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  1. Finally completed! I had a few mishaps with the clear parts and tried to minimize the damage (brush coating them with gloss varnish) but after adding the small antenna wire I called it completed. Here are a few photos of the completed model: Cheers
  2. Thank you all for your kind comments. Here's a quick update! Decals are finally applied. The process was long as I ended up with some decals fragments on my fingers when I tried to do it in one go. I retouched the damaged decals and from then on, only applied a couple of decals at a time and left them to properly dry before applying the next batch. I still need to apply the propeller decals and add some subtle weathering before completing it. I hope to share some more progress soon! Cheers
  3. This is my first post in LSM and I am sharing some photos of the model presently seating in my bench (a very small scale model). It's Revell's 1:144 scale Hawkeye. I am using the decals included in the box and its boxart is clearly inspired by a photo you can easily find in wikipedia. This photo c~shows the aircraft with the new 8 bladed propeller and I got myself a set from RetroWings. The kit is pretty straightforward and is was quickly built (only the air intakes and exhausts required some special attention. The resin propellers did not have a very positive fit, so I built a simple jig, allowing me to set a consistent pitch for all blades. Before committing to glue any blade, I tested the fit between the propeller hub and the engine. The propeller hubs proved to be a bit to wide for the kit parts and I tried to slightly reduce their diameter, but as their axles are a bit off center it was impossible to simply turn them. I decided to turn my own parts on the mini-lathe, using brass rod. The fit was now much better (sorry for the poor photo, it was quickly snapped with my phone). Using a dividing head I could easily make the holes to fit the propeller blades. The airframe already got its base colours. I hope to post more soon. Cheers
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