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  1. OK, guys, after sifting through the stash and the duplicates, I came up with an idea which may please many even more than a kit ... So ... I will also donate a fully functional Silhouette Cameo cutting plotter with a spare cutting mat and a spare blade. Ideal for cutting masks and many other projects. Ho, Ho, Ho ... Hubert
  2. I remember a heavy snow fall in the early 80’ on Strasbourg, where I was leaving at the time. A number of my then colleagues lived on the countryside, and had to have the local farmer’s tractor to get their out of thick snowdrifts... until the tractor was stuck itself. In came a Niva who got the tractor out of trouble . Hubert
  3. I’m in as well, as a giver and receiver. I’ll donate a Valiant Wings « Airframe Album », #4 on the Westland Whirlwind (the twin-engine WWII fighter, not the monstrosity with a rotating egg-beater on the top) and a Mushroom book of the yellow series on the A5M Claude. i will also most likely add a kit, but let me have a look at the stash first. Hubert
  4. Looking forward to see your build of this one. It is actually a nice kit, that got shadowed at its launch by the simultaneously-released Tamiya kit. It deserves more attention and praise than it got (and I have one in the stash, that has the bonus of different canopies and props, so easier to make a racer out of it). Hubert
  5. Well, I'm back at it, after an incredibly long hiatus (during which I got a new house finished, moved and settled into it, reset the workbench, and focused on weathering-out the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on my business ... so I was busy, sort of, but not on the modelling scene). So back at it in earnest . I have to say the kit is beautiful, with a level of detail that suits my super-detailing syndrome ... but, in fairness I find it unbelievably fiddly sometimes, with vague instructions when it comes to where the (small) parts go exactly, tiny - well even tinier than that - gluing
  6. I am not saying there is no resin plug on some parts, but Lukgraph kits are not like HPH ones. They are more in the league of Fisher and Silver Wings, i.e. among the best ones. Hubert
  7. The F-105 (with AM) is - was - one of ultimate fantasy kits. Reason, especially considering my current output, led me to let someone else pick up the challenge . Go for it Fran ! Hubert
  8. As my avatar pic shows, I cannot envision sitting on my bench without my Optivisor screwed on now (and the refracted light draws an elegant mustache on my - handsome, of course - face on top of it ). Go for it, you’ll see a big difference, literally. Hubert
  9. Cool car in 1:1. I always wished I had something like this ( or maybe slightly heavier like a Leclerc, Abrams or Leopard ) to hold at bay those pesky two-wheelers in Paris traffic ... As this would not be allowed ( did I fantasize about the squiiishhh of one or two Vespas under the tracks ! ), I have resolved to plan B, i.e. avoid driving in and around Paris Very nice work on the kit, btw Hubert
  10. Harv, you should also check brengun.cz site. They have some 1/32 Japanese fighters’ wheels. And a reputable name in AM for targets ... Hubert
  11. Well, I am going to be selfish and rejoice that MY golden age of 1/32 modelling has just started and keeps striving ! Look what has been hinted at by ICM ! No, not another Fockestang, or Messfire, sorry (well, nor really ) Me happy, even though I also already have the beautiful Silver Wings kit . Hubert
  12. Fell to the temptation of adding another Lukgraph kit to the stash. After all, you can’t get enough yellow wings, can you ? And now I can rationalise that I was right. The Curtiss F6C-1 I ordered shows « sold out » on Lukgraph’s site ! (Prescient) Hubert
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