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  1. This is cool news......... I hope they can bring back the WNW kits, under the new name, that would be cool, as there are a few I procrastenated on and missed out, so maybe Lady Luck will shine on us. I have read a lot about the demise of the WNW operations and what little bit there is about this new venture....... the many "EXPERTS" out there all seem to know the finest of details of this venture and who owns what molds, who is keeping or selling said molds and if WWI subjects are a sinking ship and they should do WWII stuff instead, then they go into who is and who isn't financing the venture and then the HUGE speculation on what the first kit is going to be, "No it isn't going to be the Lancaster, it's going to be another 109,...." truth is NONE of the "Experts" Know anything, nothing at all, it is ALL speculation. Who really does know are the guys who have taken the plunge to try and bring us something special, and they are obviously trying hard. It may VERY well be the Lancaster, and to the experts ( we don't have many 'experts' here that know it all, mostly on tos's where they seem to gather ) who knows, maybe Sir PJ IS bank rolling the new venture or given, sold , or loaned the molds ...? I wish the 'experts' would relax with the massive speculation they know NOTHING about............... the guys here on this site make this thread very interesting with little or NO speculation about the business model. Personally, I don't know anything of the business end of this new venture, and will not speculate, about what they should or should not do, I am THRILLED they are taking a chance on us, and are risking their finances to bring us some new found joy and excitement in these time we are in. I hope they can bring this together as best they can and I certainly look forward to see what comes. You guys are making this an interesting thread and I'm glad there isn't much discussion about the detailed inner workings of the new company, and I'm sure I will do what I can to support them..... lets keep this thread going with the real information not like some other sites .....I will get off my soap box now... thanks for letting express my thoughts....
  2. OUT-BLOODY-STANDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That fuel tank is the Cat's Pajamas man !!! That is excellent, it will just need fuel slopped down the side of the tank, like our guys used to do every time they fueled up the trucks...... what did you use for 'Cat' Yellow, Ron....? Awesome stuff....
  3. Lookin good Tony, I hope Cubbie is lending a hand...
  4. Happy Birthday Carl !!!! Brisket and CAKE !!!!
  5. I agree, Peter, the new Airfix is really good..... I like the Hurricane, lots of potential for serious detailing....
  6. Ron, as you are doing such a fabulous job on the detail, are you going to chisel out the depressions on the steering wheel spokes? Paint the spokes silver as the real deal ones are brushed aluminum, and put a teeny tiny Peterbilt logo on the horn button?
  7. "Pelvic shenanigans" ????? HHHmmmmmm BEAUTIFUL wood.... that would make a gorgeous laminated cutting board.... all joking aside, Steve, I do sincerely hope you are on the mend...
  8. Steve...................... you kill me !!!! Too funny !!!!
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