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  1. I’d say that, after an appropriate number of cocktails, whichever they are, you’ll get the colors you want ... Just my experience Hubert
  2. Spam is in the same league as Marmite : awful, unedible stuff, the taste of which can only be acquired by people who have also been educated in British boys’ boarding schools And this definitive judgment is from a man with impeccable food tastes, which include eating frog legs, snails, living oysters, andouillette (a typical French sausage made of pork tripes), sweetbreads, tête de veau (literally veal-head), pig trotters, and steak tartare Hubert
  3. Why, oh why, did you mention the Draw decals site ? I went there, and now I am tempted to get one or more Mustangs ! As if my stash needed more kits ! I am almost tempted to jinx your build, so that you do not tempt any more than now Hubert
  4. I’d say the light still shows a bit of an uncanny bulge - à la Trumpeter F6-F - in the center of the area I have circled below ... Probably just my old eyes, sorry ... Hubert
  5. Fantastic work (as always), Peter. However, can I raise a question ? The photo below leaves me with a strange feeling of a humpback impression ( in my circled area), not quite in line with the smooth flowing lines of the original. It may just be a parallax issue, or the eye being fooled by the change of alignment of the rivet lines, but the impression is bugging me ... Hubert
  6. If HpH’s C-47 is already too expensive, then the De Agostini’s DC-3 is .... what ? Hubert
  7. Hushhhhh ... don’t tell anyone else, but I have seen on Scalemates today that the Japanese guy behind « ONE MAN Models » has upscaled his 1/72 SaRo Princess to 1/48... Now, this is talking « huge and awesome » Hubert
  8. The Wright engines are no big deal. There is a representation by Vector, which has only a "small" glitch, in that the crankcase has an uneven distribution of the cylinders, to make room for an inaccurate representation of the oil crankcase ... But I have designed an accurate center crankcase for the R-1820, and can 3D-print it. Ditto for the cowlings, which I would need to design, but that is an easy shape compared to a finned cylinder for a radial engine ... I could probably design and print internal seats for a civilian conversion as well - and then think about the waste of time and energy a civilian which hides the internal ribbing means for the HPH kit ... Just remains to find the "right" price. I have not had that chance so far ... Hubert
  9. I was (and still am) one of the guys jumping around at the idea of a 1/32 DC-3 ... But, in all my posts about this kit, here or on LSP, I always wrote two conditions : 1) I wanted a DC-3, not a C-47 ... I know the difference was sometimes small (to summarise, mainly the cargo door and the extreme rear end without the glider hook) and that most post-WWII civilian DC-3s were in fact ex-C 47s, but, still, I was disappointed to see the kit only offered the option for boring olive drab military versions ... 2) Above all, I expected a price point in the range of the former Catalina. i.e. 600 €, VAT included for us Europeans. I braced myself for this cash-out. But, at something like 750 € with VAT, it was just 20% above my expectations, and psychologically priced-out for me ... I know the internet has extended beyond dreams the capacity to sell items even in small quantities, but a business can still price itself into a teeny weeny niche ... HPH did it for me with the C-47 kit As for the Buff, if you want one in large scale, you can find one for less than 50 € as a paper model (as well as a Tu-95). A lot of work, but then HPH kits are not shake-and-bake either ... And finally, I’d greedily jump on a B-58 (even though I already have the paper kit) IF the price point was right, i.e. significantly less than the C-47 ... Hubert
  10. Well that’s assuming you don’t buy any new kit until 2189 ... And, at my current building pace, my stash will still be here when they launch Picard’s new Enterprise ... Hubert
  11. Good choice. The finish calls for foiling, methink Hubert
  12. I’m sure you have seen this, and taken care of it, but the cowling looks also different from the Camel. Hubert
  13. Agree with you there ... Just like with the Lancaster. Only this one is even less advanced as a project, judging by the pics which seem very early stage. They appear to be leveraging their brand franchise to undercut competition’s projects. A departure (and far less gentlemanly, IMHO, I might add) from the early days when they would not do kits because « there were already competition doing it » ... Hubert
  14. Looks like WnW is also developing a kit of the same ... http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/productdetail?productid=3206&cat=5 That makes a lot of offer for an esoteric (not to say insignificant) WWI fighter ... CSM should focus on French or Italian subjects, as WnW do not seem that interested in them Hubert
  15. Definitely no bulge nor depression Hubert
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