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  1. Thanks Peter...for the advise and the use of your catch phrase...
  2. Oh well...sorry for the mix-up Doc...can I blame it on old age?
  3. Of coarse you can critique the Stug Doc....it's all part of the process. I rely on you and others on this forum to give me an honest appraisal and suggestions. Tin foil I would never have thought of.. Sounds like a good idea and I am going to try it. Thank you all for your assistance....and keep it coming...if I may steal your catch phrase....
  4. As work permitted, I have been working on a few of the smaller details. First was constructing wooden boxes for the rear deck. I have one nearly done and a second barely started. The pic that follows shows the crate and a rolled tarp on top. Also in the pic is the open tarp usually carried over the gun mantel where it's open to the elements. I for and older DML figure and scavenged the MP 38, ammo pouches, and helmet as additional stuff for the upper hull. I took a couple of German WW2 maps and reduced them before color printing them, and they turned out perfect.
  5. Thanks Pete...I am glad to have that part done. Now I have to get the cables down to final fit and most of the additional equipment placement before finishing the rear deck area. I have to wait for paint for the crew uniforms. I ran out of the proper colors and it will take a couple of weeks before I get them in the mail. The plan is to finish the small details in the meantime. This is where I stand at this point...
  6. Thanks Gus...much appreciated. Got her painted and doing a final fit check before gluing her down permanently.
  7. Thanks Tim....Another milestone, at least for me, I finally got the gumption to tackle the PE rack on the aft deck. The problem was to get 10 pieces of brass flat straps aligned and together to for a three-sided rack for extra equipment on the back deck. The 7 legs had to line up with molded in mounting blocks on the deck itself. CA glue did not have a strong enough bond to hold the pieces long enough, so I decided to solder the joints instead. This presents another whole world of possible problems altogether. Clean, flux, tin, align, clamp down, solder, cleanup, and check fit....for 9 joints between 10 pieces...each. The end result after inventing a couple of new cuss words? And I still HATE PE!!!
  8. Spent about 3 hours last night working on pioneer tools and mounts. There is still a fair amount of weathering to do before they are finished, but at least they're attached. Still have both tow cables, fire extinguisher, shovel, and blackout tail light to go.
  9. I finally have a little progress to report on the Stug project. After a couple of days working over the bodies of the two crewmen, I got to the point of priming them. There was alot more work on hiding all the seams and getting arms and hands close to what I wanted. This is how they look at present... Next is to accent the highlighted areas before the base field-grey color of the uniforms. By leaving deep creases black and highlighted areas light grey and white, the effect will be similar to accented aircraft panel areas and give more depth to the fabric. Let you know as I get further progress.
  10. The markings went on well and register pretty close...
  11. So the boys finally came to town....as you can see from the picture, they fit pretty nicely with the Stug with a little modification. I had to make some changes. The TC became the loader and the loader became the TC. It is due to their poses being opposite of their roles. The loader was standing and the TC sitting and I needed the opposite. I also had to get rid of a tie one of the figures had molded in and the SS runes on the collar tabs both wore (I am doing Wehrmacht). There are some fit issues with the body halves that will require filling but I can handle that. Both come with a holstered sidearm, ballcap style hat, earphones and throat mics. There are a couple of different arms and hands but not many. The choices are limited.
  12. Have I mentioned how much I hate PE small parts? I know they look great, but that usually comes with a prise tag of swearing, frustration, and massive amounts of time searching for that one critical piece you just launched or dropped into oblivion...4 times!
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