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  1. Trying to get the arrangement of the crew and stores to look right. They are not glued down yet, so tell me what you think...
  2. Just some crates and boxes for dressing around the deck crew to pose with.
  3. Been working here and there on the crew for the deck... Not my best work, but it will do... The deck party should be better..
  4. Yes sir I will.... May I introduce you all to the completed U-995, circa 1944, a Type VII C/41 u-boat on her way home in the fall of 1944 after a very long patrol...
  5. Wow...that's the second time that has happened. I'll repost it and see if that helps...
  6. Finally all one piece now. Some small details left to be done and I can stick a fork in it...
  7. Looks like very close to final assembly and detailing. This is the stuff made from a WW2 Merchant Seaman's nightmares...
  8. Thanks for the compliments guys. This is my first attempt at a sub model since the mid 70s when I worked part-time in a hobby store after classes in high school. The flash photos earlier make the rust stand out a lot more than in normal light like above. This is the look I was trying to achieve.
  9. So I settled for markings of U 995 circa late 1944...and end to the happy times in the mid-Atlantic. The C/41 boats were supposed to alleviate the main attack boats from troublesome aerial attack by Allied escort bombers and fighters. Didn't happen...thankfully. The rusty weathering is representative of a boat that has spent a months long patrol and is finally nearing home for refit and crew exchange. The conning tower is just starting the process whereas the hull is ready for her final flat clear coating.
  10. Thank you...that's what I have been working for. Nasty enough?
  11. Now that's just looking nastier by the minute...three different washes of AK light to heavy rust and a black wash on top. Some areas to smooth out, but I believe it works...
  12. Yup...beading wire. Got it cheap at Walmart one day looking through through the area for ideas.
  13. More details...side rails and cables are on. Yes, they are real cable wire. Gotta finish sanding and prep them, but paint is in the near future.
  14. Forward capstan... ...midwaist railings... ...and aft exhaust shrouds, aft cable guides, and aft recognition light. The devil is in the details...
  15. To answer your question GazzaS, yes there will be figures. I have a few resin cast and white metal figures.
  16. The wooden decking has been aged and weathered somewhat...still a ways to go before final coats. The upper and lower gun decks are just starting to get weathered and all three guns are painted.
  17. The A/A guns are now about 80% complete. Gotta do some very small detailing and they will be ready to mount...AFTER I get the deck complete and conning tower mounted. There is a tremendous amount of small details that have to go in a particular sequence or you find yourself in trouble. Pre-planning is definitely in order here!
  18. This is a test section of the aft wooden decking. I am trying to reproduce scaring of the deck where sailors would walk and drag lines for tie-up. The paint would have worn off and the raw teak wood deck would have shown through as a result until repainted at port before the next patrol. A little more work and it should look good.
  19. Thanks for the kind words guys...it means more than you know.
  20. So this is how she looks with her first shot of dunkelgrau 71 on the hull and conning tower. The effects of the counter shading are subtle under normal light like this. But under flash photography, you can see more of the underlying color shade difference. She really is a "Grey Lady Down"...with a bite!
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