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  1. Hello Hubert, I would like to apologize to you for the trouble with the engine. Because it turned out that the prototype of the fifth P11 from the exhibition in Paris in 1934, however, had a Bristol Mercury engine installed! In the publications that are available, on which I relied, the engine type is incorrectly stated as GR Mistral. Even the official catalog of the PZL factory is misleading by stating information about two engines on this GR and Bristol aircraft. However, I managed to get to the American (intelligence) report from 1934 describing the planes at the exhibition in
  2. Hello Hubert, I'm working on the prototype drawings. Here you have the most likely silhouette shape of this prototype. At the top, a machine, at the bottom, a prototype. As you can see, there are some important differences that need to be included in the model. For now I am working on the remaining drawings of this prototype. Greetings Marcin
  3. I am glad that I can help. Thank you for the proposition to print the engine. I also go this way and design a 3D model of this engine, I haven't finished it yet, so far it looks like this: Good luck :-) Marcin
  4. The plane shown in Paris was a prototype that tried to interest the French. But Romania got interested in him, so he was sold to Romania. It was a model for the PZL P11F aircraft, about fifty aircraft of this type with GR engine were made, which were used by Romanians. The aircraft was offered for sale or license with a Bristol or GR engine. However, at the exhibition in Paris, this prototype had a sink GR 9Krsd. The P11C series copies already had a Mercury engine.At the moment I am collecting materials about this aircraft, but in this photo, although it is of poor quality, you can see that th
  5. Hello Hubert, congratulations on taking on the rather difficult task of converting the late P11c into the fifth P11 prototype. As I am preparing for the same task, I would like to draw your attention to a few things that made this plane different from serial planes. First of all, it had a different engine, it was not the Bristol Mercury but the Gnome Rhone 9Krds engine. For this reason, there was a different exhaust manifold, a slightly longer engine crankcase and a slightly different propeller cap. The undercarriage covers you made so beautifully should cover slightly different wheels, which
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