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  1. First and foremost this is not a slam or anything of that natrure. I think this poll is awesome and applaud the hard work and efforts of those who have made this posssible! My only thought is: the long pole in the tent is the production plans of WNW. From the WNW website, they have slots 32001 through 32066 plus two Duellist kits. Counting all kits in production, in developement and sold out there are 49 kits leaving 19 unaccounted for model slots. Trust me, I believe WNW has a good idea what most if not all of those 19 kits will be. My point is, if our number one vote is the Taube (only
  2. I received a package today in the post from Albatros Productions. In it was a copy of R L Rimell's Zeppelins at War 1914-1915. So after thumbing through it one thing really stuck out in my mind. No, it was not all of the oustanding photographs nor was it the well written historical text. What stuck out in my mind was how great the Ronny Bar Profiles of Sopwith Tabloid #168 and Avro 504 #874 would look as WNW kits. It really is funny, a few short years ago I would have given the profiles only quick look, now I drool over them and think how great they would look in Kiwi plastic. No, WNW is
  3. I just received an e-mail from WNW saying my "The Duellists" has shipped. Oh happy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. As far as bombers go, an Ilya Muromets would be really nice.
  5. $349 is a really big chunk of change IMHO. However, sometimes you just have to say what the heck and order one anyway. This is going to be an excellent Christmas for me!!!!! :D :D
  6. After seeing the photo of the Taube that Mnemonic posted, count my vote as well!
  7. As for me: Handley Page O/400 Caproni Ca.3 Gotha G.I I am a bomber guy as well.
  8. It is not so much the candy stripe that bothers me, it is the herringbone. See F.2a Late N4297 or F.2a Early N4541, those could be "fun".
  9. You make an excellent point. I hope someone gets your hint, then again be it either decals or masks we all come out winners with this kit (IMHO).
  10. This is really great news, I will be ordering at least one! :D :D . I wonder how many of the paint schemes will have decals and how many will need to hand masked? In my opinion hand masking some of those schemes could really be patience trying.
  11. Must breathe, must breathe.......... Now this is excellent news!!!! :D :D :D :D
  12. Does anyone know of any books currently in print dealing with German Naval Aviation in WWI?
  13. Both the DFW C.V Mid (32040) and DFW C.V Late (32057) can be ordered now from the WNW website.
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