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  1. I’ll dig out my set again later and take some pics of the other sheet. I’m half tempted to build the F-16 now.
  2. Very nice! I am also in agreement, I like their turquoise.
  3. After seeing these on eBay I decided I wanted to see these in person. Going through my stash, I looked for something that I can use them on, at the time, all I had was the 1/32 Tamiya F-16. They have since expanded and I have a few more kits I am going to order these for. So, what are they? Strange and hard to classify, after doing a little research, I think I figured them out. they call them 3D printed full color vinyl plastic, they appear to be multicolor printed, but my brain still deducted that they have to use some kind of paint/ink printing, the detail looks to fine, but then o
  4. Yes, I believe I got mine from Hobbytown, but I have seen it elsewhere. I found 8 different sellers on Amazon.
  5. Once I switched from Solvaset to Mr Softer, they started working way better. I managed to finish every decal, now it’s down to last minute checks for any silvering, then another coat of gloss before a wash, then I will be limited to oils and pigment for final weathering, the rivets are simply too sharp and snag paper, cloth, and cotton buds, so I have to be selective on how to finish it.
  6. Very nice! Mike is a really nice and generous dude. cant wait to see you finish this up! Looks like a great opportunity to practice some foil and engine turned finished.
  7. Knocked out the metal edging on the blades (corogard?).
  8. Yes, this is a harbor freight cart, although this one is maybe 10 years old now. The top was a IKEA 40” x 24” which was And ikea tabletop I used for extra deep shelving in my wife’s closet, I happened to have one leftover and it was only $9 On sale. The hinges were flat gate hinges that cost $12, and $6 for a paper towel holder. Done. I have a fold up paint booth, but I’m going to mount it to the top and create a custom hood for it so it can hold larger than 1/32 single engine fighters. The booth came with three LED strips that are actually very good, the main issue has always been the wi
  9. So apparently the entire worlds supply of Tornados shipped to one mail order shop in England, and as i understand, they sold out already, and no word as to when the rest Of the world will get them.
  10. Yes, it has 8 inches of overhang, and it’s 6” taller than my workbench, so it’s perfect for painting.
  11. Outstanding work! I think you did a great job with an old kit.
  12. I sat at my workbench for a couple hours this morning, I didn’t feel like working on anything, the bench was a cluttered mess, and I was just wanting to do something different. My compressor and airbrush are on the far right of my bench, I paint on the far left, so I’m always stretching the air hose across everything in the middle, knocking things down and on the floor. For a few weeks I have been kicking around ides for a new bench. But everything is just a cluttered mess, so i decided to add a second separate painting station. I already had most of the parts, so off to the hardware st
  13. I did some further touch ups, paintwork, and weathering today. I think I am ready to do some decaling now.
  14. I ran into the first problem I had with this kit, my top canopy panel had a small bow in it near where it glues to the fuselage. Not serious, but I had to glue the canopy together with extra thin so it would bend back. I had planned to paint it off the Model, but fortunately it worked and we are back to prepping for more paint. I always get nervous using glue on canopies, but what else are you going to do? Overall, this has been a great kit.
  15. That’s a pretty nice likeness on that figure, even shows his older age.
  16. I thought goose was responsible for international relations?
  17. Paint on, but need to order more to do some touch ups.
  18. I tried, but they don’t work for brush. However, you can use Vallejo Metal Color paints with a brush.
  19. Thanks, in all, it was about 2+ hours of masking inside and out. I cut the decals out for the chevrons with the curve, and transferred that to tape, then reverse masked it. A lot of effort, but worth it .
  20. Thanks, the paint looks vastly different according to what light it’s under. I think it will be perfect once the wash is on it. And yes, I think they needed bucket and brooms for hat was left of the wreckage.
  21. 1to1scale


    Seriously! Go take a ride! I did on a C-47, it was a lot of fun.
  22. This is definitely not a shake and bake kit, it has to be a labor of love. But you are whipping it into shape.
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