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  1. Ok ... I'll bite ... all in 1/32 of course ... - A Dornier Do.17z - A Junkers Ju.52 - A new tooled and accurate Mk.Ia/b Spitfire ... by either Tamiya or ZM - Same for the Mk.Vb - An accurate Bf.109.G-6 (although I think ZM has one in the works - It'd be nice if Tamiya upscaled their excellent 1/48 version) - The FLY Model Hurricanes are lovely ... but I'd like a Tamiya or ZM one .. Mk.I of course. - A.20 Havoc ... HpH were doing one in resin, then it was going to be HGW ... then it was going to be plastic ... and now it's vapourware!! - A Boulton Paul De
  2. Corvette ... swoon! Is that the set up that was designed to win Le-Mans?? The exhaust - headers (1 & 3/4 primary's in a 3' collector) and hi-flow cats included was AUD $1599 from a local called Empire Performance ... Designed by the guy who does the dyno tuning specifically to fit the Holden Commodore - it's a modular stainless steel unit. The VCM OTR intake complete with blanking panels was $575 ... It has a K&N panel filter ... OTR systems were specially designed here for the Holden Commodore (exported there as a Chev SS) by a number of companies ... My Auto Tech didn't l
  3. Actually I'm no hoon ... so it won't be sideways round any corners soon ... BUT the thing drives so much less restricted ... the sound is to die for - expecially cold starts in the morning! ... and I'm averaging 1L/100Kms less in fuel consumption. I can't wait to get the videos edited for the Tube ... Rog
  4. yeah ... for whatever reason the URLs wouldn't take from Imgur ... I could of directly uploaded but it takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R ... I found a workaround to fix ... but its a pain in the sphincter ... still quicker than a direct upload tho!! Rog
  5. On December 2 & 3 my ute went in for some minor performance modifications ... Intake ... and exhaust ... As you can see the results are impressive ... I'm told that HP at the rear wheels is indicative of Kw at the fly wheel ... Stock ... the ute made 270Kw at the fly wheel ... which would have been about 270HP at the rear wheels so a 90HP gain from an OTR (with MAF retained), engine back free flow exhaust ... and a tune not bad eh? ... Thats's a 1/3 power gain. Rog
  6. Im sure its a good rivalry ... Hard fought and intense ... but quickly laid aside when enemies arrive ... Like ANZACS ... We give the Kiwis heaps (and it's returned!!) but they are our brothers in blood in the fight. My AFL football team (Adelaide Crows) song is played to the Marine Corps Hymn ... "The Pride of South Australia" ... Dad was often found whistling Colonel Bogey when I was growing up ... decades long after leaving the BEF. Rog
  7. Gotta raise party funds somehow ... probably hard to do with aryan passengers only ... Rog
  8. I remember watching the Firefox movie ... Clint Eastwood - should have stuck with spaghetti westerns lol ... I've thought about collecting the concept note for all of the ZM kits ... what it like? Rog
  9. Crap!!! Missed it ... sorry Harv!!! ... many belated Happies mate!!! Rog
  10. Doesn't the site have sponsors?? ... I thought that there were several?? Rog
  11. I gotta say ... I'm surprised that ANY sort of AM is required for a Tamiya prop kit ... I mean ... I'd always go with a set of Master turned metal barrels anyway ... but resin detailing?? ... Tamiyas IM product is usually so well detailed anyway. Who knew?? Rog
  12. Nice work lads ... whoever said that a '32 scale of this kite couldn't be kitted because of lack of available visuals on details was kidding themselves ... I was just prepared to go grab my new Classics book ... and then all this info showed up. Lovely .... Rog
  13. Gazz ... I've been eying off the Pz.III M Neo kit for a while now ... so will follow this one!!! My favourite all purpose AFV chassis ... I don't think that they ever tried to "overdevelop" the Pz.III ... Apart from suffering in the dreadfully boggy terrain of the Middle-Ages styled roads of the Soviet Union it was always a solid performer ... and, fittingly, it eventually swapped roles with the Pz.IV (which was more easily up-gunned). Don't be fooled by the high velocity (L60) 50mm main gun of the J-M variants either ... it was much easier to load, aim and fire than it's
  14. Weekends have been busy ... and I still haven't decided which one to start on yet. Sometimes I'd really like to start on the Panther G ... then I look at the 38(t) ... Then the Tiger should be a simple build... Rog
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