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  1. Very cool plane, the wings have a very interesting shape. Nice job on this one!
  2. Wow! Such beautiful work, amazing! I just looked at your website and you do amazing work. Love the lines on this plane by the way - very cool!
  3. If you guys don't mind, I had some questions I was hoping you could help me with. 1. I'm not sure what you call the ring on which the engine is mounted (see below), but does anyone know or have any recommendations as to what color it should be? The inner side facing the firewall is white I believe, but I'm thinking the outer facing side should be some kind of metallic color. 2. The Aires set has you cut out panels in the cowl and replace them with PE and resin parts. I started doing that here: I cut out the panels along the kit part's panel lines.
  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words! I've made some progress over the last couple of weeks. The kit is fairly simple and my guess is one can put it together in about a week. The Aires set is probably going to double the time building this kit, at least for me. I'm still fairly new to plastic models, and this is my first super detail set that I've worked with. Engine Here's where I am with the engine. I calculated that there were 90 individual pieces when all was said and done, including the resin detail parts and the individual rods that you had to cut and add (I used thin pl
  5. Been slowly making progress on the Wildcat. I'd probably be halfway done with the build by now with the time I've spent if I was building this out of the box, but the Aires resin set is adding a ton of time. A bunch of time was spent taking the parts off the plugs (and some of the plugs are fairly thick and hard) and repairing some of the parts that had cracked. I'm not exactly sure why, but sometimes the CA grabs immediately, and other times, it just doesn't want to bond resin together at all. Also, the instructions are pretty sparse, and being not all that familiar with things like the e
  6. Wow, very inspiring work! I like the idea of cutting the wings to have a more compact diorama. Was wondering how I would store some of the wider completed 1/32 kits I have on the shelf, and this gives me some ideas. Great work!
  7. Thank you Rob, that's really helpful info. Appreciate it! The Iwata Eclipse in my limited experience is a great all-purpose airbrush, but I picked up a GSI-Creos PS-290 a couple of months ago (0.5mm needle) which is great for spraying larger areas. Looking at your excellent pre-shading efforts, as well as some of the more complicated camo schemes, I'm starting to think I might benefit from a smaller airbrush for more detailed work.
  8. Rob, many thanks for those pictures. I should have posted photos, but here is what I'm talking about - the bottom halves of the fuselage form a sort of raised keel at the centerline. I can't figure out if that is accurate, or perhaps that's just how the seam came together when I glued them.
  9. Such amazing work Rob, wow! Can I ask what airbrush/needle size you used to preshade the areas alongside those 0.5mm strips? I have an Iwata eclipse with a 0.35mm needle I think, and have been thinking about getting a smaller one for fine detail work.
  10. Thanks Martin for the kind words. I feel I have a lot to learn still, and a long way to go to approach anywhere near the models I see here. But, I'm having fun in the meantime and it's great to share with others in the hobby.
  11. I haven't gotten too far yet as I'm trying to come up with a sensible build plan with the various aftermarket, but quick question. Is the underside belly of these planes completely rounded, or does it come to a slight ridge at the centerline? I glued the two fuselage halves together last night, and am not sure if I should sand off the very slight ridge or not. This is my first Tamiya kit, and I didn't know if the ridge is intentional, or if Tamiya gives a little extra material so that builders can sand things back. Thanks in advance!
  12. Here is what I'm currently working on. From everything I've read the kit goes together very well and easily: Of course I've decided to complicate things considerably by adding a bunch of aftermarket, including a wing fold set from Wolfpack that allows you to build the kit as the FM-1. I happened to get very lucky and find this kit on eBay with all the aftermarket shown below, aside from the Wolfpack set, for under $50 with shipping from Greece of all places. The Aires set alone, which has a ton of resin and PE components, retails for $55 or over, so I figured why not?
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