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  1. Wow ! I had not found this pic anywhere ! Thank you ! And dang, you are absolutely right ! So now, I have to modify the engine, or forget about my intended scheme, which is unlikely, because, frankly, olive drab schemes are not for me . I was procrastinating about a trivial issue, which was how to represent the ignition harness ring of the Mercury, not being convinced about the IBG-supplied PE. it’s good I did, in the end. Now I « just » have to design the GR engine, then 3D print it. At least I can focus on the cylinders (a bit of my nemesis, as I stalled for 5 years on the design of th
  2. Hello Marcin, Thank you for your feedback and comments. I followed, in awe, your build threads of the early PZLs. Your work is absolutely outstanding, and far above what I am attempting. As far as the engine is concerned, I went through the documents I had about the prototype I want to represent, as I had some concerns about the way the cowling was painted, some representations having what would be the frontal exhaust ring of a Mercury engine painted, which would be an aberration given its nature. From what I have read, I have come to the conclusion that the prototype shown
  3. Now, because of this review, I am poorer because I ordered the book and some more items ! Hubert
  4. Not a criticism of your generous offer, Bill, but, in my experience, Engine n’ Things is more Things than Engine Hubert
  5. Hey guys, I don’t want to be pedantic, but - first pic is a Horton - second pic is a Horten : I don’t know about you, but I see a difference bigger than an « e » or an « o » Hubert
  6. You get my unreserved admiration for working in such a small scale, and what a result on top ! I was working one day on the capstan of a 1/600 Mauretania, and decided these scales were just too much pain for my strained eyes. Now, I focus on even smaller details ... in 1/32 scale Hubert
  7. Very thorough review, Fran. Extremely well done and interesting. It looks like this the book to buy to get started, or make real progress, on figure painting. Hubert
  8. Although, whereas the Horten is a real replica of the original, the Mustang’s structural details are a bit fancy for the most part. Which does not make the kit any less impressive. Hubert
  9. Nice B-24. Congrats ! Hubert (although I personally cannot unsee the flat wing airfoil and funky wing incidence )
  10. Now, that’s a lot of wheels. How do you even make a turn pulling this ? Hubert
  11. A reminder that the Lukgraph Friedrichshafen FF33L, a WWI seaplane is due soon. And the RWD 14b is even closer. And Lukgraph have announced a DH 90 Dragonfly . A little brother for the Dragon Rapide, wow ! All 3 above are 1/32, of course. Hubert
  12. Viewed from this angle, this is an impressive broadside, which certainly would have a British battlecruiser Commodore slightly worried ... Hubert
  13. As I was looking for something else, I, literally, just unrolled a 1/32 drawing of the CF-100. I'd still be a taker, but , gawd, it is really a big, and I mean BIG, sob ... The other drawings in the same scale I unrolled at the same time looked small in comparison, even the EE Lightning ... Hubert
  14. The day after I went to Shuttleworth for the Dragon Rapide, we went to the Newark Air Museum, and I had a photo spree on the Folland Gnat. Just another project still waiting to come to fruition. But, with - at last ! - the current interest in LSP trainers, who knows ? Anyway, here is the link to that album, of 282 pics only ( ) this time. If you wonder where the in-cockpit pics are coming from, no, they did not open the canopy, nor did they obligently cut the Gnat, for me. There was a section of the front cockpit, used for training purposes, I guess, displayed next to the Gnat, unde
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