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  1. OH.............. my aching backside, that looks GOOD !!!!!!!!!!! Carl, you are a Master !
  2. Yeah, I hear you there, Phil..... I did 'splurge' on the Dispaie ones, as I don't or haven't ever bought any real nice tools, so I thought I would treat myself, and yes the trumpeter ones are VERY good...... I do like mine a lot as well....
  3. Harv, they are awesome, like Phil mentions............. I bought two of them, one set is a Dispae, and the other is a Trumpeter one, both are fantastic.............. I asked Carl if he thought they were worth it and he was the guy who convinced me to buy them... I'm very glad I took his advice... they make taking small brittle part off the sprue very easy and comfortable, but as Carl mentioned, apparently don't drop them .... and Yeah, Phil, let us know what you think full on... I love mine..
  4. oh................ DUDE!!!!!!!!!
  5. My Christmas gift from Recon Mike !!! THANKS Buddy !!!!
  6. Carl.................... is there ANYTHING, you Can't do? That is bloody awesome , man, absolutely perfect..... top drawer Bud !
  7. Man.......... that aluminum seat is eye candy for sure, that looks absolutely real, Rob....
  8. One of the bonuses of buying directly from the ranch is the price, the whole thing works out to under 6 bucks a pound... and we get some of the finest cuts in that as well, comes cut, wrapped and frozen, for that price, as an example, a very SMALL rib roast, at the Safeway store was over $90.00 ! Easily consumed by 4 people in one sitting........... and who knows what kind of chemicals and hormones were used in raising that animal.... Cathy and I know the animals that are raised at the ranch we get ours from is absolutely grass fed, and well acres for, they have over 35,000 acres fro them to
  9. I know, I was going to mention to Harv that between you and Tony, with the BBQ pics you guys send me, I have to get more recipes and skills to keep up with you two guys !
  10. We get ours in Alberta, can't beat Alberta Beef !
  11. I have to go nearly 400 miles for mine, we get a 1/4 , and believe me I'd like to get a 1/2 but it may be a bit too much for just Cathy and me.... although, I am CARNIVORE...
  12. Oh, sweet..... how much do you get, and do you got to the ranch to get it? We had a prime rib roast the other day, and it was 'fork' tender..... incredible stuff..... I could eat it everyday....
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