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  1. Cheers Harv - Dent appeared in 'The Dark Knight' in 2008. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UOnnggEOuI
  2. Sorry - thought 'harv' was short for Harvey. That being so, Harvey Dent, who became the villain 'Two Face' was the reference. :-)
  3. Hi Harv. Thanks for that. I don't do much in the way of forum stuff these days regrettably; since retiring and surviving the world of work my wife and I have become amateur bat researchers, so when normal folks like you are tucked up in front of the tv (or in the modelling parlour of course), we're sat by a tree line with the Echo Meter Touch 2 'Pro' waiting for bats. My paramedic son has been a lifelong fan of all things tractor, so when I tripped over the Heller kit on holiday earlier this year I bought it to complete as a small display piece in his new home. I'm a dio novice, so a lovely oak stand has been ordered in for a rutted track base. ICM do a 'Henry Ford' three figure set too and the guy in denim dungarees will make a suitable driver and the engineer, the land owner - I'm a figure novice too, so lots of catching up to do. Hope you and yours are fine and well! TTFN Steve
  4. Well done on spotting that! A bit of AMMO Fresh Engine Oil just to add a small extra touch. :-)
  5. It was fun, yes. Good sometimes to do something different. :-)
  6. ..with Heller's lovely (but occasionally flawed) 1/24 Ferguson TE-20, built as a 'well worn but fully functional tractor, living a dusty life in the care of a funky farmer that fancied swopping the production line grey for something more eye catching...'. The real deal was built in Coventry between 1946 until production halted in 1956. About 500,000 were built and little Fergies still earn a living today. The steering wheel's had a bit of flat on it but this is otherwise 'it'. A great fun diversion from other things. TTFN Steve
  7. Big thanks to all who've kindly dropped by on this one - much appreciated. :-) TTFN Steve
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