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  1. Well, as should have been expected, the whole thread initiated by Radu was deleted ... Somehow, especially after Mark Proulx’s post, which deserved the title for post-of-the-year, for mentioning the degrading tone of LSP in the last months, and saying this was a shared view about LSP in many forums, I was hoping this would be kept, although fearing it would not... Unfortunately, the team there do not seem able to grasp their drift, and change their modus operandi ... so sad, for a site which was my surrogate family for 10 years, and where I left many friends. But then, I kept a lot of them on LSM ... Hubert
  2. And to keep in the mood of some threads in other places than LSM.... Hubert
  3. The slats on the Mustang dropped by themselves at low speed, and on the ground, when the engine vibrations made them drop. They were puttied, as was the cowling for the Jumo 004. As for the 262 wings, they were puttied, but as the supply of raw material dropped by the end of the war, they started using Plaster of Paris instead, but rain soon washed it off, so you can see the rivets from 3/4 foot. I hold all this information from a primary source: the sister-in-law of the great-son of a great-uncle whose cousin was the son of a mop-pusher in the NASM reserves between September 1955 and October 1955, before being interned. So don’t you dare challenge me if you don’t want to endure my wrath .... Hubert, of unchallenged knowledge.
  4. LOL, Harv ... Last time I wanted to buy a kit, the question was SB, HLJ, BNA ? SWBO said : « Whichever, you’re GTG, but, IMHO, build it OOB, because, AFAIK, you’ve not finished one lately ». That was EZ : for some it was OOP, for other OOS ... HTH. Hubert
  5. Very impressive resin stuff ! Hubert
  6. Whatever one feels about what's going on there, (where the usual offendants habe been and are still left with a free rein that lets them believe they can write anything), I feel it is a bit unfair to comment dismissively here of people who, for some, do not even belong to this place (and others did but have been thrown out). Let's be better than that. We can criticise behaviours,or attitudes, but this should stop before the "he is like this or that" comment, IMHO. Just my . Hubert PS: btw, back to this thread's original title, the cowlings of the painted A-26 in one of the pics do not look THAT bad
  7. You might consider the Aerocrafts's brass landng gear fro this one. The parts are straight replacements for the kit's. Hubert
  8. Like in The Beatles' song ? Now that is not really compatible with driving, especially a hot rod like this one Hubert
  9. Started buying the materials for a 1/32 scale model, but struggling to get a good price for 10 million tons of steel and plastic ... plus the bench may prove a trifle cramped ... Hubert
  10. It would be really ironic and bad luck to survive a heart attack (even if « mild ») to get caught in a road accident on the way back from hospital . Fingers crossed for you Carl
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