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  1. I have the 1/500 Yamato and detail sets ... and the 1/72 fighters (4 off) ... the pity is that they didn't make Melda's kite in 1/72 ... Her and Yamamoto were my 2 favourite characters. Rog
  2. That may be true ... but I couldn't find replacement sprues for ANY of their kits! Rog
  3. it's ok James - a week or so isn't going to hurt ... while you're at it ... do you know how to order them? I was looking through the Volks Japan site (best way to order from here) and couldn't find additional sprues anywhere. Rog
  4. Just caught up with this one James ... Nice, clear in-boxer as usual ... I might have to grab one even though PTO isn't my thing - I wonder if you could put up a list of additional sprues to order to complete two kits from the one box using the clear gear and well as opaque? Rog
  5. Stumping up the large cash injection is one thing ... enduring the frustration of the build will be something else - given most build threads I've looked at. The profanity index is likely to flare up quite considerably ... on the plus side, the contributions to the swear jar might just fund your next big project! Certainly I've put off any attempt at the HpH kits in my stash until my skill set is MUCH more improved. Rog
  6. Yeah ... but apparently they don't count!! Rog
  7. Actually ... Because this will be an A20-G ('only' in resin ... may be room for other versions in plastic???) it was never in RAF livery (to my knowledge) and definitely not with the powered turret (a shame because I REALLY wanted to build an intruder type) ... although certainly the VVS had a happy time with them in various ground support roles. The RAAF originally had a few 'C's that were all the solid nose affairs, but the bulk of their orders were the later 'G's ... with most of the earlier editions being retro-fitted. Again though, I'm not sure we had any of the build block with the powered turrets? The USAAF were the most predominant user of the type in the ETO and MTO. References are definitely a must going into this one!! Rog
  8. 1/32 - Do.17z BoB markings (to go with everything else BoB) 1/35 - IM German early war B-Bridge pontoon set up ... barges, ramps, planking etc. 1/48 (huh? what's this?) ... not Large Scale ... so I'll slot in a 1/200 Graff Spee and/or Scharnhorst to go with my Bismark. Rog
  9. Oh ... stop it with the teasing, Martin!! ... I'm drooling on the keyboard!! Maybe HKM could be conned into one ... along with a Do.17z ... They're designing a Ju.52 after all! Rog
  10. Got an email from one of the local major online retailers in Australia ... It's up for preorder (or at least the 'J' is) with stock expected end October/November. Price will be $290 AUD drive away with local shipping included (because it's over a $99 purchase) ... This beats the original release price on the HKM B-17G by about $20 AUD which was some years back. Even if a couple of small correction or detail sets are needed it's looking like VERY decent value for money! Rog
  11. I, for one, have been keeping an eye on HKM's remarkable release line up since before the first B-25 arrived. This Lancaster was penciled into that release schedule way back then and I've been waiting, patiently, for it's arrival ever since. The companies progression since then has been quite impressive. I appreciate that they've taken another couple of years since the first mockups at Telford to respond to feedback and correct a lot of the more obvious shape errors ... and I know they wanted to try the oil canning thing from the discussions that came about afterward ... but I agree - there's a point where plastic has to hit the shelves - and if there's a minority who get so triggered by a lack of that kind of surface texture that they refuse to purchase the kit ... well there is a much cheaper vac formed kit out there for them ... and good luck with that! I have 2 of them slated for acquisition on my purchase list ... and one of Grahams (Iconicair) conversions. Rog
  12. The movie 'Downfall' is remembered more for the 'Hitler Rant's memes' than anything else ... An odd case ... and one that probably should have an award. Rog
  13. Guys ... thanks for the input ... my week got busy about 2 hours after I posted this ... I'll be doing some shopping on the weekend! ... Danny - I know what you mean and I'll expound on this further on the weekend Cheers and thanks again guys! Rog
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