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  1. Well Ernie, the second pic definitely saves you the trouble of finding an engine, just saying Hubert
  2. I consider my unfinished design vastly superior to KH’s one ( in case you wonder, « modest » is my third nickname ), although totally unfit for an IM process. It can only show on a high range 3D- printer. In this work, I have certainly developed a detailed knowledge of Scintilla magnetos and Stromberg carburetors Hubert
  3. Well, I have had a R-985 in design for quite some time. I stopped and stumbled on the design of the cylinder head cooling fins ... Maybe I should resume my work on this one, although the availability fo the KH Kingfisher kits made it a less urgent requirement ... It was dimensionally designed in 1/32, but could be scaled up to 1/16 easily in a split second on a 3D-printer setup, especially with the level of detail I incorporated ... This is where I stalled :
  4. Super project , and very generous from Mike ! Now I’m officially jealous ! Hubert
  5. These MFH kits are really impressive. If I was ready to commit to such an amount for a kit (knowing very well that in reality I scatter - at least - this amount across multiple kits in one year ), I confess I’d hesitate between a HpH DC-3 (NOT C-47) and a big scale MFH kit of my all-time favourite racing car, the mighty Porsche 917 ... Hubert
  6. it’s a more logical and prosaic explanation ... but the mental picture was certainly .... hmmm .... dare I say « poetic » ? Hubert
  7. My stepdaughter has built two of those already, and is currently living in one of them (was there not 4 hours ago). Not my idea of comfort, but I have to say it’s a very smart build and you get all basic amenities within 14 sqm and 3500 kgs. Definitely very ingenious designs, well isolated btw, easy to warm in winter, albeit a bit warm in hot summers. Hubert
  8. ... with full crew, of course Hubert
  9. True that ! As the scale gives you details roughly 3.4 times bigger than 1/48, you can pack a lot more detail, and add-on your own ad nauseam ! Ask me how I know Hubert
  10. All of you guys confessing their sinful inclinations ... shame on you ! But karma has a sweet revenge : as you are not getting any younger each day, you will soon see (well, actually, maybe not « see » ) that your eyesight is not consistent with these diminutive models .... (sardonic laughter ) Hubert
  11. One has a red nose, and not the other... I actually expected the size difference to be greater, especially as the MiG-31 is not an especially small aircraft ... Hubert
  12. Happy 37th, John ! Hubert
  13. Ok. One last try. I have already given away some of the ship boxes. If you’re tempted by something on the list, just make me an offer. Hubert
  14. I am assuming you meant « Kangoo » rather than « Kangaroo », Rob... Anyway, a Kangoo is not a car, just some wheeled « thingy » ... And for those from far-off shores, here is what a Kangoo looks like : Hubert
  15. You mean you have exhausted your stash in 10,393 days ? Now that was an amateur’s stash Mine would last at least 50% more ... Hubert
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