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  1. My Favourite ZM kit so far Have fun Carl Rog
  2. It appears to be a 3D print job ... done in stages ... If you look at the TSR.2, that had a similar start - a completely solid build - internals and detail done later ... I don't why this is ... But I'm expecting a full display model at the end ... I will be large though!! Rog
  3. I looks pretty decent. I'm REALLY hoping they pull the trigger on a Do.17z!! These guys have a Val (or a Kate - I can't remember which?!) on the horizon also ... If they do the other one as well I might even start looking at PTO birds!! Rog
  4. Twisted your rubber arm did he?? He was right though - sweet kit!! ... I'm gonna have to watch it - I'm becoming a ZM Fanboy! Rog
  5. So ... apparently this mob ... are doing a 1/32 Vulcan ... and a TSR.2 ... https://www.facebook.com/Lost-British-projects-566804443806070/?tn-str=k*F Rog
  6. Looks like she has the moves Ern ... but I thought your dance card was full already? Rog
  7. Way ahead of you Carl Arrived early September last year ... about the same time as the kit, I believe! What's the car there? ... Looks like it might be an R32 from the shape of the flared guards and front end?? Rog
  8. Thanks for the well wishes and support guys!! Carl ... Yeah I have the HKM Dambuster already - I figured the aircraft were new so no oil canning present on the chastise mission ... I was just waiting on the final market-ready rendition of the WNW Lanc' and the pricing before I made up my mind ... at least Neil might get a solid kick up in sales! - I hope so anyway. Yep ... as soon as I have sorted another few financial bits and pieces I have to invest in a bunch of Iconicair goodies ... and also some crew!! Rog
  9. Heya Steve Thanks! ... My developers have been leaning toward 33 ... but I definitely didn't want 34 ... On that advice - I might see if I can push 32. No deposit needed as I'm using Keystart for finance ... a WA Government financing wing ... there's a bit of complex financial wizardry required because I have to refinance my car loan an pay out a couple of other smaller debts - but this is being done and fees etc looked after with the aid of the First Home Owners Grant and land rebates ... I've been working the deal for about 3 months now ... getting close! Rog
  10. Hi everyone ... Been a while, I know ... I HAVE been busy ... just not with modelling related stuff ... First ... this whole virus hullabaloo has left a lot of people without work ... It really breaks my heart to see the economic damage done ... on the other hand it appears most of our customers sought the time at home to employ our company's services! ... Which means the exact opposite is true for me ... Sooooo glad I have time to relax today. I love listening to music - often LOUD ... and although they come in for a lot of criticism I like Beats Headphones for the loudness and drive they give to my music. One the main criticisms that Beats come in for - is that they are very overpriced. I agree ... which is why I tend to wait until the particular model that I'm after has been out for a while ... and I can grab a bargain here or there. I've wanted an upgrade from my bright red Beats Studio 2.0's for a while - ever since the Studio 3.0's came out ... I've had them since sometime in 2013 and have replaced the battery and ear pads since then - other than that, they've been awesome. Studio 3.0's retailed at anywhere from Apple's $449 down to about $399 when they first came out ... so when these (Matte Black only) were advertised at $269, I pulled the trigger ... got a pair for my GF while I was at it. The improvement in audio quality over the Studio 2.0's is quite good Next ... I saw an ad placed by ericg over on LSP for RAAF resin upgrades - i grabbed a couple of Mirage III cockpit sets and one underwing pylon set for my BAE Hawk. I also saw the whole WNW drama unfolding over the last week or two. I've never owned a WNW kit ... the thought of WWI biplanes/triplanes etc and all that rigging ... not my cuppa! ... but I was keen to see how their Lancaster turned out - RRP wise. With that option gone and local online supplies of the HKM Lancaster dwindling fast here in Aus, I pulled the trigger now to save waiting around for future restock. And lastly ... the MAIN reason why I've been so absent over the last couple of months ... I'm getting ready to by a house and land package ... There's been a LOT of research ... and a steep learning curve ... but - this is the perfect time for someone like me to pull the trigger - in this market. Finally settled on the new estate ... now just got to get the design package priced up and commence negotiations! Rog
  11. When I order ANYTHING Revell from the UK (or anywhere internationally), I always place a note to advise them to pack it securely - for this very reason. I've made about 3 or 4 damaged goods claims against UK based retailers for failing to observe this request ... It's not like its not common knowledge that wet paper isn't better product packaging than these ridiculous boxes from Revell - they should be awake to it and take better care - I don't pay good money for rubbish shipment packaging. I don't send stuff internationally every day - and even I know how to securely pack items for international shipment. If zero care is taken by the packing team - they deserve the consequences of a complaint!! ... Get 'em to send another one!! The mail cost may be a little more to do it right ... but not another whole model kit ... if they don't pay the price, they'll never learn! Rog
  12. ... Now if someone will kindly do a Mk.III in '32 scale ... Rog
  13. The beautiful thing with a Do.17z Ern is that it can: Either - form the basis for a number of variants with very little replacement sprue-work if it the correct sort of modular design is used - OR ... it would take very little resin work from John at AIMS to provide the conversion set required for something like a night fighter variant. You're correct about the Ju.52 ... Neil has been posting odd bits and pieces for years on FB etc ... and I think some CAD work was also presented at Telford one year IIRC. Obviously I don’t know if he’s still cracking on with it in the background but there was still a lot of work required on the Lancaster at that stage and I think the Phantom was supposed to be the next cab off the rank?!? I hope he’s still going on with it!! That and the Do.17z are my holy grail aircraft kits!! Rog
  14. Well ... That's always been my argument ... who could possibly gainsay any accuracy issues if an original aircraft hasn't been measured ... External measurements are just the preliminaries - and I haven't seen too much moaning about the 1/48 kits from ICM etc - so they must be halfway good (and yes I know it's not just as simple as upscaling) ... most of the rest (internals etc) are done off Photos, drawings, maintenance manuals etc ... and the fact that the latest Crecy Classics series book is on the Do.17 means that there must be a fair amount of reference material floating around. Still ... just as everyone has a belly button - opinions will be rife ... and just as the sun rises and sets - some idiot will deem it unbuildable! I was always gutted that Revell announced the He.219 instead of a Do.17z when they did ...Also ... John at AIMS would have some lovely new project work! Rog
  15. Apparently These guys are asking the question Do.17 or 217 ... and also apparently Heinz (the HpH whisperer) wants a He.177 ... If any of you lot have clout in the Balkan regions .. or a least a voice ... now would be very timely to yell "Do.17z - BoB markings please!!" Thank you for your attention to this matter. Rog
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