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  1. Hello. Will follow your progress, as I just received this kit. Cheers, Jamme
  2. Hi Jeroen. I and the family are fine. I'm busy with a Tamiya Tomcat (1/32) on a French Forum. Cheers, Jamme
  3. Hi Jeroen. Long time ago since I posted here. Beau titulaire job on this 190. Cheers, Jamme
  4. Hi. Great job. Cheers, Jamme
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody here and to their families. Cheers, Jamme
  6. Some really nice builds and fantastic pictures. Thank you for sharing with us. Cheers, Jamme
  7. Great job ! Like the weathering really much. Chers, Jamme
  8. Really nice start Ralph. Like the weathering stage on the pit. Cheers, Jamme
  9. What should I say......... Really nice job as usual. Cheers, Jamme
  10. Really great job (specially on the weathering) you did here. Like it very much. Cheers, Jamme
  11. Hi, Great skill's you have ! Really nice job. Congrats, Jamme
  12. Hello to everybody. Count me in with Radu's Ar234B. I have this kit for such a long time........that I can wait till 1st of November to start. Cheers, Jamme
  13. Hi. Will an Arado 234 be eligible? Thank for the answer. Cheers, Jamme
  14. Thank you very much James. Cheers, Jamme
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