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Help with uploading photos please? :)


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Hello all ...


I'm not really a tech head ... so, with that said:


I have just set up a Photobucket account as I assume I cannot upload photos directly from my computer, correct?


Now ... how is it that I get the photos from there ... onto a post I make here?


Thanks in advance

Rog :)

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Hi Rog,


Open PB in a new tab so you have both PB and LSM pages available.


You will need to click on the IMG code from the photobucket image you wish to upload. Once you click on it it will say 'copied'


Now go to the LSM page and on your posting page click the 'link' button on the header. A box will open and there will be a URL box that is empty. Right click the box and you will be able to 'paste' the PB IMG code into that box.


Once you have done that click ok and the code will appear on your posting page. It will show as a code and not the photo but rest assured the photo will appear once you actually press post. To check first you can always press more reply options at the foot of your posting page, that will allow you to review your post and make any amendments before the post goes live.


Hope that helps, it will soon become second nature :-)






... thanks heaps for your time Martin ... I'll give it a crack :)

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