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  1. Whew ... I've ended up with a large dose of Overtime over the last couple of weeks and the next 3 ... I was just thinking I'd have a LOT of catch up to do!! But if we're pushing it back until the end of Feb now I should be good to go! Rog
  2. Happy Birthday!! Rog
  3. Probably site maintenance or some such ... with any luck - a complete reconfigure since it takes ages for anything to download!! Rog
  4. Yeah ... While I'm not at all convinced by ZM's obsession for the clear/opaque plastic detail reveal option ... I'm also not convinced that they would ever look at including multiple variants in one boxing ... It'd be like HKM whacking the Dam Buster sprues in with the standard Lanc or a Mk.B.IV bomber nose going in with the Tamiya Mosquito Mk.FB.VI ... Maybe charge less for the kit in the 1st place and dispose of the dodgy clear gear?? ... or include it like HKM did with the Lanc as a limited edition first run. Rog
  5. Ok so ... today I sorted out one side of the room ... 1/24 kits, Tamiya 1/32, ZM 1/32, General WWII Allied 1/32, SBY 2199 and the current 1/32 RAAF designated collection. Missing - are the kits syphoned off for sale on eBay shortly. Tomorrow I'll fix up the other side ... Rog
  6. The 3 main missing BoB pieces atm ... Injection moulded 1/32 Do.17z and Bolton Paul Defiant ... and an accurate new tooled Spitfire Mk.I a/b. The Fly hurricanes are accurate and detailed enough to pass muster ... wouldn't say no to a Tamiya, ZM or WNW offering tho! Rog
  7. Well ... That's an interesting question!! lol I promised I'd post photo's of my shame ... er stash once the last of the ZM kits arrived ... and so I shall ... I'm home with a tummy wog atm ... nasty thing ... but I intend to organise and clear the hobby room over the next couple of days ... Once everything has been sorted and I'm set up for my "speed build" with Clunk-n-co I'll take some pics, do a count and post! Rog BTW ... I'm not a huge fan of Jap WWII planes but that Ki-45 is a smooth looker ... I think you'll like that kit - ZM have come along in leaps and bounds since the Shinden.
  8. Last package of the latest batch in ... First ... An A-4E Skyhawk kit - to be repurposed as an RAAF A-4G ... I know there's a bent up fuel probe to be attached but other than that I think all externals are the same. Next ... the latest couple of Skyraiders from ZM ... Now I'm up to date with the entire collection Rog
  9. Thanks Carl ... I figured if I want to do a late Panther G now There's RFM, Meng and Takom ALL with individual track links ... And all are easier to source and ship to me ... I have several more expensive purchases ahead of it in the queue at the moment. When I saw your kit in the WIP I was reminiscing more than anything ... and living vicariously through your build! Rog
  10. Ok ... More stuff for the RAAF Project(s) ... On Thursday the "Hornets Down Under" book turned up ... It looks like it might be ok as a reference but I haven't investigated it enough yet to be able to tell if theres any pointers to variant differences ... Dunno why they'd include a cutaway of a 'C' ... since we didn't use 'em???? Yesterday my order from Spruebrothers turned up ... An Academy F/A-18D to be converted to an RAAF B It has be pointed out to me that a "Must Have" in terms of AM for jets is seamless intakes where you can get 'em ... most of which are corrected if there are dimensional or shape issues ... so I grabbed this GT Resin gear in the order ... for the 3 "Legacy Hornets" and the F and G kits in my possession. Rog
  11. Now all ill need is a 1/200 panzerschiff ... don't give a rats which one although the Graf Spee is usually the most popular. Rog
  12. While all the ranting a raving is carrying on about which LSP's or LSA's showed up ... which didn't ... which were a complete waste of everyones time ... which ones should have been there instead etc etc ... ad nauseam ... Did ANYONE spy the 1/200 Scharnhorst ... due this year?? Rog
  13. Those guys basically order a few of anything they can months in advance ... they only get a couple of shipments per year ... But Lauren at Metros admitted that because a lot of their order was now filling out backorders, they'd probably start looking at expanding extras in future so that they retained a decent "stockpile" in-between. I jump on Volks and I see what a kit will end up costing me including any fees and postage ... If they are selling the kit and shipping it to my door within $10 of what I can get it for here - I'll go with an Aussie outlet - mostly! (I did order my Ho.229 and Do.335A-0 from Spruebrothers and paid the premium if IIRC). With ZM ... this is usually the case. BNA aren't usually THAT much cheaper on the product - but enough that I've bought single kits through them before. For this order ... 3x ZM kits came to $864. I don't tend to throw around that much cash in one hit so I ZIP-Pay'ed it ... Same with Frontline's order ... And through either one - I'm probably going to have do the same to get the WNW or HK Lanc. Having said that ... I'm surprised that BNA haven't got their ZM order in yet!! ... Rog
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