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  1. All right guys...thank you all, but I assure you I won't miss it. The near half century took its toll and I am more than looking forward to being on my own schedule. Alot has changed during these years....some good...some bad. It's time for some "me time" where I can work on my passion and hope to get better at modeling like all of you. Till then, mil de gracias!
  2. It's taking alot of tugging and pulling to get the right looks as well as trimming the edge, but I am almost where I can live with it. Once I get it set, I will shoot the areas with clear flat to maintain the looks. Thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement...not easy to get time right now to work on this. After 47 total years in law enforcement I am retiring at the end of August.....
  3. Thanks again guys...you are too generous. Haven't been able to work on this much lately due to other commitments, but I did trim the edge some and started working on the other side as well.
  4. Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement. The netting has been dyed and now comes the fun part of stretching and fitting to make it hang more naturally.
  5. Just fitting camo netting before I get busy with the dying, coloring, dirtying and all around finishing this project. The accessories are almost complete and ready for mounting. I sure will be glad to put this one to rest.....
  6. The PTT switches are on and the crew is nearly complete. I've started scratch building tree limbs as part of the upper deck camo as well as dying gauze for rolled and draped camo netting. Then all that will be needed is a liberal coating or dust and dirt. The final image will be a Stug near the western front immediately following D-Day in Northern France.
  7. The crew finally has their headphones and throat mics added....not much work it sounds like but they were a pain. The bows for the headphones and neck brace for the mics splintered into several pieces when you try to put them on the figures..
  8. ....She's a 3 1/2 foot plank on frame 1/76the scale ship model of the Cutty Sark, the last of the tea clippers. The same gentleman who started the large sub I posted earlier and died in 2010 got frustrated with the brass plates that cover the lower hull and quit this build over 12 years ago. My job, like the sub is to finish her for display for his son who has kept the ship all these years. It will be fun to complete....I enjoy the challenge.
  9. I know it's been awhile but the Stug has been patiently waiting for too long. It is time to finish this beast! So I continued finishing the pioneer tools and other small details. The side armor will be tackled next. All the crew lack is their throat mics and they go in permanently. I took the "foil" suggestion for the front tarp and I agree it looks way better. A little more paint and it's done too. Sorry for the long delay guys...I was temporarily sidetracked by another project and prepping for it...something I have never done before. It has spent the better part of 20 years uncompleted in a box. But finish one trip before starting another...right?
  10. I haven't been able to work on the Stug much over the last two weeks because of work and weather. My workbench is in the garage where there is no heat. A freeze snap has made time there unbearably cold. Now that temperatures have rebounded I can get some done. The head bow for the headphones was brittle and unusable. So I fashioned replacements from brass scaps. The throat mics are also not worth the time and will be replaced with lead wire. That's all I have for now guys...
  11. Thanks guys....they are beginning to look like a crew finally.
  12. Not much progress to show for the past week. It's been very busy around these parts. But I did get heads and hats trimmed and fitted... After detailed painting I still have headphones and throat mics...not to mention assorted other small details.
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