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  1. Bf 109E-1 3D-Printed & coloured Interior (for Eduard kit) QD32047 $22.00 (free US shipping) https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail/products/1-32-quinta-studio-bf-109e-1-3d-printed-interior-for-eduard-kit-32047
  2. Two new sets from Quinta Studios release yesterday, both are now available and to preorder. They should reach the US approximately end of the month (6/30/21). Fokker Dr.1 3D-Printed Interior(for Meng kit) QD32050 $17.00 (free US shipping) https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail/products/1-32-quinta-studio-fokker-dr-1-3d-printed-interior-for-meng-kit-32050
  3. Thanks, I did get it and have them confirmed and on the way. I did some searching and calling on the Banshee, unfortunately, nothing available anywhere. Your best bet is to see if someone has one in their stash and wants to part with it.
  4. I love it! Another amazing build, I think your squadron is now big enough to invade another country!
  5. It took a year, but my 75th anniversary was finished in November of last year, and my lazy butt in just now posting a picture!
  6. In stock now, I have two left. https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail/products/1-32-mig-29smt-3d-printed-coloured-interior-on-decal-paper-for-trumpeter-kit
  7. These are on order and expected in around 6/21/21 https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail
  8. The last of the Kitty Hawk Sale! Hello everyone, in light of the news that came out yesterday, and then confirmation that it is real, the inevitable spike in prices will come. However, as a lot of us would still like a chance to get a few of their kits before they are gone. I spoke with a distributor i deal with that still has a good stock on many kits, I checked with him this morning, trying to determine what is still available and how many. I have a list along with prices I can offer to everyone as sort of a group buy. To be clear, I do not have these in
  9. Its the first annual Memorial Day Weekend Sale at HobbyNutModels.com! Over 100 select in-stock kits are on sale for three days only. Please come visit and shop around! Click Here!
  10. $51.84 with the 15% off https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/1-48-scale-1/products/1-32-icm-i-16-type-24-with-soviet-pilots-1939-1942
  11. Available for pre-order now. https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail/products/1-32-quinta-f-14a-3d-printed-interior-for-tamiya-kit-32032 Also, two new accessories for the F-14A Ejection seats https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail/products/1-32-quinta-gru-7a-ejection-seats-for-f-14a-2pcs-for-tamiya-kit-qr32003 And stiffening plates https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail/products/1-32-quinta-f-14-tail-reinforcement-plat
  12. New Quinta Studio F-14A 3D-Printed Interior for Tamiya kit QD32032 https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail/products/1-32-quinta-f-14a-3d-printed-interior-for-tamiya-kit-32032
  13. These will be on order as soon as I can www.hobbynutmodels.com Future releases: 1/32 BF-110 for Dragon/Revell 1/32 Revell Me-162 1/32 Meng DR.1 Triplane 1/32 Eduard Bf-109E-1 1/32 A-1H Skyraider Two sets for the 1/32 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat 1/48 Kitty Hawk Su-17 And just out (3-4 weeks to US)
  14. Reality is, rates to the world have gone 2x up this past year, even here in the US, we have seen about a 50-75% increase. I remember in a previous job I used to rent a whole semi with 40 foot trailer to go one way with thousands of pounds of equipment for $1250. Those days are sadly long gone, maybe in the future when commercial air travel resumes, prices will go down.
  15. It’s time for a spring sale! All 1/32 scale in-stock items are 15% off, and that’s on top of any items already on sale, make sure to checkout the Aires, Quickboost, Aerobonus and get some screaming deals. Sale applies to All 1/32, that includes, kits, resin, 3D printed, decals, and PE! Use discount code “15OFF32” in the cart, or click on the link below. 15% off 99 products Minimum purchase of $30.00 For everyone One use per customer Active from today until May 31 https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/discount/15OFF32
  16. Oh, to clarify, 350 grams of Quinta sets is equivalent of 15-20 sets.
  17. After doing some heavy research and calculations, with help from some members and customers, I have come up with a new rate structure for my friends in Canada. Starting immediately, I am charging a flat shipping for all Quinta Studio items up to 3/4 pound (about 350 grams), price will vary depending on order total. So what does this mean? With help of a few of you testing shipping options, I was able to determine that the lowest current postal rate was about $15.50, the highest was about $23.50, so about an average of $19.50 USD. I have decided that I will absorb some of the sh
  18. New Quinta Studio set for SU-30MKK is here! This one is amazing! Its on order, should be here in 2-3 weeks. Use the link below to pre-order one... 1/32 QUINTA STUDIO SU-30MKK 3D PRINTED INTERIOR (FOR TRUMPETER KIT) 32041
  19. These came in and are presently in stock! https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail/1-32?sort_by=created-descending
  20. These are in stock right now! Just came in. https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail/1-32?sort_by=created-descending
  21. Thank you, I already had a customer from Toronto help me, but I do appreciate the offer!
  22. Thanks for everyone for helping, hopefully, I can figure out if there is an economical way to ship to Canada. So far I have been shocked by some of the rates. But I am going to do a deep dive and try to find some way to make shipping work better.
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