work in progress threads. Cheers Martin
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