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  1. Hard life indeed Scott … Having gone through a number of moves, I have now a simple rule: everything that must be done in a house, unpacked, hanged, set-up is done within 4 weeks of the move. When the 4 weeks are over, that’s it ! What’s not done by then will not be done, and not unpacked will not be unpacked. It’s intense, but so satisfying afterwards. Our last move was last year in the newly-built house. In fairness, I had done some prep work in the room that serves as workshop/attic, by hanging shelves there before the move started. But the move started on Sept 27th, and we
  2. As usual, you have outdone yourself to produce a really stunning - and unique - subject. Well done, Mike ! Hubert
  3. I, for one, will miss them. Their kits are challenging, but they managed to launch a number of unique kits you would not / cannot expect from the longer-established manufacturers. In fact they make up, with Special Hobby, the bulk of my injected-plastic kits. 10 years ago, I was seriously considering going for the production of resin kits. One of my pet projects was the TBD. When discussing with Glen Coleman about another KH project, he told me they had plans for a 1/32 TBD. Now, THIS ONE I will sorely miss, at par with the Trumpeter release Hubert
  4. Great progress Peter, keep it coming . One of the worst fitting areas I believe is the rear spine panel, where R2D2 is located … Hubert
  5. Fair point on the way it could fracture. And no, I don’t work for an insurance company, but own an industrial one, where testing the compressed air tank every 10 years is a regulatory obligation. And, even with an automatic purge system, I just changed the tank before its 30th birthday, together with the compressor. Hubert
  6. The problem is that rust means a weaker tank ... and gravity has concentrated the water at the bottom of the tank, which has rusted more, so the weaker and thinner metal is in this area. There is a significant risk to keep using a 30-years old rusted tank with a pressure that goes up to 8 kg/cm2. The risk is real of an explosion, and that means shrapnel flying in a closed room. Not something I’d like to experience ... Hubert
  7. My nose-flattening-on-the-shop-window kit was the Revell 1/96 Constitution... It’s also the first kit I bought when I discovered eBay. Good old times when you could get a kit the size of the Constitution shipped for less than the price of the 747 or 20000-boxes container ship that carries it Hubert
  8. Multiple Anxiety Syndrome Alert ... the most accute syndrome of them all !
  9. At least those never run out of batteries when you need them Hubert
  10. You guys are having a bad influence ! See ? My bench is all cluttered now ! Hubert
  11. Looks like you, Phil and I are of the same generation, James . I, too, built the Airfix Whirlwind a loooong time ago, and have kept my love for it since. And, yes, I had to jump on this one as soon as it was available, for this same reason . Thank you for the review, James. It’s a vey nice kit indeed. As per my usual standards, I’ll have it in a civilian scheme. Kudos to SH for a bold move. They deserve a genuine success for this non-mainstream initiative. Hubert
  12. Impressive work as always, Jeroen. Hubert
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