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  1. I’m SOOOO not up to speed on all the new paints ... I keep seeing sets of these and Mig Ammo ... used before Harv? What are they like? It’d be nice to have a set of RLM colours instead of ‘nearest guess’ Tamiya ... why Tamiya haven’t set up some designated RLM stuff, I don’t know. Rog
  2. I thought I saw that posted somewhere previously, Harv ... good to know. But as you'd well know, I post elsewhere More to come!! Rog
  3. Alrighty then ... It's been a while since I posted anything in this thread ... for a couple of reasons. The first was the demise of Photobucket and the lack of a decent amount of time to start learning about something else to use to post pics. The second was that, by that time I actually had most of the kits that I started out planning to get ... and new stuff was coming through in trickle feed ... so, add to that the experience of a couple of let downs with trusting other humans ... and I decided to focus my attentions elsewhere for a season. Anyhow ... since then more than a few items have dropped ... I have set up a new picture thingy ... so, time to play 'show-n-tell' again. First up ... Here's a present my Girlfriend gave me before I left the Philippines ... They have their own fast-food chain over there called "Jollibee" ... and a 5-6ft statue of this guy is usually parked outside Pretty much as soon as I got back ... Richard advises his book is ready for distribution ... so I put the order through ... I've been chasing the Classics Publications one for yonks and always seem to get pipped by a sniper on eBay ... though given how this has turned out - looks like I dodged a bullet!! The Ju.88 Classics book has been used as a comparison for size. So about a week or two after I put through the order with Rich ... I started putting up a list on the whiteboard - so I could put through some other orders. 3 boxes arrived today ... In box number 1 ... All the way from Sprue Brothers in USA ... Was this ... And this: Bought mainly for collection reasons ... as ZM has discontinued making the original boxings of each now - they are collectables ... A little note and gift was left to say "Thank You" ... although I have no idea what it is ... In box number 2 from Frontline Hobbies in NSW we have: and ... While the one from Sprue Brothers is a collectable ... this one is for building at some point (and apparently there's not a lot of wrestling needed with it!) and the final kit in this box ... Just noting that its weird that the box art on this edition is night-time while the other one is daytime ... as this is the non-nightfighter edition without the upward firing cannon?!? Box number 3 comes from Metro Hobbies in VIC: This first kit holds no special interest to me other than its a ZM kit for the collection ... I'm pretty sure the only 3 kits in 32' I DON'T have now are the 2 Skyraiders and the Do.335A-12. Since I still haven't decided whether to go HKM or buy my first EVER Wingnut Wings kit of the Mk.I-III Lanc' ... I'm holding off on pulling the trigger ... for now ... I DID, however, decide that I wanted one of these ... I'm guessing that these 'special build' Lanc's came to the squadron new and that panel 'oil canning' wouldn't have really had a chance to set in before Operation Chastise ... So I figured I'd go with the clean look. They also had one of these in stock. I'd been meaning to grab one when they were released ... but when it came out, it was getting into that period of 'trickle feed' for me so I elected to hold off until there were other items to get at the same time ... Tamiya are stamping out fresh batches of this stuff all the time, so I knew I could always grab one. So ... Having compared Johns AIMS turned antennae (supplied by Master) for his Bf.110.G-4 to the plastic usually supplied in the kit for such exercises ... I decided to grab a little extra AM ... And Finally ... Even though I'm SOOOOO not a Jet guy ... I've been thinking about doing some RAAF stuff for years ... and watching through Eric's Mirage build ... I knew I'd have to get one at some point!! So ... But wait! ... probably because i spent so much money with them ... I got this ... ... I wish they made whiskey ... I'd much rather a good bourbon or scotch. Cheers, Rog
  4. So ... in further news ... This morning I’ve been doing a ring around to some of the lesser known local suppliers ... or at least those ones whose webpages are too archaic or complicated for the average Joe to be bothered investigating much. Turns out one of them knows the local importer for Academy quite well ... and in an official email to distributors ... Academy are about to re-release the A kit with Australian markings included - arrival in September over here at a reasonable $220 AUD I can wait. Rog
  5. Im actually enjoying learning about the nuances in different Mk's or variants ... Hairdryers are a different world! ... Catching the info from those who've gone before me ... picking it up quickly I hope Looks like the second test will be a draw ... too much rain interfering ... England performing much better this game with a full bowling compliment! Rog
  6. At present I'm looking at 2x Kinetic C/D kits + 2x Avionics conversions (1 for an A build, 1 for a B build)... they have have tail + cockpit bits etc ... and apparently the cockpit is the ducks valuables! Rog
  7. Hey Clunk Yeah sure ... I was in PM's with a member who had one available ... but compared to SB's + Shipping he was too expensive. In the end the marginal shipping cost to add the ZM Do.335A-0 to the equation sealed the deal ... and I bought both Thanks for asking Rog
  8. So Clunk! ... I have discovered ... in my research ... That there are TWO boxings of the Kinetic kit ... and both have the same box-art - probably to confuse twits like me. The original one is the one you refer to ... choice of A/B, C/D Variants ... ability to make a one or two holer. Unfortunately - it's both OOP and as rare as rocking horse poo ... which means extraordinary amounts of gold bullion or Australian Pesos are required to obtain one ... If found! The more recent release ... and the one still on sale in retail outlets around the world is the C/D ONLY boxing ... which doesn't contain the A/B bits. However ... all is not lost ... because according to my flowchart ... Avionics make a couple of detail sets that are readily available and include all of the resin required to convert said kit to either an A or a B. Although G-Factor gear is highly recommended (in the same way that SAC gear is NOT!) ... I'm advised from those in multiple builds from years of yore that the kit gear (if assembled correctly) should do well over time - even with the added resin!! (oh, ye of little faith!) Of course the F/A-18A/B seems no longer to be my problem child ... as with all things - the rabbit hole continues to descend! It appears we (I mean Australia) also decided to buy in a bunch of F/A-18F Super Hornets (Hornets on 'roids maybe?) ... Trumpeter is the go to for this one ... but in that barrel of electric eels lies the rub! ... apart from a couple of small(-ish) exceptions (we're in LS territory, remember) - there is hardly a whimper raised from the AM community!! ... especially in the cockpit region which the place most desperately in need on this kit. "Wait!!" (I hear the multitudes shout!) ... "But look to the east and the dawning of the new Revell kit! Surely an F and a G will follow the E!" ... Except Revell are in the same category as Trumpeter now with an even wider selection of Forrest Gump's chocolate box - You have absolutely no idea what you're going to (actually) get until plastic ensues ... Annnnnnnd reviews haven't been all that glorious (unlike the recent Me.262 - yeah, suck on that one, Trumpeter!). For me - engineering/fit is a must and Trumpeter holds the trump cards on that one! ... and then ... did you know - that the RAAF bought a series of BAe Hawk trainers? ... Kinetic has me looked after there, again! Australian markings already in the kit - lovely! So far ... I have lined up. Tamiya Spitfire Mk.VIII, Revell Beaufighter (with some Model Monkey printed assistance), Italeri Mirage III.E/O, Academy/Kinetic F/A.18-A Hornet (possibly a B?) with Avionics conversions if needed, Kinetic Bae Hawk, Trumpeter F/A.18F Super Hornet. There is also the (vague) possibility of an Aeromacchi MB.326 in resin. *** EDIT *** ... I know, some time ago, that someone announced they were designing and F.111 (the thing that the Super Hornet replaced here) ... but it appears to be vapourware only. Rog
  9. Sorted ... Via Spruebrothers ... Thanks All. Rog
  10. Hi ... I thought the Kinetic Kit didn't have tails for the A or B ??? ... Confused ... I'll Pm you Rog
  11. Cheers guys!!! Thanks a lot ... I’ll secure a kit and then dig into the underworld of AM ... Rog
  12. Yeah but being the C/D ... it doesn't have the vertical tails apparently - someone does a conversion but I'd rather get an OOB kit for the main part ... Like I said I have NO idea ... I'm happy to hunt around for an original A if I know what the box will look like Rog
  13. Oooooo ... wow ... ok! Thanks Smitty Someone posted out a Kinetic C/D and listed a whole bunch of AM (tail conversions) ... But since I can't tell the difference between an F-15 and an F-18 (I mean I can see differences - but if you put both in front of me and asked me to point out the F-18 I'd be stumped!) It's hard to understand what people are on about ... my "street knowledge" of this stuff ends circa 1945-46. So I'm looking for an Academy 'A' ... anyone got a kit number/box art so I know what I'm looking for when I see it? Rog
  14. Hi All ... Thats right ... a Jet! I'm doing a bit of an Australian themed collection a need the correct LSP for the RAAF. Apparently, back in 1984, we acquired 15 F-18A's and 18F-18B's ... I have absolutely NO IDEA when it comes to jets. Can someone help with pointing out ... Kit selection and the possibility of in-kit decals ... or AM decals to suit? Any issues that need addressing with said kit? Rog
  15. And here we go: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/dragon-6948-sdkfz-7-8ton-halftrack-mit-88mm-flak-36-37--1223963 Also a couple of sets with howitzers ... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/afv-club-af35s48-sdkfz-11-lefh18--142833 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/dragon-6939-sdkfz10-ausfa-105cm-lefh18-40--1186021 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/dragon-6918-sdkfz-7-8ton-halftrack-mit-sfh18-15cm-howitzer--1181929 More than enough complimentary figure sets to go around also Rog
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