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  1. Doesn't the site have sponsors?? ... I thought that there were several?? Rog
  2. I gotta say ... I'm surprised that ANY sort of AM is required for a Tamiya prop kit ... I mean ... I'd always go with a set of Master turned metal barrels anyway ... but resin detailing?? ... Tamiyas IM product is usually so well detailed anyway. Who knew?? Rog
  3. Nice work lads ... whoever said that a '32 scale of this kite couldn't be kitted because of lack of available visuals on details was kidding themselves ... I was just prepared to go grab my new Classics book ... and then all this info showed up. Lovely .... Rog
  4. Gazz ... I've been eying off the Pz.III M Neo kit for a while now ... so will follow this one!!! My favourite all purpose AFV chassis ... I don't think that they ever tried to "overdevelop" the Pz.III ... Apart from suffering in the dreadfully boggy terrain of the Middle-Ages styled roads of the Soviet Union it was always a solid performer ... and, fittingly, it eventually swapped roles with the Pz.IV (which was more easily up-gunned). Don't be fooled by the high velocity (L60) 50mm main gun of the J-M variants either ... it was much easier to load, aim and fire than it's
  5. Weekends have been busy ... and I still haven't decided which one to start on yet. Sometimes I'd really like to start on the Panther G ... then I look at the 38(t) ... Then the Tiger should be a simple build... Rog
  6. WOW! ... This is 3D print stuff huh? ... Mike is certainly good with design work!! Looks like a gorgeous little A/C Rog
  7. A couple of sets arrived for the 2 Classy Hobby "Luchs" tanks ... the 20mm and an Mg.34 ... x2 Rog
  8. Ok so ... I was struggling to work out how, exactly, a fresh pair of beige coloured pants was getting so dirty around the calf/ankle area in a half days wear as if I'd been riding a push bike with an oily chain ... and then it dawned on me that there was a nice clean patch on the ute side skirts where I was climbing in and out of the thing!! ... So ... my most recent purchase: an all original set of moulded mud guards!! ... Which look great and should do the job nicely! They were, however a mongrel to fit ... Nothing can ever be easy right? ... I had to ge
  9. Congratulations ... 1/16 is the perfect LSM for a Tank ... Waiting for some more metal barrelled goodness to arrive here before deciding on a WIP with some of the gear I've got so far ... No contest ... Those Polish virgins look like a definite scam to me ... go get 'em Harv!! Rog
  10. This has happened to me a couple of times - usually with Revell kits from UK (to Australia). Since the retailer should know the product they are about to ship (and therefore it’s susceptibility to damage), it is therefore, their responsibility to ensure packaging is befitting the product and the journey it is about to take. I’ve torn retailers a new one and had 3 entire model kits replaced by retailers for failing to take due diligence in packaging their product. The double cost of product AND shipping (not to mention the time wasted with customer complaint etc) should teach them to focus more
  11. The last box of the recent spate of orders arrived today ... A small one ... With a massive turned metal barrel (for the Tiger) and bits to put it together. ... and a couple of turned metal machine gun barrels for the Pz.38(t) Now I have to pick a kit for a WIP I can't build the Luch's because they don't come with the metal barrel and I can't find anywhere with 2 in stock at the moment So that leaves the Pz.IV.H, the Tiger, the Panther and the Pz.38(t) ... decisions, decisions! Rog
  12. I've had a look thanks!! ... There's a fair asking price for a lot of that stuff ... and that set costs way more than the tank itself. Don't get me wrong - I might just jump at a couple of figurines ... If I can find out how to buy!! ... Jeff Shiu's web page advertises prices ... but there's no cart?? Rog
  13. Today my next BIG Tank arrived ... Supplied by Gazza via trade ... If anyone seeks to trade with him at any point - do so with confidence ... the way this thing was packaged, it would've survived Hiroshima!! This discontinued Pz.38(t) by Panda could have probably had the tooling maximised by creating an early war boxing (Ausf.B) ... or the later Panzerjäger 38(t) 'Hetzer'. And ... of course there's the customary turret shot Rog
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