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  1. Absolutely- way too long. I’ll give you a call via Messenger if that’s ok and bring you up to speed on what’s what. Speak soon
  2. Brilliant work, as always, Jeroen! Looking forward to following this to the end (Almost like old times watching your work) Grant
  3. Great looking model ! Superb light/subtle weathering too. Nice, very nice.
  4. That’s just epic !!! Superbly detailed; that engine is outrageous - great job Sir.
  5. I agree with Jeroen - great to see actual plastic .... it kinda makes it all real now. HKM should be applauded for their dedication to accuracy and “bang for buck” - I know it’ll be pricey but I reckon the mountain of internal detail will go a long way to to salve the inevitable wound in the wallet. As always Jim, a solid, informative and enjoyable read.. thank you. Grant.
  6. SWEET! Great review Jeroen. Am looking forward to your usual expert build
  7. Ah sorry - it looks like I forgot to include the web address (doh!!) https://spaceflightnow.com/shuttle/sts135/130629opening/tour.html It’s about 2/3’s down the list
  8. Hi Rick, i found this ... There's an image showing a wooden model of the "original" shuttle concept - aside from the obvious main wings on this model, it's not too dissimilar to your model Grant. (PS: I would have copied the picture into here but I haven't caught up with the Photobucket changes)
  9. Ah Danny, i just LOVE the Corsair ... Somehow it looks purposeful! Grant
  10. I love your painting technique and results Nickolas !!! The staining etc is incredibly realistic... fabulous, can't wait for more. Grant
  11. Two words ....... "Bloody Hell!! that is just BRILLIANT work!" OK, a little more than two words but justified Can't wait for more.
  12. Sorry I'm so late to the party! I love what you've done Tom - to take on a largely PE kit is admirable let alone one at 1/32 scale and with this level of detail. Superb work! Grant
  13. Great stuff guys - sorry not to be there but 2017 will roll around all too soon.
  14. I totally agree about a new Beaufighter ... I've been hoping for one for ages. With the recent proliferation of 2 engined fighters and bombers in 1/32 it seem logical for this to follow soon'ish - it also offers a number of variants which gives the manufacturer more than one bite at the cherry. Grant
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