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  1. Space Shuttle Mock Up

    Ah sorry - it looks like I forgot to include the web address (doh!!) https://spaceflightnow.com/shuttle/sts135/130629opening/tour.html It’s about 2/3’s down the list
  2. Space Shuttle Mock Up

    Hi Rick, i found this ... There's an image showing a wooden model of the "original" shuttle concept - aside from the obvious main wings on this model, it's not too dissimilar to your model Grant. (PS: I would have copied the picture into here but I haven't caught up with the Photobucket changes)
  3. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Ah Danny, i just LOVE the Corsair ... Somehow it looks purposeful! Grant
  4. I love your painting technique and results Nickolas !!! The staining etc is incredibly realistic... fabulous, can't wait for more. Grant
  5. Two words ....... "Bloody Hell!! that is just BRILLIANT work!" OK, a little more than two words but justified Can't wait for more.
  6. 1/32 Desktpo Zero

    Sorry I'm so late to the party! I love what you've done Tom - to take on a largely PE kit is admirable let alone one at 1/32 scale and with this level of detail. Superb work! Grant
  7. Telford Scale Model World 2016!

    Great stuff guys - sorry not to be there but 2017 will roll around all too soon.
  8. I totally agree about a new Beaufighter ... I've been hoping for one for ages. With the recent proliferation of 2 engined fighters and bombers in 1/32 it seem logical for this to follow soon'ish - it also offers a number of variants which gives the manufacturer more than one bite at the cherry. Grant
  9. Love what you're doing with this fabulous kit Kent! What an interesting subject! I wonder, have you considered contacting the "Mosquito Museum" (the de Havilland Aircraft Museum) for information [ http://www.dehavillandmuseum.co.uk/]? I've been there and can report that they are some of the friendliest, most helpful people I've come across in a long while (I really must post my photos!!) Grant.
  10. Wow, there are some wonderful diverse skills on show here .. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the entire process and eagerly await the next instalment Grant.
  11. 1:32 Albatros B.II

    A fascinating review Jim - thanks ! Really enjoyed it
  12. I've really enjoyed reading through your creation Mish, thank you. Great choice of colour scheme by the way and the figure will add a great focal point I'm really looking forward to seeing it come to life Grant.
  13. Now that's a great choice of scheme - I'm looking forward to this
  14. This is serious detail modelling and definitely one to watch with anticipation. Excellent work Sir! Grant
  15. Revell 1/32nd Heinkel He 111 P-1

    She's a stunner Tom ... you've managed a very sharp and crisp finish which is quite refreshing; don't get me wrong, I love the weathered, used look too. Sweet pictures too! Grant (Not fair ... a skilled modeller AND photographer **sigh** I must sign up for a photography course somewhere).