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    Wings and wheels, rotors and props, from 1914 to now… and above all, the magnificent work of my fellow hobbyists! Happy modeling!
  1. This may be a strange start because you might have expected some pictures of the FE2B, but this post will first show you the items that are going to be on the dio. I collected quite some nice stuff… a little cart from MK35, ammo drums, a mascot, chicken, dog, blankets, bottles, oil lamp, ladder, wheel chocks… and two nice pilot figures from Time Machine. This is the first one, almost completely done, and progress on the second one goes well. I'll be posting as I go along. I hope you enjoy the pics. Happy modeling, Jeroen
  2. Thanks Martin! You provided me with the link that made me decide on this scheme, so it's all your fault ;-)
  3. It's been quite some time since I posted on this site because some projects were for publications and couldn't be posted, but this weekend I finished my first little vignette in years. My last armor piece is from the days I dry brushed the heck out of my models Verlinden style, but so many things have changed since then. So this lovely little Meng kit was all about experimenting with hairspray techniques, pin washes, weathering pigments and so on. The two Tommys War figures are my first venture into figure painting with acrylics. The pics are mild on my work, but I'm happy with how everything turned out. Loads of lessons learned, and that is an important part of this hobby to me. So I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did building this little vignette. All comments welcome as usual, happy modeling, Jeroen
  4. I tried them on a P47 and in all honesty… I gave up. I found these had no thickness at all and disappeared totally under a coat of paint. It's more like a dotted decal that something that looks like a rivet. Maybe it's me or I may have had a bad sheet, but I'm not going to use these again. Maybe the Archer ones are better...
  5. Still some things to do Paul but I'm getting there… I hope to have her done by the end of the year ;-). Thanks for the kind words!
  6. No, still not done but I'm close to the finish and I just wanted to take some pics as a test for the final series. what is yet to come? Machinegun, front window, sales, skis, night lamps, flaps, rudder and some final rigging (thank god). I have to work on some finer details and get some little mishaps out of the way but I think it will be fine. This is where she stands now… I hope you like her. All comments welcome as usual, happy modeling, Jeroen
  7. Landing gear and smaller details yet to finish, but she should be done this weekend….
  8. Ready for the last weathering stretch. Additional weathering has been done to break up the colors. Now it's time to tie it all together. Washes for the panel lines and raised detail, exhaust en gun grime, some scratches and a final coat of semi gloss varnish should do the job. Next week (the last week before the deadline) I should be able to finish the prop, landing gear, antenna's and other small details. Things are looking good if nothing unexpected happens. All comments are welcome as usual, happy modelling, Jeroen
  9. That's correct Bevan! It looks a bit strange now but I hope that with the subsequent washes the contrasts will become a bit stronger and have some more depth. Of course the final coats of eggshell varnish will tie it all together, but that's the last phase. I'm very hopeful to meet TMMI's deadline but I need to keep up the pace!
  10. With two weeks left I'm in the middle of the weathering. All basic painting has been done and the mottling came out nicely I think. The decals worked very well, but I had some trouble with the crosses on the fuselage. The wrinkling didn't quite disappear so in the end I sanded them down, masked and sprayed some corrections on. After the protective varnishes had dried I started with brownish green to simulate grime, especially on the wing root. It seems a bit heavy now, but this also is the basis for the exhaust color which will be added in the final stages. I'm now in the middle of giving her a bit of a streaky appearance to break up the colors. The first pic is grime only, the second and third pic is the streaking. I hope you like the pics, all comments welcome as usual. Happy modelling, Jeroen
  11. Thanks Gents, highly appreciated! This is a beaut of a kit... Just wished that rigging wouldn't be so timeconsuming!
  12. A brief update. I'm working on a ME109 G6 at the moment but will pickup this project again mid december. Outer upper wings need to be fixed and rigged, but they are painted already, as is the tail boom. Things should go swift from here on. This is where she stands at the moment. Happy modeling, Jeroen
  13. Pure awesomeness.... Damn Ralph, that looks beautiful!
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