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  1. Wonder if they've fixed the panel lines? ... Mwahahahahaha Rog
  2. If I knew how to make one I'd do it ... "Hitler Rants about LSP" ... Insert all of Steves comments Rog
  3. Talk about thread drift!!! ... started New York to LA ... ended in Cape Town!! Steve - those posts would make EPIC work on a Hitler Rant meme Rog
  4. I agree with the notion ... and it falls in line with the "favouritism" comment I made earlier ... However, while I'm the first person who would suggest that 'J' can be more than a little obnoxious with his commentary ... This case doesn't appear to be all that "clear cut" ... Please note that I have no dog in that fight - nor do I know ALL of the facts. Iain, on the balance, tends to be a fairly reasonable sort ... J didn't mention any names - so I'm leery of jumping to conclusions ... my only questions would be ... Did the particular person PROMISE to complete something for someone, without stating any conditions prior to? Did they, indeed 'go dark'? Was the promised work not completed (irrespective of the reasons)? ... If so ... and other people were contributing/waiting on the said person to fulfil their promise ... I'd suggest that J (and Iain) may have a point ... Maybe not so eloquently put - but a point nonetheless. ---------------- Maybe it's just the way in which I was raised? - I never promise to do something unless I'm sure I can do it - VERY cagey about agreeing to anything actually ... I ALWAYS overestimate the time required to do the task, so there's a better than even chance I can deliver on my promise early (I actually learned that one in customer service management roles) ... If - for some mitigating circumstance, I cannot complete what I said I would do - I advise the involved parties ASAP (i.e. as soon as I'm aware) and ASK for either 1/ a deferral ... or 2/ removal from the task altogether if the delay will be outside of any reasonable guideline ... the mitigating circumstance matters not ... I was raised that my "word is my bond and therefore the measure of my character" ... Quite often, when I was younger (and much to my chagrin and embarrassment, I will add), I was forced (by my father) to complete tasks that I had frivolously promised to complete - In situations that were no longer convenient for me ... be it that I wanted to go to the movies with my friends ... or that I just wasn't feeling all that well. My father always drilled into me that a "man who doesn't keep his word cannot be trusted" ... Like I said ... Maybe just the way in which I was raised ... but it's always made me the most trusted confidant by friends and one of the most trusted staff members by employers. Rog
  5. Another good point! ... Although I remember someone posting (somewhere) that the Do.335 didn't have one on purpose - because it wasn't supposed to need one ... The He.219 definitely does!! ... and from memory I added some additional ballast in moulded lead also just to make sure (and even then I was stressing that I may not have enough)!! My HKM B.25 kit didn't have one included - but I think Neil realised early on that it would need it - I got a cast one in an added on separate box I think? The kit is a stash queen atm so I can't remember specifics - the boxing was one of the first edition releases. Rog
  6. Now isn't THAT weird ... I'd actually heard it was the other way around - That if the ZM kit was built as per instructions, straight OOB, it was not a natural tail sitter, whereas the HKM kit was! - I didn't hear about the little prop either!! ... Either way, there's no way I'd build a tricycle landing gear configuration kit up without some sort of ballast in the front end - it would just feel weird! ... and thank's for the pick up on the CAST ballast - I forgot that bit - a specifically fitting ballast makes assembly life much easier. Rog
  7. Oh wow!! .... A hard one - as the answer is purely personal ... Both kits are good in that they have no generally listed accuracy, engineering, fit or finish flaws. The ZM kit has transparent plastic for the external skins - the idea being that you'll be able to see the typically ZM styled internal engineering when built - the problem being, that it's opaque!! ... Some people declare that the "clear" plastic is more brittle and harder to work with than the standard grey stuff, though I've never had this sort of experience ... mind you - my "experience" is limited to the standard clear canopies etc. HKM has the benefit of: 1/ Slightly cheaper in most countries ... 2/ Made in the traditional style of configuration with the traditional grey plastics throughout and 3/ Containing a a nose weight inside the kit!!. If you've built ZM kits before, you're probably going to lean that way, regardless. I have both ... build priority will be with the HKM kit. Rog
  8. I Posted this elsewhere ... but for those interested in books ... particularly the "Classics" series ... theres a new one coming out. For the Dornier Do.17 ... Due March next year ... From Crecy - The publisher who bought the rights to the Classics Publications series from Ian Allen Publishing. Hopefully some manufacturer hears the cries of those hungry for some Do.17 1/32 action. http://www.crecy.co.uk/dornier-do-17 Rog
  9. At the height of production we we getting between 4 & 6 new variants in 1/35 ... per month!! Ridiculous by anyones standard. But I got just about every conceivable Pz.III chassis available from the 'E' onward. Think of a WWII AFV in 1/35 ... and odds on Dragon popped out a kit for it! Rog
  10. There are several ... But the one I want most of all is ... a ... Do.17z Rog
  11. One I'm in the middle of working on currently ... Siege of Tobruk 1941 - Title is "Next Move?" Starting point was some miniart figurines with Rommel looking at maps with his officers sitting on top of a Panzer. Rog
  12. I'm in the same boat really!! ... The only reason I started buying Tamiya 1/35 in the first place is because I used to buy their F1 cars when I had a 2yr dabble into modelling 1988-90 ... I got so far back into the hobby - but then let it go again ... spewing ... because I had a lovely pair of Edinberger Ford Cosworth Sierras - Gloss black with the high vis orange Texaco decals and a couple of Awesome Ferraris alongside Benneton Ford's and Senna and Alian Prost's McLaren Honda's ... all gone!! My prize was a Lotus Honda in Camel cigarettes logos that Senna used to drive before McLaren. I digress ... Once I started doing my research into 1/35 ... about 2009-10 ... ALL my Tamiya kits became redundant (The unstarted ones will be up for sale shortly once my stash audit is done). Dragon make everything - and better ... the only thing that ticked me off is when Dragon switched to DS tracks instead of those awesome Magic Track links. And now ... we also have AFV, RFM, Meng and Takom. Tamiya for 1/32 A/C ... and F1 (plus other) cars ... but nothing else I'm afraid. Rog
  13. I could swear, at one point, he had a production line for Corsairs resembling some of the old WWII photos!! I WAS originally thinking of putting in a Post Script for "Honourable Mentions" and a Hurricane Mk.I / Mk.II was top of that list. The only reason I didn't include at least one is that we have a half decently priced, accurate and detailed one in the Fly kits - I'd still buy one though! Rog
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