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  1. Neither did I mean any offence Kent, and I hope you did take it as such. I actually admire and am in awe of your dedication to get the best and superdetail the kits you start. When I see you tackle a new subject, it is with trepidation, because I know you will put your magic to it, and produce an unique masterpiece. Of course, you are not an OOB kind of guy, much to our collective pleasure. Can’t wait to see you Aeromarine conversion finished, btw Hubert PS: re your Aeromarine conversion. Great find with the Preiser figures. I would advise a quick check about their size, though. I had to hack a few mm off the legs of one Preiser figure I want to use on my still-in-being Gee Bees’ build. Without this surgery, he’d be a real giant
  2. Really nice result, and a great tribute to your craftsmanship and devotion to get things right . Funny personal feeling I want to share : I know this build is triggered by the Blue Max movie, but a WWI German single seater with the fuselage covered in hexagonal fabric just looks odd to my eyes. Interesting how we get into fixed cultural representations of things ... Anyway, great work and result ! Hubert
  3. Not sure I will participate, given my abysmal record on anything GB, and lack of time at the bench, and also because I do not like cameo things, being with wings or targets, very much ... But ... If I participated, I'd be tempted by this subject : Alternatively I was thinking of this one, but, although the decaying hulk still exists today, much modified from the 1944 period, I would have to find a way of drawing the hull lines first ... Both would fit my bill of not-too-military subjects, and the GB requirement, I guess ... Hubert PS : both pics posted under fair use principle, of course
  4. I’d check the Archer site for this kind of (armor) markings. For the parts themselves, I’m sure that you can find some in armor AM offers. Hubert
  5. I’d say plastic ... Hubert
  6. I’m a bit like you, Ryan, Must be linked to my modelling culture and past. I never flinch facing a difficult assembly, and quite the contrary tend to yawn when it’s too easy. Add to that the choice of subject, which is very often too mainstream for my tastes (at least for Tamiya, not WnW who created a new modelling model and market), and I end up with a lot of Special Hobby, or resin kits, and few, if any, Tamiya. Hubert
  7. I can hear the choir of unfinished kits singing a capella « You’re so weak, Martin... » Hbert
  8. I think this report of the public exhibition in Shizuoka, published on The Modelling News, gives a good idea of what the Japanese modelling market is all about (besides the talent everywhere) https://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/05/58th-shizuoka-hobby-show-2019-modelling.html# Hubert
  9. Not for me to say anymore, Jeff ... It’s a big chunk of resin though ... I’d expect a price point between, say, a Fisher jet or a HPH Walrus, or more than a HK twin, and less than a four-engined one ... Before seeing the master, I was thinking of a price between 135-150 €. Not sure I’d have made any profit at this price, after I saw the (complex) masters ... Hubert
  10. There is always the possibility to adapt the Dumas 1/32 Brooklyn tug to a LT-5 tug, but then, it may be difficult to complete in the time frame (don’t ask me how this idea came to me ) Hubert
  11. At the risk of appearing to sow dissent here (hang on, maybe that’s really what I am doing ), I am not disappointed, because I am not that interested with Tamiya new releases (you know, single seats - but for the Mossie -, heavily-camoed WWII fighters, yaaaawwwwnnnn ), even though I recognise they are truly outstanding kits... Being a weird-subjects’ scratchbuilder at heart, at a definite procrastinator when to comes to painting, I am not that keen on easy-to-assemble-with-almost-no-filling-just-need-to-do-a-proper-painting-job kits. I was disappointed when HpH chose to release a C-47 rather than a DC-3, and at at a price point, with VAT, above my self-imposed (already very understanding) budget limit, I was disappointed when ICM released an O-2 rather than a Cessna 337, or when Trumpeter’s much awaited TBD turned into vaporware, but not when Tamiya San failed to release another WWII single-seater (my bet is still - since 2014 - on a 109 G-6, btw, which I got right so far, but for the scale). And I agree we are very lucky to have so many new 1/32 subjects available in-between new releases by Tamiya . Just to finish and cheer you up, some of you may know I initiated the development of a 1/32 DH-89 Dragon Rapide resin kit. Life choices and other constraints have held me from bringing the project to fruition for quite some time. You may be pleased to know that I have just struck a deal with a very competent resin-kits’ manufacturer to take over the masters, and finally release this kit. Isn’t LS modellers’ life wonderful in our times ? Hubert
  12. It looks like you did your mold vertical, from tip of the blade to root of the blade. For a long and thin part like this one, I believe it is probably more efficient to do the mold « horizontal », with a big casting block along the leading or trailing edge. Thus any trapped bubbles have less way to do to escape from the viscous resin. I have also read that having your mix cup high above the mold, to thin down the fillet of resin flowing down into the mold, has the effect of removing some of the bubbles trapped in the mixing process. Hubert
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