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Pilots Manuals, Engine Manuals, and Equit. Manuals


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Greetings Guys & Gals;



..... Yes it is Monday again ....... :( But I have something for you that may brighten

your day. 



*** Manuals are us ***....... Pilots Manuals, ((I think the British call them) Pilots Notes),

Engine Maint. Manuals, and Equip. Manuals.


Guys and Gals you may want to check out this site. You can read these manuals on

line or send them to your printer. If you would like a copy of the original manuals there

is a charge. But, you can view them on line, or print them for FREE.



URL : http://aviationshoppe.com/aircraft-manuals-documents-t-12.html







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Greetings Guys & Gals;



..... This is an add-on to the early message written at 0200 today. I was rather tired, and it

had been a long day.


As I mentioned earlier. You may view the manuals on line or send them to your printer. 


If you are using a computer running the Microsoft operating system, or DOS, you have 

another option that you may take advantage of. This is called printing to a file. By doing

this, the operating system will save a file that is similar to the PDF format.

..... Double clicking on the file will bring up an XPS viewer. This document viewer

is part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. So......... you already have it...... :D


To print to a file you will need to go into you printer setting file, and select.... print to a

file. If you have not made any file changes the file should go to documents, or

my documents by default.


I am totally amazed with the Reference material, and the quality of the models that 

we have at our finger tips now day. " We have come a long way.... indeed."



.... Eye candy .... This P-61 manual is NOT the same one, or the two that are floating 

around the web. I have the free one, and the one that Zero's has for $14.00, US. 

This P-61 manual is much better and goes into the aircrafts system. The manual

is 120, or so pages. **** Highly Recommended **** 





.... p-61_p11.jpg .... p-61_p12.jpg .... rm_0110.jpg .... pw_18310.jpg




.... pm_16510.jpg ....

This is just an example of the manuals that are available.



As always ......... Enjoy,





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Greetings Finger smells,



.... I do not have the funding avertible,........ nor am I in the sociable class to be 

abele to own an ............. apple.  May haps be. one of these days it will 




...... 2drink10.gif





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