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  1. Very sad news. His builds were truly inspiring. Blue skies, André. Hubert
  2. HubertB

    Hobbycraft P-51A done

    Fast and clean work, as usual. Well done, John ! Hubert
  3. HubertB

    What a 11,391 model collection looks like

    Yes, about that Echelon Lightning, MY FRIEND ... Hubert the pure and disinterested
  4. HubertB

    Cy-57... Russia's New Bird !

    It sure seems to lack some of the features of a totally stealth aircraft, from my beotian eye ... But it is a pretty impressive airframe nonetheless. And looking good. Hubert
  5. HubertB

    What a 11,391 model collection looks like

    I understand the hassle of selling the stash individually, but the lot option is just going to making this sale far more difficult, if not impossible. Personally I have eyed the Echelon Lightning, in my express scan ... And Ernie, if you want a Lodela Beaufighter, I may have something for you Hubert
  6. HubertB

    1st LSM Christmas Raffle

    You don’t normally pay VAT on parcels identified as « gifts », Ernie. But the shipping can be expensive, still. Hubert
  7. HubertB

    1st LSM Christmas Raffle

    Having participated and been a donor in the previous raffles on LSP, may I add two comments ? 1) We most likely all have too many kits in our respective stashes, so giving a kit away seems the right thing to do, but current postal rates can sometimes make a « free » donation expensive ... 2) Don’t forget a simple « thank you » when you receive something. I was somewhat pissed that a beneficiary of a kit I donated and sent did not even bother to send a thanking PM Hubert
  8. HubertB

    Birthday boy Peter Pools

    Happy birthday to you (and to Joel), Peter Hubert
  9. HubertB

    1st LSM Christmas Raffle

    Same for me. I’m in, and will sift through the stash to find something, although it may be more likey a book or purchase voucher in the end. Hubert
  10. Great review. It looks like, since the Ho-229, ZM have finally taken their ‘superdetail’ philosophy to where it belongs, i.e. showing a maximum of sound - in opposition to phoney - structural details. This kit is not my cup’o’tea subject-wise, but it is impressive in every aspect. Well done ZM ! Hubert
  11. Did he change the depth of the fuselage (especially below the wing) ? Hubert
  12. Please do, Cees ... I’ll wait for the IM kit that should come close on the heels of your almost finished scratchbuilt effort. And I see you have come to the conclusion (like me) that the ID Models / Tigger vac is just a total waste of good money... You may remember that I turned a master for a correct diameter engine cowling, that I sent to John Wilkes after I molded a few for my own use. He never thanked me, nor made anything out of it. Thankfully, Alex ( AlexM on LSP) has since designed a printable cowling, as a few other things like the landing gear, and is generous in sharing his files. Hubert
  13. On the other hand, as one who started a scratchbuilt Aichi Hansa ( a Japanese version of the W. 29 with a Hispano engine) BEFORE WnW released their W. 29 kit, and still has it waiting for completion long AFTER WnW’s same W. 29 went OOP, my advice would be to keep what you have done so far, just in case Now, I will reiterate my other advice to start a scratchbuilt B-58. I will check whether Sir Peter has any interest in doing a film with a Hustler in a key role Hubert
  14. HubertB

    Fundraiser to help Paul Fisher

    Agreed. Paul is a nice guy and deserves help form friends, whichever way this is organised, in times where he is facing tremendous difficulties for the immediate future. This said, and this is meant only as a friendly piece of advice, for your first post, you could have dispensed with the judgemental comment on "growing up", which did not bring anything to the value of your post And, btw, welcome here ! Hubert
  15. HubertB

    Telford Today

    Well it seems the new WnW will be the HP 0/400 ... We have a collective thank you to adress to Cees for starting and reviving his scratchbuilt kit ... What’s your next scratch project, Cees ? Can we steer you in the right direction ? I, for one, would love you to start a B-58 Hubert