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  1. Yep ... starting to catch on - I figured that because Pz.III Ausf.M's were attached to strengthen a lot of heavy tank battalions it would probably make sense to assume it's a Pz.III (F-1) such as the Cyber Hobby kit in the link below (not ruling out the Hetzer BTW - just going of a Teutonic commonsense hunch): https://ipmsusa.org/reviews2/mil-veh/kits/cyberhobby_35_flammpanzer/cyberhobby_35_flammpanzer.htm No markings are mentioned ... so I checked the kit number against the Scalemates website (wonderful resource, this one!) whose info still wasn't precisely clear ... but gave me a q
  2. Thanks again Steve ... I guess for the most part I'm looking in the wrong places ... Your explanation on translating the unit identifiers helps a lot also!! Theres still some stuff I'll need to work out ... The quadrilateral shapes seem to be Panzer related while the rectangular ones are infantry ... I'm trying to work out the 'Y' symbol inside both the quadrilateral shapes up at the top there (not included in the symbols identifier below) ... and RHS of the second row from the bottom in what seems like an engineering regiment?? ... then in the same section theres two smal
  3. Well ... I have a couple of them in the stash so I'll check the markings
  4. Steve ... Currently in preparation for an epic build ... I wanted to include a few more vehicles though... specifically those that were common during the period (Stug's, Trucks, Halftracks) or had their introductions during the battle (Panther, Ferdinand) ... though not necessarily immediately - as I'm going to split this now into two separate "North" and "South" projects - and I think we both know I'll have my hands full with the "Northern" project for now ... I tried your link above the see if there was any info on unit numbers and deployment similar to the charts you've supplied
  5. Today the replacement parts arrived for The Ute Barrier (TM) ... The first mission was to remove the damaged rail and replace with the new one ... So ... here we go - all caught up! So now its time to look at the final stage of the installation ... the gate(s) for: The Ute Barrier (TM) The gates have 2 attachment points on either end at the sides for fitment of a triangular bracket/brace ... with a hand tightening bolt at the opposing apex for screwing into the adjustable rails on either side of the tub. One of the holes on either end has a bump sto
  6. Ooooo .... You've purchased from him?? ... Reliable?? ... Have you got a link?? Rog
  7. Nice one ... I'll check these out when I have a bit of time ... I've been tossing up the idea of replacing the kits as I know there's at least one other manufacturer doing moulded on Zimmerit with separate track links ... A few of the Dragon kits in the stash are the "Burger-with-the-lot" types with PE, metal barrels etc etc ... so I'll try with those ones I must admit that theres something about metal track that put me off a little ... but, I'll look into it ... I try to keep an open mind. Even more choices to research! ... excellent contributions everyone ... I'm sur
  8. Ok ... I'm reorganising the model room a little so that I can begin a new project that's been swimming around in the back of my head for a while. I have a LOT of models of tracked vehicles ... Now - a LOT of them are Dragon kits with Magic Track supplied ... But I have a lot of Tamiya and Dragon kits that are supplied with poly or DS only ... and I very passionately dislike tracks like rubber bands. The conundrum is that ... although I'm happy to set aside most of my kits with rubber band track ... there are some that are quite good (Dragon Zimmerit - with the stuff moulded in!!) tha
  9. Steve ... I know ... I know ... Smart-ar$e!! BUT ... I'm looking to change that within the next few days ... finally (yeah, yeah) If you remember the discussion that we were having regarding unit numbers?? Feel free to stop by and drop some science when it starts Rog
  10. Ok ... While I was waiting for package number 4 to arrive, I got to work on installing the Ute Barrier. Konstantin, the guy who owns the company that produces the product (really just him and a couple of associates), is really very helpful ... I had to call him a couple of times during the process and he had no hesitation in giving me any assistance or advice. The first step in the process was unpacking all the items and checking to make sure everything was present, but once that was done I had to roll the ute forward partially out of the garage so I had room to work ... I used a couple o
  11. That's the plan with the Kursk Dio ... Just setting a few things up here at home ... In the next day or so I'll be starting some assembly with the Pz.III Takom kits ... and drawing up my dio plan on butcher paper ... Rog
  12. (Insert Grace Randolph meme here) Soooooo ... Package number 4 arrived today - Yeppers that's Sunday here in WA ... BNA Modelworld have this weird obsession with using couriers for interstate shipping. I have no idea why since on their e-Bay web page they advertised Australia Post ... Consequently, instead of arriving inside the usual week and a half this package took 3 weeks. Note to fellow Aussies ... avoid using Aramex/Fastway (or Sloway as I prefer to refer to them). Ok ... I'm impressed with Border Model ... I like their style ... Some may not and that's ok ... but I decided I'
  13. ... And that was my point lads ... His initial question could seem innocent enough - as in "Why do you have the opinion that you do?" Under those conditions if he'd have come back to my reasoning with "fair enough ... just be mindful that the kit does have a few accuracy flaws when compared with other kits (like the Dragon or RFM) - if you have a particular subject in mind that you need any help with, hit me up - I have plenty of resource material on the subject" ... I would have been all ears! ... It was the wording that had me on alert - Though initially I played along and supplied him
  14. So ... Who here has heard of Andy's Hobby Headquarters?? ... Well ... I'm subscribed to this You Tube Channel ... which I find very useful for Modelling news, In box reviews and build reviews ... not to mention the cool hints and tips. The guy is about my speed - detailed but not overly pedantic. I don't have time to watch all of his videos ... but those I do I always leave a like and a comment for - because with You Tubers, this little action helps them out... Usually it's something uplifting or encouraging. In this case Andy was giving an overview of the new Border Tiger.I kit ...
  15. Well ... Here in Perth Western Australia it's pretty much same old same old ... We did have a 1 week patch of rain in January following a slightly unusual weather system combination of a Cyclone out in the middle of the Indian ocean coupled with a weird seasonally unusual intense low pressure storm of the southern most tip of the west coast. But my greatest sympathies go out to that lot over east ... if it isn't a major famine ... its a well overcooked flood!! Rog
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