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  1. That is FABULOUS, Ron !!!! What a ton of engineering and research, your workmanship is top drawer !!!
  2. The pilot looks so cool with his period mustache.... I love that
  3. To all my friends in the UK and Commonwealth, I just heard of the passing of Price Phillip.... sad news , I got this email this morning... The National President RCAF Association Colonel (Ret) Terry Chester, CD has sent a letter of condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, on the occasion of the passing of her husband, His Royal Highness The Prince Philip. Our Prime Minister's statement on this matter may be found below: Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the passing of The Duke of Edinburgh April 9, 2021 Ottawa, Ontario The Prime Minister,
  4. That's encouraging, John, I have the Tamiya MkXVI in the stash...
  5. I hear you on the getting old bit... my damn knees are giving me Hell these days... too many years climbing and jumping off heavy equipment and big trucks..... still though, the belts look great, I have yet to try the fabric ones....
  6. SWEET, I will look forward to that for sure !
  7. The belts look great..... kit ones ??
  8. Quite clearly we have to see if the mods can make another section, for the goodies you build, trucks, cars, ships etc..... keep posting your fabulous builds , IF by chance you accidentally post in the wrong place, one of the mods will quietly and politely move it to where it should be. So no worries.....
  9. Personally, I really like the looks of this, and if by chance you want to see an outstanding rendition of painted and detailed floats, check out Doc Rob's builds, he absolutely has the detailed weathering down to perfection. He could make these beauties shine..... I'm no expert on these older floats, I know a little about Edo floats, but these look really good....
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