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  1. Beware, Dale. You can probably fit your bed in the HPH 1/48 B-52, but not the drums and the stash. I’d keep my flat if I were you Hubert
  2. 1 inch = 2,54 cm 1 foot = 12 inches = 30,48 cm Unless, of course, you want to convince your wife that 6 inches and 12 inches are the same Hubert
  3. You want a straightforward (and friendly, of course ) answer ? Yes ! Hubert
  4. Most excellent ! I can but dream of when WnW will apply their magic to a Spad XIII or Breguet XIV Hubert
  5. Sad news, yet he will keep us laughing for a very very very long time. What more could he have expected (besides the Spanish Inquisition) ? Hubert
  6. You are a machine, Mike ! Not only is your work outstanding, but the speed at which you achieve it is simply mind-boggling ! And this one is another proof of your talent. (Extremely) Well done ! Hubert
  7. Paypal acts as a ordinary merchant when debiting your credit card. If you are buying in a foreign currency, they do the conversion (and make money from it, btw) and debit your card in your account currency. Hubert
  8. So, you’re not only hoarding kit boxes, but kit decals as well ? Me, I seldom have doubles (well, maybe 2 or 3, or 4, or ... ), but I have plenty of singles, enough to last me until they launch the Enterprise (the NCC-1701 version ) Hubert
  9. Me want one ! Good news is it will not increase the stash size as the Revell one will go crashing in the bin Hubert
  10. To be clear with the piracy issues with CAF Model, they never copied anyone elses’s kits. Their kits seem designed « at home ». But they were using and reproducing extensively all the books and drawings published by ANCRE, without any formal agreement of the publisher to make use of these for a commercial purpose, nor, of course, any licensing contract. And you are right: it’s good to see people admitting their mistakes and taking action to correct them. So kudos to Tom of CAF Models for that. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous and cynical bastards out there who answer you to « f#!&k off » when confronted As for a SG-38 WIP, I’ll do one, but not before I start - and finish - a WIP on Fisher’s Cutlass, as asked by popular demand (Harv IS popular here, isn’t he ? ) Hubert
  11. Aaaaaaaarghhhh ! Why the abominatious (cool invention, isn’t it ? ) scale ? I have never seen a helo kit near armor, on forums or at shows ... I am still wondering why some people insist on the commonality factor between helos and armour kits ... Apart from that, an « interesting » aircraft Hubert
  12. Just got the last (missing from the box initially) component of an interesting little kit ... But first, a couple of stories behind this acquisition : as you might know, our administratot here, James H, is also the administrator of another modelling forum dedicated to ship models : Model Ship World, at the following link : https://modelshipworld.com/ This is an outstanding modelling forum, with a huge (34 471 members as of this writing) and active membership. And with a wealth of talent hardly imaginable displayed at almost every thread. If I had to pick one as an example, I'd choose this one, by a Czech lady, Doris, who does a PAPER model of a 74-cannons ship : https://modelshipworld.com/topic/15981-hms-royal-katherine-1664-by-doris-155-card/ But brosing through the build threads there, of both kits and scratchbuilt models is juts as mind numbling ... The site is not all about period ships, whose rigging will make any WnW British subject look like an amusing distraction, and wooden models. Plastic kits are welcome, as are wooden ship kits of all types and eras. The forum merged some time ago with the NRG organisation, NRG standing for Nautical Research Guild, which devotes itself more to the historical part of ships. So there is another prominent administrator there, Chuck Passaro, who, besisdes his NRG responsibilities, is also a talented modeller and kit producer under the Syren brand. If I mention them, it is because Chuck and James have taken a very strong stance against piracy and Intellectual Property theft. In our plastic world where cutting a steel mold entails a significant expense, we seldom realise that a wooden-ship kit is basically a set of flat plywodd sheets, with the parts die- or laser-cut, some wood strips, and drawings and instructions. They are in essence very easy to copy, and a vast number of companies, mostly - but far from exclusively - of Chinese origin have taken on the copying of established manufacturers' kits. Having no research and no development cost, it is easy for them to significantly undercut the original's price, all the more so if they go for cheap, poor quality, materials. Sometimes, they do not even bother to erase the original manufacturer's name on the plans or instructions ! The same issue arises with drawings and books. There are a few publishers of books and drawings relating to some ships' monographs, and their work is often the result of hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of labor. Here again, if an unscrupulous manufacturer uses these drawings without permission of paying a licensing fee, the author is just robbed of his hard work... So MSW have taken the position of a) establishing a list of companies dubbed as pirates for copying others'kits or using stolen IP material, and b) banning these manufacturers' products from being published or shown in build threads on MSW. I have to say this position is not shared by all modelling sites, especially an Europen-run one, whose name shall remain untold, just not to promote them ... In the meantime, Chuck is working actively to reconcile the "pirates" and the legitimate manufacturers, and to convince the pirates to take a different stance, and amend their behaviour by stopping the sale of pirated kits, or concluding licensing agreements. When one of these manufacturers change their attitude and decide in good faith to enter such talks, the ban is lifted on MSW. One such manufacturer is a Chinese company called CAF Models, who is in active discussions with ANCRE, a French publisher of renown monographs, to stop using their drawings without a license agreement. In the meantime, CAF models have suspended the advertising of the contentious models on their website, to show their goodwill. So a few weeks ago, I read on MSW about the lifting of the ban of CAF Models, and went to visit their website, to find a little gem hidden in one page... This is where I want to tell a second story. I am, as some very well know, a fan of exotic and non-camoed subjects. Hence I very often end up with sometimes obscure resin kits. One subject in particular is very interesting to me, in that it is a model of a glider, which is also the aircraft on which probably most of the Luftwaffe aces learned their trade : the SG-38 glider. HPH have a resin model of the SG-38, and, of course I bought one. It is a very nice kit in appearance, with one drawback however: the wing is solid resin, when the 1:1 glider was a delicate assembly of wooden frames and translucent linen wings. I have been wondering fo ages how I could reproduce the diaphane look of the SG-38 wing by painting, and did not feel very confident in my ability to reproduce this unique look by paint alone. Enters CAF Model website. And I found there a 1/32 kit of the SG-38, in wood and brass ! The whole structure is reproduced in thin plywood. In fact, there is no covering of the wing at all, but then this is easily solved with silk paper, which will have the translucent appearance of unpainted doped linen, just as I wanted ! So this is just what I got : two small carboard boxes, containing a 1/32 wooden kit of the SG-38. One contains the key components, whilst the second contains a base and pedestal, and a resin "pilot". The content is made up of some thin plywood plates, with the various parts laser-cut, plus some additional wood dowels and brass rods, and a small PE fret. And this is finally completed by a set of printed step-by-step instructions and a large A3 sheet plan of the SG-38. So I am a very happy camper now ! And, btw, my original box was missing the "C" plywodd plate with wing ribs. I got in touch with Tom, CAF Models' owner, and he sent me the missing part in no time. So not only an original subject, but a great service from CAF Models as well ! Hubert
  13. I’d take a 1/32 Pe-2 in a New York minute, as they say. But it is far from a forgotten Russian aircraft ... Hubert
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