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  1. ok Gaz I get your point buddy … but A/ I now own the models so whatever is in - or not in - the box is mine to deal with now … B/ what can I do about it 100s of kilometres away from them while working?? … And most importantly … C/ when I do get back to them in 2 weeks from now - what do you suggest I do about it exactly?!? The above comments might sound a little harsh or like I’m annoyed but I’ve had a running battle trying to deal Davey Byrden’s constant poo-poo-ing and negativity which approaches levels that would send the average modeller suicidal. Providing the
  2. Well Gaz … I’m a few hundred kilometres away from the kits now … but I guess I’ll find out about any issues when I start building them … it’s still looking to be a much easier task than building the dragon kit!! Rog
  3. So ... I finished my first 2 weeks away at work ... It was night shift ... got back a week ago tomorrow and started organising the house and budget ... didn't get any time in for model work ... but I did go to the post office to collect a package that arrived ... The first kit is a Dragon double ... What I really wanted was the one with the FlaK 88mm ... but this one will do until I can locate the one I'm after ... The next couple are the first 2 kits of the Border Model "Early" type Tiger 1 ... I've seen mixed reviews and viewpoints on this ... With it's simplified
  4. I think it mentions in the blog that the main reason for the extended delay on delivering the Fw-190's is getting some of the complex and subtle curves right in the design process ... I think what you're seeing are initial rough test moulds or 3D prints to see how the design software translates to physical form ... They still have quite a way to go, apparently. The Bf.109-G is a much newer addition to the production queue ... So to see it at the stage that it is - is quite surprising! ... Just a pity they are starting with the G14 first ... I would have loved to have seen the G6 ... but appare
  5. Still no heart emotion ... so I take it that's a neg ... Aren't we all Gaz ... aren't we all ... ... dictator ... what happened to freedom of speech?!?! ... Boooooooo - i'm gonna go trashing stuff (other people's of course, never mine!!) and lighting fires to everything, in protest while crying like a 2 year old ... (insert middle-finger salute here ). ... I mean that's what people do these days, right? ... Rog
  6. Swoon ... The colour is sweet too These are the times I wish there was a 'heart' icon as well as 'thumbs up' icon in the 'likes' button ... can we actually do that Ern? Anyway ... out here ... even our more modern rides are becoming classics REALLY fast ... Theres something weird going on here, with the used car market ... I bought my stock standard 2015 Holden Manual SS Ute in October 2019 ... with 28100 Kms on the clock ... for $34999 - PLUS Gov't charges transfer and licensing ... Now I could sell the same vehicle (the mods done since bought don't actually add val
  7. Me either ... I'll honestly pull the trigger on anything by ZM in 1/32 ... but I'm REALLY hoping we get THE definitive Bf.109G ... their skills in model making have increased exponentially since the first couple of kits ... they're coming on par with Tamiya now ... Rog
  8. https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/sentiment/oyajiblog_113.html?fbclid=IwAR1TOHAQ63x5s7uB23SjbxVKKN4Yr9hfZ30nZGObjZU93pgdZoNPlOrMWIE Enjoy! Rog
  9. Lovely ... My introductory years to F1 ... I remember Lotus turfed the Renault engine (a masterpeice at the time) for the newer Honda unit later - when the Japanese were at the peek of their Motor Engineering prime ... I have memories of Murray Walker's voice in commentary working up to the threshold of pain ... "Ayrton Senna, spinning ... spinning!!" "... and into the pits comes Alain Prost ... Now his time here will be VERY interesting considering the bungled tyre change of Keke Rosberg earlier ... lets hope McLaren has this sorted out now" ... Nigel Mansell staying out too many l
  10. well ... you know how these things go ... It all started with my favourite Chassis - the Pz.III Ausf.L or M ... and wanting to build a worthy dio for it ... then there was a couple of Dragon model kits that I nabbed with what appears to be a shield style coat of arms. A Pz.III Ausf.M, an N and a PZ.IV Ausf.G ... all 2nd Panzer ... all Citadel ... add to that a Photo of a Platoon of Pz.III.M's on the march and the idea was born ... Of course I wanted to do a Panther, Tiger and Ferdinand ... problem is ... different parts of the battlefield!! ... 2nd Panzer was in the north and rubbing
  11. Ok ... so 2 things happened today ... Steve proved himself right as usual ... and I was invited to complete some inductions for a new job in FIFO ... and so it begins!! .. You're not often wrong Steve, but you were right this time Also another package arrived in the mail ... This one contains another couple of Citadel related kits ... firstly the Takom Blitz StuG.III Ausf.G I've had a peek inside the box and can confirm that the lower hull and related sprues are the same as their Pz.III Ausf.M and N kits ... so this will be tagged into the Pz.III chassis
  12. I know, right?? ... This is what I was alluding to on my comment for Andys Model Headquarters review of the Border Tiger - How far along we've come now in model parts casting ... a long long way since Dragon was the king of the hill ... now a 10,000,000 parts count and supreme accuracy are all they have going for them ... very little extras in the box (if any now) - and until they start either reissuing Magic Track or turn everything into a Neo Smart Kit with link-and-length tracks, you really need to go AM - on what is already an expensive kit - for decent track sag ... This Tamiya kit i
  13. I'm not sure ... it doesn't appear to be Wolfe Flakken's Experimental Dimensional Space Submarine to me ... anyway ... Scrolling down ... ------- The first kit that caught my eye was the 1/20 Tamiya Lotus 33 F1 ... I really like that one Then the sign on the table that says "Lets Reboot Dragon" ... I hope, besides the box art, that translates to ... lets get rid rid of DS tracks!! ... also The Panzer II Ausf.F Afrika Corps in 1/35 ... complete (at last) with Rommel Bin. Then under that pic ... the Lotus 99T ... although there's no scale mentioned or who the manufact
  14. Thanks Steve ... That was my (substantial) gut feel as well ... why bother paying with no intent? ... but it doesn't stop me being more that a little nervy ... especially when the bank account is looking quite anaemic ... I'll be scouring the Seek site again tomorrow ... and keep pushing the tempo until someone says congrats ... I'm glad you're cruising through your probation Ok so ... Since the Panzer III Ausf.M, N and StuG.III Ausf.G chassis' are all the same ... I'll probably get cracking on the lower hulls first ... so the first WIP will be a little monotonous ... I have the
  15. Thanks for that Steve ... I really wanted to start that WIP now ... but I can really focus because the pressure is building now with no ACTUAL job on offer yet and the dollars shrinking in the bank account - I'm reaaaaaaly hoping I get a call on Monday/Tuesday next week to say "Congrats - we want you!!" ... if that happens I'm on my way ... if not ... stuff is REALLY getting tight. The big problem with my body and the last job is that with the constant go, go, go all day ... I was living off fast food ... and I've gotten fat ... my medical that I did on Tuesday left me sooooo sore a
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