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  1. Jeez! That’s a lot of flammable and explosive stuff in a very small area.
  2. I’m in, I’ll donate a Trumpeter BF-109K-4 (02299)
  3. Sinkmarks in seams, they seem to show up months after I finish a model. Still have yet to crack the code, every filler I try has issues.
  4. Unfortunately, we have a show in Chattanooga in early January, then nothing until March, then they come pretty regularly until out show in November, so after the January show, everything shut down before they started up. What is funny, the local venue where our show is, is owned by the city, and they have been booked for ladies craft shows and swap meets non-stop all year. Nobody ever shut them down. So if not outright banned by local or state governments, the decisions to shut down shows usually rests on the local chapters that organize them. So, our show happened because we made it
  5. Right now we are hoping that by setting an example that small shows can happen safely, where people wear masks, don’t spit and lick each other, and no inappropriate touching, hobby shows can go on without the world ending. We are hoping that a few other local areas like Chattanooga and Memphis can happen also.
  6. Here in TN, the government could care less if you live or die, stick your kids in the back of your pick up, marry your sister, teach your kids to blow things up with dynamite, etc....
  7. I believe the wingtips were just fiberglass fairings? If so, it was probably very easy to swap them even on non-Export birds, I think even the wingtip lights were a production item.
  8. I built these both as commission work, I borrowed them back from their owner for the show, afterwards, I took pictures before I returned them back.
  9. No different here in the USA too, I gave up on ordering ANYZ.
  10. The show did happen, and I’m just plum wore out. It was the biggest show we have ever had, had over 300 models entered, crowds of people all day long, over 60 vendor table (max for the venue) and we were turning vendors away that didn’t pre register. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take a single photo, my morning was spent helping entrants find their tables and then re-arranging for categories that needed more room, then judging after that was done. Somewhere in the process I didn’t have time to take one photo. Although we do have an official chapter photographer, I hope to get some photo
  11. We are in a weird window right now, they just reintroduced the mask mandate 2 weeks ago, and we suspect they will be shutting things down this next week, but we are good to go and insurance, IPMS, the city, and the venue have all given us the OK as long as everyone follows the rules. We have people coming in from far and wide, even one person from Austin TX, and as this is the only show within a thousand miles that is happening since April, we are bracing for record attendance. I hope anyone who can make it, will come. For me, I missed a few shows earlier this year, so it’s been exactly o
  12. Thanks, but it’s funny you say that about the figures. I have accepted my inability to paint a face, so I went extremely simple, I painted the flesh one color, used a brown wash, then used Tamiya’s weathering pastels as highlights. I didn’t even paint the eyes. I have to give credit to the new sculpt figures in the kit.
  13. Nice, you were able to really beat this one into shape.
  14. Finally done! I’ll take a few better photos outside tomorrow when the ran stops.
  15. Middle Tennessee IPMS chapter is proud to sponsor its annual IPMS rules model competition and swap meet this Saturday 11/14/20 from 9:00am to 4:00pm, judging starts at 12:00. As of yesterday we have 55 vendor tables reserved and about as many display and contests tables, and the model tables are on 18” risers to make them easy to view. The show has been given the green light yesterday and will happen as scheduled. The flyer below lists the basics. Please see the website for more details including categories. Come join us for what is one of the very few shows to actually happen, we onl
  16. Finished this Mig-15 today, after a paint disaster after the wash, I tried to hide the damage with Noch snow, it sat like that for 8 months, but I never liked it, so I stripped the clear coat off, resprayed the top weathering using a few shades of tamiya green over chipping medium, and weathered a bit more with green and smoke pastels. This weathering is actually based on a photo i saw of an abandoned Mig-15/17/19’s. I still have to varnish the walnut base, and place a few leaves on the ground, but this one is done.
  17. John, check out the Fundekals instructions, they point out a few minor differences, and to convert the tips, you just saw off the ends. I saw what you did with the P-63, this is a 30 minute mod for your skills. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/4/1/3/1184413-16-instructions.pdf
  18. I have never seen any in 1/32, but you might want to check out Trumpeter kits, you might be able to adopt if they had some.
  19. This is one of the reasons I stopped using Vallejo, I think they got a lot of colors just wrong. You are correct, the dark green should be more green, and the black green should be almost black. There was an article someone wrote about a pilot in Germany in ww2 that had built some wooden models and used actual Luftwaffe paint on them, they were well preserved to this day and he compared them to what was available in model paint now, as I remember it, he came to the conclusion that early war colors and BoB were more green and quite dark. My personal belief is that MRP got the colors right, and
  20. Awesome! Congrats, I didn’t realize time went by that fast. But you will soon find out that time goes by real fast when you have kids.
  21. I’m close to finishing the Marder III I started on 23 months ago! Fixed the broken post by drilling and pinning, you can tell where it broke in three pieces by the paint colors.
  22. Looking good Gaz! I think we need to rename the site 1/48 and larger!
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