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  1. No one has mentioned the ZM Bf.109G-14 yet so l’ll chip that one in … Also the Infinity Models gear … a Val and Kate to go with my Tamiya Zero And a new tool Revell Hurricane. Mods … any chance of pinning a list of gear and who is releasing it to the top of the thread - I think we’re going to be surprised at the amount of Large Scale stuff coming out this year!! Rog
  2. Like I said … I like the list … and I’m definitely up for at least 4 items mentiond above (finally some early war Japanese carrier gear!) … I’m just wondering where the Do-17z has gone? Rog
  3. I like the list, but didn’t they promise us a Do.17z along with the Val ?!? … What happened to that one I wonder?? … Rog
  4. New 1/24 Spitfire Mk.IXc by Airfix … looks to have a little Zoukei-Mura inspired assembly to it … very nice https://uk.airfix.com/products/supermarine-spitfire-mkixc-a17001?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=New+Super+Kit&utm_campaign=Airfix-+New+Kit+-+week+41+21%2F22&modal=-zoom Rog
  5. I'd really like to ... but I'm in amongst those who wouldn't have a clue where to start with CAD designs etc ... Rog
  6. Thanks again Ern ... and a pleasure to participate ... It is said that is more blessed to give than to receive ... and this year is no exception! The $100 AUD is the limit of my available budget, Ern ... so it will include any fees/charges and postage costs unfortunately - as specified in my original post. It will be available after 30/12. Apparently, thanks to GusMac's generosity, I have won myself a reference book for F15 units in Israeli combat ... If there is anyone living in GusMacs locality that could make use of this reference please advise us - as I can't see me needing the reference in any future builds and I would like to save him the postage costs to Australia. Kind regards Roger
  7. Who are you calling "You people" 😝 Rog
  8. Hey John ... I'm going to be building one of these as soon at my Jimmy Thatch decals arrive ... I was looking at the interior painting ... shouldn't it be that weird fluro' coloured zinc cromate stuff like the Dauntless and Avenger?? Rog
  9. Just remember to add my $100 AUD into the mix Rog
  10. Hi All Ern ... An update ... I just looked through your lists ... it seems you're pretty well clear on the gift supply side (I didn't want you running short!) ... I will do the voucher thing ... equivalent of $100 AUD inclusive of any fees/mail etc - access to winnings post-30th Dec ... I have access to PayPal and the interwebs ... winner and I will discuss how best to proceed via PM ... I work long hours (FIFO - 12 hour shifts x 14 days) so response times may be days apart - but we'll get there! Rog
  11. Hey all … I fly home from a remote location today (Wed 22) … I should have something organised by 23 if you’re ok to add me as a late entrant … Ern how may gifts vs entrants do you have to date?!? Rog
  12. There are not enough “like”, “love” or “drool all over the floor” emojis for this … my favourite chassis in my favourite configuration … Panzer Vor!! Rog
  13. First up ... I hope these guys are creating the real deal and not just trading off the names they made for themselves producing WNW merch'. Second ... If they are - it should be an accurate Mk.Ia (THE Spitfire - to which all others are compared) ... and I hope they follow it up with an accurate Mk.Ib and a Mk.Vb ... I wonder if these guys managed to salvage that Lanc' that WNW was producing - it was a fair way along and it's a shame it hasn't seen the light of day. A couple of other British early war icons would be handy too - if they're looking for subjects not covered ... A Fairey Battle, a B.P.D, a Blenheim and/or a Beaufort might be nice to get a hold of ... as well as the ever elusive Beaufighter in new tooling. Rog
  14. Score!!! Dragon had the market cornered for 1/35 scale until they started with those crappy DS track things ... I've found that some later issue kits will come with both - almost as if Dragon realised their mistake and started adding the Magic Tracks back in ... They cottoned onto the link and length idea a bit to late also - with these new "Neo Smart Kit" issues... it's almost as if the market has passed them by now. I have that kit in the stash - awesome! Rog
  15. I've already posted pics ... somewhere ... but I'll include some on Saturday / Sunday when I start my builds if you like?? Rog
  16. Added another I forgot ... 5 boxes from 4 retailers lol Rog
  17. So ... I arrived home yesterday after my morning flight ... and a night shift of 12 hours ... I was pretty spent but stuck my head into the hobby room to see what sort of shape it's in before commencing the build threads ... not too shabby and should only take a couple of hours to sort out ... I took some very necessary sleep ... and then headed off to the post office later to collect some parcels 🚚 The good news is that everything I'd ordered had arrived - apart from a late order on Thursday last week ... which is due to arrive early next week ... I've been meaning to get some individual style track links to replace the crappy DS things Dragon started putting into its kits a while back ... Going through my Dragon collection there was quite a number of Pz.III / IV chassis'd vehicles with those things in there ... so I put in an order with BNA Modelworld (a local supplier of stock to rival most ... and certainly with RFM track link kits!!) We have .... One kit for early and one kit for late Tigers (Fortunately All the others in the stash are either paint mules or had Magic Track supplied) and also the Jagdpanther (when I can get around to slotting a build date for it) A couple of "Late Production" sets ... RFM divide these tracks into early and late ... when in reality there's early, mid and late with a couple of variations in between ... VERY early track designs for panzer III and IV's used a 38cm wide track - all my early war variants requiring these have magic track already supplied (I think ??) ... Thankfully, the reality is - that only the biggest differences are likely to be observed in this sort of scale ... and these tracks cover them ... the "Late Production" ones below (they've used that term VERY loosely) use a solid guide horn and have cleats for aiding grip at the surface contact points. The "Early Production" tracks shown below are the type without cleats ... and have a hollow guide horn. Another couple of items were grabbed at the same time ... a photo etch cutter (very necessary!) and this excellent looking little device called a track loader - which may be very handy considering all the track work I'm likely to be doing!! ... I'll let you know how it goes! I wanted another Panther D ... and having acquired one of these Takom kits previously after doing the research - I figured it was too much of a pain to try one of the other brands for comparison (it might have been interesting - but at least I'll be dealing with exactly the same issues on this kit - should there be any). Once I did my research (previously) ... I found that locating one was the problem! ... There were about 3 or 4 available ex-China - a last resort and one in the UK, via e-Bay - customer service was excellent but I paid for it ... This time I found one locally available (if you call over east 'locally') and a quick phone call confirmed stock was actually available ... and so - delivered at less than half the price of the previous one ($220+ vs $100) ... A while back Dragon started releasing some combo kits ... I have one with a smaller halftrack and mid war 105mm artillery piece ... there's one around with a mid sized halftrack and a 150mm gun but I can't find it anywhere ... and then there is this beauty ... a mid sized halftrack with an 88mm FlaK 😍 ... ex France via e-Bay and paying some overs but awesome!! The shop owner was very helpful ... in combining postage for the kit below included ... I could have had 3 more kits for the same postage ... but there was only perhaps one more that I would have taken - maybe. Back when I started some of the original research - Steve supplied some order of battle info for Citadel - and some further research provided an Ausf.M (wading muffler on rear) with a flame thrower attachment was used by the GD Division in the south ... I thought it might make an interesting addition. I have 2 Border "early" Tiger kits ... I wanted 3 early Tigers ... I have both a Dragon and an RFM "Whittman" early Tiger ... but both would take some modification to make them NON-Whittman Tigers ... and I was contemplating a side by side build early in the planning stage ... I still might ... but I decided to grab another Border kit in case I can't be arsed when the time comes. I picked up this one from one of the local suppliers ... who finally got their stock in. I might need another StuG.III ... I haven't decide whether to use my Tamiya kit for a StuH.42 yet. So I got this as a stand by. Recently I've been seeing a lot of recovery vehicles advertised ... I know they've been in existence in 1/35 for years ... but there seems to have been a greater focus on repair and recovery equipment lately ... and this is one example ... the trailer is designed for a Panzer or StuG - III or IV. Ok so the markings say El Alamein but I have an idea for this one in a much earlier setting ... just gotta get my variant dates right - It may be the wrong one but if so I'll just shelve it for another time ... by far the nicest looking British tank of the war for mine. Have been waiting for one of these to come out in 1/32 for ages ... back when I was a kid, reading Commando comics, one of my favourite stories was about a pilot with a tendency to crash everything he flew (not though incompetence either!) ... He was assigned to a squadron operating these and flew just about every variation made ... I absolutely loved the design and wished that the ministry had taken more of an interest in the heavy fighter. Thats all for now ... Tomorrow I'll be clearing out the hobby room in preparation and getting the ute serviced Rog *** EDIT *** Forgot to pop this one on ... a second order over east - because the move to SP artillery was emphasised at Kursk ... this one came as a pleasant surprise because it has Magic Track included besides the DS crap ... ... Ok ... that's it now lol Rog
  18. literally anything SBY 2199 or 2202 is awesome in my estimation ... Rog
  19. Gaz - I'll gladly put a few of my Has 190's on the market ... After ZM releases their kits!! 🤣 I honestly don't get where this "Not another 109" rant keeps coming from (not that Ern was doing or suggesting that at all) ... but the moaner's ALWAYS come out of the woodwork to express their "valuable" opinion on why they're upset with the announcement ... FFS!! How many '32 scale kits of the type are actually out there?? ... And while I personally wouldn't go as far as saying that the '32 scale 109's out there are "shit" ... I understand WHY Gaz came to that conclusion ... And anyone complaining that ZM kits are over engineered should take a look at the latest Revell offerings (landing gear anyone?). Take us back 7+ years ago and I would have been a little more skeptical if ZM had announced either of these types ... but the difference between THIS company and their contemporaries is their constant and persistent striving to do better with every single release ... The latest couple of designs (Ki-45 and Hs.129) are amazing in terms of presentation, fit, finish and detail ... and I haven't heard ANY whinging about accuracy out there either ... If there was ANY company that I would trust to provide an accurate Bf109.G it would be this one ... or Tamiya ... Tamiya fan-boys would select Tamiya in preference - but I'm a fan of the ZM style now. Rog
  20. Still planning to ... have been stuck doing routine stuff on my 7 days leave to date ... Aiming to start some assembly work when next in Perth on R&R ... Rog
  21. I like collecting the Classics series ... It looks like being a great reference book ... I have a Resin multimedia kit by HPH (ZM haven't made one - although it would be the sort of esoteric subject they would be likely to have a go at in the future) ... I haven't attempted the resin kit yet as the skill set feels to be a bit beyond me and I have a MASSIVE AFV project underway ... Rog
  22. My favourite Chassis ... wish it was a III.L, M or N ... but will enjoy the StuG life 😎 Rog
  23. In the words of Top Cat ... "D - Rool, D - Rool" Rog
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