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  1. See ? Smart Little Shit … Hubert
  2. On the other hand, Birkenstocks are OK in Mexico, but pretty useless in one meter of snow … so, not a totally silly choice 😏 Hubert
  3. Just catching up with your build. Fantastic attention to details, and stunning result 👍 ! Hubert
  4. Didn’t the guy behind Adriatic models mention that « the deck » - I assume this is actually the cabin ceiling - was represented too low by almost 7 mm by Fly ? Hubert
  5. Even if it’s produced the way Ernie described, a glass of Jack Daniels still beats hands down its equivalent in bleach to fight Covid … Just my Hubert PS: great news to read that you’ve overcome the worst of the virus, buddy.
  6. For the software, I use Solidworks, but it is an expensive professional software. I'd recommend without hesitation Fusion 360. The licence is free for students and hobbyists. Although not strictly necessary, you should look at the curing station by Anycubic (talk about a poisoned gift ). It washes the parts from the uncured resin and then cures them under UV. Maybe as a second investment when you feel like you master it well enough. If the weight of the parcel is OK I'll try to include some resin so that you can start playing Hubert PS: Pm me your address ...
  7. Well, maybe. Since early December, life has been a bit hectic, and it's going to get even worse in the forthcoming weeks, as we have sold our house and have to move to another rented one in a month, whilst we soon start the building project of another house ... In all honesty, you may well receive your printer before you receive the sipnner, Martin. Hubert
  8. And the lucky winner should have bought a Lotto ticket from his former employer, methink 😂 ! Sorry for the others, but I had only one to give away, HoHoHo ! Hubert
  9. Some random thoughts on this issue, and having lived through some of the past turmoil on LSP, hopefully with some hindsight. 1) A forum like this one, also accessible at no cost to members, is still a private venture. Just as I expect people to behave in a civilised manner when in my house, I find it normal that some rules apply wherever I am invited, be it for free or as a paying guest. Abiding to these rules is common courtesy, and if you refuse to, you must be ready to live with the consequences of your own behaviour. Rules in a private area are not necessarily censorship. They are just that, rules, defined by whomever owns the place. 2) Although generally imagined as such, there is no such thing as absolutely free speech. Well, yes, if you are alone in the wild, you can shout out whatever you want and only the bees and trees will hear this, and most probably will not take offense. In a society, there are forms to use to express one's ideas, and even in ths most liberal context, sometimes what you say will not be acceptable to others, and you will have to answer some consequences, if only just contradiction. 3) Words fly away, writings stay. When you want to express your opinions, and are entitled to do so, il’s a no-brainer to realise that writing has a more permanent nature than sound waves fading in the distance and time. Besides, I can spontaneously say things, in a split-second, in the heat of the moment, that do not really stand the test of typing them down, even more so if your dactylography skills are average, and your typing definitely not as fast as light ... 4) "With absolute freedom comes absolute responsibility". Not from me, but from Sartre (in the context of WWII French Resistance, btw). Express what you want, if the society allows it, but accept the responsibility that goes with it, including the one of having others telling you they disagree, or your words are unacceptable for them. 5) If you claim the right to be "abrasive" in your relations and words to others, don't moan if they say they are hurt or it itches, and do expect some retaliation from those with thinner skins... 6) Writing down insults and foul language has even more consequences than expressing in a polite way ideas or opinions others disagree with. 7) IMHO, thread drift is consubstantial with forums, just like babble is with a conversation between people. Some like it, others don't ... What I know is that most often thread drift dies away, just like babble vanishes into thin air. I personally do not mind other people intervening in a thread with inputs that seem drifting away form the core of the thread. Very often, I have learned something in the process. But then, I have also worked for years in a business where the owners did actually think that when someone read a paper on someone else's desk, when they were not initially destined to received the said paper, it was a good thing in the end, because it could prompt new ideas, and healthy debates, and the whole business could ultimately benefit from this. Needless to say they were actively looking for ways to overcome the privacy and "security" inherant with emails ... Because of the above, I would never think about asking the admins to remove a post in one of my threads, but it does not mean I do not understand an opposite approach from another forum member. In the specific case of the removed post that started all this, I felt the post itself was pretty inocuous, but on the other end, I was myself tempted to comment on the seemingly wrong canopy - because I did not remember having ever seen such a canopy on the prototype aircraft - of the "Red Baron" on the box cover. So I was about to initiate a thread drift that had nothing to do with "Bardahl Special", and everything with "Red Baron" ... Just my Hubert
  10. Participating in the draw is no big deal, Martin . You know you want to. When I buy a Lotto ticket, I always hope to win the MegaMillions’ draw. It’s not happened to me so far, but some have actually won Hubert
  11. Welcome. I’ll close the list tomorrow morning at 09:00 GMT, and will draw the winner during the day. Hubert
  12. Compared to Canada, the weather in Mexico in winter is sooooooo overrated 😏 Hubert
  13. So, the list to date is: - Fran - Daywalker - Krow113 - BlrwestSiR Any more willing to take their chance ? Hubert
  14. Ok. with hindsight, I'd have sent it anywhere in the world if anyone aother than an European had won it. So, as of now, the draw is, like the Christmas draw, open to all LSP members active before December 5th, 2021. So, we now have two entrants :). Any more ? Let's make it more fun (for me) than just a coin toss HTH Hubert
  15. Hi guys, I thought I’d start a new thread, to make sure it attracts enough attention., rather than being drowned in the follow-up comments. Gus has decided to let pass his Grand Prize win, an Anycubic Photon S 3D printer, as he does not feel like going though the learning curve of using a 3D software, that is is implied by owning a 3D printer. I found a (small) replacement for Gus in all the doubles I have in my reference library, that he is happy with. This leaves me with the 3D printer. Following exchanges with Ernie and Gus, Ernie has suggested that we find another willing recipient in Europe. So here goes: let's draw a list of interested recipients this side of the Pond, and I'll make another draw for the winner. Here is another chance for someone to get a belated Christmas gift. Get your name on the list asap ! Hubert
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