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Looking for some ideas to make rubber band tracks more realistic


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I have a couple of the old RSO tractors with the enclosed cab that I bought for about 20 bucks each before the new Dragon model was announced. The only aftermarket links I can get a hold of are the metal Fruil tracks and these would cost me about 5 bucks less than just buying the new Dragon kit!


I really don't want to get these as I might as well throw these Italeri kits out then. So in the best traditions of being a tight wad, any ideas on how to make rubber band tracks look better with sagging etc? Also since they are molded in silver, what paint will stick the best, enamel or acrylic?

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I have found that enamels work best. Less chance of flaking off. I mix 50/50 black and rust for a base coat, rust wash, some rust Mig pigments then highlight with silver. The sag can a chore if you don't have enough slack in the track lengths. Super glueing the the track on top of each road wheel (or return roller) from the 11 to 1 o'clock position should give you the sag you need. Check out my IDF M60A1 Blazer in the completed builds forum. While the tracks are no award winners, I was happy with the results considering what I had to start with.

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