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3/4 Scale Fokker D VIII


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Since we are Large Scale Modeller, I couldn't resist posting some pics of a 3/4 scale Fokker D VIII my friends dad is building. Of course it will be flight worthy by next spring. I suppose this is the ultimate in large scale modelling. Enjoy!










In some of these pics you will see added parts inside the fuselage. These ar parts still to be installed. They spent the day weighing the plane to determine center of gravity so that the plane is balanced front to rear for proper flight characteristics.














Hope you all like this.

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WTF? You're shitting me, right?


That is AWESOME! Would he share his ref material with us here? I want to build a 1:16 one eventually.


Pass my regards on for what looks like awesome work!

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James, yes, this will be epic. This guy has a shop you will not believe. He bought this as a kit  half started. Actually, only the fuse was there and he says he had to redo most of that. They live about 6 blocks from me and this is the first time I have gone over to see it. Mostly because this is the first day they brought it outside. I am sure he would share some reference material but I have seen it and it is barely usable from the guy who started it. My friends dad can build these things from memory from hand sketches and Autocad drawings. This isn't his first build either. He used to have a full scale Pitts Special that he built. Mostly he builds 1/4 scale R/C airplanes. He must have a couple dozen of those. I drool when I see his basement shop. I will see what he can share. Maybe even invite him to join the forum here. Great guy, both of them actually. I work with his son Dennis.


regards, Paul

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It was a scary day today. I went over there while they were taking weight and size measurements to determine CofG and modulus for weight distribution. First calculations were showing they might have to move the wing forward 2 inches. 2 inches, I asked? I guess it makes a huge difference with flight performance. Later numbers showed it is just fine the way it is. Taking into consideration the weight of the engine, the pilot, ten gallons of gas and you are guessing at total weight at takeoff at this point. Engine is not on yet, it will be 2 cylinder inline. Total weight at takeoff, about 500-550 lbs.

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Do you know if that's an Airdrome Aeroplanes kit? They make a bunch of homebuilt kits: DVII's, Nieuport 11 through 28, and full size Pups, Camels, and DrI's. with a 150 hp radial they look and sound incredible.




The first Camel builder kept a great log on The Aerodrome forum. Hours of great reading <goes looking for link> here:




Now the same guy is commissioning a Gnome 100 rotary engine build!




I like building the 1:32 stuff, but the 1:1 is a life goal.



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Well that just showing off !!!  :D  :D  :D


That IS taking LSM to the extreme .. it's fantastic!  Please add my congratulations to the others' when you speak to him next.  Thanks for sharing this Paul.

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