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  1. HubertB

    Barker's Camel B6313 - 1:32 scale

    Looking mighty good, Mike Hubert
  2. HubertB

    HB Models B-24 Hints, Tweaks, Tips

    Ron, I read your comment about the WB engines not being to scale as a confirmation that they might rather be R-1535 ... The main difference with the R-1830 lies in the size of the crankcase IIRC ... But at least they fit into the cowlings without too much hassle and look better than the kit’s engines. Congrats for having found a cost-effective solution for improving the engines. Now for another question : I have read a comment on LSP that the props were actually too small in diameter... Hubert
  3. Looks like a lovely kit. And with a consistent scale with my favorite aircrafts’ one on top of it ... Hubert
  4. HubertB

    T minus six days...

    I had never realised that liking Vegemite was a condition to settle down under Hubert
  5. Well, seller duly registered. He has some very good prices ... (note to self : you need to build more kits, not buy more kits ) Hubert
  6. HubertB

    Short Sunderland MkII

    To complement Cees' offer, I have a box containing two complete Beaufighters (which was offered as an option in the LSM Christmas raffle, but was not chosen by Wouter), which I will most likely never build. Let me know if they are of any use for your project. They are yours in this case. Hubert
  7. HubertB

    New Years Modelling Resolutions

    Ah ! New Year’s resolutions ! I have to finish the couple of Gee Bees I started in 2017 ... but then I also need to finish the Cutlass I started in 2016, the scratchbuilt Sikorsky S-39 I started in 2017, the Gulfhawk from 2013, the Husky from 2015 ... And then, there is this civilian Swordfish, or this « Bumble Bee » Lysander I want to build ... By the way, what day are we today ? Ah yes, the « World Day of Procrastination » ! Ok, I’ll sort out my resolutions later, then Hubert
  8. Not that I will ever use them, as the Gotha is not on my « To buy » list, but since you asked... I like the lighter right ones better because of the denser, closer-grained wood, but the darker, left ones have a better color, closer to what you would expect from the 1:1 real ones .. Hubert
  9. HubertB

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope 3rd"

    A-MA-ZING ... ’nuff said ... Hubert
  10. HubertB

    Short Sunderland MkII

    When I see other people complaining about the size of some 1/32 quads with « Where do you put one ? » questions, I believe they should see your shelves/display area/attic with all the few big kits you have built already ... And I thought you said the 1/32 B-29 was pretty impractical to manipulate. Glad you chose a Sunderland then Anyway, I will follow this one with GREAT interest Hubert
  11. HubertB

    Back in the saddle with the Kitty Hawk F-5F

    Told you RLM 02, Dunkelgrau and Hellgrau were no good for a modern jet, Ernie ... Hubert
  12. Congrats to Ernie. Can’t promise anything about the hard time though ... Hubert
  13. Funny how the regional culture influences preferences... Mine started in the late 60s’ and early 70’s when the 917s were in front of the 512s in Le Mans and other races. I have always been a Porsche guy since... So, no, not a Corvette forme, but a 911 anytime, over and over any Lambo or Ferrari ... Hubert
  14. HubertB

    HB Models B-24 Hints, Tweaks, Tips

    Having (copiously) contributed to the thread creep of 1to1scale’s building thread with various comments, and in order not to loose the general information there, I thought it would be good to at least post the link to this thread here, so that the data would not be forgotten ... Hubert
  15. HubertB

    I must be crazy, B-24J on the bench.

    Very good point, Ernie. I am probably among the first to be guilty as charged of feeding this thread’s creep ... Hubert