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  1. Hey Rob, thanks for the reply. Sorry, I didn't necessarily mean to give you a tutorial on lathes since you obviously have much more experience than I ever will. Was mostly giving info to others who might not know much about lathes, so my apologies! I think the Proxxon would be perfect for your intended use. I really enjoyed mine. In retrospect, I probably could have just kept it and added the Sherline since the Sherline takes more effort to get set up, but space starts becoming an issue when you begin adding tools. If I remember correctly, the DB250 didn't require a transformer unl
  2. Hubert, the Sherline is designed to handle both wood and metal. They have wood tool rests you can purchase for wood turning tools. I've turned wooden (and acrylic) pens and other wooden items on my lathe no problems.
  3. Rob - I had that Proxxon lathe a while back and used it for my Badger. It's only built for wood though, not metal, as others have said. I found it really helpful for tapering the masts and spars. Put the dowel in, turned it on, used calipers, sandpaper and steel wool to finish, and completed in no time. I'm not sure why some pooh-pooh the use of lathes to construct masts and spars. They have to build a jig, cut it into square or hexagon stock, and then use planes to shave bits off. Took no time at all for me in the lathe. One warning if you are new to lathes - be very careful gettin
  4. Damn Ernie, you're forcing me to admit I have a serious man crush on you. Such sweet rides! I'm stuck drive a Pilot and a mini-van
  5. Wow, that's first class work there. Very nice!
  6. Nice job Gus! 1/24 scale, wow! A biggun!
  7. Holy cow, just saw this thread for the first time. Sweet car Ernie!
  8. I haven't spent a ton of time looking at the WnW lozenge decals, but a few of the ones I looked at in the stash seemed a bit too stark - at least for my liking. Certainly washes will tone things down a bit, but I like a more muted tone, which Aviattic seems to have nailed pretty well. Will the Duchess be your first wooden ship model? If so, that's a great one to start with! Happy to help where I can. Plastic certainly can send you down a number of rabbit holes when it comes to things like aftermarket, paints and washes, etc. Wooden ship models have different rabbit holes - power and
  9. Great job on both Rob! I have a few WNW kits in the stash, and have worried about adding the lozenge decals and getting a cartoonish look to the model. You did a really great job with them to avoid that issue. Thanks for posting such a detailed WIP. When I read logs like yours, I realize how much more there is I have to learn. Your tips with the Albion tubes and connectors were really fantastic - had no idea you could buy such things. And your metal and wood work is superb. Lots to absorb, thanks again for taking the time to share and post!
  10. I hear you. I actually have three 1/64 wooden ship models in progress. There are so many repetitive tasks on the wood side with planking, cannons, etc. sometimes I get burned out and move to another.
  11. Yes, I just saw Fran's review and this kit is now moving up to near the top of the want list
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