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  1. Into some AM ... Brian Fawcetts correction set for the Trumpeter Ju.87B ... Rog
  2. trumpeter

    Ah-HA!! gotcha! ... Thanks for that! Rog
  3. trumpeter

    Nice work (sorry, forgot to say that before) ... I'm studying, but not seeing!! (which is frustrating) ... The two scoops in the kit are hollowed out, not solid or blanked over - so do you mind providing some more detail? ... Please? I thought the exhausts were supposed to barely protrude? One thing I did notice, looking at the kit parts ... the spinner looks to be a bit longish. I know it's supposed to be pointy, not rounded - like the B, but shorter than the D/G variants Rog
  4. trumpeter

    The cowl doesn't need correcting on the A ... or at least not from what I've seen. So what did you actually do?? It had a Jumo 210 power plant. The B engine (Jumo 211) was much larger necessitating a remodelled cowl ... sort of similar to the variation in shape you get between a Bf.109F and Bf.109G. The Trumpeter B kit has a few inaccuracies at the front end ... but Brian Fawcett's correction set fixes most ... http://www.fawcettmodelsandpatterns.co.uk/1-32-junkers-ju-87-b2-r2-correction-set Rog
  5. Here we go ... Very impressive - The postage out of China collected 4th March ... arrived at my post office 10th March! I have already acquired the Trumpeter renditions of the Ju-87A and B ... Here's the Ju-87D and G ... Of course, with these there are the typical Trumpeter issues ... A couple of inaccuracies. Though in this instance I'm pretty sure that most can be worked out with a bit of parts swapping!! In a weird quirk ... the bomb load/crutch required for the D is in the B kit ... and vice-versa ... corrections to the shape issues in the B kit will come via Brian Fawcetts resin correction set. The G kit under-wing guns are handed ... which, of course, aren't on the real bird ... The D kit contains a repeat sprue for this (for whatever reason) - so I should (barring any weird fit issues) be able to pull the required correction from this kit. The D and G kits also contain some Gei├čkanne pods (suitable for a D-3) ... Those who know their Stuka's will remember that the earlier D variants had the shorter wingtips ... So a Hasegawa/Revell kit will be needed ... either to install this ordinance variation ... or for the wing tips, perhaps? Rog
  6. You reckon that's bad? ... Check the guy over on LSP (from Belgium) ... His wife ASKED him to build her a 1/32 B-17 ... Much respect for his Oceans 11 style in pulling off the biggest con job in modelling history!! Not only did he get permission from SWMBO to buy an expensive kit ... she actively BELIEVES she wants him to do it!! Amazeballs!! Rog
  7. I think there you have answered your own question ... To produce an accurate kit on the F-thru-K variants appears to take a fair bit of work! Even then ... no-one has got it right ... Hasegawa, Trumpeter and Revell kits all have issues ... Cyber Hobby have the E sorted (with the exception of the E-1) - not perfect, but as good as you'll get. For all the 109's available, I think a Tamiya kit would still sell in masses ... well engineered, highly detailed, superb fit and finish and, most importantly - considering the likely price tag - accurate. It doesn't look likely to happen, though. Rog
  8. I agree ... sort of. The only 2 Bf.109E kits (that I can think of??) in 1/32 before the Eduard kit, were the Matchbox and the Hasegawa ... and although I've seen both built into impressive displays - I could write my own 'Mein Kampf' book on the Hasegawa kit before it exited my life forever via the round filing cabinet. That was before the Eduard kit even hit the rumour mill!! The Eduard Bf.109E has the odd little error (wing slats spring to mind) - which are fairly easily corrected ... and the odd fit issue (front cowl) - again, using the modellers dictum "test fit thrice, glue once", the fix is fairly simple. Overall the kit was pretty good, but we were entering into the Tamiya era of very well engineered, highly detailed kits that fit near on perfectly. Even so, I don't think it was this sort of comparison that killed their 1/32 ambitions ... after all it was still the best 1/32 game in town for the E variant, regardless of the nay-sayers. Less than one year after their first release - the Profimodeler E-1 - Cyber hobby drop the E-4 into the market ... Though not without it's own cowl fit issues (to those not proceeding with the necessary caution), the general level of engineering, detail, fit and finish were miles beyond the Eduard offering ... and in a lot of areas throughout the world, it was miles cheaper too! ... The original production run sold out within the year and existing kits sold at a premium until further runs were issued ... in what was typical Dragon/Cyber Hobby fashion (check the range in their 1/35 armour), further E variants were issued in the following years. I dare say that if Cyber Hobby had decided to proceed down the F, G and K lines, they would have provided Trumpeter, Revell and even Hasegawa with a decent run for their money on market share! We can only speculate as to why they didn't ... perhaps it's because the Hasegawa kits were 'good enough', where as their E variant was VERY old tool? Either way, I feel that The Cyber Hobby kit release meant that Eduard kits were left on shelves ... so much so that I still found 3 Profimodeler E-1 kits though a local supplier here, long after the kit was OOP in 2013 ... and if Cyber Hobby had released the E-1 variant, the Eduard kits would have remained in the hands of that retailer! Many an ambitious market foray has been drowned out by simultaneous releases from other companies - it's a shame, but it happens. Probably the most damaging factor to the Eduard release was the Cyber Hobby pricing point. Even error ridden, Revells He.219 still sells well enough and more than than the much better (all round) Zoukei-Mura kit, probably because of the pricing. I wonder what sort of impact on sales of the HK Models Mosquito the (almost simultaneously released and similar priced) Tamiya kit had? Now ... if Eduard released an ACCURATE Profimodeler Spitfire Mk.I, II and V - that may fill a 'new tool' hole in a market full of error ridden kits. That's my take Rog
  9. Ok ... so ... much more upbeat in this post Firstly ... My second Fly Hurricane Mk.I arrived ... Complete with 2 'extras' bags (instructions, decals, photo etch etc) - the extra being for the first kit which didn't have it packed .. It also arrived in decent time, taking only 3 and a half weeks to arrive - instead of the 2 months for the previous example!! Also ... The second Revell Me.262B kit arrived from Hannants ... A MUCH improved effort in packaging sees this kit box without damage. ... and in reference to said, damaged kit ... a fellow modeller sent me the most amusing email ... The email, in summary, alludes to the concept that I should have just 'put up' with the earlier mentioned damaged kit ... as the contents were probably ok. I should "expect" items to get damaged in the mail - especially from overseas suppliers and I shouldn't "con" additional "freebies" from outlets when nothing was really wrong with the item anyway. ... apparently I'm the reason that kit prices increase at retail outlets and English retail outlets (in particular) go out of business flabbergasted ... I just laughed and hit delete! My take? ... I pay "new" money and shipping - I get "new" (read undamaged/unused) goods! If you stuff up on packaging, not taking reasonable care and effort to ensure "safe" delivery - you replace! Rog
  10. Today was supposed to be a day of joy ... regardless of what had not arrived ... I had a parcel waiting for me at the Post Office for collection - and miracle of miracles, I was due to finish work at a reasonable time. A new pair of headphones (wired because I go to certain places sometimes where bluetooth devices are considered to be "ignition sources") for my iPhone. Well the headphones are great - feel more sturdy than my Beats Studios ... but the cover I have on my iPhone won't let the plug go in. New case required! Then I went out the front door to check the mail after I got home ... and found a flimsy cardboard box waiting. It was the package from Hannants that had gotten lost in Luxembourg ... Normally I'd be happy the thing finally got here ... except I got this - It's supposed to be brand new, mind!! Now we all know how notorious Revell are with their weird kit box packaging ... but if you are a major retailer ... and you know the package is going international ... wouldn't you package it accordingly?? I've seen paper with more structural integrity than box Hannants used ... Not happy!! Rog
  11. You and me both According to sources close to the powers that be at HpH ... The Havoc is still a ways off ... next serving is the F7F Tigercat somewhere else in the mix is a DC3 and Me.323 (Yep ... THAT big!) Rog
  12. A while back I grabbed my second Ju.88A-4 so I could do an AIMS conversion or two. A few emails back and forth between John (AIMS) and I had me sold on doing another variant ... Even though A-1's are in plentiful supply and cheaper ... I needed another A-4 kit ... likely to be even more expensive as they get rarer ... So, failing stock availability at local suppliers ... it's off to e-Bay! Surprise of surprises ... I got this out of Germany, including postage, for about $102.00 AUD Rog
  13. Well ... This one is a bitter-sweet post for a number of reasons ... Originally I was going to wait until the Mk.I kits were released before buying all the Hurricanes from Fly ... Then, thanks to Dean ... I got the heads up that the original Mk.IIc's were out of stock at Fly and from Jiri that they were now OOP. So I grabbed a couple from Hannants ... a bit more expensive than from Fly direct ... and then there was the additional shipping cost ... bummer! On the 23rd of November last year (8 weeks ago!) ... I placed an order, with Fly, for the remaining Hurricanes ... thinking I'd had a decent win, thanks to the free postage ... Unlike the Arado's before them - where I got them within 2 weeks, instead of the expected 3 ... They didn't arrive before Christmas. A few emails have passed between Jiri and I over the last couple of months ... To his credit he was going to replace them if they hadn't arrived before months end. Yesterday I was advised via a card that they had arrived at the post office and were awaiting collection ... and so here they are ... ... but not quite! ... I make a habit of checking the kit boxes when unpacking. Whoever packed the Mk.I kit forgot to include the bag with the instructions, decals etc ... It's all good - I'm sure Jiri will be happy to send them ... and since I was wanting to get another Mk.I anyway, he can just double up in the next box I order. Rog
  14. Nice ... I've always wondered about this kite ... From various sources I'm getting the feeling that this thing was a better performing machine than the 109 ... Politics being the main ingredient behind it's demise?? I've often thought about buying one of these kits ... certainly love your idea! Rog