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  1. Thanks guys, I'll be back at the modelling bench next week to finish things up....stay tuned.... Mark
  2. Awesome builds guys! Congratulations to the winners and all who participated! Mark
  3. Thanks Fran and Bertl! That means a lot coming from you two, I'm honored. Here is the build as it stands right now. I definitely won't make the deadline but I didn't want to rush anything along just to make the deadline. My work schedule eases up considerably this Friday so my plan is to have the build complete by the end of the year. My sincerest thanks to everyone who followed along and gave me encouragement along the way. Thanks!!! Mark
  4. Excellent work James! Bravo!! Definitely one of my favorite online builds to date! Mark
  5. Excellent Fran! Mark
  6. Thanks James!
  7. Hi everyone, Sorry for the delay, free time has been at a premium this month. Here are the wings, more soon, Mark
  8. Awesome work James! Top notch! Mark
  9. Thanks for the compliments guys, I'm really enjoying this build. @George - I will be leaving the door open on this build for sure. I just need to widen the opening a little more. Mark
  10. Thanks guys! I removed the door and outer window PE to see how they line up and, just as I thought, I will have to work on the window openings in the plastic vac part a little more.... Mark
  11. Thanks Rick! I was waiting for a few items to arrive to continue the build............... My revised L.V.G. under wing decals and custom photo etch door and window frames (from pktinyland) have arrived. I needed to wait for the PE so I could make sure the cutouts for the door and windows matched. I now have everything I need to finish the build. More soon, Mark
  12. Great work and detailing James! Mark
  13. Thanks!
  14. Awesome! Love it!