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  1. I'm pretty sure I ordered some hard to find aftermarket a few months ago from them and had no problems.
  2. Nice! Looking forward to watching you pull off that paint scheme!
  3. Good to know Carl. Any recommended places to find them? HLJ?
  4. Holy cow! I didn't want to stray into any new subjects of models like Star Wars, but man, I might have to reconsider after seeing the pictures above.
  5. Thanks Phil for the kind words, really appreciate it! The Duchess looks really nice! It's about the same size as the Amati Pegasus it looks (which I'm working on), but certainly more ornate (and the Pegasus is a pretty ornate ship itself).
  6. Nice work! I was looking at mine the other day and the decal options - did you decide which paint scheme to go with?
  7. I was thinking also that having options in 1/35 might make for some cool diorama scenes, instead of folks trying to figure out if they can work 1/32 and 1/35 into a scene.
  8. I went on my honeymoon to Australia and we stopped at Brisbane. What a beautiful country and fantastic people! And Steve Irwin's zoo near Brisbane was a magical place and one of the highlights of my life. Happy 2021 everyone!
  9. Thanks for posting! At 1/48, I'm guessing that Blackbird is going to be pretty massive. I don't want to broaden my horizons (and kit stash) to other genres, but man, a Razor Crest would be super cool.
  10. Wow, you've been busy! Beautiful work! Can I ask, how did you build that storage rack? Were the glass panels pre-sized?
  11. That's a real beauty Ernie, nice job! Would rather put out one stunner than half a dozen mediocre builds and yours is quite the stunner.
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