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WW2 German Most Iconic Vehicles Vol. I

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WW2 German Most Iconic Vehicles Vol. I

Author – Several

Publisher: Ak Interactive

Price: 24,95€

Available in English or Spanish




AK has been established as a renown brand for modelling products and high-quality publications.

The book is in a A4 format with 159 Pages, with soft cover with reinforced inner cover. The paper is satin finish, with a good touch and with excellent printing, giving a lot of quality to the colors and image.      

This publication is part 1 of 2 dedicated to models used by units of Waffen-SS, covering 12 1:35 builds from 8 modellers, ranging from medium tanks, to halftracks, self-propelled, antitank armoured and transport vehicles.


A historical introduction, model presentation Historical units’ description is made by Carlos de Diego Vaquerizo.


As for the content goes, and consulting the index, we have the followings:

1.     Sd.Kfz 234/3 by Roger Hurkmans

The first article presented is a compact one, with succinct description regarding the figure’s conversion and painting, the building, vehicle and base.




2.     Panhard P204(f) by Abilio Piñeiro Grajera

This article depicts a French Panhard in German use. The focus is on the vehicle paint and weathering process, concluding with a overall description on the building and base elements.




3.     Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe by Rick Lawler

Using the well know Tamiya 1:35 rendition of this SPG, the article describes in a graphic step by step, the assembly, painting and weathering of the vehicle and correspondent base.





4.     Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. M by Łukasz Orczyc-Musiałek

This build focus on the build, detail, paint and weathering Dragon’s 1:35, using several aftermarket sets. The result is a very realistic and balanced model, using several weathering technics and materials.





5.     Steyr RSO/01 by Fabio Mosca

Using the old Italeri 1:35 as basis for this diorama, the author, present us with a deep and detailed article, covering several upgrades on the model, using scratch build or aftermarket parts as resource. The build is a classic example of multimedia, as several type and sources are used. The painting process is well explained in the step by step, as well as the ground build and paint sequence.






6.     Sd.Kfz. 247 Ausf. B by Łukasz Orczyc-Musiałek

This article presents us a 1:35 resin model from Sovereign 2000 upgraded with scrathbuild items and aftermarket bits and retrieve from other models.

The result is a very original diorama of a very unusual vehicle.




7.     Pz.Beob.Wg. III by Jaffe Lam

This article describes a complete step by step of the model and base, includes in depth pictures and description for the painting, weathering, again using several techniques and products, and on this chapter, the use of pigments and associated material to proper address the road wheels and tracks.





8.     Sd.Kfz. 251/9 Ausf. D by Łukasz Orczyc-Musiałek

This article presents a vignette using as a base the Tamiya Model, being the centre piece, the focus is the model assembly, painting and weathering.





9.     VW Type 166 Schwimmwagen by Marcin Skrzypek

This is for me, one of my favourite builds. Again, using the classic Tamiya’s model, the author descrives in a graphic step by step the assembly and painting of the vehicle. The figures also are included, with complete instructions of the paints used in the process. The house is a scratchbuild one, and despite no detailed photos are provided, some notes are presented as some close-up pictures of some details of it.




10.StuG. III Ausf. G by Łukasz Orczyc-Musiałek

The 10th article presents us a very original Stug III Ausf. G, using 1:35 Dragon’s model. The author presents us with a in depth, step by step, of the painting and weathering process of this model, concluding with the base and terrain construction, detailing, painting and finishing.






11.Sd.Kfz. 250/1 Neu by Fabrizio Mercuri

This build is quite simple and compact but presents a lot of detail and care on it.  the first part of it focuses on the vehicle assembly, starting on the interior, resorting to scratch build items and aftermarket sets. The exterior is also presented with detailed photos and captions of the process.

The small base construction is also presented with a compact but very complete step by step.






12.Bocage Road (Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. C) by Roberto Del Cima

The last article presented is a small vignette where the primary elements are two figures, complemented by the front part of a sd.kfz 251.

As so, the focus of the build are the figures, and a very comprehensive step by step of pictures and captions, are provided, describing with detail all steps of it. also provided are the colour sets used for painting.

The complex camouflage presented on the uniforms catch my attention, as these are very colourful and complex to paint. Nevertheless, the description is clear, and the author “disassemble”, making it quite simple to understand. I do think that in the end, the modeller’s hand and sight make all the difference!

The secondary element, the Sd.kfz 251 is also described as a step-by-step photo guide, with captions, not as depth as the figures, but also clear. The last element to be presented is the base, with also deserving a step-by-step process.








This is a long review, but the book deserves it and I really hope that the pictures will help to understand why. Nowadays we are blessed with a boost of information from several sources but sometimes, we are at our workbench and there is nothing better that read a book, consult it, inspiring us to build, create and evolve. This book is a must, as it covers several aspects of the theme, aggregates several technics and present it in a very attractive reading and visual guide.


Highly recommend!



My thanks to Fernando Vallejo and Ak-interactive for the review sample.




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