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  1. I have been a manager for more than 30 years, and an employer, MD/CEO/business owner for the last 22 or so ... In this position, I have had to lay off people, for many reasons, including economic ones. But there is no way I would ever consider behaving the way you are describing. This is not about bad press, this is not about legal constraints, it's just about personal decency, and ethical standards ... I understand the US are a tough, competitive economy, but this behaviour is just unbearable macho stuff, pretending to be tough when one's attitude is just pure s#%t ... One day, these guys will end up being treated the same way. It's a vicious, self-perpetuating circle, unless some peole decide to say "stop !" , and explain that treating people well is not only the sole decent way of managing a company, but pays off double in the long term, and enforces decent management practices. Sorry for you Mark. You should at least tell yourself your karma is better than theirs, and reprisal will come to them in one way or another, soonerrather than later ... Adding a bit of legal action might help as well redress the balance ... Hubert
  2. I’m so glad to read you are finally joining in the camp of scale realism .... Hubert
  3. Apparently, HpH are disappointed by the low level of sales of the resin C-47, and believe IM plastic would sell better... I, for one was excited at the idea of a 1/32 DC-3 (not C-47, btw), but at its current price point, the C-47 is 20% above my max price threshold, and I am probably of the few with that high a threshold anyway ... Hubert
  4. Well, to confirm some people are interested, I'll post my feelings about this build : Hubert
  5. Don’t forget paper models. You will find : B-52 B-58 Tu-95 Halifax ... and many more Hubert
  6. And here is mine ... (Although ANY floatplane / flying boat is good by my books ) Hubert
  7. You don’t really need expensive tempered glass for the shelves : the kits are bulky, but not that heavy, like, say, the books in a standard book-shelf. Maybe you can even use perspex (but static electricity will attract dust better than a magnet with pins) and of course, there is the option of solid wood for the shelves themselves ... Hubert
  8. ... Although, in fairness, the only good maple syrup you can buy in France is imported from Canada ... (whereas there is some good peanut butter produced this side of the pond, notably in The Netherlands). Hubert PS : and another thread creep that speaks about food
  9. Slowly, day by day ... Hubert
  10. Have a mega giant steak with 45 candles, then ! Hubert
  11. But the other one’s got bells on it ... Hubert
  12. If you are sure you’ll get both kits eventually, then go for the scarciest first ... Hubert
  13. Was there ever a single seat Phantom ? Hubert
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