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  1. HubertB

    Cutter/Mitre Tool

    No, it’s the same. The one from RP Toolz seems to have a more precise fitting, and, yes, the mitre function looks sturdier. The ones on The Chopper are thick stamped iron pieces, with rounded corners, and unfortunately their production process means you cannot expect their edges to be perfectly square to the surface. I have finally ended using mine just for square cuts, and not a,gled ones. Finally, from what I see on the pics, the RP Toolz one has the good idea to have the cutting in the middle of the blade, rather than at its extremity like The Chopper. I have a steel ruler set permanently against the edge of The Chopper, to guide the parts and to move the cutting to the middle of the blade. As I mentioned, one of my concerns is the deflection of the blade on thicker plastic. It may be caused by the thinness of the blades, but also by some give of the arm’s axle. Hubert.
  2. HubertB

    We have some AWESOME builders here!

    You mean .... Could Ernie be somewhat on the sycophant side ? .... Ernie ? ..... Nooooo waaaayyyy Hubert PS: agreed on the initial comment, btw
  3. HubertB

    I'm a bad boy

    I just didn’t dare this one for a first, in the thread context Hubert
  4. HubertB

    I'm a bad boy

    I have so far refrained from commenting on this thread, as I believe it is not quite right to raise issues pertaining to another site, and this discussions should have taken place on LSP first, but ... 1) I want to praise Jeroen and Mikester for the way they have moderated this thread, exlained their point of view, and allowed people "venting off" ... 2) The venting off was all the more "needed" by some, as the shift in the moderating policy in the last few months over on LSP has meant that threads like this one have not been tolerated, but rather promptly deleted on top of it. Ditto for the "farewell" threads, and the ones enquiring about the whereabouts of the farewell authors ... 3) It appears this policy has generated frustrations -including mine -, even apparently with the staff over there, who could then came venting off here ... 4) Without going into "bar psychology", this is another confirmation that silencing and hiding problems, rather than exposing and discussing them in a positive manner results always in these problems coming back haunting you, bigger than when they started ... It is true for all human interactions, including marriage ... or modelling forums . One small - well-meaning - message for Wumm : even though I'm a Frenchman, I thought I had a good command of english. The expression you used and got PlasticDoc fired away got me baffled and wondering what it meant. No need to explain it to me, but if it was meant to be rude or vulgar, maybe there was another way to put things in perspective ? Ok, enough pompous lecturing . Let me have a double try : using the cool picture posting feature of the site, and bringing the thread back to ... squirrels Back to modelling Hubert
  5. HubertB

    Cutter/Mitre Tool

    I have a mitre cutter on the bench, and it is an invaluable tool, especially for repeat cuts. It is not this one however (mine is « The Chopper »). But this one looks sturdy built, with a number of cool features. My only concern would the way the blade protrudes from the arm. On « The Chopper », where the blade is set more deeply in the arm, there is already a tendency for the blade to deflect from the vertical on thicker plastic. I’d have the same worry on this one, but maybe this is not justified... Hubert
  6. HubertB


    A double ration of hazelnuts for Martin ! A cool scheme, isn’t it Martin ? Apparently Signal Blue fuselage, with Silver dope wings, and a white fin and rudder. Arctic decals have produced a 1/32 sheet for this one, with Alps-printed decals or masks for the larger registration. G-AJVH now flies under LS 326 « L2 » of the Fleet Air Arm Museum. I started gluing the Vector Pegasus for it this morning, btw ... Hubert
  7. HubertB


    WWII = more likely a prop, isn’t, Martin ? No ... (besides, the F6F is one of Trumpeter’s worst ..., and I said « best ») Ok, one more clue : probably « inspired » by a smaller scale kit of a famous Japanese manufacturer ... Hubert
  8. HubertB

    Rib Tape

    Archer do not only have excellent rivets, they also have one sheet with dzus fasteners and the like . Hubert
  9. HubertB

    Hasegawa F4B-4 .. Introduction

    If you need some inspiration, Peter, check Tomasz Hajier build thread over at LSP ... especially with the kit in your hands. His workmanship is just unbelievable .... And William knows what I think of his own build. Hubert
  10. HubertB

    HpH 1/32 Westland Wywern

    My understanding of HpH’s masters creation process is that they carve a shape out of wood, form hollow parts around this plug, and the do all surface detailing with custom-made PE sets, before pouring the molds for the resin parts. And the smaller detail parts masters are 3D printed. So, some good old-fashioned modelling taking palce behind the scenes, before a resin kit is released. Hubert
  11. HubertB

    Scratch built Spitfire in 1:5 scale

    Now THAT is modelling ...taken to ... another scale Truly outstanding Hubert
  12. HubertB

    1/24 Airfix Scale Mosquito build

    Peter, of Airscale, did some PE « rivetting rulers », useful for various scales. You might try to contact him and see whether he still has some available. Great job on this Mossie. Hubert
  13. HubertB

    HpH 1/32 Westland Wywern

    Damn ! I need a new kit in the stash like I need catching cholera, but I may not let this one pass when it' released... And then, there is this forthcoming DC-3 Hubert
  14. HubertB


    No. Try harder you shoud, young Padawan .... (I have the Dauntless in the stash, but for an early version with yellow wings) Let the guessing game continue ... Hubert
  15. HubertB

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Just read though this thread. Amazing work on that PE. I’d have gone cross-yed trying to get it together. Well done Jeroen Hubert