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  1. No one has mentioned the ZM Bf.109G-14 yet so l’ll chip that one in … Also the Infinity Models gear … a Val and Kate to go with my Tamiya Zero And a new tool Revell Hurricane. Mods … any chance of pinning a list of gear and who is releasing it to the top of the thread - I think we’re going to be surprised at the amount of Large Scale stuff coming out this year!! Rog
  2. Like I said … I like the list … and I’m definitely up for at least 4 items mentiond above (finally some early war Japanese carrier gear!) … I’m just wondering where the Do-17z has gone? Rog
  3. I like the list, but didn’t they promise us a Do.17z along with the Val ?!? … What happened to that one I wonder?? … Rog
  4. New 1/24 Spitfire Mk.IXc by Airfix … looks to have a little Zoukei-Mura inspired assembly to it … very nice https://uk.airfix.com/products/supermarine-spitfire-mkixc-a17001?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=New+Super+Kit&utm_campaign=Airfix-+New+Kit+-+week+41+21%2F22&modal=-zoom Rog
  5. I'd really like to ... but I'm in amongst those who wouldn't have a clue where to start with CAD designs etc ... Rog
  6. Thanks again Ern ... and a pleasure to participate ... It is said that is more blessed to give than to receive ... and this year is no exception! The $100 AUD is the limit of my available budget, Ern ... so it will include any fees/charges and postage costs unfortunately - as specified in my original post. It will be available after 30/12. Apparently, thanks to GusMac's generosity, I have won myself a reference book for F15 units in Israeli combat ... If there is anyone living in GusMacs locality that could make use of this reference please advise us - as I can't see me needing the reference in any future builds and I would like to save him the postage costs to Australia. Kind regards Roger
  7. Who are you calling "You people" 😝 Rog
  8. Hey John ... I'm going to be building one of these as soon at my Jimmy Thatch decals arrive ... I was looking at the interior painting ... shouldn't it be that weird fluro' coloured zinc cromate stuff like the Dauntless and Avenger?? Rog
  9. Just remember to add my $100 AUD into the mix Rog
  10. Hi All Ern ... An update ... I just looked through your lists ... it seems you're pretty well clear on the gift supply side (I didn't want you running short!) ... I will do the voucher thing ... equivalent of $100 AUD inclusive of any fees/mail etc - access to winnings post-30th Dec ... I have access to PayPal and the interwebs ... winner and I will discuss how best to proceed via PM ... I work long hours (FIFO - 12 hour shifts x 14 days) so response times may be days apart - but we'll get there! Rog
  11. Hey all … I fly home from a remote location today (Wed 22) … I should have something organised by 23 if you’re ok to add me as a late entrant … Ern how may gifts vs entrants do you have to date?!? Rog
  12. There are not enough “like”, “love” or “drool all over the floor” emojis for this … my favourite chassis in my favourite configuration … Panzer Vor!! Rog
  13. First up ... I hope these guys are creating the real deal and not just trading off the names they made for themselves producing WNW merch'. Second ... If they are - it should be an accurate Mk.Ia (THE Spitfire - to which all others are compared) ... and I hope they follow it up with an accurate Mk.Ib and a Mk.Vb ... I wonder if these guys managed to salvage that Lanc' that WNW was producing - it was a fair way along and it's a shame it hasn't seen the light of day. A couple of other British early war icons would be handy too - if they're looking for subjects not covered ... A Fairey Battle, a B.P.D, a Blenheim and/or a Beaufort might be nice to get a hold of ... as well as the ever elusive Beaufighter in new tooling. Rog
  14. Score!!! Dragon had the market cornered for 1/35 scale until they started with those crappy DS track things ... I've found that some later issue kits will come with both - almost as if Dragon realised their mistake and started adding the Magic Tracks back in ... They cottoned onto the link and length idea a bit to late also - with these new "Neo Smart Kit" issues... it's almost as if the market has passed them by now. I have that kit in the stash - awesome! Rog
  15. I've already posted pics ... somewhere ... but I'll include some on Saturday / Sunday when I start my builds if you like?? Rog
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