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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Yet another pair of offering from Quinta for the BF 109 G-10 for both Trumpeter and Revell!


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First of all I wanted to thank everyone who has ordered a Quinta Studios set (or anything else) from my store, www.hobbynutmodels.com , the amount of these I ship is just staggering, I typically sell out half my restock order every time I order. My goal is to stock the entire lineup, as well as the matching kits (proving much more difficult to get ahold of), so Ill keep sharing new releases and try to keep everyone updated with stock levels. Don't forget to check out the 1/48 offerings as well!

Also, I just wanted to remind you I carry the full range and I usually stock everything in 1/32, but if it has sold out, I always have an order for more in the pipeline and and another order in the works at all times. Please be patient, Quinta prints all orders on demand, so typically my lager order take 7-10 days to manufacture, and another 7-10 days to ship from Russia (I do pay for overnight courier, but "overnight" is said tongue-in-cheek. Overnight=1 weekish). I ship all Quinta sets free in the USA, and if you don't see it in stock, ordering one will trigger me either add one to an existing order or place a new order.   

And I also wanted to remind everyone that I stock a lit more kits, scales and types, than just 1/32. I do Airplanes, Helos, Cars, and Armor. I buy and sell previously owned items. I am also going to stock Tamiya Lacquer when released, and have started acquiring AK 3rd gen acrylic paint, as well as supplies and tools. Please check my store out, as I build my little model empire, my plan is to open a store to the public in Feb 2022. 

Keep modeling my friends!

Mark, HobbyNut Models   


Hobbynut Models Text Horizontal-02-final.png

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