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  1. Not really possible ... I can't do that without having access to the no-longer-available conversion set ... so no! Rog
  2. Finally!!! .... Waiting over 2 months for this package to arrive from Hong Kong ... An Early Ki.43-II ... And a couple of new Border Model Luchs Rog
  3. Most of the rest of my orders arrived at the post office today ... I was excited for one kit in particular ... but very soon deflated after opening the box it was packaged in ... 5 kits ordered out of Hong Kong ... and because of shipping restrictions all had to be packaged separately ... The package previously stuck in traffic also arrived ... Tamiya kits are becoming almost prohibitively expensive here now ... so a bulk buy out of Hong Kong was the go ... even with Shipping costs and currency conversion fees added, I paid approximately $40 AUD LESS per kit than here in Australia ... The 1st 3 kits arrived undamaged ... The Corsair packaging suffered a minor compression ... as can be seen in the top LH corner ... But the kit that I was really looking forward to was compressed pretty badly damaging some of the packaging inside ... I've written them a complaint - after all - if this was a trade item or a gift for someone, the value has just dropped through the floor - not impressed!! The delayed package ex-east carried the last 32 scale Hasegawa kit they had in stock ... While - to fill out the order and get free shipping - I grabbed these 2 kits ... Link and length tracks are provided for this New Tool Tamiya 38(t) ... thereby removing one of the only real flaws in Tamiya 35 scale kits as an option. Detail is wonderful and the addition of a figure is always welcome. Dragons latest effort ... A joint venture with a Japanese company Mono to provide Japanese instructions in a rebooted Dragon tooling - a long sought after kit for me ... a Marder III Ausf.H ... The kit contents include 3d printed resin grills, photo etch, metal gun barrel as well as a DS cast tarpaulin cover AND Magic Track Cheers Rog
  4. While I know that, at some point, I'm likely to get lynched for not starting a build thread with all the Kursk gear I've been building up - I have to say that it can't be helped ... I haven't really had the time to relax and do a lot of build work ... mostly because I'm catching up with other, long overdue, chores or looking for my next job. I HAVE, however, had time to hunt around for some more gear to add to the collection ... As I am inclined to do, with the sort of purchases I make, I build up a few "rewards" points with a variety of local (meaning Australian) outlets ... and along with some sort of periodical sale late last year, it netted me this: Sometime late last year a couple of things happened at around the same time ... I saw the latest movie about The Battle Of Midway and Infinity model advised that it was going to be releasing 32 scale Val's and Kate's this year ... that definitely got the creative ideas flowing for Pacific war subjects ... so I snagged these around Christmas time from one of my main suppliers ... Apparently the Avenger will need some small modifying to turn it into the correct variant for Midway - have a really nice example of a build bookmarked for this purpose - though no build thread ... and the SBD will need some small decal adjustment for Best's kite ... Thach's Wildcat will happen curtesy of this kit which I had to go to a previously unused suppler for ... - eventually - as I ordered special decals from an AM supplier in the US ... which were promptly returned to the sender by USPS! Not all that happy with the moron either, who - 1/ instead of asking if I'd like the refund first (as opposed to waiting for restrictions to ease - and reattempting postage) - 2/ refunded me the amount - less fees which, along with the currency transfer, incurred me a loss ... and then 3/ blamed MY COUNTRY for HIS COUNTRY'S shipping restrictions!! (insert some VERY profane words here!!) 🤬 *** IF anyone knows where I can get some 32 scale Decals (or masks) for Thach's markings OUTSIDE the USA ... please give me a heads up - TIA *** To "bulk out" the order for the free shipping ... I grabbed some Grenadier figures to use - because you can never have too many different poses At around the same time I used some more reward points to pre-purchase this monster ... The Das Werk 1/16 StuG ... Because the PzKpfwIII chassis is my favourite ... It just arrived at the post office yesterday ... It also gave a profile that I'll put to use for my TAKOM 35 scale StuG ... While I was looking around to source the new Great Wall Hobby P.40 ... I ended up reading a little about the Ki.43 Hayabusa ... Although completely different, it used the same philosophy in design and was commonly referred to as the "army Zero" ... looking around online for one proved to be a bit of a headache though, as it seems Hasegawa is rolling back production on 32 scale AC models. This prompted another splurge in buying ... Particularly Hasegawa Kits!! ... but also others ... This order, from a local supplier, arrived yesterday also ... I wanted the StuH.42 for the Kursk gear and also, maybe, I may have use for the Marder.I ... The Hasegawa George happened to be in stock along with a couple of sets of Master's phenomenal turned brass ... There is another order from a local supplier that is stuck in the traffic jam due to train line damage that recent el-weirdo weather conditions caused. So that one will be posted here once it arrives ... Meanwhile I got busy internationally ... Ordering kits out of Japan or Hong Kong (from local manufacturers in the region) is usually much cheaper that buying them here ... there's a catch though (isn't there always??) ... Shipping is prohibitively expensive IF you are only buying the one kit! If you are buying in bulk, however ... shipping is a boon! ... the shipping cost per item decreases exponentially ... most times ... Apparently Japan has followed the USA's example of "banning" certain countries ... although there ARE workarounds with certain global couriers. I've got a couple of orders still inbound from Hong Kong along with the delayed package ex-east coast ... but this one arrived from Plaza Japan today ... With a little "thank you" note and gift ... And a few Hasegawa Kits ... Along with this re-release of an old kit that fascinated me when I first saw it a couple of years back ... Thats all for now ... more to post later Rog
  5. Yes - This MUST happen!!!!! Rog
  6. Started some preliminaries on the builds … but work has been in the way with too much to do on the R&R week … and yes I’m supposed to be starting a build thread, I know 🙄🙄🙄 … I will get around to it shortly I think. Rog
  7. Yes I know … it’s an “early” version of a Ki-43-II Rog
  8. Awww crap! ... I knew it ... I have seen that conversion kit also on Scalemates - looks sweet too ... I really wish people who made masters for this stuff would sort out some sort of succession plan!! ... I have 2 Hase' Oscars en-route from Japan ... one is an "early" which apparently has a slightly different cowl included compared to the standard Hase' kit ... and the other is a standard one ... 🤷‍♂️ ... oh well! ... I guess a Nate will have to do it on a side by side! Yeah ... gutted ... if anyone has the conversion and hasn't used it yet - they're probably going to hang onto it anyway Rog
  9. My thought was that since the StuG was already out - there are video reviews - That maybe Trumpeter gave up on releasing the kit themselves and hoofed the moulds to Heller?? ... OR ... Scalemates have it wrong and Heller designed the kits themselves. Either way Das Werk seems to have beaten everyone! Rog
  10. Well it seems to be raining 1/16 Panzer III chassis now ... Another Pz.III ... this time from Heller ... from Scalemates it looks to be based on the vapourware Tumpeter kit that was supposed to be released in 2020 ... Rog
  11. Apparently Revell are issuing a “new tool” Bf.109 G2/4 … based on the G6 / Erla G10 moulds … Rog
  12. The big scoop under the belly was for radiator and oil cooler airflow … Meanwhile here’s another pic of the supercharger intake for the P-51 Rog
  13. Ok Gazza ... A minor correction ... Two types of "charging" the engine - otherwise known as forced induction ... Well, strictly speaking there is a third, but that pretty much falls under the umbrella of "naturally aspirated" - A ram scoop seen on the bonnet/hood of many high performance motor vehicles - since the engine is still sucking the air in, even though it is being forced by "ramming" the air into the intake by speed of the vehicle. Supercharging ... Mechanically driven impeller usually either by belts running directly off a crank pulley or gear driven off the crank. Turbocharging ... use of expelled exhaust gasses to drive an impeller which in turn drives a compressor - forcing air into the engine. The difference in application amounts to efficient transfer of energy - Supercharging is a more direct energy transfer - the more the engine revs the more the impeller spins - in direct ratio. With turbocharging there is always a "lag" factor ... you have to wait for exhaust gas pressure to spin up the impeller ... in a lot of ways its a cheaper method of forced induction - but not as efficient as supercharging. In some modern applications a combination of both is used - as with my previous car - a Ford Fiesta ST with an Ecoboost engine ... Down to business ... Here is a Merlin engine showing where the air intake is ... on the back of the engine drawing air from the bottom - underneath the cowl ... Here is a photo of the actual part attached to the superchargers impeller casing ... And finally here is the intake on the underside of the cowl ... Hope that all makes sense for you mate? Rog
  14. Great days … Murray Walker commentating with James Hunt … Nigel, Alain, Alessandro, Nelson etc … 1.5L overboosted turbos Also a great era in Motorsport regulations - Group A (Eggenberger’s Texaco Sierras, anyone?) and Group C enduros (Porsche dominated followed by Jaguar, Sauber Mercedes and Mazda Sport). Rog
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